Abnormal smear, advice ?

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Hey there,

I'm a 23 year old female. Obviously! Lol

February last year I had my first pap smear done. I went in to be checked for STD's amd decided it was time ( I was too scared previously)..

Anyway, stds came back fine, but my smear results said that I said LSIL.. which is low grade squamous cells. The doctor gave me some information and told me to come back in a year as I was young and it could fight it off. I still haven't gone back. I've put it off as I'm worried but recently I have had strange things happening go me.

I'm finding myself in a lot of pain in my right ovarie. I know this is different from the cervix but I'm not sure if it could be connected ? A lot of pain basically 24/7. Sometimes mild and sometimes excruciating. I've found myself driving and the pain comes on and I have to park and I end up crying in my car.

Not only is there pains but my period hasnt been normal. I've now had it for two weeks and it just won't end. I'm also finding myself peeing a lot more, but sometimes constipated for days.

When I was 19 I had an internal examination done where they said my ovaries were closer to my back ? And I had a lot of cysts but it was never looked into further..

Just wondering if anyone could help me put my mind at ease. We're these symptoms anyone had ?

Should I ask the Dr to further test my ovaries or cysts? I'm now living in a different country and have no medical records here so this Dr I'll be seeing next week wont know anything about my past..

Does this sound serious ?

Thanks sad

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    Hi Renee can understand your worries hear, the only way i think you know is yes def get this checked out. Could be lots of reasons but you do need to find out. My sisterinlaw had similar stuff, turned out she had a benign cyst on her overies, had it removed and was fine. Write everything down too before you see dr. so you dont forget anything.

    Wishing you well

    Sue x

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      Thank you sue !

      Will definitely be writing everything down before I go in. Hopefully it is just cysts and not something more serious.

      Will be seeing a doctor in 3 days and for once I can't wait to get in there and sort this out.

      Take care smile

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    The good news is almost anything can be taken care of as long as you get it checked out early.  So see a doctor immediately about your problem.  Try not to google your symptoms because it will only bring you unnecessary worry.  I learned that the hard way. All my symptoms came back to cancer.  You're very young.  Cysts and mentral disorders are very common.  Especially cysts.  Cysts that are large enough can cause constipation and irregular bleeding.  And yes, plenty of pain.  I pray that you will get well, but remember if it is cysts they are very common and there are so many methods of dealing with them...
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      Thanks for your reply !

      I am booked in for the doctors in 3 days but the wait is stressful! I think having the abnormal smear and now all these strange things happening has freaked me out a little.

      My period won't end. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it goes away for a day, and then I'll sneeze or something and it comes back. Then goes away and I'll do something else and again, it comes back.

      Hopefully it isn't anything too serious. I have quite a bad immune system. I'm the first one to get sick and the last to get better. So I'm hoping it's all okay.

      I have been told I had cysts when I had my internal done 4 or so years ago so hopefully they're the cause for all of this!

      Thank you, my mind is at ease now smile

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      Please let us know how all goes. If it's what I think it is (cysts)they will more than likely give you birth control pills to control everything. I will say a prayer for you. I know what you're going through because I received a bad Pap smear reading a few months ago. After weeks of crying and losing sleep I finally decided to stop googling my symptoms, pray, and wait for all my biopsys to come back. Thank Jehovah God everything went well and I realize I did all that worrying for nothing. Think positive and save all the worrying for if bad news come because you may not get any bad news.
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      Thanks for your reply smile

      So update, I went and got my pap smear done, and received the results two days ago. Again, They said I still have LSIL.

      Last year in Feb I had that result and they said because of my age (23) that it's more than likely going to go away on its own and to come back in a year.

      I ended up moving, so seen a different doctor this time. The smear again said LSIL, and again she's saying to wait a year. I've told her that I've had this result before but she isn't listening. I've Googled a lot and it says that I should have a colposcopy but they won't do it. I'm now freaking out. I'm not waiting another year to find out its cancer and not going away.

      I'm not sure on what I'm suppose to do now?

      Do I wait? Or should I go see someone else who will look into this further ?

      Also the dr without looking said I more than likely have pcos which would be causing pain and the symptoms I was having.

      That isn't a concern for me right now. I'm terrified I have cancer sad

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      Renee is there another clinic you can go to in your area other than the GP, it probably is nothing much but understandably  you want this checked out. Doctors, just lately they dont listen do they.  I think if you had cancer you would have other sypmtoms, have you any?  Is there any other dr, at your practise you could see?   

      Sue x 

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    Hpv or abnormal pap does not mean you have cancer. Growing cysts puts your body through a lot of changes and pain. All of the symptoms you mentioned. Get a sonogram
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