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There appears to be a growing number of posts concerning those who cannot believe tests results, no matter how many times they are performed, and are convinced they are suffering from some fatal disease

Added to this there is a constant  home monitoring of heart/pulse rate and the measuring of  blood pressure

This is truly disturbing and unhealthy to say the least. Sad too

Disbelief entrenches the symptoms of Anxiety Disorder and the sufferer is held fast in the anxiety/fear/panic cycle

Milton said it best in Paradise Lost


Apart from emotionally/physically draining, repeated tests also drain the resources of the Health System.

Constant home monitoring of bodily functions can become obsessional and worse still are guaranteed to give high readings because the sufferer is in a state of agitation when performing them,ie, hoping for good results

Blood pressure/heartbeat/pulse fluctuate dependant upon what we are doing at the time and our state of mind

From personal experience I can state catergorically that acceptance of Anxiety/Panic Disorder, dealing with that and that alone, putting aside negativity and doubts, is the way out of it

Your self-help methods, the support of the Forum members, are the tools you need to deal with and overcome AD/PD. Whereas allowing your imagination to fix upon worst case scenarios will ensure you will never overcome the problem

My heart goes out to all those afraid. Fear is our most unpleasant emotion. I have experienced all that AD/PD can throw at us. I truly understand

Please, please accept the problem for what it is and not for what it isn't, for that which  you fear it might be. Taking control is empowering. Dealing with the problem boosts confidence

I wish each and every one of you the best, and the courage to accept



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    Well said Helen. I accepted the palpitations and pulse rates many years ago so one job done.

    I don't waste my energy anymore on what if as that makes it far worse.

    Thanks for posting. X

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    Thank you for posting Helen,

    I am new to anxiety and trying to understand what's going on with my body and trying different coping techniques and hope that I can learn to take control quickly because it is affecting my everyday life.

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      Hi Melissasmile

      Hi Melissa smile

      I appreciate that AD is frightening. It strikes out of the blue, whether triggered by emotional or physical trauma or a combination of both

      Knowledge is power. Learn all you can to help yourself.

      Right Breathing Techniques

      Distraction Techniques

      Right Mind Thinking

      Cut down on fizzy drinks, too much sugar, Eat sensible, sitting whilst y eat and chew food thoroughly. You have to nourish the body because AD depletes it rapidly

      AD can be exhausting. Don't push yourself to the limits to "show" you are not afraid. That is more destructive. Slow and gently does it

      Keep hydrated, this is vital. AD appears to literally suck the fluids out of our body. Try to replace coffee with Chamomile Tea, four cups a day evenly spaced

      Make time for "Me" time. An hour a day doing something you enjoy. Soaking in a bath, reading, listening to music. Anything that gives you pleasure

      AD ignites adrenalin. It's vital you move about to disperse it. Walking, climbing up and down the stairs several times

      Never try to fight the symptoms. This has an adverse affect.

      You will get there


      Stay positive


      Best wishes Helen


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    So very true and we'll said! I've done all of the above and did over come it, however now a new problem has taken over. I learned I have to have my appendix removed because they see something that may or may not be a mucocele. The cancer ones are rare but surgeons tell me it's safer to have surgery. New problem! I can't stop reading about this condition or risks of surgery. And if you keep digging you will always find something to heighten anxiety levels. I'm in such a state I'm not sure I can do the surgery.

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      But you have to have the surgery don't you?

      Otherwise  not only will you be living with the problem but the fear of that problem worsening

      An Appendoctomy is a simple, straightforward procedure. There is nothing there to fear

      Anaesthetics are safe, monitured during the op. The op itself is of short duration

      Why in the world you would read about surgery risks defies belief. All you are achieving is frightening yourself over an everyday procedure, performed in hospitals all over the world

      You have nothing to fear but fear itself

      Stop Googling!

      Stop thinking of the What If's?

      That's no way to live and no way to overcome Anxiety Disorder

      Silly girl smile



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      The inability to accept reassurance is a manifestation of Anxiety/Panic Disorder It is not a seperate entity

       I never said otherwise nor do I underestimate the extreme distress this causes

      It is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, Sherrie. You have dealt with, ie, accepted other symptoms. This one is no different, honey. It might be a whopper but it's just a symptom

      All your fears about the op are running around in your head.  You dread facing it. You fear never seeing your family again

      Result? A struggle between anxiety and depression, dizzy, anxious, trapped in a bubble...?


      The  cause is not the op you face, it is your own fear.

      Everything we suffer comes back to the root cause, Sherrie, Anxiety/ Panic Disorder

      You don't need to fear the op, honey, you'll sail through it. please see all that what is happening to you is ignited by your anxiety/fear cycle

      You'll be just fine

      Hugs Helen

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    It's all part of health anxiety,its not really anything to do with acceptance, thats just what health anxiety is, that's why it's such a distressing part of anxiety

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      Being unable to accept reassurance isnt a problem in its own right, it only exists as part of the anxiety, not the other way around. That's why many people go round in circles for years, trying to get continual reassurance which they will never accept because they are focusing on that more than they are about addressing the root cause of the anxiety, it's a viscious circle

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      Isnt that what OCD is when reassurance doesnt do anything. I think it manifest as "health" anxiety. Its all check, check and checking just doing it to the body. Thinking the worst and obssessed. Makes sense under ocd. Logic goes out the window. People wont believe tests, wont take pills, dont believe anyone not even themselves or their own five senses. it is a mental illness.


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