About this neck pulsing business..

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Thought I had enough breakfast,worked in the garden and along with tummy rumbling ,the neck pulsing started up.I ate and feel better but the pulsing is still here.

    For me the pulsing often comes sometime before my period ,I'm 47 and put that down to drop or surge in hormones.

    Now I'm wondering if it is connected to being low in sugar.

  Usually if I get hungry my thinking slows,I trip over my words and I suddenly feel awkward.I can get shakey,feel weak and people look at me like I'm loopy rolleyes I went to the Dr this week to ask if I had hypoglycaemia ,but he said last years test was fine.Wish I had more answers.

      Any ideas?



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    Hi fairywren,

    can i ask what sort of test you had for sugar? hypoglycemia test is when you drink a sweet concoction they take blood, you wait an hour you drink more sweet stuff, they take more blood. Its not like the diabetes test.

    i did read on the 66 symptoms list that drop in blood sugar is a symptom of peri

    menopause/ menopause. I often feel quite ill and need to eat asap had it for years,

    but my test showed normal.

    as for the pulse in the neck it could be lack of hormone in the area as there are hormone receptors in every area, these receptors kind of get confused. This can happen anywhere, i have pulsing in my belly along with flutters. Ive had many tests and nothing shows up except for low progesterone ie 1 , this hormone commonly drops to zero, so ive read.

    are you drinking enough water? Eating five small meals a day rather than three is better for us. I have had pulsing in my jaw and feet, most bizarre!

    i hope you feel better soon, try not to worry.


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      Thanks carol smile

        I think it was an overnight fast for a glucose test,as far as I remember.

      I feel like I might try another Doctor and ask for the hypoglycaemia blood test, or even walk into emergency when I'm feeling horrible and ask for a test.

        Hmm,I must have more water.I didn't have coffee this morning like I normally do,usually I get banging headache if I skip it smile ..yes I know I should give it up,but..

          thankssmile I'll try not to let it worry me.Trying to be as calm as can be these days as that neck pulsing feeds off worry too.So many mysteries ha

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      unless you arer having a low blood sugar drop at the time then they will not know. It's during the drops u need to check. I bought one of those blood monitors BUT if my symptoms are to bad then the heck with the machine cause other wise I will be on the floor. The brain needs glucose 24/7 its worse to have low blood sugar then high because with low the brain can hemmorage,  and well unless a miracle happens you dont get through that. If a high blood sugar person goes into a coma then when they get their sugar down they will be fine but in the case of low blood sugars its not the case :-( 

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      I'm on a mission smile Started with 5 ovarian cysts that frightened me as they grew quickly but are retreating thank God,turned out to be simple, not complex.Two gone.

         I will plan and be in town when I feel low and yuck and present myself for a test ..I just don't like that feeling when people don't take you seriously,and yet,being persistent has helped so much.

         Thanks for the information.

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    Sounds like low blood sugar to me because I have it and that's what I get and if I dont grab something quick I wouldnt even be able to chew!   If after you eat something and within 15 mins those symptoms subside then you know thats exactly what it is. You should grab a carb with protien. When I get sudden drops I grab peaunut butter and either milk (whole) or Orange juice. Hormones can cause sudden drop in blood sugar . I deveolped it with two pregnancies and it never cleared up so I have to deal with that tool!  Now sometimes I get a warning its dropping and then other times I hit rock bottom. I alway take some small something before bed like either 4 ounces of whole milk or a real whole chhese stick. I also have glucose tablets in the house and my purse when bad attack and i'm on the road I eat like 3 to 4 tablets until I can get to food. They sell them at walmart and walgreens.

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      Yeah,I need to be more organised crosado8,I just seem to get caught out .What really brought it home last month was almost having a car accident as my judgment was affected (on the way to get something to eat) and my teenage son becoming frustrated with my slow replies and thinking .

        It''s embarrassing to when I might be shopping,talking to a friend and my speech is almost slurred,the fluro lights stun me and I feel week.smile I'm sure  whoever I'm speaking with must think I'm bored !

         Do you think it can get much worse?

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