Abdominal pain since 6 month...

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Hello Everyone,

I've been having abdominal pain since 6 month. It all started in January, with a dull pain for weeks, which then grew into a constant sharp pain. 

It's sometimes so unbearable that I had to admit myself 3 times to the ER. My live is on a stop at the moment, can't focus on my work, or my business, can't plan having kids with my wife, because I think I am going to die....

The pain is most of the time in the upper right quadrant, however from time to time the sharp pain occors in the upper left quadrant as well. I have point tenderness, if I press anywhere between the center of my stochmach and center left or right side it hurts! I can also feel the pain sometimes going to the center back.

I've seen a specialist and he thought it could be the kidneys. We did a CT scan and couldn't find anything.

I've done 2 ultrasound scan which only found a fatty liver and I am currently trying to lose some weight in regards to this.

I do have acid-reflux if I eat to much spicy food/fatty food so I've reduced that and the acid-reflux is in control. I've had an endoscopy and stool example taking telling me I have H Pylori. I was on a 1 week medication with antibiotics and anti-acid tablets, which didn't help.  However for some reason I can't believe that H Pylori would cause point tenderness.

I don't smoke and I am social drinker with 1 or 2 pints of beer a week.

I've had constipation a while ago, but I got that in conrtol by drinking 2 litres of water and eating more fibre (muesli) a day.

I've asked my GP to referr me back to the specialist, because I am desperate, but he just said 'the specialist is going to laugh if I refer you back, because he didn't find anything'.

I don't know what else I could do. This illness is causing me anxiety and panic attacks, because I don't know what it is and that I could die any moment from it.... 

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    Do a HIDA scan of your gallbladder. Sounds like what I had
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    Hi Ricky,

    You have mild gastritis associated with H pylori and I am sure of it. You have to take PPI in order to get rid of it. First do a stool test to confirm if your H Pylori has gone, if it is still there you have to take one week H Pylori Therapy again.

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    Hi rickycoil

    First and foremost you are not going to die!..your gut and duodenum have been ravaged by hpylori bacteria ...i don't knlw how long you had HP but overtime it can leave your digestive system and gut very very sore...it is going to take some time to heal.

    In the meantime help your gut to repair by changing your diet eat gluten free foods lactofree and wheat and dairyfree tesco has a range of these 'free from' foods....plenty of chicken fish lamb 'free from' gravy granules and sauces ...plainly cooked with fresh veggies... no legumes no spices or fizzy drinks or citrus fruit...plain yogurt with fruit i.e. grapes & blueberries...plenty of water and probiotics from health shop to put back the good bacteria that has been killed off by antibiotics and HP....no antacid medications....

    Check with your doc if you go down this road of changing your diet......your gut healing will not happen overnight it will take time so be patient... ....best wishes.....

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    Imaging is not imaging and sure not a functional test.

    Have you had gall bladder function tests? (like above mentioned HIDA, non-invasive nuclear medicine scinti. Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan) 

    I cannot remember who, but another person in this forum was very firm about perseverance to find a gall bladder issue (didn't die! but ongoing pain)

    In case he doesn't see your post:

    he needed an endoscopic ultrasound (EU)


    ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography) in order to dedect sludge and gall stones, that were made of material, that did not show up on CT and ultrasound. 

    Then again your pain can very much be not gall bladder related at all,

    yes, Helicobacter pylori one course of antibiotics....does not say it is gone, done and dusted at all.

    If symptoms persist, you need another round,

    and then actually another test to confirm it is gone (or still present).

    Beware: if it was a breath test, you need 4 weeks break from antibiotics. The stool test does not have same waiting time after antibiotic treatment.

    For hard H.pylori cases a gastroscopic sample is taken and cultured (sensitivity/susceptibility test, assessing bacterial resistance) actually, when 2 or 3 lots of antibioitic treatment courses fail.

    It is very hard sometimes to get a doc, who goes on with investigations, when abc is done, to order xyz. That's when it is time to swap to another doc. 

    I also find it very frustrating, that one needs referrals all the time for non-invasive tests (bloods, MRI), that are denied by your doc and one would pay fully privately for it anyway, too in order to get peace of mind.

    I have a huge struggle here in Australia, which I would not have in Austria to get further tests for my severely in chronic pelvic pain daughter.....

    She is in the 'neuropathic pain' draw now, but medications haven't helped at all and we have still some white unexplored spots in her abdomen to rule out to be a reason. Yes, sometimes nothing can be found and it is good to have peace of mind, too, that nothing is found, but sometimes not everything is looked at or addressed, too.

    So hang in there,

    nobody should laugh at you, no specialist and if your doc thinks so, ask him to refer you to a different specialist, because one antibiotic round without check up if H pylori was gone, when symptoms persist....is nothing to laugh about.

    If he doesn't, go to a different GP!

    Really, it's time consuming, frustrating....once you are tested neg for H.pylori AND still have same symptoms, then keep all the other mentioned imaging and functional tests in mind. 


    All the best, abdominal problems are often a long, long road unfortunately with 1000s of reasons and sometimes even no reason.

    Good luck!


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    Don't feel left out here. Go see the doctors that's what they are there for to find out our problems. I to have same issues with stomach pain. Had so many tests done I lost count and still doing more. I cannot take this pain it's really bad.Seek the help you need and keep the faith.

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