Abdominal Pain relieved by lying down?!?

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Well I have quite the story to tell you all! Hopefully one of you has a answer to my everlasting search for answers!!

To begin; my name is Luke and I am 17 years old 6”3 feet tall and 175 lbs.

Ever since I was 10 I have been experiencing abdominal pains/discomfort randomly.

Abdomen Pain Descritpion:

It begins with a slight pressure on lower abdomen then progresses to an actual pain... here’s what’s weird?!?


I mean: I could be kneeling over in pain and as soon as I lye down the pain stops. It’s almost like a immensive amount of pressure it relieved on my abdomen.

Recently other symptoms have appeared such as;

- Bloating(lots of gas)

- Blood in Stools occasionally

- Watery sound in abdomen when pushing on it (its LOUD)

- Mild Constipation 

Additionally, I have had 2 CT scans with and without contrast fluid (1 year apart). Both came back negative for anything except I was “backed up”

Blood tests were done which came back negative as well.

My question is;



Is this symptoms of colon cancer


What are some possible conclusions you can get from my symptoms, maybe you can help me and my doctor figure out what is going on

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    Colon cancer would be very rare at your age. If the blood is bright red, it could be from haemorrhoids or fissures which can result from constipation if you strain for a bowel movement.  However, I would keep going back to your doctor for answers.
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      Thank you for your response! Im just confused as to why standing makes the issue worse and lying down aids the pain.

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      I am confused by it too because I haven’t heard of this.  My trouble is IBS and I used to find it painful to lie down on.  Now my symptoms are in remission and lying down and standing up is fine.  Your doctor is the best person to ask. I have been told off for unknowingly getting information wrong and the person actually took the time to count the number of times I had made a mistake!  Obviously the individual must have very little to do in life.
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      Some people really just don’t have anything better to do. Thanks for the advice! 
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      I did explain to this person that few of us are doctors on this site, so we can be prone to unwitting mistakes and that I was only human.  She was not amused.  I think I am going to write a Limerick to have a good laugh at this so that I don’t get my intestines in a twist!  

      Good luck with getting a diagnosis!

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    Hello Luke, have you gotten any answers? I have the exact syptoms since I was in elementary school as well. I occasionally go online to find out what it is - all to no avail. Cheers 
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    i have a very similar issue it seems!...

    im 28 years old and ive been struggling with this temporary pain ever since i can remember...

    the location of the pain is just below my belly button (perhaps the small intestine/colon?)

    the pain often begins when i eat after a prolonged period of not eating (ie eating on an empty stomach)

    i have also associated the source of the pain with exercise (again, on an empty stomach)

    interestingly, the pain is often very light to begin and builds in severity to a debilitating level of sharp pain ... and THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE PAIN IS TO LIE DOWN HORIZONTALLY... always after a few minutes the pain subsides, usually associated with some gas release...

    ive probably experienced this episode more than 100 times in my life ... i also am quite gassy from time to time (depending on diet - perhaps when i eat too much sugar / gluten / dairy / meat) and i occasionally have some acid reflux / heartburn (again probably diet related )... while i eat large quantities of food and quickly, i consider my diet and lifestyle very healthy and balanced.

    a recent example ... most recently, i was playing basketball in the morning on an empty stomach (no breakfast) ... and at one point, after exerting lots of energy, i reached to get the ball, stretching the area below the belly button, from which the pain started immediately quite accutely...

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    I'm experiencing the same, minus blood in stool. I have many classic ibs symptoms but my pain is immediately relieved when lying down and lots of gas being passed. ive struggled with it for 8 years but finally getting an mri next week. i kinda recently noticed my belly bulging out a tiny bit above my belly button. after using google im suspecious if it can be an intestinal hernia pressing my intestines out between my abdominal muscles. this could explain the relief of lying down and how it gets worse after physical activity and when digesting. Have any of you guys noticed a slight bulge where your pain originates from? im afraid nothing will show on the mri since i will be lying down when getting it done.

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    yes i had the same thing going on with me, so my dad said i may have become lactose intolerant. so i stopped drinking vitamin d milk, and now i drink lactose free milk and problem solved.

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