Absolutely exhausted all the time on Thyroxine!

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I wondered if anyone out there is feeling the same as me..

I am absolutely exhausted all the time since being diagnoised with under active thryiod and on the medication.. I am sooo tired all the time as if I haven't slept in weeks.. it's effecting me so much, I have no energy at all!

I used to be so active and I work long hours and it's never been a problem before and always up first and wide awake ready for the day but now I'm finding it so hard :-(

Does anyone else feel the same or get any ideas on how to feel better.. I'm exhausted!!

Thanks so much x

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    I was the same on levo, when I finally got NDT the whole world changed and although I am not 100% fit I can at least get through the day!!
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    Hi I am feeling exactly the same way on levothyroxine. When i first went on it i felt so much better, but now my thyroid test results are normal, but i feel really exhausted again! i can fall asleep standing up, i can sleep 12 hours at night then still need an afternoon nap - i mean i literaly cannot keep my eyes open and if i try to fight it I feel really sick and dizzy. I also have terrible dry skin on my legs and arms, my hair has gone grey and my nails are shocking - any of these symptoms troubling you at all? 

    I feel as though because my blood test results are normal, my doctor just wont beleive me that i feel worse now - what can I do? I have posted a seperate discussion asking for help with deciphering the tests and results if anyone can find it and advise me i would be very grateful.

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      Hello Christine..

      Thank you for your message.. I know I feel exactly the same.

      I felt better when I first went on it but they put me on to high meds at first so I got terrible heart palpertions and really shaky but now I am on a lower dose with it being monitored and go up gradually, but I feel awful.. I'm so tired I totally understand what you mean it doesn't matter wether I have 1 or 12 hours sleep I feel sooo tired and finding it hard to function with everything.

      I feel my body aches so much and I get really shaky and weird when I need to sleep but being at work I can't just fall asleep so pushing through isn't helping as it just builds up and I'm even more exhausted but now since being so tired all day I find it hard to sleep at night! It's a nightmare!x

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      Yr description of palpitations etc - thats what my GP is afraid of, he says he is worried that if my meds are too high it might trigger or mask a manic episode, and itd be too late if it wasnt noticed right away. thats why he is so careful and wont look at my symptoms as much as the blood test results. 

      But i know just what you mean about work - it is truly horrible especially if you are working at a desk job - somehow its easier in a physical job where your moving around and that keeps you awake but at a desk sitting down you feel yor eyes closing and theres nowt you can do about it but keep guzzling the coffee (which makes you feel worse still!)

      I have the aching muscles too (which is annoying cos I also have OA so I have enough pain to start with!) And the shaky, queasy, odd feeling - its abit like on Valium that horrible floaty nasty feeling, its just vile, i also get a funny taste in my throat and weird sounds in my ears! but these symptoms sound so 'hypochondriac' and unrelated i am reluctant to tell the doctor in case he thinks 'oh give it a rest woman and stop whingeing!' (i say it to myself all the time but it does no good! - the symptoms dont go away no matter how hard I try to distract myself from them).

      What IS a normal test result? can anyone explain it to me in this discussion in a way my dumb brain can understand and remember in time for the GPs appt I have next week?! I would be so grateful for some guidance.

      Take care J and i really hope you get it sorted out soon x

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      You are much more likely to be ill or have a heart attack if you are UNDER medicated than over!!  If you feel you have taken too much its always easy to lower your dose yourself.  You would be extremely lucky if your doc raised your dose because you needed it!!  There is no such thing as a normal test, unless of course your doc tested you when you were feeling well...
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      Thats how I see it GR! i feel so exhausted but I can tell the difference between my bipolar lows and the physical worn out feeling I suspect is my thyroid - I have had bipolar depressions since I was 15 yrs old!! 

      Dont get me wrong my doctor has been brilliant in so many ways, and he always takes me seriously, but he has looked up the guidelines and says the NICE best practise is for people with severe bipolar like me to be very careful in case i get too high. AGain - I agree with you, Im not a child and would lower my meds myself if i felt I was becoming over-thyroxined!!

      How did you convince your Doctor to put things right? Is it just perseverance and not taking no for an answer until he gives in, or is there any research evidence I could point to  in order to persuade him?!!?

      Many thanks for everyones help!

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