Abdominal pain, lower right side

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Hi everyone,

I had my appendix out in July 2014 and since then have had nothing but issues! I was in hospital 8 times in a year (including while I was in for appendectomy).

While in hospital I've had MRI, scopes and scans done and they've pretty much always come back ok, nothing major anyway-think one of my first scans picked up a few small cysts on my ovary and my bloods always show elevated inflammatory markers and I always tend to be borderline anaemic.

My main symptoms since surgery have been;

- severe pain in my lower right abdominal area

- IBS which at one stage had me housebound as I was in so much pain and because my bowel was so impacted I was only managing to pass watery stools (think 27 movements in one day when things were at it worst)

- my pelvic floor muscles were shot (have no children so was quite surprised as had never been an issue before surgery)

- severe intolerance to a range of foods that had never been particularly troublesome before surgery

I have managed to get bowel issues pretty much under control through following low FODMAP diet and use of laxatives when needed. However, the pain is always there, it's just calmed down enough for me to cope with most of the time. I think I've got so used to being in pain I don't actually know what it's like not to be in pain anymore 😩

I've recently been re-scanned due to heavy menstral bleeding, spotting and abdo pain which found a small 2.5 cyst on my right ovary (they couldn't see the left one when they scanned me!) and I'm waiting to see gynaecology.

Around 10 days ago I started experiencing severe lower right abdominal pain (way worse than its been in at least a year) which took me to see my GP last Monday, then out of ours GP through the night on Monday evening, and then again on Tuesday afternoon.

Due to all the gastro issues following my original surgery they have just put it down to an IBS flare up. The GP gave me IBS meds to help with cramping (which I was already taking, but he just didn't seem to hear it when I said there was no point in giving me more of the same thing!) I feel like my insides are tearing apart and that someone is stabbing me with a hot poker when the pain is at it's worst, and it's bloody agony. I don't know what to do anymore as each time I go to GP they just assume it's my IBS flaring up (I really don't feel like that's the case). Since my bowel struggles to move on an average day, taking pain relief isn't normally an option, however I've had to give in and take something (which can't possibly be a long term solution for someone in my position).

I'm 29, in generally good health, apart from allergies, IBS and one bout of what Drs think may have been optic neuritis at the start of the year.

Think I'm just feeling pretty needy tonight and struggling with the pain-any advice would be very much appreciated 🙏🏻

Thanks for reading

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    you're lucky to have a small 2.5 cyst. Those usually go on their own and the gyno might put you on birth control. Plus it helps with horrible cramps.

    I was in the hospital last week and they found a 6.2 cm cyst. I will have to get it removed.

    as far as your IBS, how did they know you had it?

    I've been in horrible pain lately. diarrhea and strong abdominal shooting pains. I've been to the ER and they don't do anyhing just draw blood and put and IV. Keep saying my blood work is fine and I'm fine. I went to another doctor yesterday and she just talked to me and prescribed antispasm meds

    it's annoying. I'm in pain and can't do anything about, plus have no insurance.

    I hope you feel better. It sounds like you have it worst than me. Sending you positive vibes

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      Hi Monica, IBS diagnosis came after they basically ruled more sinister things out! They think the surgery combined with the pain relief etc triggered it and just made my bowel super sensitive to everything! I'm not worried about the cyst to be honest as I know that compared to the size of cysts others have its tiny and gynae downgraded my referral from urgent to general so that's reassuring! I suppose I'm just wondering whether it has something to do with the new,more intense pain or is it to do with IBS or just scar tissue/adhesions (I should have said in my previous post that they suspected some of my general pain/discomfort may be down to that)or perhaps a mixture of all issues 😂 Im just fed up of being sick and sore and kind of wishing they'd give me a definite 'this is what's wrong and this is what we're going to do about it' rather than just getting sent between gastro and gynae and each saying it's the other issue...and still being in pain! Thank you for you're response-I really hope you get answers and relief from the pain x

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    Hi Shelley did you ever have your gallbladder looked into. Your pain on your right side could be coming from that.
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      Hi Bernice, I don't remember them ever specifically saying that they checked it, but have had a number of scans etc done-I assume any obvious issues with gallbladder would've shown up? Thanks for your reply! X

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    I'm kind of in the same boat but the other way round ...

    Severe lower right sided abdo pain which started out the blue January this year. Had 7 hospital admissions and a laparoscopy since and due to have another lap in September to remove my appendix.

    Hmm I am seriously having doubts now!!

    With me they thought ovarian cysts ... I had a 5.8cm on the right then I was told they don't think this would cause my pain.

    Many tests done. Scans etc. Laparoscopy done in May so they could see what was going on and they found adhesions on my right abdom wall and covering my appendix. The gyne surgeon said the scar tissue could be a hint of an appendicitis that healed itself and the pain now was caused by adhesions. I've never had surgery before so the adhesions came from infection or inflammation, so yes poss a appendicitis as it was covered in tissue.

    He wanted to refer me with regards to having the appendix removed.

    So this is where I am now and my fear is they remove the appendix and I then get more adhesions with more pain. Surgery causes adhesions also as I'm sure you know.

    At the same time though I feel like I'm carrying a poison around with me so perhaps it's best to have it removed ?!

    Bloating, stabbing pain right side near ovary/appendix area, right sided flank pain and pulling..tiredness, sinus problems.

    So it could be I have a chronic form of appendicitis.

    I also had and have bladder issues / bowel issues.

    You could have adhesions after the operation...! This is my thinking.

    I don't know what to do myself now for the best.


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      Thanks for your reply Caroline, I hope you find answers soon too! It's horrible when your body isn't doing what it should and Drs can't find all the answers ;( I was told in the months after my surgery that they thought the pain was scar tissue/adhesions and at the time I wasn't completely convinced but it made sense and I took their word for it. The pain I've been experiencing recently isnt dissimilar, in that it's roughly in the same area (possibly a bit more wisespread and reaching higher up my abdomen, and is very painful, but it just doesn't feel the same. I appreciate you sharing your story. From the replies I've had here and from conversations I've had with others in hospital, the issues I've been having certainly don't seem to be uncommon. I'm just getting ready to go to work after another night of next to no sleep 😩 Many thanks again for replying and I hope everything goes well for you! X

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      Hi Shelley

      No sleep... Oh yes, I can relate to that. Awful isn't it. I'm exhausted.

      I might leave the appendix in and then if it ruptures I guess it will be removed. The thought of more adhesions forming after it's been removed next month... Not sure I can cope with the worry of getting more of those things. sad

      Just one question ... Did you have like an acute form of appendicitis where they rushed you in to remove it? Did yours show on a scan or any other test ?

      I'm guessing what may have happened with mine it probably healed itself. I was so poorly. At home with fever and severe bloating, felt sick and couldn't eat. The first time I went into hospital in March I was in a right state, burning up, upset stomach, severe pain on the right, they kept me in for 2 days treating me for what they guessed was a kidney infection.

      Utter rubbish. Not sure most of the doctors know what they are doing.

      Caroline X

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      They didn't rush to take mine out! They didn't even think it was the problem, I was admitted with severe pain but all my obs were normal, no temp etc! Nothing showed up when they scanned me but when they opened me up if was very inflamed and when it was sent to the lab it was definitely needed to be removed!! I'd have a chat with your consultant and explain your concerns about adhesions etc! I don't know if I could have let them leave it to be honest (even after all the issues!) hopefully you'll have a good doctor who can put your mind at rest! Hope things go well for you! X

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      Thanks Shelley

      All the other times since I've been admitted I've recorded normal stats every time since. Plus normal temperatures. It was just the one time in March when my temp and blood showed white blood count elevated. I was in awful pain then. Nothing showed on CT scan showing appendicitis.

      Did it hurt at all when they pressed in the area ?

      I just had tenderness but not pain when they pressed apart from once more recently it hurt when pressed.

      I'm sure if it removed September they will see for themselves.

      Just not sure. The surgeon is very good and has already said there is no guarantee that more adhesions will not form. Obviously laparoscopy is better way to do it, but no guarantee.

      God... What a mess. 😁🤔


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      When it was appendicitis it was agony, it hurt everywhere but particularly the right side, even when pressing on left side! X

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