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I was having stomach problems for the past 5 months. Was getting constipated once a week and stomach was always hurting but then I stopped drinking full caffeinated coffee and was drinking half caffeinated coffee and eating frosted mini wheats ever morning and seem to be doing better. I have recently started drinking full caffeinated coffee again and stomach seems to be getting bad again. Why?

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    Dont drink a coffee at all. It has and acid that agrovates stomach lining. Avoid sweets, spicy,acidy food as well as fried food. No alcohol or smoking.
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      Thank you. I was doing really great when I wasn't drinking full caffeinated coffee. I was having no stomach problems till today and I've been drinking the full caffeinated coffee again for around 5 days

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    Keep on eating light. Several small meals a day in stead of three. Fresh vegetables and lots of fruit, except citrus. No coffee and avoid tomato.
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      Thank you. I'm just wondering if coffee was what was causing my stomach problems in the first place

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    You probably have an intolerance to caffeine which is common with IBS.  Cut out caffeinated products completely or go back to decaffinated varieties.  See your doctor for a diagnosis and ask about IBS.
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      Thank you. I have been to my doctor a few weeks ago and she believes that my anxiety is causing my stomach problems. I just figured it made sense that the coffee was causing my issues since they stopped when I quit drinking it and came back when I started drinking it again.
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    Interesting question and good observation.

    I can't drink normal coffee due to the caffein in it (feel like a hectic squirrel), but decaf just gives me bad stomach pain (in the stomach organ, not abdomen area in my case) and I usually have a pretty tough stomach, no other issues.

    I love the smell and taste of coffee! Hmmmm.

    (so I hang over other people's coffee cup with my nose. ...)

    Coffee has many plus points too, but there seems something in it, that hurts some people (unfair!):

    Coffee itself is acidc

    (when you do a ph test, coffee is around ph5, tomato juice even more around ph4, and lemon around ph2, just to compare. ph7 is neutral like water)

    The lowest acid containing coffees are the dark roasts (search internet).

    You can actually try different coffee brands/roasts and brewing, with and without milk/milk substitutes. You might react differently.? (I only react on a certain decaf more than on others...)

    But apparently coffee on an empty stomach in the morning makes the stomach cells to release more hydrochloric acid as well. Duh.

    (It would be interesting to find anyone with too little stomach acid, if this drinking of coffee on empty stomach actually was a cure for them....),

    also it relaxes the esophageal sphincter (heartburn risk),

    intensifies symptoms of bowel conditions from gastritis to IBS and IBD since it blocks the Gaba (some neuronchemical-stuff to relax gut system) from working, hence some react with diarrhea, enzymes in coffee can trigger immune response = some antibodies, that inflame the gut wallt with all the nice cramps that come with it. Apparently it also causes (due to Gaba blocking) a faster release of food into intestine, which is not as digested and so this food is grounds for wrong bacteria to feast on, produce gas and make you feel bloated.


    And still, I love coffee taste and smell and wish I could just drink it without symptoms like so many others can.

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      I cant drink coffee nor acid food jor dairy. Wheat, sweets, spicy and fried , salty food agrovates my stomach. I never had a stomach pain until end of june and since than Im in pain entire time. They did find a H pylori bacteria but I am afraid that I may have a cancer too. I am 27 and I lived healthy life before I got sick .never drink nor smoke and I was opsesed with salads and fruit. I was going under lofe chalanging stress and was on steroids for a few times. I am done with antibiotics and now on omeprazole for next four weeks. Next week Im doing endoscopy but so far they did : CT scan of abdomen, ultrasound of pelvic, gallbladder, liver and pancreas, blood disease and CBC test, stool,anemia and thyroid test and thanks God everything came back normal . They did a few times blood and anemia test. I am scared to death of endoscopy and sure that they will find cancer. I have pain in upper abdomen and I get bloaded. After laying down on back and giving massage I get better. Never vomit nor had blood in stool. I can eat and sometimes I eat all day. I eat : chicken with rice N potatoes, plain crackers, bananas, pears, bagels and eggs, fish no dairy products. While laying down on stomach and giving massage my stomach starts making a noises like when you are hungry and I start feeling better. Pain goes in my upper back and under my ribs.i have family history of stomach ache( mom had twice ulcer and hernia, sister had bacteria, brother had ulcer that he didnt even know). But Im afraid of cancer. My GI said he doesnt believe that I have cancer but I have to go through testing . During the night I sleep well. When I am busy and with people I dont have pain,but when I am alone I search a lot about cancer and I can feel pain everywhere . If endoscopy shows everything is ok , im gonna look for pills for anxiety.
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      Thank you. I have had stomach issues for quite some time now and been drinking coffee probably just as long. I'm serious worried that it's just the coffee causing everything.

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      Thank you. The only foods that seem to mess with my stomach are really greasy foods. I seriously believe it's the coffee. I was doing so good too.

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      My daughter was 14 when gastroscopy and colonoscopy was performed due to excrutiating, still ongoing lower abdominal cramping, nausea, emesis (with blood at times) and so on.

      She got a good short anaesthesia and can't remember anything and was so nervous beforehand of course (teenager, not adult).

      Now she would do it anytime again.

      So you can ask about procedure, if you will be 'knocked out' and want that.

      Honestly, being in agony and not knowing what is going on or having a genetic issue (like EDS) that effects collagen and no cure in sight forever, is the worst.

      My uncle lived for 20 years until he turned 96 with a diagnosed stomach cancer, that was only partially removed since he was old.

      My friend's father had an aggressive stomach cancer with 35, got whole stomach removed and that is 30 years ago, still living a normal life (even food/eating works).

      Lucky he was diagnosed!

      I love results/diagnoses since they can be tackled, are not overlooked.

      I wish you all the best,

      there might be an ulcer or some inflamation, something that can heal and yes, anxiety can do a lot of harm to the intestine.

      Cancer would hardly get better from being massaged I would think.


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      Thank you. I'm sorry for your daughter. I have had this stomach issues about as long as I have drank coffee. I do have alot of stress and anxiety. But that too seem to get better when I wasn't drinking the coffee.

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      All the best Amy!

      (the reply above was for anesa55559   ;-)   )

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    Hi i had problem with white coffee in the past and chaged it to just black and no problems then. Our body tells us what it likes or not I suppose.
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      Thank you. I guess my body is trying to tell me that it doesn't like the full caffeinated coffee. I mean it makes sense I guess that it would have to be the coffee.

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