According to DR Google I am falling apart

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Thankyou for taking your time in reading this and my apologies for the length. Also this could go here, anxiety, other as I really am not sure anymore

Lets start, im 28 years old, overweight, smoker (currently cutting down to stop about 4 a day now), have had IBS for about 10 years. About 8 weeks ago I had some dull pain in my left testicle which came and went, I assumed it was muscular and carried on with things and just took some ibuprofen but it didnt improve neither did it get worse. I decided I should go and see my GP who took a urine sample to be sent off as the dip test supposedly had a bit of blood in and had a feel of the testicles, groin and stomach but couldn't feel nothing. I was also referred for a Ultrasound of my Urinary Tract but was told normally kidney stones cause excruciating pain as does testicle torsion.

About 3 days later I went to bed and drunk about half a pint of water before laying down then all of a sudden I felt sick, came over extremely hot and started struggling for breath. Managed to calm myself down and went bed but was shivery so I decided to go see my GP again although this time it was a different DR who again took a urine sample but said it was fine. He suggested it may be a UTI so prescribed cipholexen.

I was still feeling a bit nauseus but just assumed it may be a UTI causing it so finished the 5 day course but on the 5th day felt nauseus, hot, tight chest, hard to get a deep breath and took myself to A&E who carried out an ECG test, blood test and a chest X-Ray which all come back clear. I was told by the DR at A&E that it may be muscular or anxiety and to see my GP for some medication to help with anxiety.

Next day I went back and saw my DR who refused to give anything for anxiety and said he wants to wait for the ultrasound and got on the case to the hospital who have now booked me in on the 25th of this month but I was told that the urine results were back and they were also clear so to rest and just take it easy for a week or so.

I managed to last a week but still had the dull pain coming and going in my testicle, shortness of breath, nauseus and just feel light headed/spaced out so I went back to the DR last week who said he was thinking it may be depression and/or anxiety causing the other worries and the testicle pain was a seperate matter so prescribed sertraline 50mg.

I have heard and read alot of negative things with these sertralines so looked at other ways and bought some bachs comfort and reassurance drops which do seem to help but I am still experiencing nausea from when I wake up on and off, light headed, chest tightness, testicle dullness comes and goes aswell as groin pain. Have also noticed that I can feel muscle twitches/spasms in my left back and right arm (weird I know) and also alot of belching even after drinking water so have got sone indigestion tablets and pro biotic yoghurt incase my gut/stomach is ruined from taking ibuorofen and ciohalexen but it doesnt have seem to have helped.

To round it up I have got 2 weeks to wait for this ultrasound and this is currently whats going on:

Nausea, belching, light headed/spaced out, dullness in left testicle comes and goes and also groin now, occasionaly tight chest (but breathing feels better, I have being doing breathing exercises) if I lay on my back it feels uncomfortable up the top of my back left side and sometimes stomach feels all squashed (this has gone on several years on and off though) occasionaly get a squashing feeling on mainly my right lower abdomen/side/hip.

I have added more veg/fruit into my life (I had a real bad diet if im honest), probiotic yoghurt daily, stopped ibuprofen/paracetamol, bought a memory foam mattress topper, just decided to try a hot castor oil pack on my hip/lower abdomen. Also worth noting last week I also got a pretty bad cold/flu and coughwhich is still leaving and I am bringing up yellowy phlegm and occasionaly have noticed a streak or 2 of blood in but been a smoker I cough bad and believe this to be because I am causing little tears in my throat etc.

I have tried googling and have being thrown with everything such as kidney stones, kidney disease, GERD, gallbladder stones, hernia, cancer, eperdimitis (i think it was called) and of course anxiety/depression but not one has all the symptons I have had so am hitting a brick wall

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    Hi tom12424

    The first thing you should do is lose weight. Change your diet completely and do some exercise. Start taking probiotic tabs eat veggies and fruit not too much citrus fruits. Salads, fish, chicken, (no spicey or fried food) have cereal and cut down on alcohol. Drink plenty of water, decaf tea and coffee, sugar free, no fizzy drinks cola etc.,

    Try this new eating and drinking regime also some exercise and see if it makes any difference to your multitude of symptoms. Also, ask your doctor to check your vitamins and minerals such as VitD and VitB12 .....hope this helps...bon appetite..

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      Thankyou for replying, I am absolutely trying my hardest for change of the diet but have being consuming a fair amount of citrus fruits to help with the cold. That is now finishing so I shall lose the citrus fruit. I did buy some vitamin tablets but they had iron in and I ended up with dark stools and only passing stool once a day. Very unlike my normal day to day habits as I tend to go 3+ times a day normally. I do know have multi vitamin and mineral tablets but have not used any yet as I have being waiting for my stools to change colour etc which they have started litetally yesterday.

      With regards to the exercise I used to love a good walk but have found the past few weeks the light headedness gets in the way and I sweat profusely from just small walks around the block. But again It may have partly being due to the cold

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      Hi tom12424

      Take Vit C supplements i take 1000mg a day. You can have citrus but not lots of it if you have digestion problem. Regarding exercise you do not have to do a lot of walking, you can do your own gentle exercise at home. Why not buy an exercise vid and just do what your body allows you to do, nothing strenuous. Yes, wait until your stool is back to normal before taking anything else. When we change our lifestyle and eating habits we do get results i've done it and lost 3 and half stone into the bargain 😊🤗....good thoughts your way..👍

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    Sounds like some of your symptoms could be anxiety related.Anxiety can cause gut problems and even muscle aches as well as breathing problems and a tight chest. You may also be having an IBS flare up ; if your symptoms are IBS, nothing will show on scans. Wait calmly for your ultrasound; worry will not give you any answers but will only worsen your symptoms. Do not google your symptoms; it will trigger intense panic. Only trust your doctor and your subsequent test results; you will get answers there. Your doctor is the expert. Ask your doctor lots of questions.

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      Thankyou for replying, I am trying not to worry but sometimes it just gets too much having a pain in the testicle is concerning but not knowing why just makes things alot worse and then the panic side of things (hot flushes, breathing, 101 mph thoughts etc) kick in.

      Maybe I should use paracetamol or ibuprofen to try and blank the pain but then I start thinking im ruining my stomach..... I hate taking any sorts of tablets where possible

      13 days and then I shall have the scan, I am also going to ask the sonographer to scan my testicle area quickly as I don't believe the urinary tract scan includes this normally.

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      I would try the painkillers to deal with the pain because the pain is causing you anxiety. Controlling the pain will help you to forget about it and will help with your anxiety. If you take painkilkers, take them with food or milk. When, I was in a lot of pain when my IBS started, I didn't not worry about taking painkillers; I took them regardless because I was so desperate to be free of the pain. Having a few hours without the pain really helped to take my mind off it for a while.

      It is possible you have an infection and that is causing the pain, or you are getting referred pain from your IBS. IBS pain tends to move about. You can get pain just about anywhere with IBS.

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    You have tried the doctors with no results. It is time for you to ask them to refer you to a certified dietician or nutritionist who can put you on the right track rather than trying on your own.

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