Abdominal pain. My anxiety is through the roof.

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I have been having abdominal discomfort off and on for a couple of years. Two years ago I went and had a liver function test and it was perfect and I just went about my business. I must add, I have anxiety and always think something is wrong as soon as I feel a pain. The doctor said it was anxiety. I'm 32 years old btw.

I decided to go again and now and all my blood, urine was perfect. The h. pylori test was negative. Xray showed stool in colon. Took miralax for a week and the Xray was better but it was still there along with gas.

He gave me opramazole and it caused burning. Now I'm on carafate and I haven't felt the discomfort as much.

And it's not a pain. It's just a dull feeling that lasts seconds to minutes and goes away. I'm seeing a gi doctor Friday and am so scared it's something really bad! Especially since it's gone on so long.

I have Google everything and it scares me more and more to where I start thinking I have stomach or throat cancer, Pancreas cancer to a heart attack. All of this stuff runs through my mind and I can't quit. It's affecting my life, my job, and my family.

Anyone have anything familiar?

I also have to clear my throat a lot after eating or even drinking water. But that may be totally unrelated.

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    Hi Dee

    Please please do not google.

    It drives you driving crazy.... Thats what i did with a stomach issue last septemeber and i googled it.... It kicked off health anxiety... 

    Even though my doctor found out the problem .. it was too late the pains and googling had played games with my mind. and bam.... Sevére anxiety.... Thankfully after 3 months of sheer hard work and detémination to get my life back i was 95%  better . I had CBT and started mindful meditation.

    But i will never ever google a health issue again..... Google didnt spend years at medical school. But your Doctor did.

    Check out mindfullness .. it could help you xx

    Good luck 

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    Hi Dee, 

    I have the same issues. It's been going on for a couple of years now. I am 33. I have had blood test, urine test, a CT, an ultrasound, a upper gi series with contrast. Everything was normal. H Pylori test - 2 blood and 1 breath were all negative. The symptoms mimic that of an ulcer. I get this dull (not extreme) achiness that really acts up with my stomach is empty. Like a cramping I guess. I do NOT have any nausea or traditional heartburn symptoms. It's just in my stomach - 2-3 inches above my bellybutton right in the center. Worse in the morning or when I'm hungry. Also worse when I'm thinking about it. Don't even notice it when I'm distracted or doing something else.

    The doctor perscribed the same exact things. Prilosec caused stomach pain but nexium has helped. They perscribed me carafate too which really helps. I've run out of options and I really starting to believe it's anxiety. Anxiety has caused me so many other symptoms in the past, so why wouldn't it cause this? Especially since there is such a connection between the brain and the gut. I was ready to go to a GI doc but have had less issues since telling my mind to accept that I am fine and it's anxiety. 

    Did you go to a GI yet? Let us know what happened. 

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    I feel the same.. it's been 5 days since I could really eat anything.. bloated.. abdominal pain so forth and so on.. so far all the doctors say I'm fine.. I also googled my symptoms.. and that's always a bad idea.. even my doctor told me to stop googling.. my doctors gave me a booster med for my anxiety meds.. can't say it's helping a whole lot.. but I'm coming to terms with its my anxiety makes everything 10 times worse...

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    i see this was quite a while ago but my symptoms seem the same

    ive had a dull ache in my stomach 3 weeks might be longer now been to docs had blood tests and even a poo test all normal

    i have got few things gojng on i guess and im self employed

    i do suffer from health anxiety bad ive been like it since my mum died 11 years ago but never had this dull ache ..my dad died in June so no idea if all linked i Google everything but dee my symptoms seem to be alot the same

    I do get gassy and windy lol but do find worse when hungry

    how are you now ?

    this is driving me mad 😠

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      Hi Kathy, I seem to have similar symptoms to you. Mine is basically a dull burning sensation, seems to be more acute if I am hungry, regular indigestion remedies can be hit or miss dealing with it. It also seems to flare up when my anxiety spikes which is a lot at the moment.

      I had the poop tests and blood tests, all normal. It most likely is related to the anxiety, I, like, a lot of folk, can't help but think it is something worse and this seems to be what anxiety does to you. CBT has been helpful in me doing that less.

      What does point me to it being anxiety is that it did seem to start when I started having big spikes in my anxiety back in March this year. I am due to have an ultrasound in a couple of weeks as I had a flair up which coincided with my most recent anxiety spikes and the PPIs I got put on did not help.

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