Achalasia? Gastroparesis? GERD?

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So basically I've had some problems with my stomach since I was about 13 years old, I'm 16 now. When I was 13 I all of a sudden couldn't keep anything down, as soon as I ate about 5-60 mins after it would come up. This wasn't voluntary or anything and the vomit just tasted exactly like my last meal (wouldn't even call it sick tbh). So this continued for about 2 weeks and I eventually ended up in hospital due to pains/dehydration. So the outcome of the trip was that I had gastiris and I had to go home and get rest, and I'd be back to normal in no time. Eventually this did settle a bit but food was still coming up 2-3 times a week. I ignored this for years as the doctor advised me it was nothing to worry about until Jan 2017, when it got a whole lot worse..

since then, food comes up after almost every meal, especially big ones. I can't eat foods like burgers, bread, most meats, oats, dry food and more because I feel these always get stuck in my throat. I can't eat without having a gulp of water to push it down and I always get crazy bouts of burps and hiccups when eating. Liquids, if drunken to quickly can also aggravate things and cause it to come up. The doctors had suspected achalasia for a while.

The worst thing about this all is I've been tested for just about everything out there, and it always comes back clearrolleyes had multiple blood tests, endoscopy, barium swallow, ph monitoring and esophageal manometry and they all came back fine. Also been on many pills (omeprazle, mebeverine, anti-sickness pills) and none have done justicesad some of my symptoms are, feeling full really quick, really loud sloshing noise in stomach even if I haven't drank much, sore back, constipation, hiccups, burps, relfux. If anyone can help me or has any idea what this could be please let me know. Almost feel like I'm gonna be stuck with it for lifesad so stressful not knowing what it is.


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    I'm not surprised mebeverine didn't help you;  It can cause severe indigestion. I was put on it before I was diagnosed with IBS.  I already have reflux and this medication made my indigestion ten times worse.  I stopped this drug after 4 days.  I would ask about a gastric emptying test and ask about achalasia to see which of the two you might have.  Maybe see a different doctor to get another opinion.

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      That's really strange because I had the exact same symptoms as you when taking mebeverine, I stopped taking it immediately. (I was also diagnosed with ibs). It really helps knowing I'm not alone with this so thank you, I hope things improve soon for you💗 I haven't had a gastric emptying test but that would deffo be something to consider. Thanks a bunch x

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      I had to google the side effects of Mebeverine because the patient leaflet barely gave any information at all.  A lot of people find this.  It was a refief to me to discover all my side effects online because I had begun to panic that I was getting worse and that I had something nastier than IBS.  

      My IBS improved immediately after diagnosis when my health anxiety stopped.

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    Hi sammy99968

    Have you changed your diet?........try going gluten free, lactose free, caffeine free, wheat free also take probiotic tabs for your gut flora...leave out fried foods, junk food, spicey foods, citrus fruit also not too much of other fruits as they ferment in your digestive system and cause gas also leave out fizzy may be thinking what's left to eat?..well there is plenty you can buy lots of free from foods and lacto free foods from popular supermarket if you live in UK..but i'm sure wherever you are you will be able to obtain 'free from' foods..a little expensive but what price your health and happy life!!....bon wishes....

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      Thank you Lilian! I have altered my diet a lot over the past year because I know what foods aggravate the symptoms now. But trying everything you've mentioned is definitely something I'll give a shot! Thanks x

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      Hi sammmy99968

      Very happy to help!....also add bio-live yogurt as well as probiotics to your diet wishes keep us posted......

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    Have u lost weight due to this? And if u did, how much? Do you also get nauseous? I've heard of people vomiting without nausea before.

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      Also, have they ruled out obstruction? Or mechanical obstruction?
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      Hi eaquin,

      Yes I've lost about a stone since things started to get worse with my stomach, was 8 and a half stone and now I'm down to about 7 and a half. And nope I never really get a nauseous feeling when I'm sick, it more just feels like it's going to be a burp but it's

      not. Also funny you should say that about the bowel obstruction because when I ended up in hospital I had an X-ray and they found I had a slight blockage, but this was fixed over time with laxatives. Thank you X

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      Ooh, that makes sense. I hope you push for a gastric emptying test. It can show if you have gastroparesis or a functional obstruction, because those two things seem to be the most possible. Although, it can still be many other things. I hope you find an answer soon smile
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      So finally after pushing for a gastric emptying test, I've been diagnosed with very slowed digestion ( gastroparesis). Thank you for letting me know about this test, I probs wouldn't of managed to get a diagnosis without reading your post . Feels so good to finally know what I have! it's such a big weight off my shoulders 😊

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