Abdominal pain, gas, bloating - 22 year old male

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as the title says I'm a 22 year old male and for the last month and a half I've been suffering from mostly persistant bloating, gas and mild upper central abdominal pain - just below my ribs. The pain is much worse when I press that spot and it seems to me that its worse in the evening. Also I've been waking up in the morning with my mouth full of saliva, though I don't know if thats related.

Any help would be much useful, thank you.

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    Bloasting is usuallya sign that your internal gut flora needs adjusting. The rest could be symptoms of that too. You adjut it with live yoghurt and/or biotics, the more the better. YoU can get preparions of biotics which are specially formulated for it.
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    Could it be something like an ulcer? I've been under a lot of stress if that has anything to do with it.

    The pain is, as I've said, very sharp when I press on that spot - just above my belly button and bellow ribs. Otherwise is pretty mild, but also tend to radiate to my back a little. Passing gas provides a little relif.

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      Think yhou need an endoscopy to tell if its an ulcer. It might be. But they are now saying that there is no connection between an ulcer and stress, that was an old wives tale. Most of the people who get them - well 80% are from a bacteria - where they have to take triple medication to get rid - the other 20% is from erosion due to medication etc. IF it is an ulcer it is easily treated. Not sure you pass gas with it, but you may have ibs that can give you pain plus gas. There are various things it could be so why not hve the tests to find out which it is and then deal with it
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    It's surprising how much pain trapped wind can cause!  Has something changed over the last couple of months that coincided with the pains and bloating?   There are quite a few causes of bloating one of them being drinking fizzy drinks, another is air swallowing and another could be something you've eaten or drunk.  As the weather has been so much hotter lately have you been drinking a lot?   Do you eat quickly and swallow air, or have a drink with your food? Do you chew gum because you can swallow air when you do that.   I used to get bloating until I gave up drinking cow's milk and now it's gone so perhaps you could see if you've been eating or drinking something new in the last few weeks.  Do you take antacids and if you do do they get rid of the bloating?  It could be something that's easily treated.
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    I haven't changed my eating habits in any way, I eat "normal", not too much of anything and I am otherwise in good shape. I barely drink alchocol(had one small beer in the last few months if even that) and I don't smoke or do any kind of drugs.

    As I've said it all started about a month and a half ago with bloating, gas and pain in the central upper abdominal area, just above my belly button(the pain is generally mild, only sharp when I touch or press the spot above my belly button). I did also kind of noticed a very slight change in bowel movements, its sometimes seems like I have mild diarrhea and I also noticed I'm burping a lot more.

    Any further help would be helpful as I've only recently graduated college an I've been working for 2 months so I need to wait 1 more month for my health insurance to become active(works that way in my country).

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    ah, you mention that you have recently graduated and have been in a job for two months, I wonder if this could possibly be the cause of your bloating.  Apparently stress can cause bloating and there is an interesting article that may help.  Just Google Calmclinic how anxiety can cause bloating and see what you thini.

    By the way, I think it is very admirable that a young man of 22 hardly drinks and doesn't smoke or take drugs.  These days we are so used to hearing about people of your age who drink far too much and either smoke or inject themselves with drugs so it's very nice to hear of someone who doesn't do that - good for you!

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    hi ivan , Have the same proplem except if saliva when I went to doctors they say it's just gastritis and H pylori bacteria I get antibiotic and it's going well for some time but i still have the same proplems bloating , burping , gases , reflux and constipation so i's trying to stay on good diet abd eat more healty food and hope for the best , try ginger , honey and camomile it's very good for the stomach 
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      Thanks for the advice, I'll will try the honey and camomile for sure tomorrow.

      You also have pain in the central abdominal area which is worse when you press on that spot? Also, did antibiotics did anything for the bloating and gas?


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    It could very well be an ulcer, try looking up Duodenal ulcers. you say that you wake up with saliva in the mouth.

    1. Is the saliva sticky/mucoid?

    2. Do you feel any nausea upon waking up?

    3. Does the pain wake you from your sleep?

    If you have answered yes to the questions above then it is most likely that you are

    suffering from Duodenal ulcers.

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    Hi there Ivan,

    A couple of things worth checking, are you on any regular medications or over the counter medications? If you are on an NSAID (such as dicolfenac, ibuprofen, naproxen or others) is could likely be an ulcer. Particularly if you find that food relieves it.

    Now a few questsions to narrow it down:

    When you say change in bowel habits, how long did that last for?

    Any change in stool color?

    Do you find you get mouth ulcers quite often?

    Have you been experiencing any weight loss, or eating more than normal yet not gaining weight?

    Have you developed any skin rashes?

    Do either of your parents or your siblings have any gut problems?

    Do you have any inflammatory conditions or other long standing problems?

    As has been said, stress is thought to be a minor risk for peptic / duodenal ulcers now, however it does happen, just normally there is an underlying Helicobactor Pylori colony / background NSAID use as well.

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      Sorry it took me this long to answer you.

      Anyways I still have the same issues, even though I can say that there are good and bad days. I have no problems for a few days and than there are a few bad days where I have bloating and gas(especially in the evening and late afternoon) and pain in my stomach(which is veryy light, only hurts when I press on it with my hand). My doc is keeping me on ppi 20mg every morning, but I'm not sure if theyre helping or not(Im on them for 2.5 months now) and I haven't done any other test other than the complete blood and urine test which both came back fine. 

      Here are the answers to your questions:

      Now a few questsions to narrow it down:

      When you say change in bowel habits, how long did that last for? -> Every few days it seems that my stool gets greasier and I have bowel movements a few times a day for a day or two and than goes back to normal.

      Any change in stool color? -> its always light to dark brown

      Do you find you get mouth ulcers quite often? -> no

      Have you been experiencing any weight loss, or eating more than normal yet not gaining weight? -> actually I have gained some weight

      Have you developed any skin rashes? - > no

      Do either of your parents or your siblings have any gut problems? -> no

      Do you have any inflammatory conditions or other long standing problems? -> no

      Thank you for any help.

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    Just wondered if you have an update on your gut problems as I am suffering similar?
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    HI ivan;

    The Gut or the Liver; ulcers/inflammation/ acid production etc:

    1) a liquorice tablet to kill the 'bad' bacteria - like h pylori; and introduce a good probiotic/yoghurt  This will also reduce acid production which can cause issues/ pain. [cranberries and oregano together inhibity h pylori]

    2). Anti-inflammatories; Take GARlic or turmeric - i found garlic appeared to work better. ( i took a clove on occasion)

    3) Take a milk Thistle tablet to improve your liver/gallbladder, which is in the digestive process and important with acid/ bile production etc)

    Take anti-oxidant foods as well - to help the body process waste(which is one of the livers many jobs).

    Change from caffeine to green teas/ coconut water etc and if applicable, reduce alcohol intake as this is considered one of many toxins to the body to be processed. 

    Whether it is the liver or a bacteria /ulcer related issue; you should find that this assists. 

    I would be grateful if you could let me know if you do try this and whether it assists as it is helpful to other sick people to know what works and what doesn't.

    God and Jesus provide a whole range of herbs for our healing; communicating these and findig the right solutions is perhaps more difficult.!!! 

    Wishing you the best smile


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