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Cervical Smear and Disorders

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  • lauren1986 2

    Avoiding Smear Test

    I am currently dodging my Doctors about my Smear Test- saying I keep forgetting or I will try to book one etc. At the end of every appointment I get the speech on Smear Tests - even having one doctor talk over me saying I didn't want one.  I have had previous examinations due to problems with

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  • carina62 5

    Post menopausal and worried

    Can someone advise please?  I'm 55 and menopausal for over 5 years.  Last year I had a polyp removed and thought it was done and dusted and had nothing more to worry about.  A few weeks ago I started to get a watery discharge and last week went to my GP, she took a swab to check for infection but I haven'

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  • Guest M

    I dont think some medical professionals understand the a...

    I dont think some medical professionals understand the anxiety and trauma that some women undergo when having a cervical smear test. I myself was abused as a teenager and having to lie back and bare all for someone that you hardly know is a terrifying ordeal. Afterwards reverting back to

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  • zarads 1

    Do I need a smear test if...

    Hi guys I have been having regular smear tests and I absolutely loath them. They are very uncomfortable. I have had 2 sexual partners and I haven't had sex since 2007! I am in my I still need to keep taking this smear test? All my tests have been negative. Thank you Zara

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  • B17Fan 2

    Do I need a smear test if Virgin but on birth control?

    I'm on birth control to help with hormone imbalance (I have pcos and heavy periods). I've never been sexually active. I saw a gynaecologist for an unrelated issue, and she knew I was on the pill and she said it was ok not to have smear tests. My sister, who is married and has a child, has just had

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  • amycliff1999 1

    Cervical erosion surgery

    Just wanted some advice and to hear off some other women who have been through this. Basically I'm 17 and after visits to the doctors and hospital I've been told I have a large area of cervical think it's from being on the pill. I'm booked in to have my surgery on Tuesday and I'm

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  • Noddydog 2

    Cervical Smears for older women

    When I moved to this part of the country nearly 30 years ago, it was a 5 year smear test. As I had always had 3 yearly tests in the North East I paid and had one every 3 years alongside my free NHS one after 5 years. Now  I am 64 this year and my last test was at 61, I am told I can't have anymore

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  • venkat sai 2

    Importance of Regular Health Checkups

    Hi Good Evening Today we discuss about. What is the  Importance of Regular Health Checkups Regular medical health check-ups are integral to good health, as early detection can arrest the progress of most diseases. About 70% heart & kidney diseases and several cases of cancer can be managed

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  • Nutters 2

    Lost cervix

    After 4 attempts the midwife cannot find my cervix to do a smear test.  I am 50 and have passed the menopause.  I've been referred to a gynaecology clinic.  What else can they do in order to do the test? Surely I'm not the only one. Can find NOTHING on the internet about this?

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  • angie 69215 3


    I just started taking paxil 5 days ago And I Am Never Hungry. Sometimes I make myself eat because I know I have to eat something . I took it years before And I was always starving and never felt felt full. I am not complaining I could use to loose 15 to 20 pounds just wondered if anyone had

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  • nicola 01942 3

    Can someone please help... lack of appetite and 20mg paxil

    Hi started paxil 9 days ago at first i had the nausea im having a loss of appetite and when i eat something i feel full quite quick, is this normal?? I have health anxiety and keep thinking ive got the big C word. Is it paxil or something else. Can i just add i used to have quite a big

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  • ysaeen81373 3

    Wife has got low grade hpv

    Wife's results came back and she's got low grade hpv and she went hospital docter examined her diwn there and it all looked good but she has taken a sample down there a tiny one but docter did say it looks all good. I'm very worried now please please anyone here that has had hpv

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  • hope4cure 6

    Every 3 years Have a colonoscopy anyone else?

    i have had pylops removed in the past during colonoscopies. It has been recommended ro have a  colonscopy every three years.  I have a really hard time with the prep it is very difficult and seems to really cause stomach issues for weeks later. Foods are difficult to pass and find my doc adding to

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  • sarah08934 1

    Cn3 smear test, normal biopsy ? Confused!!

    I had a smear test that came back as high grade abnormal cells, i had a colospy and the doctor was going to do lazer treatment but couldnt reach my cervix, so i was ment to have it done under and also took a biopsy, the results from the biopsy have came back that i have no abnormal cells of

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  • Smiley47 2

    Dealing with and Surviving Cervical Cancer

    I am a surviving cervical cancer patient. 22 years ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and tested positive for hpv several times. It wasn't until I had a biopsy that confirmed I was about to deal with something I mentally was not prepared to deal with. On top of that, I am 3 months pregnant

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  • Carrie12345 2

    Extreme phobia of vaginal related things

    From a young age and for an unknown reason I ve had almost a phobia of anything related to sexual biology. During biology lessons in school both at age 11 and 15 I would begin the process which is very familiar to me now. The discussion of ovaries/periods/birth/anything related to down there I d

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  • Hulieuk 2

    Silver nitrate

    Hi I've just had silver nitrate treatment today, I am in some discomfort and would like to have a bath to ease the pain but not sure when I can bath? Tia

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  • ally197 2

    Cervical Screening - the right to refuse

    I joined this forum out of exasperation with being reminded to go for a smear test when I have never been sexually active. I found lots of support . It is good to know I am not alone  So I set up a Facebook Page  Cervical Screening - Right to Refuse. Feel free to share your experiences and maybe we

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  • sallydally 1

    Smear results a little worried

    Hi , I'm hoping anyone can shed some light. I feel a little silly posting this as I don't have many cc symptoms. But I'm fed up with conflicting info. U history goes. Clear smear back in 2014 , I went on cerazette mini pill after the birth of my child in Feb 2014. Cerastes has never really agreed

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  • danielle68766 2

    Depo and problems with my smear

    Hey I am probably worrying for nothing. 3 months ago I went for my smear whilst having it done I was told that the skin around it was very thin and red and should get it looked at if my smear comes back negative. It came back inconclusive so went for another last week. She said the same thing and

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  • mcoo86 1

    So many problems! Need advice please

    Hi. I'm new here, I was hoping to get some advice from people who may have had the same symptoms as me. For the last 3 months I have felt really unwell. It started with abdominal cramps as if my period was going to come but it never did. I have missed 3 so far. The cramps at times are really

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  • Sherie2222 1

    Advice on cervical screening

    Please could anyone give me advice on when smear test screening stops, I am 64 years old and my last smear test was on september 2012, and my next birthday is on october I would be very grateful for all your comments Thank you.

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  • kim76043 1

    extremely painful smears and possible infection

    i know i have some kind of infection, but due to not being able to ever complete the smear i dont know for sure. every time i try it is so painful i start crying, some times i start screaming from how uncomfortable it is. this last time i went the dr prescribed me a medication for a yeast infection

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  • tracy15302 2

    Pain in cervix

    hi I'm Tracy I have had two loop surgerys done in the polpospothy clinic plus I had to go into theatre to have half a finger nail of my cervix removed for abnormal cells . I have been painfull ever since and it is impossible to have a proper smear test done now without either gas and air or

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  • rebecca83801 2

    Cervical cancer help?

    Hi I'm 22 years old and have two children ( 1 + 2 ) I have been having some symptoms. Bleeding after sex ( sometimes lasts a few days) Pain during sex Abdominal pain ( not all the time ) I have had my cervix checked from a doctor twice in a 6/7 month period and she has said on both occasions it

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  • vicki12438 1

    Worried can you help!

    Had one irregular bleed two months ago doctor put me on the pill now I've started spotting is this normal? And I've got an increased white discharge with a bit of a smell ?? I'm update with smears last years one was normal can you help x

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  • tay34388 1


    I am kind of freaking out a little bit. I slept with my boyfriend last night he used a condom and then we went at it again not long after that. Maybe but a few hours after that we did not use a condom at that time. He said he had HPV after that but his wart wasn't open what does this mean ? I didn'

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  • B3X 2

    Smear Pain (& Previous Vaginal Pain)

    Hi all, So I've been putting it off but today I went for my - technically - first smear. I'm 27 (Coming up 28) and I'd been ignoring those letters that start arriving when you turn 25. I know, it's silly. The reason I saytechnically is because some years ago I did go in for an internal

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  • renee15737 3

    Discharge after colposcopy

    Hi I had a colposcopy Monday for high grade abnormal cells and was told I'd have discharge for up to 4 weeks after. I thought they meant bleeding but mine is clear!! It feels like I'm on a heavy period as in I can feel it when I leak but there's no blood! I had light as in pink bleeding for the

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  • kate27887 2

    LEEP help!!!

    I am scheduled for a LEEP procedure for moderate to severe dysplasia. I am worried how this will effect my sexual function? Has anyone had any difficulty obtaining an orgasm after this procedure or any sensory issues I should be aware of? I am really freaking out. I keep reading blogs from women

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  • brigit61610 1
  • Takenc 3
  • paula60751 1
  • bobby12321 2

    tiny bumps around my cervix? is this normal?

    hi, I was having a  feel of my vagina (as you do) because Im considering getting an IUD and I wanted to see if I could touch my cervix opening.  The walls of my vagina are very smooth with little texture, but when I reached the cervix could feel very small hard lumps around the opening, kind of

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  • mary13440 1

    Pap smear test results

    Hello I am 28 years old with left side breast cancer. I have tested negative for all mutation genes through the myriad company. I have been on ACT (Adriamycin, Cytoxan and Taxol) and have not started radiation yet. I have also used Depo-Lupron (Leuprolide) for about 6 months or so now. I had a pap

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