Abdominal pains - nervous

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Hey friends. I've had some abdomen pain for a few days, centering sort of near my belly button, but also extending beyond that to my lower belly. I've also felt generally kind of sick and a little constipated. Naturally I'm fearing something quite sinister, and so I'm heading to get a checkup. I'm just looking for some reassurance because I'm quite worried about potential tests and what the result may be. Naturally I'll report back in when I get the results. In the meantime, some comforting words would help so much. sad


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    Gallbladder causes even more mischief than appendix, these days it's a laparoscopic out-patient procedure.  Sounds scary, but so many people I know have had theirs out and glad they did and feel so much better.  Lots of little things (virus bug, etc.) can cause your symptoms too, so try not to worry.

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    Thank you to those who responded. I got back from my checkup a bit ago. I really hate hospitals, but I was only in there for a short time. The doctor did a little physical and pushed and shoved around some key areas of my tummy, and then ordered some blood work and a urine analysis. The blood and urine came back completely normal, and he said I may just have to wait this out. So basically he tentatively ruled out major causes, but he didn't know for sure the cause. Most people would find this comforting, and I guess I do too. If something really bad was happening it would've showed up in the blood I hope. But still, his parting message was essentially to take ibuprofen and if things get worse to come back. Sooo I'm still in pain and discomfort, and still nervous, but I'm glad that I probably don't have anything serious. rolleyes

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      Hi there Nick

      I hope you are feeling much better!

      When we get a new ache or pain or something we don't understand it throws us into a tailspin. No one is immune to the fear factor, the dreaded "WHAT'S THAT?????!!!!" jumping into our thoughts

      Then we worry it to death, Nick. We watch over it like a mother hen with her baby chick. We're honed in for signs of the symptoms worsening. And naturally we then feel worse than ever

      I believe we've all been there and done that..sigh

      Naturally you must be aware of your symptoms in case they do worsen but appendicitis as a rule is sudden, with a high temperature, rigid belly, excruciating pain.I say this because this happened to my sister and a friend in my prescence.

      I do believe that the hospital doctor would have picked up on anything untoward going on so try to remain calm. He would have also been alert for "bowel" sounds, the gurgling our bellies make. Lack of them would lead him to persue another avenue of diagnosing

      Constipation can be painful, with trapped wind exacerbating the symptoms. Worry would create excess acid and make you feel even worse...been there, done that!

      I've had a LOT of stomach issues over the years due to my AD/PD and at times have been in agony and felt ill. The causes have been nothing to be concerned about, the symptoms made much, much worse by my own cowardice, lol

      It's not easy to be reassured when we are in pain. There's always that "The doctor missed something" gremlin that sits on our shoulder and whispers in our ear

      But the doctor hasn't missed anything. The gremlin is a manifestation of our fear.

      Drink hot tea to ease your tummy. A hot water bottle on the belly eases pain. As does slow and careful massage all over your tummy to "move" the trapped wind....which can be painful as hell!

      Look after yourself and please keep us up to date on what's happening

      I send hugs

      Get well soon smile


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      Thank you very much, Helen. I ended up sleeping for quite a long time last night. Now I'm up and fairly foggy-headed. The pains are still there...sort of a heaviness in my entire trunk, with pain near my right hip. My tummy is gurgling too, not too badly, but it's there. I may take a mild laxative later today just to see if it helps, but I'm terrified it'll increase my pain and nausea. I'm just so ready for whatever this is to be gone! I was feeling nauseous about two weeks ago, and then for the last week or more I've felt constipated, and now for the last 4-5 days I've had these pains and some cold shakes. sad I'm just down and feel weird at a time when I'm supposed to be happy with my family. It's so rare that I'm home and this just hasn't gone well.

      You all make me feel better, as always. At least I can come here to complain and vent, and for comfort. I think I've exhausted those around me with my comments. One relative even said everything I say is a downer to her. I really try not to be that way, but I can't help it lately.

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      Aw Nick sad

      Do you never feel like shouting, "Walk a mile in my shoes? "

      I know I used to

      One of the hardest things to accept is the total lack of empathy non sufferers display


      They can't help it. It's not that they don't care either. As I said to another Forum member earlier, they just don't understand

      We walk a hard road, Nick. We fear becoming a nuisance/moaner/ a burden to loved ones. Not that we are. But it feels like that. We dare not complain too much for fear they will grow impatient with us

      So we hold it all in

      All that tension

      As if coping with the symptoms aren't bad enough!

      You have come a long way and are eminently sensible, Nick. You know here we will all rally round you because we do walk a mile in your shoes..and then some...day in, day out

      It's good you slept. AD/PD sucks the energy out of us. You obviously needed to recharge your batteries. Sleep is a great healer. Deep sleep, that of emotional exhaustion makes us wake up foggy headed so please don't worry on that front

      We get ill, Nick, sadly we all suffer with common everyday illnesses now and then in life. But having to cope with them and AD/PD becomes problematic because we are literally coping on two fronts

      When we are physically ill our defenses are lowered. Added to this we cannot seperate the physical symptoms from the emotional illness symptoms

      They merge and we, as a rule, feel the symptoms from both, heightened

      Keep an eye, so to speak, on your tummy.  Only acute worsening of your symptoms would indicate something was amiss

      The hospital doctor appeared unconcerned so that is reassuring

      Tummy bugs, constipation, excess acid can make us feel like head. Trapped wind can be agony

      It's not easy to stay calm when we are in pain and when we are fearful

      And I must say a little constipation can cause havoc with the digestive system

      Be kind to yourself until you feel better, dear

      Plent of hot chamomile tea to calm the nerves and gut

      Avoid dairy products which exacerbate digestive disorders

      Don't eat on the run. Sit and chew your food thoroughly and allow it to digest

      You'll be just fione honey

      Keep us all in the loop

      We care smile Never forget that

      I send hugs


      Tummy bugs, constipation, can play havoc with our digestive systems.

      Trapped wind, exacerbated by constipation, can be dreadfully painful....and acid burning can sometimes be thrown into the mix..now we are in hell

      It's not easy, when we are ill/have pain, to remain calm and sensible.

      So ready for whatever this is to be gone, cold shakes and feeling weird indictate a state of heightened tension bordering on panic which you are trying desperately to stamp down on before it attacks


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    Hi Nick smile I hope you are doing okay.

    I wonder if there is something going around as a few people I know have said the same?

    If not I would say it is likely to be something you ate smile I have experienced similar and constipation can cause discomfort and make you feel queasy. Hopefully they may give you something to help regularity and this will relieve you smile I really recommend peppermint tea for things like this. It really eases stomach pain and helps when you are constipated!!

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      Thank you very much, my dear friend. I may end up taking a little laxative or something, since this has lasted many days and doesn't seem to be related to my appendix. I'm still worried silly about that, of course, and many other things to boot -- but the blood work didn't suggest anything was inflamed. And so I may just be bunged up or maybe, as you said, might have eaten something before coming home that gave me a little food poisoning or something. I have no idea. It'd be funny if this ends up just being nothing - a little constipation, for instance - since I've invested so much negative energy into my health the last week or so. I should know better after having dealt with anxiety over so many other things in the past. I thought I was a bit more of a veteran at this whole mind game - but even the most experienced of AD sufferers still have mishaps. And so I have a lot left to learn!!

      I really hope by tomorrow or the day after, I'm back to normal. I really really really don't want to have further complications, and I'd like to just enjoy my short(ish) stay at home before returning to my unpleasant routine at Uni. sad

      Thanks for your constant help. I'll be sure to write in as I (hopefully) feel better. Much love to you <3!

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    Your GP will do an easy test as He Palputate the area between your tummy button and  just above the pubic bone, on the right hand side, this will show him if you are constipated or a grumbling Appendix etc, generally people are bunged up and need a laxative to make you go. 

    This time of year with all the food we eat we become bunged up and after a few days all will blear. What you can do however is drink water several times a day when you eat, this will hopefully soften the stool.

    The best food to eat is mackeral, smoked Salmon or Sardines they are good laxitives. You can also take a couple of spoonfulls of Olive Oil that acts as a good laxitive as well.


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      Thank you Bob!! I am hoping that this is nothing more than me being a little bunged up. My stomach is grumbling a bit, but I haven't eaten much lately. The doctor did poke around my stomach and applied a lot of pressure to my right side, presumably to feel my appendix. He didn't seem worried it was anything serious.

      I still feel out of sorts but I may take a little laxative in a bit. Hopefully that'll help.

      I really appreciate the help. If anything changes, I'll update. smile

      Best to you, Bob!

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    I think you'll be ok! It's normal to be a little anxious still, especially when you aren't feeling well. I feel like sometimes it's harder dealing with uncertainty than it is with having a firm answer. I have stomach problems from time to time too and it always turns out to be nothing. The testing always comes out normal, which is reassuring. I try really hard with having a good diet too, plenty of fiber helps actually.

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