Abdominal pain on right side.

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I have been suffering with abdominal pain on my right side off and on for nearly 5 years. In that time it has come and gone but this time I have had it for a few weeks. Over the last few years I have had xrays,ultrasound and cat scan ! Nothing came up. Doctors thought it could be gallstones but no sign of them. I have had a kidney stone in the past but that was a totally different type of pain. I don't drink but I am over weight so trying to lose weight and eat healthier. It is like a jabbing pain sometimes just below my right rib, then other times is like a dull ache on the right side of my stomach. When Doctors again and she actually said she hasn't a clue what is up with me ! Getting me down. 

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    Hi DAVID; you are very fortunate.. i have suffered this for 7 YEARS; and it cost me everything.. (jobs, home, marriage etc)..  i got the same answer as you ; and pain killers -co-codomol.

    Turns out this year; (and only this month), that i spoke iwht a christian; who led me on to reading about something which led me on to something else; and then in TWO days; my pain was diminished; and two weeks; non existant.. mainly. it wil probably take much longer to heal.

    Whilst my 'story' is much more 'horrific' than many; turns out that if you do hte following; you should be pain free in no time.

    1. Take Milk Thistle - can repair the liver on a cellular level- this in turns assists the gallbladder.

    2. Take liquorice tablet - kills bad bacteria (including h pylori) and assists to reduce acid. This also will reduce ulcers etc.

    3. Eat GARLIC - anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidantj (assists the liver) .

    4. TAKE a probiotic/ acidophilus tablet preferrable; keeping/ introducing 'good bacteria.

    You should also consider omega 3  and introducing anti-oxidant/ anti-inflammatory foods into your diet - the anti-oxidant foods will assist and relieve the toxins (pain killers etc) and give your liver a little holiday (reduce caffeine and drink green tea, or apple juice or coconut water or cherries and berries from teh co-op (cherries being v. good).  you can google things and should find some you like ; this is to assist the blood to clean and make life easier on your liver in the meantime - just in case..

    if the liver isn't working well; the gallbladder doesn't work well and this is a good approach if you do not know whether it is bacteria related inflammation or liver related.. the liver draws from the bowel when it is struggling - alternatively this could be the bowel and this will also work for that; it is a good all round remedy for most right sided abdominal pain.

    Let me know how you get on as feedback is appreciated and it helps to let others know it works. I know it works..

    'wishing you well soon'.

    & try to thank God and jesus that you don't have to suffer it for as long as i did. .


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      Hi j30542. Thanks so much for that advice. A lot of information, I will most certainly head your advice. I will let you know how I get on,thanks again.
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      To all those that have read this post; my pain returned! i now think i know what it is.. but it is unproven. There are lots of synthesis in the liver; and thsi creates BILE and bile is made by cholesterol; my pain started with an intermittent stabbing and then becamse full on ; affecting  i believe my pancreas. Cuasing inflammation of both my gallbladder and my pancreas. (clinical data shows some inflammation - i had fever; they thought viral; but no virus detected; this can occur with gallbladder - which had been playing up ; my vision adn balance had gone some days before. - Trypsin can play up in the pancreas; and there are some foods tthat inhibit trypsin but then 'feedback' is signalled to the pancreas to Make MORE enzymes (and they get bigger!) HOwever i have foound that by eating soy(soya milk) and butter beans this has somewhat releived my pain enough for the gallbladder to quieten down too; and i am awaiting some boswellia serratta (frankincense resin) to act as a bile sequestrant and anti-inflammatory; and on a low fat diet inhibit the cholesterol that is needed to create bile in the liver..(i do have fat build up and my sclera(whites of eyes) are off colour). It is possible to have gallbladder issues without the 'markers' required to diagnose gallbladder issues; if this doesn't work - then i have to pay to see a specialist; (had seen one before who said my amalyse levels were ok ; but i dont have a copy of the report ; though i do have my med note and they aren't in there.. so do look at reducing your inflammation AND teh gallbladder.. and read up on BILE excess and how to reduce it.. : )
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    Hi David  - our friends advice is just brilliant and makes a lot of sense. I would suggest you also include two glasses of basically green vegetable juice daily. This works wonders particularly on the vascular system. Get a good juicer though.
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      Hi rex, Thankyou for your comment,yes I will try what you advice.
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    i forgot to metion you should also include a vitamin tablet, preferrably one for liverhealth.. smile 
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    Hi David

    Sorry to hear about your probs, I can sympathise with you, the last 2 months have been a nightmare for me and no matter how positive I try to be, its a constant stress and a worry, how you've managed to cope for 5 years with any type of abdominal pain is commendable. I would much rather have broken a leg or arm, like a did about 20 years ago, at least you know why you're in so much pain then. But being abdominal and internal pain, and having no idea whats going on, that sort of scares me. The pains you have described are exactly what I go through, however, I sometimes get the same sort of pain on the left side of my abdomen too, but not as often as I do on my right side.

    I've got a nice little list of possible causes I can take to my GP now, however my GP doesn't like self diagnosis, she says it encourages worry, stress and anxiety, which can make symptoms worse. Surely its better for doctors to have some idea from the patient as to what they might be experiencing. I'm guilty of looking up my symptoms online, but when you're sat around for days on end, in pain, and don't have a great deal of confidence in the doctor, what else are you going to do. We are probably all guilty of self diagnosis to some extent, why else would we be on this site if it wasn't for looking up our symptoms.

    I'm not overweight, I don't drink either, smoke a bit, but far from being a chain smoker, and I have cut down considerably. I have found that changing my diet, and eating little and often, has helped ease my symptoms, and I have to say this last week has been one of the best I've had. I've only experienced small bouts of very minor discomfort in the areas I have mentioned, and seem to be improving all the time. I'm now wondering if I got a stomach ulcer from taking the Naproxen I was prescribed. I've heard with treatment it takes about 8 weeks for ulcers to heal, and I have been treated for the last 6 and a half weeks now. My GP wants to take me off all medication on the 10th February, firstly to see how I react and secondly to get the medication out of my system ready for an endoscopy should my symptoms come back after I stop the meds. Coming off the medication is worrying me cause I don't want to experience the pain and discomfort I was getting before I started taking them, they have helped a lot. But I have to try, as they say 'No Guts, No Glory'.

    Stay strong David and good luck on loosing weight, it will benefit you in so many ways, even if it doesn't end up being the cure for your probs. I used to be huge years ago, now I'm in the ideal range for my height, and I have to say, along with the change in diet, and smoking less, I do feel a lot healthier, apart from the symptoms I get that is.

    Take care

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      Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you have been suffering too. Its not nice and like you say when its internal it is a worry. Its good you are changing your diet and trying to smoke less,hopefully it will help you. For me losing weight is a priority. Hopefully it might solve a few problems. Thanks again Paul for your support and stay strong yourself.
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      Hi Paul - agree that for some wtiting out symptoms can make you worry more. Its so, so easy to get your own diagnosis really wrong. For Five years I was convinced (by my doctor at the time) that all my stomach pains were hiatus hernia and "referral". This was blown out of the water last week with a new top gastro who found an ulcer right at the end of the duodemon. The symptons for both these are near identical. I gave tge new gastro a list of my history and pains etc. to try and help him zoom in on my problems. Luckily he is one of those champions intent on finding the root cause and ficing it. Very rare sadly! My pet peave with gastro is that bit on the bottom of the report that says "continue taking the ppi's"!
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      Can you give me the name and address of your doctor who diagnosed your ulcer? My elderly father has similar symptoms and the local docs can't disagnose his problem and I am sure he will die if he doesn't get some help. He had all the tests and nothing they can find explains his stomach pain,nausea and gas problem. He has gone for days without eating. Perhaps your doctor could suggest a solution??

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    Thanks for your reponses David and Rex

    Loosing weight is tough David, I've seen how tough it is through my partner, who is obese and tries to loose weight all the time. She is getting there, slowly but surely. I'm only keeping weight off at the moment because I can't eat fatty or sugary foods, my work has always involved a lot of manual handing duties, which on many days have left me in a sweat and puffed out, so I haven't needed to worry too much about what I eat or how much, I've always managed to burn it off. Keep at it and good luck.

    Couldn't have the number for your gastro could I Rex? lol You're right there about finding such a committed specialist tho. I have one GP that seems to be more switched on than the others I have seen. I'm not allocated a specific GP, I have to see whoever is free on the day I call. Probably why I have had so many diagnosis!! GERD, excess acid, chronic indigestion, gallstones / bladder, IBS, Infection, etc, etc!!! The unfortunate thing is, from what I've seen, some people have been on PPIs for 20+ years, and I got a feeling that once complications start in stomach area, PPIs are given to keep the risk down of further complications. I can't help but think my problem is ulcer related, I have this stretched, tought, muscle strain feeling right at the top of my abdomen, that goes straight across. If I remain still, I get no discomfort, if I bend forward too much or twist too quickly, it hurts in the manner I have described. From what I read when I typed this in, it came up with stomach ulcer. But then I'm only guessing, like my GPs really.

    Take it easy all. 

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    Heyyy David sorry to hear bout ur situation I must say I've been suffering with this same exact pain for 6 years and is driving me crazy I've been to hospitals like crazy I was just at the hospital Saturday and they have done everything and find nothing I am so overwhelmed with this pain don't know wat to do I pray to go to please heal me from this pain don't know wat to do made an appt for gi and is not till march 23 omg is painful

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