abdominal pain, stiomach, bowel and now endometreosis, not all in my mind finally.

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I've been suffering chronic abdominal pain for 2 years, I have been treated badly by my GP, consultants and friends as they said it was all in my mind. Finally I found a gastro Dr who apologised in behalf of all the Dr that I have paid to help me and have let me down. I've been taking ant acids for nearly 3 years which I have no doubt have contributed to my bowel pain. They caused me so much stress I can't tell you enough about it. Eventually after so many tests I have now chronic gastritis, endometreosis, just had that diagnosed but when they were in there they found a very swollen large intestine which he hasn't seen before presenting with endometreosis. Finally he said he could help with the pain but the bowel he was confused about. This has never shown itself on scans but it was there on the pictures he took. Finally someone believes me. I stuck at getting diagnosed as it has taken so much of my life. I just hope he can find out what that bowel swelling is all about, feels like a prolapse to me. I don't know what is coming my way but I know I won't give up now until someone can sort this out. Anyone want to know more details, especially those who like me were told I had IBS and go away, you may be .looking at a whole new ball game. Hopefully I will get some pain relief from a Dr who took the time to investigate this further.

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    When you say bowel, are you referring to the colon? It seems a colonoscopy should be on order.
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      Sorry Kim I meant large intestine, up in the traverse colon, not cancer but a unusual swelling. Endometreosis is in the bowel but he thinks its unusual for it to present like that. I will know more on Tuesday.
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    Been there worn the tshirt, for me it was 12yrs of frequent pain and poor health, having a drastic affect on me, partner, lifestyle, with one particularly useless gp, and a gyneacologist who wasnt much better, tests, xray, scope,s, meds, often making symptoms worse, out patients, hospital stay, minor ops, major op, after discarding post op probs, gyny probs, hormonal, finally of course phycalogical, neurotic, etc. By which time l was phycalogically disturbed with it all. At the end all it took was referral to right type of consultant, urologist and a scope of the bladder, l0min diagnoses i.c. and treatment, which did reduce symptons by 80-90 percent. A great relief at knowing and being able to live a better quality life, but couldnt get back those years of poor health, the affect on my partnership, which suprisingly endured, or being the active mum l could have been as my kids grew up, Plus like you we dont know what  damage were left with, doesnt do the body any good being left with conditions inflammation  untreated, l also know l,d infections  in that time, plus l do think they shut up shop, not actually lie, but dont tell you as much as they could. l know lve a small kidney now, might not be due to problems, but could have been. Also like you couldnt tell of  the anxiety and stress caused over that time, as for the contempt for the gp, better not go there. l try not to dwell on it too much, too many bad memories, and angry feelings towards gp, who,s now retired. 

    My symptoms have improved and quality of life is better, so get on with it. l now advice anyone who,s going through pain and ill health over a long time, years,  dont let gps fob you off, or get  dismissed as phycalogical, it might be for a few,, but l think most who keep complaining over a long time about pain and poor health have something physically wrong, just the docs havent found or diagnosed it, and can give up and resort to the phycalogical cop out, l put up with too much for too long, no net or info advice, trusted docs, didnt create a stink, regret that l didnt, At least l didnt have to pay, uk nhs, but l,d have paid for a diagnoses treatment years earlier, youve paid and still didnt get one.  l,m sorry youve suffered so long and do know how it affects, makes you feel so bad when you keep asking for help and get dismissed, or told its in your mind, that makes you feel worse, l dont know how many appt where l went into gps and came out feeling worse, upset, teary, angry furious.

    l was even referred to councellor, l even went once, packed that in, as new it wasnt phycalogical, but it also influences your family friends, L wrote to experts, too much to tell. l hope you get the support and help you need, and can have better quality life, l know some on here have endo and might be able to advice, and have read of others being diagnosed with ibs, and we know its a common problem but seems to be put down for many stomach problems when uncertain diagnoses.

    or more tests needed. l know of many where its taken years to get a diagnoses and treatment but thought it less likely with private practises.

    At least your now on right road with a dr who,s been more thorough, so hope you get improvement soon, best wishes.

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      Thanks Lynne for coming back to me.

      Seems you've been on the journey I am on right now. I'm glad they helped you. He mentioned something along the lines of some kind of inflammation in the bladder that he found but its the problem I'm getting with my bowel he found unusual. Did you have anything like that? Can you give me a description of your symptoms. I'm hoping to have some kind of diagnosis on Tuesday when I see my consultant after lapascopic investigation. I am reporting a consultant and my GP for the way they treated me. I had dreadful depression whilst going through this, which was the medication, thankfully as I hit the floor. When I came off I got mentally well again but slowly, my partner of 20 years left me whilst on my knees, came back after month and now treats me like the rest of the healthy people with this kind of contempt for being I'll. I need him for financial support and that's it. I have to get this sorted so I can leave. I have never felt so desperate in all my life with shattered confidence, this condition does that but I am so determined to get well again. I am not afraid of what it could be anymore I just want to move forward with a clear diagnosis and a game plan. But I am going to see it through with both my complaints. That I am sure of. It was disgusting what my consultant said to me. I travelled 300 miles to see him, paid him and was told to go away, it was all in my mind, I was wearing my pain in my stomach and it was unethical to treat me. At this time my liver was dramatically elevated, I had mesenteric panniculitis and no hope of help as he wrote to my gp who refused to give me blood tests to measure my liver, and told me to f----ng get a grip, when was I going to f---ing accept there is nothing wrong with me and prescribed me medication for epileptics as it manages pain receptors in the brain. That was unforgivable.

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      ts the reason l rambled on, sort of knowing how your feeling, l still cant to this day dwell too long on those many bad memories, the levels of pain and ill health l had frequently over so many year

      and the dr,s attitude to it, incompatent at best, but more neglectful and insulting, as l also got the comments, re phycalogical, nuerrosis, hypacondria, this being years later after a d and c made it worse, then hormone meds gave me violent headaches, another med made me throw up, l,d aneamia, thrush,often,bacterial cysitus, despite those being confirmed, just wrote off as incidental.

      l paid to see a gyeacologist, due to docs suggesting gyneacology prob, l,d a laprascope, ill after it and recall surgeon coming in to ward and telling me `find nothing wrong! even your appendix healthy`,then just leaving, l shouted after him, well whats causing it, l was swollen like 6month pregnant, he said `we think its your bladder`, but still didnt refer me to urologist, nor did gp, so back to same. Though a while later gyno suggested a hysterectomy as menustration one of the triggers for pain, he also said ld fibroid in uterus muscle, but also seeing specialist about gall bladder pain at same time, he said no such thing as muscle fibroids, l ask you, experts,although my gall bladder removal was easy, keyhole, one day stay in hospital, walking out a few days later,  but l was so desperate for diagnoses so agreed to H, it went well enough, but went home with same symptoms, soul destroying, for my husband and young sons also, sex had also been a trigger for pain, so that near non existent also. For me its was soreness, heat, stinging in urethra, to lower tum, sometimes tracking up towards kidney,s, Severe ;lower back pain often siezing up, when bad even standing more than 5min in same spot, made me feel ill, urologist called it pressure pain, my worst week was following menustration which flooded, best week one before menustration when symptoms moderate. l even got kidney infection, given a month anti bs, and 2wk pessaries that stung being iodine, had xray gp said bladder not emptying properly, still didnt refer me to urologist, later denied he,d said that, but after meds felt really well, active, could run jump, brilliant, lasted all of two weeks and something triggered all off again.  A year  later l saw different gp who did refer me to urologist, it was then xray, scan, scope, over months, scope diagnoses treatment, improvement, but lost my mum within a few weeks after finally being able to tell her it was real, she,d been cynical, but didnt matter by then, my partner went suddenly next year. That on top of years of suffering and mass restrictions, even welfare refused any help, no empathy from people generally, only joining support group as referred by urologist brought understanding and support.  Though my sons were supportive and knew it was genuine, they saw me ill often enough, how l looked and moved, old , l did try to make best for them when l could, so we still had some good times and fun when able. But l couldnt forgive gp surgery gynacologists for the neglect and bad attitude to boot.  l did put complaints in, mainly ignored, By the time l started to improve, took a year or so, l was preoccupied with just surviving, making a life, but think now l should have seen a solicitor, there are limits to what you should have to put up with, l,d passed them, but rightly or wrongly settled for  complaining.  l do have ibs of long standing, but its not severe, as some get it, lve had gastritus diagnosed few month ago, following scope, put on omprazole, had severe nausea for months daily, came off anti bs of 2-3yrs  ld been prescribed to prevent ic flare up, also started to eat small plain meals,take probiotics supplaments,  lost 2 stone, but oweight before, now finally settled, but still take lot of care with diet to prevent it coming back l hope. If youve not frequency or pain in passing urine its not likely to be bladder problem, l dont know much about bowel liver probs, or endo, but sounds like youve had and have a lot of inflammation probs in your whole digestive system, Inflammation, not like a named disease, but can be devastating to many areas of the body, more so if left untreated for years, think it makes you more prone to infection also, plus many have immune allergy probs with it,  and can cause many symptoms, including phycalogical, l was told the nervous system runs through major organs, on top of other affects.  There was a thread on cfs few days ago about someone and same for a few, where family friends or people didnt  take their suffering seriously, they cant see anything like bleeding or broken bits, so it doesnt exist, thats how some people are till it happens to them, not much you can do about that, youve proved it to yourself, and docs.So l really hope you get diagnosis and treatment to help you, get your complaints stated to whoever, and hopefully you can move forwards to a better quality life, you sound determined to do that, so l,m sure you,ll succeed. Scuse long ramble, as you can tell it still affects me if l think about it, most of time now l dont, it would engulf me if l did.   So best wishes, take care.


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      Tried replying earlier but I'm not sure it went.

      I am sorry about how your feeling, I too wish you the best of luck. I do understand how your feeling, the anger, frustration and the missed years, probing examinations, opps and the blatant lack of understanding. I think in the medical profession you just are not I'll until they deem you terminal then your a write off. Its quite hilarious really. Saying that I feel for me personally I will have to come to a cross roads where I move on from the despare. You take care Lynne, when those frustrating thoughts hit you then send a message.

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      HI  Thanks, nothing like a good rant, post and let us know how things go at your next appt laprascope, good luck with it. 
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      Lynne you can fool your brain. Try getting into meditation, hop on an exercise bike, dont look at ANY computer screen 2 hours before bed, chase all negative thoughts out of your brain and focus on your wonderful family, your dog etc. Taking control of your body makes a huge difference.
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      Gosh Rex, fancy doing some self help groups. I for one would be interested. Any tips on how to fool the brain, books ideas? I know that what you say is right but where do you start? Where I live there are no support groups, NHS is on meltdown, people are pretty insular in small communities. People just need direction sometimes to get back on track and you just can't get it. Sometime, like Lynne you just need to have that vent and have that hand guide you back to normality without judgement. Health issues sure leave you feeling mightily low and frustrated, sometimes bitter and alone. Some cope better than others. I am cra----g myself personally that I will loose my home if I can't get better. Benefits are difficult to get if you can manage to do a days work or two. Stress does not help gastric problems but you get in a rut. Emptying your mind is hard, that needs training, there ain't none around here.
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      Hi thanks for advice, l cant do exercise bikes, due to breathing problems, empaseamia copd following having had lung cancer years ago, now also degeneration of spine added to it. , l can manage very short walks with rests  which l do, along with a bit of gardening, dog cat care, and run my  home alone,with little help,  not always easy, but do it 5-10min at a time before struggling to breathe, sitting down for a while till l get my breath back,  but needs must, so just get on with  it best l can.. . Your right about the computer before bedtime, but its not every night, often there,s more neg things on tv or in books, plus l think its good to be able to go on mbs like this and express your feelings, as only those with simular problems understand, whereas vast majority of time we dont express how we feel, most of us go about saying `yeh l,m alright`, everythings fine, as is expected in society, got to be posative always, get on with it, we can do anything  etc ,  leaving many keeping their thoughts to themselves, and feeling worse doing that sometimes, even become suicidal and then everyone utters shock saying oh they seemed fine, thats  because they keep it to themselves, not wanting to burden others, and  not appearing posative, getting on with it etc,  so mbs are great to be able to vent your own feeling or listen to others, be even worse if people cant go on to mbs and express their thoughts. or reas others with empathy.    l also go on news  mbs, which at times are very neg,  and can be draining at times, but occassionally its doing what l think is something posative,often opposing the many who go on to create division and hate, inlfuencing anarchy in part through influencing victim entitlement mentality, re uk terrible society, and despite my rant against neglecting docs, generally l am postative and will defend against corrupting influences in society,  rather than being insular and apathetic or a pc trendy,  feels as if its doing something of worth when your body isnt controllable, as is the case for some,  when  its actually real physical illness, so not always a state of mind, which is why many come on mbs, for advice info, able to be themselves..My family is a small one, just two adult sons really, one a distance away, l think of often of course, but only so much time you can spend thinking about adults sons who are living their own lives, which are successful and happy, hopefully in part due to me giving them as decent  and happy  upbringing as l could,with a lot of happy and fun times despite health problems,  more so when they lost their dad when quite young, now theyre happy and successful, my job done,  l,m not depressed or negative despite health problems, and do get on and make the best l can of my life, and  dont usually express all my past health problems and feeling about the neglect from meds over years, but did that in response to mutley, empathising knowing she was going through a very bad time with her health probs and its affects on her life, relationships, and it never occurred to me to just tell her to get on an exercise bike, or meditate, take control of your body,, be posative, get on with it. Which is why she and many come on to mbs after hearing that from 99 percent of people they come in contact with or even live with. So l was glad to empathise by speaking of my experiences, re your not alone, and can say it how it is, and wont get cliche,d pc responses from me to deny physical problems as phycalogical. .   l just took control of my body  going to the door and taking in my asda order, leaving me gasping for breath and flushed up with just that, , not a good experience when you have it several times a day, everytime you use even minor to  moderate exertion for 5-10min, even getting dressed in morning leaving me bent over and gasping for air, but its what happens when youve only half lung capacity. Scuse my rant, once again, due to same attitude as gps, and where this started, that its all a state on mind, got to be posative, get on with it, l tried that for 12yrs, due to listening to dr, when l should have really told him to get on with it, or get stuffed,  and find and accept the the real physical cause. 


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