Abscess in between bum cheeks - Please help!

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Saturday evening a large lump appeared in between my bum cheeks, the pain was unbelievable, I also had fever and headache so the wife forced me to contact the NHS helpline, after a short discussion I was advised to go to the same day clinic Sunday morning.

The nurse inspected and confirmed it’s an abscess about the size of a golf ball, and recommended a strong course of antibiotics, 8 tablets each day.

Pain gradually got worst, peaking last night where I had zero sleep, the painkillers did nothing.

i arrived at work at 07:00, which was a challenging walk, two hours into my shift the Abscess popped, I was not expecting the amount of puss to come out, leaving me very embarrassed.

Shortly after i left work to get washed up, when home it continued to pump out for sometime, the pain seems to have now reduced by 95% and I’m now able to sit down normally :-)

The area is still swelled up, my concern is will there be more to come puss to come?, or is this just swelling which will reduce over the next few days?

Could this be the end? Any advise welcome.

Thanks in advance Mark 

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    Once all of the puss is out and the pressure is released the pain should go away. the important thing now is to keep it spotlessly clean until it heals up. Best wishes mate.
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      Thanks for reply mate, much appreciated.

      I’m on the keeping clean mission now, so fingers crossed I’ll be back to normality shortly.

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    Hi Mark - what you had sounds like what I had for two years: perianal abscess. I've since had a corrective surgery and have been abscess free for about two years now.

    Here's what it took doctors months/years to discover: if you have a perianal abscess as a result of a fistula, antibiotics will likely not cure it. It will only temporarily alleviate the problem until it builds up again and you get another one. If I were you this is what I would do:

    1. Go to a RECTAL clinic/specialist and have a specialist rule out any underlying causes: fistula, Chrone's Disease, etc.

    2. If you do have a fistula, ask them what their course of treatment is. Previous docs misdiagnosed me with a hernia and they tried to let the abscess heal on its own but because it was a fistula that started in my colon and ended in my bum, it never healed properly because of all the bacteria in that part of your body. Nearly impossible to keep that area infection free. I finally found a specialist who corrected the problem with surgery.

    3. I had to undergo a couple of surgeries -- penrose drain and seton stitch for a few months before I had my final corrective surgery which as a perianal island dermoplasty. Basically, my doc took donor skin from my bum, left it connected to my skin so it was live tissue and used it to plug up the hole in my colon.

    It was a long journey for me but the surgeries were worth it once I found a specialist who was very familiar with my problem and how to fix it. Don't waste your time with general practitioners or general surgeons. GO TO A RECTAL SPECIALIST as soon as possible. It may save you months/years or misery. Good luck from Memphis, Tennessee.

    P.S. Next time, try  a sitz bath for pain: Fill the tub with hot water (as HOT as you can possibly stand it) and submerge your bum up to your waist. Sit in it until you're ready to come out. The Sitz bath did a better job at alleviating the pain than any of the prescription drugs they gave me.  I hope this saves you from the months of misery that I had to endure from several misdiagnosis.


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      Thanks for the reply much appreciated, thanks for the advise, Mark 
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    Hi mark, I had exactly the same thing this year!

    Most painful thing ever!

    Look, here's the bad news, anti biotics rarely work to clear these up, it's likely as soon as the wound heals it will come straight back. 

    The 111 service are useless, you need to get to A&E, they'll probably operate within 1-2 days as these things are pretty serious.

    They gave me anti biotics and sent me home, after 3 days it was worse than ever, then it burst, some releif but I had to go and get it operated on to make sure the bacteria was gone.

    2 weeks off work but totally worth it. Call the helpline back and demand to see a doctor asap! Good luck mate, I feel your pain!

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      Hi John,

      looks like ill be firing health insurance up to get it checked, it’s back to normal today, but there is no chance I’m going through that again.

      glad you’re all sorted mate.

      thanks for taking time to reply, Mark 

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    ** Update ** 

    went back to GP today after the pain returned, i was referred to a colorectal Surgeon and I’ve decided to go private, I’m not messing about now!

    just got back managed to get same day appointment and he confirmed it’s still there, I’m now booked in for MRI scan and surgery Monday, So hopefully I’ll be Abcess free shortly.

    if it’s gets worst this weekend again I’ll be straight to A&E.

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      ** Update ** 

      After a follow up with surgeon with MRI results and it’s taken a positive turn :-)

      The surgeon said the MRI didn’t pick any Fistula up and was happy the antibiotics had cleared it up.

      He’s now thinking surgery won’t be required, he’s asked to see me again in two weeks to ensure it’s still ok, then said case will be closed.

      Glad to be back to normality.

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