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Abscess - Non-dental

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  • selphie85 3

    Need someone to explain to me~

    "Section shows an inflamed fibrous stroma with breached surface squamous epithelium (epidermis). The stroma shows an admixture of fibroblasts, minial new blood vessels, neutrophils, lymphocytes, histiocytes, and scattered individual foreign body-type touton giant cells. No caseation necrosis or

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  • alicia 89167 2

    Anal Fissure

    I had surgery 6 days ago to help with a anal fissure and removal of hemorrhoids. Before surgery I couldn't walk due to the pain. Honestly, was pushed in a wheelchair and carried to my room. The doctors didn't take me seriously until I dropped a ton of weight and was considered under weight and

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  • moosecraftsman 2

    Advice needed | Living with an anal fistula

    Hi guys, I'm new to this site and have just got back from the hospital. I had an external abscess around Christmas time which my doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics rather than drain it. The abscess popped after 3 days and I assumed I was on the mend. However the abscess bursting has caused

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  • imaboar 2

    Boil, abscess, hemmy, or fistula?

    I've been dealing with a small pea sized bump less than a cm away from the left side opening of the anal canal. No pain unless I press on it or mess with it, other than that no problems. Occasionally it "flares up" causing it to turn white due to pus- almost like how a zit or boil would look. I've

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  • james81749 2

    Seton - fistula

    Hi all, I am waiting to have surgery to put a seton in place to fix a fistula. I just wanted to know how painful or difficult the recovery is? At the moment I don't have much pain but the fatigue is so bad! It's stopping me from doing anything. Has anyone else experience bad fatigue with access

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  • sian61733 2

    Finally post op

    So finally after 7 months had my op yesterday very lucky my fistula was superficial so was able to have it cut and laid flat was only 6cm in length and 5 In depth so now I can look forward to a full recovery. Apart from the fevers today I'm doing ok very tired but I'm good

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  • may05026 2
  • tim94027 1

    Perianal abcess and fistula

    Hi. I have only discovered this web site today and I feel a lot better seeing that  my symptoms appear to be normal. Just over two weeks ago I have an abcess drained and a fistula worked on. Couldnt believe how painful the next few days were. I didnt have any packing and it has only just calmed

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  • lesley73855 2

    Anal fistula

    Hello I'm new to this discussion group. I got an abcess nearly 3 years ago. I've now had surgery 8 times to try and resolve it. My surgeon says it's a complex fistula. He has tried leaving them open , cutting seton suture. At the moment I have 2 seton sutures in. I'm due yet again to go back in

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  • tulip78 3

    Anyone had successful anal fistula surgery

    I have read and heard many horror stories regarding anal fistula surgery. I have heard tales of incontinence, reccurence, severe scarring and infection. Has anyone had sucessful surgery? Or natural medicine healing? Stories would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • james81749 2

    Help or advice please. Buttock / Perianal Abcess

    Hello, I have read a number of comments on here so I thought I would share my experience as it may help others plus the fact I could do with some advice. Here Over the last 3 years I have had a lump appear and disappear on the inside of my buttock near the anus. This lump would occur

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  • zolani54157 2


    Hi every one. I'm seeking your advice in this matter. After i found out I'm having fistula due to information i receive from this group according to the symptoms i have. I go to the public hospital inform the doctor what im experiencing and i suspect I'm having a fistula. They admit and the doctor

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  • manzi34799 2


    Hello once again i would like to know if i do another operation of fistula on the same side of the previous one if there is no consequence and other thing can fistula develop cancer?

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  • Guest M

    abcess in groin area

    Its nice to hear other stories simliar to mine. I had my first abcess at the age of 11. it was on my bart gland under the skin of my vagina. Very painful and embarrasing at such a young age - at first it was treated with ice packs and anti-biotics. 2 weeks in hospital. 3 weeks later and yes -

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  • elizabeth37955 2

    is this normal healing- hard lumps left behind...perianal area

    Had a perianal abscess type thing removed almost 9 weeks ago (actually more unusual- old scar tissure along rectum from fistula 25 years to make sure lump wasn't cancer) The open open wound healing process has been grueling. The incision was about 2.5 cm deep. It seems to finally stop

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  • mercy90318 2

    Abscess formed after a sphincterotomy. Has anyone experienced this?

    Much like most people who are going through a health related issue, I was desperate for a cure. My ailment; anal fissure. Anyone with a fissure knows the pain can be so bad, you're life changes. Some people suffer for years before seeking help, but I had enough after 2 months. I tried sitz baths,...

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  • christina07 1

    Night sweats. Can it be hormonal due to breast feeding?

    I'm 32 and also have night sweats on my chest. Not enough to change clothes but it leaves me a bit damp. I've been going through a lot, I found old tests I've never seen from a year ago that showed that I've had high WBC count for three years! No one told me, also tested positive for a auto immune

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  • ann55375 5

    Hiatius hernia

    have had gallbladder removed but still morning nausea.  Still have hiatius hernia and wonder if its causing the nausea which dissipates as day goes on. Been blaming it all on 'anxiety' now wondering if its the hernia

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  • lesley1954 3

    Perennial Abscess

    I have been getting these for as long as I can remember. The very first ones I had were on different parts of my body. One on my forehead, which left me with 2 black eyes, I've also had them on my knees, in the roof of my mouth, at the Base of my spine, and also on my bottom. I now only get them

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  • morgan 63068 2

    Is it anxiety

    Yesterday my right arm felt numb as if someone was holding my wrist and there was no blood pumping into it, tonight it's my left arm and I feel like I keep needing to hold it in the air. The pain is pretty sore and annoying the whole way up my arm and numb and stiff . Has anyone ever shared the

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  • morgan 63068 2

    I need advice, think I am having a heart attack??

    Hi I'm 18 for the past couple of days both arms have felt numb and tonight a bit of discomfort in the left hand side of my face and all around my jaw area is aching. I am having bad chest pain but it is only lasting 10 or 15 seconds at a time. I am not having a panic attack breaking is fine just

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  • ihatemyabscess 2

    my abcess has taken complete control of my life.... help!!!!!

    About a week ago I was admitted to the ER with what they referred to as an "abcess" on the inside of my upper thigh. The lump was as big as a golf ball, red, hard and it hurt like hell!! It was at the point where I could hardly walk. The doctors in the ER gave me a sonogram then insisted that I

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  • Shrutefarm 2


    I've been having this zit like bump the size of a dime between my genitals and anus. It's not painful and a lot the times it discharges. It goes away then comes back. I want to bring it up with my dermatologist and have him check it out, but I'm afraid I might feel embarrassed. Do dermatologist

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  • Guest M

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    I have suffered with very painful, very large boils/abscess for just about 4 or 5 years. I've tried antibiotics, creams,lotions you name it nothing works.I'm lucky i have a name for this SUPPURATIVA. Unlucky theres no cure.

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  • jeffwever 2

    I've had 15 seton placement surgeries, it won't heal. What to do?

    Hello, Just had another surgery and my fistula keeps staying infected. Lots of drainage and pain. Out of over a year now. They won't do the flap surgery because it's always inflamed. That because stool is getting in the hole inside and infecting my butt. They talk about the bag.. I don't want

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  • Wigglesof Doom 2

    Abscess Won't Go Away

    So, I've had this abscess near my bikini line for a while. It losed up, but then filled up again. Like an idiot, I punctured it. I went to the doctor several times--it's not big and it didn't require lancing or draining. I was given antibiotics and Mupirocin ointment to prevent against MRSA.  The

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  • louise95287 1

    Surgery after surgery...what's the next step?

    hi there.  This is my 1st post, so id like to introduce myself!  I'm Louise, I'm 31 and I've got an anal fistular! Ok there's a lot more to me than that, but at the moment, I feel like that's all I have going on.  My journey started June 2013 with an abscess that is less than inch from my rectum

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  • Danyall 2

    Men and Pads/Sanitary Towels

    So after four weeks of using pads (and changing them 4/5 times a day) I have come to the conclusion that men and pads just don't go - and vice versa! As we go through life we gain knowledge on various things but I never thought sanitary towels would be one of those things for me lol. Anyway hope

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  • sian61733 2


    So I 1st found a lump on my bum check back in September saw gp was given anitbotics referred to a specialist waited just over a month to be seen I have had pain in my rectum since January of this year 16 buthe no sign of anything till September well I've seen the specialists who said he would

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  • nil22651 1

    I've had the surgery 9 gays ago.

    I went to my local doctor over a month ago when I felt a lump on the right side of my bum, it wasn't painful. She sent me to hospital emergency where they said it's a very small abscess and put me on antibiotics. 3 wks later after completing 2 courses of flagyl, it was still there, getting bigger

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  • Optivita 2

    Toe abcess

    I have a toe abcess on the joint which is so big now it won't heal this thick white pus is always oozing very inflamed all around it now another head came up also burst more white heads has appeared around the side terrified they will also burst. Have been to doc several times in the past was told

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  • tulip78 3

    Thank you for your advice and reassurance

    Thanks for your advice! I didn't have any whatsoever from the doctors or hospital. The only advice I received was from the district nurse dressing clinic, (which I had to visit everyday for 6 weks for paking of my abscess.) where they told me to have a salt bath every morning before visiting the

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  • claireybee20 1

    Insomnia and anxiety

    Hi I've had anxiety for a week now and I've not been sleeping well at all. In fact tonight I've not managed a wink. I'm so scared as I know I properly need meds to make me better but worry they will make me worse initially. I can't cope as it is and the lack of sleep is such a worry. Can anyone relate?...

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  • cheryl1209 2

    Perianal abscess recurring? Absolute nightmare

    Okay here goes. I thought I'd post on here as doctors seem to not be of much help with this. On New Year's Eve I had surgery to drain a painful perianal abscess. It had developed to an excruciating point over the course of about two weeks. I was given two courses of antibiotics at first but

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  • tulip78 3

    Fistula surgery fears

    It was scary when I first got my abscess my GP said it is the size of a golfball, it appeared in a week!! Then I was on strong antibiotics for three days before emergency surgery, then I had the wound packed every other day for 4 weeks, It healed too quick on the outside so i was left ith a 5mm

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