Abdominal problems for 9 months!

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For the last 9 months I've had nausea, occasional vomiting, tiredness, abdominal pain to the touch , abdominal cramps, can't eat without getting sick or feel full with a few bites, chills, burping , abdominal swelling. I've had ct scan, ultrasound, blood work. And my doctor can't figure out a cause. I have shown bilirubin in urine 4x , but when sent to a lab they said it wasn't there. Was told today they don't know what else to do. I've lost 40 pounds in the last 3 months alone from this , I don't know where to go now.

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    Hi catherine

    Have u done endoscopy?

    Do u fell full everytime you eat?

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      No, My primary dr said she doesnt see any reason for it. and yes everytime I eat after 1-3 bites
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      I have the same problem that everytime i eat i always get this feeling full all the time! No matter what i eat!

      You said you get bloated also ryt? When you say bloated it means your stomach get big and hard to touch?

      Ask you doctor to try to give you h2blocker medication it myt help! Ryt now im taking famotodine 40 mg

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      I dont get bloated after eating, My blood work showed abdominal swelling, and the top of my stomach is swollen all the time
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      Hi Catherine, May I kindly ask, which blood work shows abdominal swelling? (that's new to me and I like to broaden experience)


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      Not sure, that is just what I was told. That is why I was ordered a ct scan, but then they couldnt explain to me why it didnt show any. I have my results but not sure which test that would be under , most of these blood test are foreign names to me lol.
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      Since I am very familiar with blood parameters, that's why I am so startled which one could be singled out for 'abdominal swelling'. Maybe the ultrasound was done before CT and that one showed abdominal swelling. that could be. Docs often blabber on without looking if the patient is following. (one can actually record them - with permission - to re-listen to it at home). CT is great imaging though.

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      The ultrasound was a month before my ct , she sced a ct and said my blood work came back positive for abdominal swelling. Not sure
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      It makes absolutely no sense to me. 

      Anyway, since 'abdominal welling' and 'blood work positive for abdominal swelling' (whatever that should mean: infection?),

      what was the therapy for it?

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      She didnt say anything about infection, and no therapy. Wasnt mentioned at all. I am looking at my blood work from that day . Let me see if I can find a number off
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      Ok that day my bloodwork I had, Lipid Panel but all is norm, Vit b12 was norm, only thing off says SED RATE supposed to be 0-20 mine was 26.? Thats the bloodwork when she said the abdominal swelling
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      OK, there is nothing definitive about this.

      First of all:

      Red blood cells sedimentation rate is a very old, easy parameter, you put well mixed blood, that cannot coagulate, vertically and look at it after 1 hour, how many mm the red blood cell column has gone down leaving plasma above it, which is measured in mm. That's it. (some labs do a 2hour rate as well)

      It is a very UNSPECIFIC test.

      We know from experience, how much sinking is considered as normal.

      This parameter is good in a whole picture,

      but it is like measuring 'fever',

      you know to have a bit of temperature but you don't know why.

      It could be simply as normal as post ovulation, or pathologic as a reaction to some infection. A temperature comes down to interpretation, so does a moderately (nearly not at all) elevated sedimentation rate. 


      26mm can be even considered normal, since it depends on the lab what is the reference range that 95% of healthy people's value was found. We said even 0-29mm to be normal for women. ;-)

      26mm is not really an increased sedimentation rate, if, then only moderate, not high.


      some medications (especially antibiotics) and also if one had anemia (too little amount of red blood cells) increase the sedimentation rate.

      So, the sedimentation rate is an unspecific parameter and only makes sense in the whole picture. Since you feel unwell, I would not completely dismiss a moderate or higher end sed rate. BUT:

      This is an INTERPRETATION of the doc.

      Sed rate itself does not say it is due to abdominal swelling at all.

      You doc must have seen a swelling (eye, ultrasound) and explained the sedimentation rate that way, even the 'diagnose' of 'abdominal swelling' does not make really sense to me.

      Does it to you?

      Why is this 'diagnose' left like this then?

      If the sed rate was due to inflammtion like an inflammatory bowel disease or autoimmunedisease or some current infection, that will pass, is down to the doc to determine and interpret, treat and check up on you.

      Please ask precisely what is meant with 'abdominal swelling', what the cause, what the treatment, what the outlook, why the slight high sedimentation rate was put to 'abdominal swelling' for a reason, BUT nothing done about it. (that puzzles me most)

      This is far too vague.

      I would definitely ask,

      why a moderate sedimentation rate, that could (!) indicate inflammation, was explained with abdominal swelling and not

      further investigated or treated  or checked. 

      You suffer symptoms.

      Somehow left in nowhere. But the sed rate alone doesn't say anything unfortunately.

      Good luck!

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      Im not a doctor , can only tell you what I've been told. She didn't see anything in my ultrasound, the oy reason she said abdominal swelling was blood work. I can't tell you why . Seems like she's just a crappy doctor honestly. She hasn't diagnosed me with anything , she said she doesn't know what is wrong with me . That is just what was said the reason I had to get the ct scan . I am waiting to get a call from the gi doctor. My reg doctor is terrible and can't help me anymore. Hoping the gi will find something in the results , or order scopes.

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    And your not taking any medication ryt now?

    Coz i know gerd symptoms is like that also!

    Atleast you gp should prescribe you some medication!!

    I had my endoscopy, colonoscopy, gastric emptying scan, 2 ct scan done, 3 blood works

    Stool samples, nothing show!

    Now im going to have abdomen/ vaginal ultrasound!

    But for now while waiting im taking

    Famotodine 40 mg! Simethicone otc

    Since im always anxious whats going on they gibe me anxiety medication!

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      No im not, they have tried a few diff ones, but nothing right now. Nothing helps. I had a full abdominal ultrasound. Its so frustrating, my blood shows swelling, but they cant find where its coming from. I dont have insurance so im already covdered in medical bills, and getting nowhere. I hope you get yours figured out soon!
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      Blood does not show 'swelling', it can't, an organ or physical appearance can (if air, oedema....) shows swelling; in blood inflammation generally can be suggested, but again not saying the reason as to why and where. 


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      or maybe in somw countries the term 'blood swelling' exists. I have surely never ever heard of it and would be keen to learn about it.

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      It does not make sense, you need to ask the doc again, what is meant with abdominal swelling, what the treatment.

      (That sedimentation rate is not determining abdominal swelling, is, what I can tell you for sure. Sedimentation rate is a sinking of red blood cells only, its value increased, mostly due to some inflammation without saying what where, that's all)

      Docs need to explain findings and need to explain their interpretation.

      What do you do about 'abdominal swelling'?

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      I'm not seeing her again , she never mentioned it again since ct didn't show any swelling .

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      Good on you!

      Hopefull second opinion is more conclusive and better explaining!

      You even pay privately! You need to insist to understand every word they say and explain and if it made sense!

      Best of luck!!!!

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