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jonathan28999 jonathan28999

Achilles rupture - some pain during healing

I had a complete ruptured Achilles during a game of football. Hospital put me in a cast for 4 weeks then a boot. After 1 week in boot, hospital removed a wedge. They did this without examining he Achilles at all. I am meant to remove a second wedge myself tomorrow. However, I have been having some pain in the area where the rupture happened and a little concerned. Is this normal? Should I still be feeling some pain there 6 weeks into the healing process? If anybody can help that would be great as struggling to get an appointment at the hospital

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  • Dez5228 Dez5228 jonathan28999

    On July 28th I had surgery for a tear in my Achilles that happened several months before after coming down some stairs and landing on my foot...hard.  I went 4 months in cast with no weight bearing and then 4 weeks in boot along with 3 months of physical therapy.  I am 9 months post op and still have a little pain in the area where I had surgery.  So, what I'm saying is, the pain never really goes away 100% but I can also say that most days it doesn't bother me unless its rainy and damp or very cold.  However, everyone is different and your pace of healing may be different. 

    Hope this helps!  Get better soon.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 Dez5228

      Hi Dez5228, thanks for replying. I just worry that I've reinjured it, but I may just be being dramatic. You saying you still have pain makes me feel better in some ways, as strange as that sounds. How well were you able to walk after you came out of the boot? Also did physio start as soon as you came out of the boot?

    • Dez5228 Dez5228 jonathan28999

      Actually, I was doing physical therapy when I was in the boot!  I think I had been about 2 weeks in the boot when I started.  You definitely need physical therapy.  Make sure you talk to your doctor about that when you go back.

      Yes, I totally understand what you're saying - that means there's a good chance you didn't re-injure it.  One thing they kept telling me at the dr.'s office was that the Achilles tendon takes a longggggggggggg time to heal.  And they weren't kidding.  

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 Dez5228

      Thanks again.

      Annoying thing is, hospital are saying no appointments for next 3 weeks even though boot is due off in two. This also doesn't help me with trying to sort physio etc out. I'm tempted to go to local private sports physio in the interim.

  • Heck630 Heck630 jonathan28999

    Your surgeon needs to make sure Achilles still intact. If you feels knot it's okay and it'll feel thicker than the other. It's BS they are brushing you off like nothing hopefully you've started therapy. Goodluck

  • Rob9700 Rob9700 jonathan28999


    Everyone has a somewhat different experience. I was in splint for a week, then boot for about 8, with last three weeks removing one of three wedges each week. There was some pain throughout the process, including "shooters" that were associated with irritation to the sural nerve that enervates sensation at heel and toward the outside of the foot to two smallest toes.

    One of the early risks of this surgery, according to my surgeon,is the possibility of infection. If you have symptoms that "don't feel right," such as pain that seems concerning around the surgical area, I would contact surgeon to discuss--especially if there is any indication of redness or wariness near the incision. Better to call and not have needed to, than not call when you should have. 

    It has been 7 months since I ruptured my achilles, and I had surgery a couple days later. I have just this week been able to wear the shoes I wore before the injury. I still have some discomfort in the heel as well as minor numbness.  Not too much pain, but not zero either. My biggest challenge seems to be regaining full strength in the calf muscle, as judged by single-leg heel lifts. A few weeks ago I could do zero, now I can do a half dozen or so,but after a while I do feel some pain around the heel.  

    This is all very frustrating, I know. But as you wade through the posts here you will find that it takes quite a while to recover fully. I am back to all my previous activities, including alpine skiing, and I am running short distances very gingerly. REALLY do not want to start over.

    Probably unlikely you have infection this far into it, but I would err on the side of caution here and let the doc rule it out. Maybe if you said you were worried about it, that would move you up in the queue.

    Best wishes for a complete and speedy (for achilles) recovery!

  • Davie c Davie c jonathan28999

    Hi Jonathan.

    I would say pain would be normal as your tendon will be stretched more than it had been the last 4 weeks.

    Can you speak to the plaster techs at your hospital for advice as they see this injury a lot and generally know their stuff.

    I also fully ruptured mine playing football only a week a go. Cast for 10 weeks for me as they don't offer boots in my area. They also don't offer surgery. NHS for you!

    The plaster techs told me any issues to contact them so maybe worth a shot. I seen a specalist yesterday who told me exactly what the plaster guy told me the day I done it.

    All the best for your recovery. Looks like a long road for us all.

  • jonathan28999 jonathan28999

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I didn't have surgery. It was offered, but the doctor who saw me seemed to say very little difference in recovery either way and as I had surgery on ACL a few years ago, I decided I didn't want yet more surgery on my leg.

    So it was the cast and boot and self repair root. Which had been fine, but as I say just had a bit of a dull ache the last few days.

    Just spoken to the hospital again and they have changed the specialist I am under again and can't see me until a week after I was supposed to have the boot removed. So frustrating!!! I told them how unhappy o am with the service, but they didn't seem to get it at all and just said it's only one more week. I explained that this is one more week on crutches and until physio can start etc and they weren't at all bothered. I know the NHS is under pressure but the service I've had has been terrible.

    Thanks for updates about pain. It has helped me relax a little about it.

    Those who have started physio; what type of things did they have you doing to begin with as I may start myself during that week extra.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 jonathan28999

      I just had my last physio session last week. Started with range of motion measurements and exercises; added in some flexibility, then strength moving from static to dynamic. Very slow going at first , but gets better and more obvious results after first few weeks. Only advice is be patient and do the exercises regularly.

      Best wishes for complete recovery.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 Rob9700

      Thanks Rob. How many weeks of physio did you have? I think I'm going to use NHS and also pay for some specialist sports physiology on the side too.

      How was your walking to begin with?

      I took another wedge out yesterday so down to 2 in the boot now, but now Achilles feels a bit more achey. Does this sound normal? Is this just it stretching again do you think?

      How are you feeling now after completing physio?

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 jonathan28999

      I started PT one week after the surgery, so it was about 28 weeks, and I went twice a week. 

      I was non weight bearing about 5 weeks, in a boot, and did next 3 weeks of progressive weight bearing. Boot came off then and I was full weight bearing. My foot still had some swelling, and I had some pain (say 2-4 on a 10 scale) and I had quite a limp. Just didn't have the flexibility, range of motion, and strength for a normal walking gait. 

      When I started taking the wedges out, I did have some discomfort in the heel.  Felt a little like there was a marble in the boot!  Also the Achilles felt very stiff and my whole ankle felt like there was sand under my skin. Not as much painful as really wierd. 

      At this point, it generally feels pretty good and doesn't,t stop me from doing my previous activities. It does get a little sore after a long day, and I notice a slight limp. Most noticeable is some residual numbness in heel--feels wierd when my shoes and socks are off, but not bothersome at other times. Can still only eek out about 5-6 single leg heel raises before Achilles starts to ache a bit. So not yet back to normal strength. 

      Friends and colleagues who have gone through this say it was about a year before they felt completely "normal,". I would say I am about  95% functional, but don't quite feel "normal."


  • gopal1959 gopal1959 jonathan28999

    Hello Jonathan,

    I would like to share my experience. Towards end August 2016 while playing tennis I leaned forward to take a shot and fell as if someone hit hard at the back of my ankle.

    That day I was totally immobile on the foot but next day I was able to walk to work, though limping. Took me about 10 days to visit an Ortho, who immediately sensed something with the Achilles tendon. After another 1 week I did an MRI and results confirmed a complete Achilles rupture. I am 58 years and my Ortho physician immediately referred to the Surgeon in same facility. The Surgeon briefed me both ways - conventional way and surgical way and explained to me if I had to return to an active sporting life, best would be to have Surgery. The conventional way could only return me to my regular walk after considerable period of time. So, I opted for Surgery and next day I was operated at Oklahoma city. I am a Yoga and Meditation therapist as well.

    Post Surgery I was on a Cast for about 3 weeks (non weight bearing) and end of 3rd week I was into a boot and immediately started on PT. Within a week gradually removed all wedges in the Boot and end of week I discarded the boot and was able to drive.

    Factors that helped me besides having a good Surgeon and a good Physio - have a positive frame of mind through Meditation that very much helped the Healing process. After the first 3 weeks when I started the Physio I was very regular and commited to the PT sessions and even today I do all the stretches I learnt in PT sessions. I can now do a heel raise standing on the operated leg. So first focus on Healing and then build the Strength, both are important. I consider myself very lucky to spring back to sports before end of 7th month (was operated on 16th Sept 2016). I jog, play table tennis (though not lawn tennis yet), ride bike.

    The journey to recovery is arduous but be patient, for better healing be aligned to nature and then work on the strength. So both meditate and work out.

    Hope you recover well soon.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 gopal1959

      Thanks for sharing your story. Very helpful, but also concerning with regards to what your surgeon told you. I fully intend to return to sport as I was very active prior to this (gym, football, cycling, running etc). I hope I haven't been given bad advice as I am not just aiming to walk I want to be active again. I know I have to be patient with this and must try to keep positive throughout. It's great that you got to start physio etc so soon after op. Worryingly my doctors secretary said yesterday that I would have to remind him to sort physio for me as he may overlook this. That was very worrying to hear 🙈

    • kristymichelle kristymichelle gopal1959

      Hello. I had surgery 5 weeks ago. I was in hard cast for 2 weeks and then into boot. I have been in boot for 3 weeks and walking for one week in boot. I don't see my or this again for 3 more weeks so I'll see him 8 weeks post op. He doesn't want me to do any PT until after seeing him. What are your thoughts on that? Should I be having pt already?

    • sandy29182 sandy29182 kristymichelle

      Hi Kristy. Each of us appears to be on a similar, yet different healing path.  Some begin physio right away, others not until our boots come off. My PT started me with passive ROM exercises when I had my boot off, no active physio until the boot was removed. I also had active exercises to strengthen my other leg muscles. However, each of us appears to have slightly different injury to the area. So, I would follow your PTs advice. In the long run, it does not hurt too wait until your PT starts you on physio. But I understand the urge to do so.  Anything to heal faster. Unfortuneately, there is no quick fix for a ruptured Achilles.

    • andrea1367 andrea1367 gopal1959

      Hi I’ve just read your feedback it’s so helpful that meditation and physcio can go hand in hand for healing

      I’ve got a double Achilles one complete the other has torn at the calf in boots 7 weeks on 

      Any advice from anyone would really help especially from anyone who has experience of a double


    • JW11 JW11 andrea1367

      One's bad enough, but two? Poor you. I'm 8.5 months post rupture on my left Achilles (did it playing badminton) and I'm now power walking, but not running yet. My best advice for anyone is to listen to your body. It's a tough, long, and slow recovery and I wish you all the very best.

  • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

    Hello, just found this thread so thought I'd join the discussion, as it's interesting to read others' experiences, as well as to discuss progress.

    I completely ruptured my achilles nearly four weeks ago (Friday 17th March). I was playing my final ladies badminton match of the season and suddenly felt as though someone had whacked me in the back of my ankle with their racket. I realised what had happened (I had a partial tear in my other achilles about 10 years ago) so went off to A&E where they put my leg in a temporary 'back slab' with my toes pointing down. I then went back on the Monday and the consultant advised 'conservative' treatment with a cast for four weeks, then a boot with three wedges, removing one fortnightly, for the next seven weeks. I've got an appointment this coming Monday, 17th April, to switch from the cast to the boot.

    Pain-wise, it's not been *too* bad, although I still get a lot if swelling when l lower my leg after having it elevated, which is really horrible as it goes tingly and my toes go purple for a while, and this last week it's been pretty uncomfortable with one night of shotting pains, though thankfully that hasn't happened since. I'm finding it hard to sleep some nights and I just don't know what to do with my leg to get comfy. I'm assuming and hoping the pains are the achilles healing itself, but I'll find out more on Monday.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 JW11

      Hello JW,

      sorry to hear about your injury.  Since you have been through this before, you will have some good insight about the healing process and what to expect

      I am about 7 months post-injury and had a complete rupture followed by minimally invasive surgery. During the early stages I found that an ice wrap for about 20 minutes a few times a day really helped with swelling and all the associated discomfort. Pretty close to recovered at this point, although still a little stiffness, weakness in the calf muscle, and minor numbness in heel. 

      Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, and a return to badminton. 

    • JW11 JW11 Rob9700

      Hi Rob9700, thanks for your good wishes and the ice pack suggestion - I'll definitely try it. This time feels completely different, though - with the partial tear l wasn't put in a cast or boot at all, I was just on crutches for three weeks, gradually going back to weight-bearing. I had some private physio too which definitely helped.

      I'm not sure when I'll be able to start physio this time, as I'm no weight-bearing for 11 weeks, so it's going to be a much tougher and longer recovery. I dread to think how those first steps will feel!

      Very sadly, after about 25 years of playing, I've already decided not to return to badminton, as I can't risk it happening again. I think swimming will be my new friend (eventually!)

      I'm pleased to hear things have progressed well for you.

    • gopal1959 gopal1959 JW11

      Hi JW,

      I have had a fantastic recovery since the time I had a full rupture in Aug 2016 while playing tennis until this day. I am 58 years and I went through surgery and now am nearly 95% recovered. Went through the same standard process. First injury 16th Aug, actual diagnosis of tendon rupture only after 10 days, then MRI and finally surgery on 16th Sept, On Cast for 10 days and then Boot (no weight bearing), Stitches removed at end of 3rd week, No weight bearing with Boot on till end of 5th week, at end of 5th week Full weight bearing with Boot (could drive now) and also start Physio. The healing process was pretty good and what helped me in the healing was - lots of ice pack at least 5 to 6 times a day and my meditation sessions at home (at least 20 mins each for 3 times a day) that let me totally relax.

      Once I was weight bearing the Physio trainer was amazingly helpful and I did 3 times a week for first 3 weeks and then another 2 weeks. My calf muscles had never been so firm and strong as it is today. I am now able to do full heel raise on one the injured leg.

      So, I believe this first needs a good healing (lot of ice packs, relaxation, meditations..) for first 4 to 5 weeks and then after good PT sessions. Even this day at end of 7th month, I do my PT seesion at home/work (20 to 25 mins)each x 3 each day. I started playing TT and look forward to start playing tennis by 9th month.

      Do not lose hope, you can surely recover almost full.

    • JW11 JW11 gopal1959

      Wow, gopal1959, it's great to hear of your excellent recovery!

      I've not had surgery, as the consultant didn't deem it necessary for me - she said they only do it for elite atheletes or if it hasnt been diagnosed quickly - so I'm not sure if my recovery will be as good/the same as yours. I'm also not sure what physio is available here in Norfolk on the NHS, but I will be investigating once I've got the boot on.

      In the meantime I'm doing what I can to keep my knee and hips moving and strong on my injured leg.

  • jonathan28999 jonathan28999

    Hi. I am due to go back to the hospital Monday to hopefully get the boot removed. I just wondered whether people were just expected to walk out. I worry about trying to walk on the leg again. Do they just tell you to walk, do they expect you to use a crutch still, do they tape/bandage the leg etc?

    Any help would be great.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Hi jonathan28999, were you not told to weight-bear while wearing the boot? My instructions from the (very experienced) guy who removed my cast on Monday and fitted my boot were as follows: Weeks 1-2 three wedges, just touch-bearing, resting the boot on the floor. Weeks 3-4 two wedges, up to 50% weight-bearing as pain permits. Weeks 5-6 one wedge, more and more weight bearing, maybe just one crutch. Week 7 no wedges, aiming for full weight-bearing, maybe no crutches.

      I have to wear the boot 24/7 but can remove it for washing and later on when resting. Then back to see the consultant to find out if it's all okay and whether I need physio Or any further treatment.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      I wasn't told not to weight bear. I had a cast with no weight bearing for 4 weeks, then the boot and they said I could walk on it?!! With crutches, but I could walk. I have been down to final low wedge thing for the last two weeks. I was in the boot 24/7 for about 3 weeks then I could take it off at night from then on (the last 2 weeks). I'm just concerned about being told to try and walk as I'm frightened it will give way on me.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Ah, so sounds similar procedure to me then, except you were walking on it in the boot from the start? How has that been for you? I TOTALLY understand the scariness of weight bearing and what might happen. I'm scared of putting the first bit of weight on mine in a week or so. I think all we can do is trust that the doctors know what they're doing and follow their advice.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      Yeah from week four in the boot.Weight bearing was ok to be honest. A little strange to begin with, but it's felt ok on the whole. The whole thing is quite scary when you are left in limbo really in terms of recovery. It seems a case of fingers crossed and hope for the best. Really ready to get a bit of independence back to be honest. How have you found it?

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      That's surprising about weight bearing from week four, though I guess all NHS Trusts are different, as are the doctors. From the research I've done every bit of advice is different, so no-one's entirely sure! I'm with you on wanting independence - I've still got a way to go before I'm at that stage. The whole thing is scary and I don't suppose I'll ever feel 100% confident on it again.

      I've found the boot really heavy and cumbersome to lug around (even though I'm fit and fairly strong), especially as I'm not supposed to put any weight on it yet. I'm glad to hear it's been okay for you on that front; that's reassuring.

      Sounds as though as long as the weight-bearing has been okay you should be fine on Monday. Please do keep me posted with your progress. Good luck with it.

  • betsyh betsyh jonathan28999

    I had a severely damaged Achilles' tendon caused by bone spur that fractured. Had a second tendon on side of foot repaired during Achilles' tendon surgery. They also transplanted a tendon from my big toe.

    Surgery was on March 21, 2017. The nerve block and pain pump were not able to be utilized as the doctor could not get them in place.

    Post op was terrible the first 24 hours until I got ahead of it.

    Now in second cast 31 days post op. NWB until next cast and boot on May 8.

    Am having a lot of pain in foot. Seems to be along incision on back of heel, and at base of last two toes with burning and sharp shooting pain. Must elevate a lot.

    Tried ibuprofen to control most of pain during the day but it didn't seem to work well. I am still using percoset (5/325) at least twice a day. Must take one at bedtime. The pain sometimes wakes me up and have to take another pain pill. Obviously some days are much better but is it normal at this point to have this pain? I really want to save the pain pills for PT.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 betsyh

      Hi Betsy,

      Sorry to hear about your injury. Pain at incision is not too uncommon, judging by posts to this site. BUT, although unlikely, could be symptom of infection, especially if accompanied by redness, warmth, discharge at the surgical site. Probably best to check with doc if you are concerned.

      Burning and shooters along outside of foot and last two toes likely associated with some irritation to sural nerve. If that is the case, the good news is that will improve, albeit very slowly. I am 8 months post op and experienced the shooters for quite a while. They woke me up. Best treatment is ice wrap and elevation a few times a day. It won't stop altogether, but it gave me some relief until the frequency and intensity of the subsided completely. I no longer have pain, but still have a touch of numbness even now that is occasionally mildly annoying. This, too, seems to be improving slowly.

      Hang in there. Recovery is pretty slow and frustrating, especially first few weeks. Gets better when you can get some mobility back. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  • jonathan28999 jonathan28999

    So just been to the hospital. Very short appointment and told I can ditch boot and start to walk. Very scary!!! So left hospital on two feet. Walking feels really scary. Doctor said trust my leg, but hard to do when haven't walked on it for 9 weeks. Leg feels very numb and wobbly

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Must be a relief, albeit a very strange one, not to have to lug the boot around any more. I think doctors sometimes forget that, although they see these injuries every day and it's routine for them, it is completely abnormal and scary for us as patients. I can imagine your leg does feel very wobbly, but all you can do is listen to your body and take things slowly.

      I undid my boot for the first time today, but didn't dare take my leg out completely for fear of flinching, or twisting it, or damaging my ankle. I'll have to pluck up the courage by next week, as I've got to take the first wedge out :-/

      Please keep us posted on your progress.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      You should be ok to take it out as long as you are sitting with it raised and fairly immobile. I did this most nights to just give it a bit of air and try to wiggle my toes a little.

      Yeah they are a bit blasse about it which as you is say is probably because they see it evry day but very scary for us.

      Stairs are really hard going and slow at moment. Not willing to risk them without crutch yet.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      My boot's quite big, so I can easily wiggle my toes while I'm wearing it, but it'll be nice to get some air around it. I'll pluck up the courage soon - it just seems daunting when it's been tucked away safely for so long!

      You'll get there with the stairs, but take your time and don't put pressure on yourself to do too much too soon.

      Are you experiencing any pain now, or is your ankle just stiff?

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Will do, and thanks.

      By the way, did you still have bruising after several weeks? I actually managed to pluck up the courage to lift my leg out of the boot this evening and noticed I've still got a fair bit around my heel. I'm hoping it's normal, even after nearly six weeks :-/

    • JW11 JW11

      I've got another question, as well as about the bruising... I took my boot off briefly and noticed that around the Achilles area there's quite a lump and an indentation - did you have this? I hope it's just a knot where it's healed and It will stretch back out as my Achilles stretches back out, but I'm a bit concerned about it. I'll give the hospital a call tomorrow, but it'd be good to know if anyone else has experienced this while undergoing conservative treatment. Thanks.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      Firstly, bruising...yeah I do have a slight discolouring there. Not full on bruising like it was, but definite purplish colouring there.

      The indentation...yes also, I did have this and it really concerned me tbh, but apparently totally normal. It is, as you say, just the achilles needing stretching out. It heals wider and shorter due to the position of the foot whilst healing, so the game when you get boot off is to stretch it out and get some length back in it. Hope this helps.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 JW11

      I think it is common. I had purplish bruising and swelling around the Anke for quite a while. Also had some similar indentations and a little bump around the incision (which was lateral, that, across the Achilles in my case). Also some swelling which subsided slowly. Color is gone, discontinuities less profound but not gone. My doc said the Achilles' tendon on the injured side would remain somewhat thicker than the other for the long term. So far, he's right.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 Rob9700

      Yeah I think from what I heard too that this is definitely the case. I watched a video and the physiotherapist in it said that the Achilles may be visibly thicker for good. I have been doing my stretches but so far not much more mobility. Presume it's a long term game.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Thanks, Jonathan and Rob, it's really good to be able to chat about it all and reassuring to hear your stories.

      I've taken the first wedge out of mine this morning and I'm amazed how different it feels! My toes have been kind of 'dangling' (not actually dangling!) with the three wedges, as though if I'd put any weight on it, it would've been on my heel only, but now I'm on two it feels like the complete sole of my foot, including my toes, are nicely on the insole of my boot.

      Looking forward to hearing more of your progress.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 JW11

      Feels very weird for a while. I think once you are able to move around more the progress will be faster. Still slow and frustrating but faster. I am still working on getting back the strength in foot and calf muscles. At 68 my recovery times are so much slower than when I was 30. I think we need to just hang in there, stick with the PT program, and take it one day at a time. 

    • lyndall04191 lyndall04191 JW11

      Hi there.  I have been in a boot, with three wedges, for 10 days following 5 days in a cast. I  have just started weight bearing and know exactly what you mean about toes dangling.  I am size 6 (39) and it's occurred to me that if I had bigger feet the ball of my foot might be able to touch the bottom of the boot and that way I could spread the weight evenlyand keep the achilles relatively short.  I am concerned that just putting weight on my heel is actually worse for the (so-called) mending achilles than pressure spread across the foot which would help to keep the foot in the pronated position.

      Did you ever mention your concerns to a medic?  I was toying with looking on the internet for wedges specific to foot size.  (It cannot be the case that one size wedge suits all size feet equally well.).

    • JW11 JW11 lyndall04191

      Hi lyndall04191, sorry to hear you've had this injury too. I'm guessing you had an op on yours as you only had five days in a cast? I'm on the conservative route and was in a cast for four weeks, then the boot for seven, and I'm now nearly six months in. I'm a size 6 shoe too and I agree that with longer feet the ball would more likely sit on the bottom of the boot. I've no idea if they make any different size wedges, though, and never enquired. My foot could move up and down within the boot a little bit as it was quite big on me, and my toes would lift up, stretching the Achilles slightly, but 'touch wood' it doesn't seem to have had any negative effects. At that stage, with three wedges, I wasn't allowed to put any weight on mine, only rest it on the ground. Once I got down to two wedges and could feel my whole foot on the sole of the boot I started to carefully put some weight through it whilst still using my crutches. Hope that helps and you make a good recovery. Feel free to ask any other questions.

    • lyndall04191 lyndall04191 JW11

      Thanks JW.  What a long haul it is for everyone.  Actually I haven't had the op and have read somewhere that the sooner you are weight bearing the better.  What's clear is that everyone seems to have completely different treatment regimes.  I have no clue if the achilles is actually mending and never had an ultrasound to check it was only a 90% rupture.  Everytime I go to the fracture clinic I get a different doctor etc etc. The only pain I have is in my LHS of my calf which only kicked in at 2 weeks post rupture!  Hey ho - I dare say I'll get there in the end.

    • JW11 JW11 lyndall04191

      It's very much a postcode lottery on the treatment you get, and everywhere and everyone seems to have different opinions and methods. My hospital were very conservative (I only saw them three times - once initially, once to have the cast off and boot on, and then again to have the boot off - I had no scans at all and there's been no follow-up or support. I see an NHS physio once a month, but, even now, is reluctant to really get me moving! He just likes to talk at me! I've been doing a lot of stretching and strengthening on my own and I'm now at a stage where I can walk two or three miles without limping, and can do mini single calf raises on my bad leg. I follow someone on Instagram who's in Australia and non-op, she's about five months in and *just* starting to jog! She's under an ex-All Blacks physio and they had her stretching and weight bearing from a very early stage too. Pretty inspirational stuff.

  • gavjones77 gavjones77 jonathan28999

    I ruptured my Achilles 5 weeks ago playing football. I immediately went to A&E who diagnosed rupture of the Achilles, I was placed in a cast for 4 days then the fracture clinic a few days later. The GP suggested the non surgical option due to age (40), Aircast fitted with 5 heal wedges and was told to be full weight bearing within 2 weeks. I am now 5 weeks into wearing the aircast with full weight bearing for the past 3 weeks and no wedges. I have been a bit naughty and removed the cast for half hour period during the day to let my leg breath and have hobbled around. I guess this forum is great to see people's recovery times. The ankle is obviously stiff and I'm reluctant to do anything until my next appointment on 15th May. Calf has shrunk and reluctant to do anything without the "go ahead". Really keen to get back to work,my job involves a lot of driving, just wondered about people's recovery and getting back to work times?? Thanks.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 gavjones77

      I ruptured Achilles on July 29 '16 and had surgery on 2 August (a Tuesday).  I was back at work the following Monday, in a boot and no weight bearing. Started physical therapy that week--slow healing process. Out of boot about week 8, but it was just in the past few weeks I could do calf raises.  Biggest impact has been loss of strength in calf muscle, but it is slowly returning.  I am 68 and still opted for surgical repair--very active, downhill skiing, hiking, biking, training...

      As you pour through this blog you will see lots of different experiences. I think everyone will generally agree that it is a long, slow, sometimes frustrating recovery process. What you DON'T want to do is re-injure. Then it really gets complicated.  Be patient, work with a physical therapist with a good track record on Achilles' tendon injuries, and listen to your body. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 Rob9700

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you for the reply. Yes it is good to see everyone's experiences. It really does feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Certainly early weight bearing had helped me not only physically but mentally. I do have a "fear" of putting weight on first thing in the morning and feeling pain but so far the pain hasn't been present! The road to recovery will hopefully begin on the 15th and getting over the mental fear will be the biggest hurdle.

    • JW11 JW11 gavjones77

      I'm surprised you were weight bearing so quickly, especially with the conservative route. That said, it seems each NHS/doctor/consultant has a different approach.

      I'm 41 and did mine playing in a badminton match on 17th March. I wasn't offered surgery, but had four weeks in a cast, then went into a boot with three wedges two weeks ago and removed the first one yesterday. I've got another five weeks to go until I see the consultant to hopefully have the boot off. I'm just allowed to start careful weight bearing this week (50%, pain allowing) and will remove a wedge every two weeks, the aim being that I'm fully weight bearing by the time I go back.

      I'm self-employed and own an art gallery business with my husband. Luckily he's able to man it without me for the duration so that I can take my time - as advised by the plaster technician - with my recovery.

      I think, as Rob said, it's a case of slowly-slowly and maybe slower!

      Keep us posted with your progress.

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 JW11

      Hi JW,

      Thank you for the reply. I have travelled through the internet to gain lots of information and it appears that there are so many different variations on recovery methods.

      I have to say that apart from swelling in the first 10 days (3 in the cast and then 7 in the boot) I haven't experienced much pain and in fact, it's more comfortable on the heels of my feet with the boot off!

      I have tried to do what I what what was advised by the doctor and apart from some slight pain on my back, getting around in the boot is fine, I'm dog walking, going to the shops and even out washing the car today.

      Def advise having the crutches nearby when starting full weight bearing to prevent pain in the lower back, hips and the knee.

      When evolving the wedges, it certainly does feel like it's the first steps to recovery and helps the mindset.

      I also wish you a speedy recovery.

    • JW11 JW11 gavjones77

      It really does sound like you're having a good recovery, Gav.

      I'm scared of putting more weight on mine, even though it's not too painful most of the time. I'm actually finding it hard to work out how to put less weight on my crutches and more on my leg without putting my full weight on it! Very strange, but I'm sure I'll get there.

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 JW11

      You will get there!!

      I still have a massive fear of it going "pop" again (even in the boot) and it's a feeling I will never forget but having a Goal has helped me over the last 5 weeks. I have never had time off work and my goal is to to get the boot off on the 14th May, then get back to work for 1st June!

      I have a holiday booked towards the end of May and if all goes well, I will be in the pool doing non weight bearing walking hopefully twice a day. I cannot keep watching Jeremy Kyle every day!

      From all the posts and forums I've seen there is def a mental block that needs to be overcome throughout the process. I would say have a week to week goal and try and be successful in that goal. Also sound like you have a very supportive family around you which is paramount.

      You will overcome the fear

    • JW11 JW11 gavjones77

      Thanks, I hope so, although I've already decided to give up badminton for good. I wouldn't ever be able to give it my all. Not sure if I'll be able to run again either... for now walking unaided is my goal :-)

      I'm with you on that 'pop' - mine did it too and it felt like someone had whacked me in the back of my ankle with their racket!

      I'm also very much with you on daytime Tele, though I haven't quite resorted to watching Jeremy Kyle, ha!

      I was supposed to be going on a walking weekend in Yorkshire later this month, but have had to cancel. I hope you get to enjoy your hols, the swimming sounds good, just take time to relax and don't push it too hard.

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 JW11

      Thank you, Shame about your weekend away, it's very frustrating losing that independence we all have. Positive mind and small goals. I'm not intending to play football again in a hurry. Like you, my aim is to get back walking and back to work.

      I think the date of your injury was around 4 days before mine so it will be good to see your progress over the coming weeks.

      I wish you a speedy one and look forward to seeing the progress you make.

  • sandy29182 sandy29182 jonathan28999

    I have read with interest your journey and all of the replies. 5 weeks ago I backed up on my deck, thinking there was more deck behind me. There was not, so I stepped off into air. I managed to swivel around and land my left foot on the first of three steps. Then I flew. Result is I tore my achilles tendon 60% crosswise.  Still a few fibres on the back of the tendon attached. No surgery, but was fitted with an aircast. I call it my miracle boot, as I could walk as soon as it was put on. Yes, with crutches, to be sure. However I now walk mostly without crutches. Tore my tendon on a Sunday and was fitted on Tuesday. I was advised to immediately see a physio thereapist, so saw one that afternoon. I have been in physio twice a week since then. I have removed one heel wedge two weeks ago. Physio advised to now remove another one, so I did yesterday. However, felt discomfort and low level pain.  They also adivsed to remove cast and rest foot whenever I could.  I have tried removing it at night for a more comfortable sleep, however my heel spasms without warning, shooting pain up my calf.  It doesn't last, but is uncomfortable when it happens.

    Did you have any type of spasming?window.post_1493759254327_35 = function(win,msg){



    • Rob9700 Rob9700 sandy29182

      I sure did! Sudden stabbing "shooter" at the heel. Didn't run up the calf, but it was intense and brief. I think these are associated with a sensory nerve that gets irritated by the injury, surgery, scar tissue, or all three. Mine diminished over time, but it was a few months before the vanished altogether. Yours will probably pass as well.

      Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery from this nasty injury!

  • Davie c Davie c jonathan28999

    It's good to read everyone's stories regarding this injury. I fully ruptured mine 5 weeks ago playing football.

    What I notice is how different the treatment is and how many people I now know who have had the same injury.

    Slow recovery as everyone seems to say but most people I have spoke to have returned to active sport in about 12 to 18 months. So I'm sure we will all get to where we need to be.

    I was non surgery and put in a cast 4 hours after rupture. I am to be in a cast for 10 weeks, no weight bearing for 8 weeks. I asked about the boot but they say they don't do it in my area. Bit frustrating hearing how people are getting mobile a bit quicker which I feel will definitely help the healing process. Oh well.

    Thanks for the read everyone and good luck.

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Hi Davie,

      It's amazing how different the approaches are, especially considering we're all (I assume) in the UK and going through the NHS. You'd think there would be a set procedure.

      Will you have different casts during the 10 weeks, gradually getting your foot back to 90 degrees?

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      Hey JW11

      Yip different casts. First one was on for 4 weeks with toes fully down.

      Had that changed with foot repositioned and new cast is on for 4 weeks. Was pretty painful with cast off and bending the foot back up and stretching the tendon. (similar to taking a wedge out the boot I guess) But it eased off in a few days. Good to have pain as they said that's how they know it's re attached.

      Then finally I am back to have a walking cast on for final 2 weeks with foot back to normal walking position. Fun times.

      Quick question for people. How quickly did you start physio from having casts or boots off. In my head I hope straight away but something tells me their will be a wait.

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Fun times indeed!

      I've not had any physio and I've been told not to have any until I see the consultant at 11 weeks - then it'll be up to him whether I have any. If I don't receive any on the NHS, or if there's a delay getting an appointment, I'll go private, as I think it's really important.

      Since day one I've been doing sets of various leg lifts three times a day to try and maintain the strength, to some degree, in my knee, front and back thigh, and hip. It's deginitely helped with lugging the cast and boot around. Oh and I wiggle my toes all the time too!

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      Yeah I was thinking going private for physio as well if theirs a delay with the NHS. l hope to be doing physio the day I get my cast off. In reality I expect to be put on a waiting List and probably wait a few weeks.

      A guy I know work colleague done his achilles and was in a boot. He said he started physio a week and a half after getting the boot off.

      Physio is really important as I have had physio for a few sporting injuries and it really works. Just need to be disciplined and do the excercises and keep doing them as much as your body can take it.

      It's good you are doing some excercises. The muscle waste in my leg is frightening and I'm sure the strength loss will be the same.

  • jonathan28999 jonathan28999

    So I am now 9 days out of cast/boot.

    I am walking down and up stairs a bit easier but by the afternoon I am still having very severe swelling and have to spend the evening with foot raised and iced each day. Still have a prominent limp at present hoping this will start to go soon. Can't walk very quickly as my leg will simply not let me. I am going to attend an ankle class on Tuesday which sounds interesting.

    It's great that we can all share out stories on here. It does seem that everyone is very different and treatment recovery etc is so different person to person.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Hey Jonathan, good to hear from you, I was only wondering yesterday how you were getting on without your boot.

      Sorry to hear about the swelling. I wonder if it could be a sign of doing too much during the day? It's so hard trying to balance making progress with over-doing it. I'm finding that too - I've been trying to bear some weight on mine (though struggling mentally on how much weight to put on it), but my knee is now playing up - it's swollen and it hurts when I try to fully straighten it. (I'm now icing it each day.) I wonder if it's because I'm putting weight on it with it bent, so I possibly need to wear a thicker-soled shoe on my right foot to even me up a bit.

      Hope the ankle class goes well - sounds, urm, interesting! - let us know how it goes.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11


      So a few days on and still same really. Ankle is still swelling by the end of the night, but walking is gradually getting a bit easier. Ankle class tomorrow!!!

      How are you getting on with weight bearing now? How's the knee?

      Just take things steady. Are you due the next wedge out now?

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Glad to hear your walking is slowly improving. You'll be running by the time you've done your ankle class today! ;-) Hope you get on okay - let us know what's involved.

      Are you standing/walking a lot during the day? I wonder if that's causing the swelling and if wearing a Tubigrip for compression might help? The ankle class person should be able to advise.

      For me, the weight-bearing is improving now that I'm wearing a heeled boot on my other foot, which has balanced me up. I'm trying to do a bit more each day whilst still taking it slowly. Still getting a fair bit of pain in my knee, but continuing with icing and Volterol. Second wedge out will be Monday next week.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      So ankle group was heavy going. In quite a bit of pain again tonight. Had me on wobble boards, bike, steps, rowing machine and ....trampoline.

      After a few seconds on trampoline, pain was really bad. So I stopped. Had to ice it tonight and had it raised all evening.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Oh my word, that sounds like way too much too soon! Trampoline?!! I thought, when you said ankle class, it was going to be about gentle movement and stretching to get things going, not a full-on exercise class!

      Will you go again, or will you look for a physio?

      I hope the pain's not too bad this morning.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      I think I'd query it with the hospital; it almost seems like you've been sent to the wrong class! It can't be right to go that full-on straight away, surely you'd need to build up to something like that?

  • gopal1959 gopal1959 jonathan28999


    I have had my first tennis game yesterday after nearly 8 months (my surgery was done on 16th Sept 2016)  after my complete rupture. Looking back, the healing process aided by all the meditations I practiced after the initial surgery and then all the strengthening exercises which my physio helped me reach where I am today. Though I started playing table tennis indoors about nearly 2 months back, my returning back to the courts yesterday, though a bit cautiously, was really a pleasing moment.

    For all those going through this painfully slow recovery process, would suggest be positive (meditation helps) as this aids healing. For swelling lots and lots of Ice packs and once you are weight bearing do all the stretches regularly as you would need to break all the scar tissues that formed after surgery.

    If you were active in sports, be patient and positive, over time you will get back to sports again. How soon or late depends on you.

    Best of luck.

    • JW11 JW11 gopal1959

      Congratulations on your tennis game, gopal, that must feel like a huge achievement!

      I think the process and recovery might be slightly different for Jonathan, Davie, and me, as none of us had surgery. That said, I imagine all our goals are the same: to get back to some kind of normality and I agree that positive thinking definitely helps, as does the ice.

    • gopal1959 gopal1959 JW11

      Hello JW,

      I would consider myself lucky to have been referred by my Consulting Ortho as soon he had my MRI results, to the Surgeon. Given my condition of complete rupture, the Surgeon very candidly explained both the options - Surgical and the Conventional,

      Though there was no empirical evidence to prove which option is better, , he said in my case (I was 58 years) if I had to return back to a near active sporting life, Surgery would be the best option. Conventional (non surgical) would be ideal for someone at 70+ years who would not be expecting to be fit as an athlete, but would just need basic walking. The recovery time in Conventional way is pretty long and arduous.  I did opt for Surgery immediately. But the mental agony of going through a knife, requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Being a meditation practitioner myself this helped me in healing in the early days of surgery.

      Again after completion of initial non weight bearing (5 weeks NWB) and removal of plaster (3 weeks), I started my Physio in 6th week. Again I was lucky to be with a very capable PT, slowly and gradually he made my PT exercises aggressive. All this while, at least till the 5th month I would regularly ice my feet for swellings.

      On 05/16 I would complete 8 months surgery, here I am now back to tennis courts playing singles!! I still do all my stretches without fail 3 times a day...

      For all those going through this, bear this out strong and focussed through your PT/stretches and can get back to normal in less than a year..

      Best of luck!!

  • sandy29182 sandy29182 jonathan28999

    I think you may be overdoing it with those exercises.  I did not have a complete rupture.  I am in Canada, so maybe therapies are different.  I have been going to a physiotherapist since i injured myself.  She is currently on vacation so will not see her for about 3 weeks. During this time she advised me to keep the cast on. Gave me a sheet of activities and a timeline.  Three stages to therapy. First few weeks strictly passive massage to flex foot in different directions.  Stage two start weight bearing with cast on; increase exerices to active (vs passive) strengthing of both legs and stretching of injured foot.  It has been six weeks last Sunday. Stage three of my pamphlet indicated I could remove boot, so I did. I was surprised I could weight bare at all.But I could.  There is pain and swelling. Pain is more like a constant toothache.  But I do remove boot to shower and some walking around the house. Physiotherapist advised to keep boot on until she can see me again, which will be in about 8 days. I have now removed all wedges. 

  • sandy29182 sandy29182 jonathan28999

    It is really interesting to see the different approaches to this injury. I am in Canada and my experience - diagnosed by ER doctor, who advised me to see a registered physiotherapist and start physio asap. Went to my family doctor and he agreed. Start physio asap.  I am so glad I did.

    • JW11 JW11 sandy29182

      I was reading a Canadian blog yesterday, and it seems that treatment there is similar to here in the UK, ie they generally favour conservative over surgical. Same in Australia, I believe, but in the USA surgery is usually offered first.

      I've been told strictly no physio until I (hopefully) have the boot off at week 11, but I should aim to be fully weight-bearing in the boot by then.

      I hope your recovery continues to go well, Sandy.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      I am highly concerned by what the physics may have done to me. I haven't been able to walk properly since physio 5 days ago. I have bruising coming out all around my foot again too.

      Doesn't feel like it did with initial rupture, but certainly doesn't feel right. Very worried. Couldn't face another 10 weeks in a cast/boot again!

    • Davie c Davie c jonathan28999

      Hi Jonathan.

      Hope you are doing OK. I'm sure you are worried the way we all are regarding re injuring the tendon. Fingers crossed this is not the case and it's just part of the healing process.

      Can you speak to a doc or physio for further info? Think you need the reassurance from them it's perfectly normal.

      Good luck. Don't be shy to pester or be demanding with NHS.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Hi Jonathan, I'm sorry to hear that. It's completely understandable that you're worried. As Davie says, speak with your GP or the hospital and see if you can get an appointment to get it checked out asap. Keep us posted.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      Thanks guys.

      Great news is, the hospital I am being treated at has been the victim of a cyber attack so have no records or ability to book appointments etc.

      I have a physio appt tomorrow, so I am hoping that I am able to get some help and advice then, as I am definitely not in a position to do any more stretches etc

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Oh no, great timing, ey! They should still be able to advise you, even without records though, surely?

      Is the physio apt different from the ankle class from last week? Hope so! Don't be afraid to ask them every question you want an answer to.

      I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      Nope, it is the same ankle group as last week. I just want to get some answers basically. Just on my way to a private physio now. Paid for a session as hoping they may be able to give me a

      Little check over and hopefully a few answers.

      Thanks for support. I'll keep you posted

    • neil64709 neil64709 jonathan28999

      Seems to be a slightly different process in south africa.

      Had op for ruptured achilles tuesday morning.

      Was out of hospital and home by 1pm.

      Not much pain, but leg in very light bacslab cast for 2 weeks.

      Then into op-ed boot for 4 weeks.

      Have some pain killers but have not needed them.

      Only mandatory medicine was a blood thinner,

      to prevent potential clot.

      Just going ape-$hi € at home but otherwise all fine

    • sandy29182 sandy29182 jonathan28999

      Hello, Just wondering how your private physio appointment went and how the ankle is now.  

      I have been out of my aircast permanently for just over a week.  My physio activities are mostly stretching and strengthening.  I walk very slowly as I do not yet have the flexibility to walk from heel to toe. Began walking first with crutches, then with a cane, now on my own.  But limp quite a bit, which affects my hip on my good side. Trying to take longer strides, but that is hard to do with no flexibility in foot.

      Excercising by holding on to counter or door frame and lifing both heels off floor onto toes. Trying to weight bare on injured foot on toes.  Still cannot do this.  However I can see some improvement and physiotherapist is happy with progress.  My calf is quite flacid still, but I can feel some of the muscle working, so that is better than it was.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 JW11

      Hi. Sorry for delayed reply. Hospital checked me and thankfully I hadn't re ruptured, however they admitted they had me doing too much the week before and said that they had probably set me back about two weeks in my recovery. Based in this, I am now paying for physio as don't have the trust in nhs one now.

      How's your recovery going?

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Hey Jonathan, I was a bit concerned we hadn't heard from you. Very good news that you haven't done any major damage, but frustrating that they pushed you too hard too soon and put your recovery back, that's really bad. I don't blame you going private.

      I'm doing okay, thanks, had some problems with my knee earlier in the week, but it seems to be improving. Mostly fully weight bearing now, just need crutches for balance if I leave the house. Nine days until my boot hopefully comes off - looking forward to it, especially with this heat, but super scared of putting weight back on it - it's so tiny now, I can't imagine it holding me up!

  • Davie c Davie c jonathan28999

    Hi all

    Hope everyone's recovery is going well. I have a question.

    I have just got out my casts (8 WEEKS) and into a boot for 2. Full weight bearing and pain is not to bad.

    Out of curiosity I have had the boot off having a good look and feel. Lots of swelling which is to be expected.

    What I didnt expect is to still have quite an indent where the rupture happened.

    Has anyone had the same?


    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Hi Davie, good to hear you're making progress and you're up and about in your boot.

      Yep, I've still got an indent at 9.5 weeks and a fair amount of scar tissue build up where it ruptured. Most of the swelling has gone now and nearly all the bruising.

      I'm off to the hospital this afternoon, as my knee's been playing up - it's okay during the day but suddenly goes red and really hot in the evenings - it's very strange! It goes away with ice, but they want me to go in to have it checked.

      BTW I'm just about fully weight-bearing now, still not walking far, but making progress.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 Davie c

      Yes. Surgery 9 months ago, and still have funny little indent at site of injury/incision. Pain and swelling long gone, but the injured Achilles is a bit thicker than the other. Sometimes certain of my shoes rub and irritate that did not before especially when walking a lot. Not debilitating, but can be annoying.

      Good news at this point is that it has not kept me from returning to most normal activities.

      Best wishes for your recovery.

    • Davie c Davie c Rob9700

      Thanks guys. That is good to know. Was thinking it maybe hadn't healed to well. No doc has looked st it since initial diagnosis. Just the plaster techs who I'm sure I have mentioned before have been top class.

      Sorry to hear about your knee JW. It's bad enough to contend with an Achilles rupture never mind knee pain. Fingers crossed it's just a niggle.

      Great to know you are back to most normal activities Rob. Shows there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. What a frustrating injury this is.


    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 Davie c

      Hi Dave,

      I have been out of boot etc for just over a month and I still have two big lumps on my Achilles. It's like a figure of eight with indent in middle. Very strange. Physio has been working hard to try and reduce this and move it, but seems like it is fairly normal.

    • JW11 JW11 jonathan28999

      Evening, so my knee was fine, just strained from the weight bearing in the boot. I've removed the final wedge today and my ankle and calf feel a bit tight and are pulling a bit now my foot's at 90 degrees. I'm guessing that's to be expected, isn't it? Also, my calf muscle has completely wasted away and when I put my foot on the floor, I can't put any pressure on my toes to lift my heel at all. Was it the same for you? Thanks

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      Glad to hear your knee is ok.

      Yeah all sounding very similar. I had the same pulling feeling which is just the tendon stretching back out. Mine eased in a few days.

      I also have a non existent calf muscle but have noticed the strength build back up all ready with a week of full weight bearing. Will take months to get the muscle back. I had similar before with a back injury. Another story all together!

      Very early days to be able to push your heel. I know people say even up to a year before doing calf raises. It's why this injury is such a slow recovery. But I feel we are maybe over the worse bit as this last week for me being back on my feet has been a big relief.

      One week more in the boot then physio and hopefully return to work in about 3 weeks. If I can drive that is!

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Thanks Davie, that's good to know.

      I was sitting and trying to do slight calf raises without putting any weight on it, but there's just nothing there! I can't put any pressure on the ball of my foot. I also can't completely srunch my toes up

      , but I guess that'll all come back in time.

      I've not really sensed any strength coming back in my calf, but I haven't been walking very far, just a few laps around the house, and the rest of time resting with my leg up. How far do you walk now? I'll try and do a bit more this week before the boot comes off on Monday, but it's so difficult (mentally and physically) getting that balance between progressing and doing too much.

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      I wouldn't worry to much about it. I'm sure these are the issues physio will address. You are still healing so if your feeling pain then it's your body telling you to rest. Just do what you feel comfortable with. I know the frustration and how we just want to get going again.

      Physically I feel good but the mental thing is getting me. Worrying about 're injury. But I've been assured that even now it would take a lot I of force to 're rupture. I am pretty much able to walk about the house no problem. Furthest has been local shop and park with the kids. 5 mins there then 5 mins back. I wouldn't say I am getting much pain it's more the boot being uncomfortable that makes me need to rest.

      As I was in a cast not a boot most of the time I didn't have wedges to remove like others seem to. Six seems to be what people say. Instead my foot was ajusted 3 times with significant pain and pulling feeling each time which took about a week or two to go away.

      I also get my boot off on Monday so will see how it goes. Should be running by Tuesday!!!!!!!!

    • bobbers9 bobbers9 Davie c

      Hi davie

      Would you mind if i followed your progress along with that of Jw

      who i have been sharing with as we all three seem to be running

      parralel ,tho you seem to be a bit in front of me ,ie im.5th and final

      wedge out today and see hospital friday .after complete rupture

      shredded plus nr complete rupture furthur 5th april up and now

      complicated by a calf tear on my other leg ,any advice would be appreciated .

      Best wishes .

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 Davie c

      Hi Davie,

      Just a quick update on my injury. I am now out of the aircast boot after 8 weeks. I started with 5 wedges on the first week and was full weight bearing after 2 weeks. Was great to lose the crutches after this 2 week period. Then on I reduced the wedges week by week and was wedgless for the last 2 weeks. The boot has now been removed and have so far had pretty painless physio. The physiotherapist could not locate my rupture but also said that over the last 5 years non surgical route was more common than surgery.

      So I'm 5 days into physio and so far so good. The leg and ankle area feels tight but with ROM movements this is improving daily. I am happily walking 15-20 mins twice a day. I do not have much power in the ball of my foot but my partner has said theee is slight definition in my calf which has obviously deteriorated over the last 8 weeks. I have a further physio session this Friday and I am getting back to work next Monday.

      This has been the most mentally challenging thing I have ever experienced and it's important to try and get out and about. The boot was great as it can be removed in the evenings but I cannot stress how important it is to keep it on through the night. It's awkward and uncomfortable but I think this def helped my recovery.

      Still a way to go but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Good luck everyone

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Thanks Davie, really appreciate the comments, whilst we're all following slightly different routes to recovery it's SO good to hear everyone's stories and compare similarities.

      Will look forward to sharing how we both get on on Monday. I'll join you for that run on Tuesday - haha!

    • JW11 JW11 gavjones77

      That's brilliant, Gavjones, so good to hear your progress. Is your physio on the NHS or have you gone private? How often do you go?

      I'm absolutely with you on the mental challenge of it all. It's been - and continues to be - the toughest thing I've ever been through, and I'm normally a positive person. I'm so scared of having my boot off on Monday, even though it will also be a relief - the thought of putting my full weight on my jelly leg for the first time petrifies me! How was that for you?

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 JW11

      The physio is on the NHS and the guy was brilliant, seemed like he had a vast knowledge of the injury, I was given a week plan and I'm back on there again on Friday.

      I was taking the boot off for very short periods during the evening which allowed the leg to breath. I slightly hobbled around the house with a heavy limp and being very cautious and yes a massive fear facture but didn't do anything to impact the injury. Having the cast is a huge safety net once back on.

      To a degree it's getting over the fear but your body is a good indication of where you are so I would listen to it!

    • JW11 JW11 gavjones77

      That's excellent, gavjones, I hope I get someone as good. 

      I've been taking my boot off for an hour or so during the day, with my leg up on the sofa, and again in the evenings, for the last couple of weeks and it feels good to have some air around it (and in the boot - it gets so damp and stinky!)

      Gosh, you were brave hobbling around the house, I think I'll pass on that until I've seen the consultant on Monday. However, I have stood up with my foot flat on the floor without putting weight on it - it feels so strange!

      The plaster room guy has said all along to listen to my body - if it hurts, ease back, if it doesn't then do a little bit more.

    • Davie c Davie c bobbers9

      Hey bobbers of course. It's good to hear how others are getting on.

      Sorry to hear about your calf. That has been a big fear of mine injuring my good leg. Hope it heals up quick.

    • Davie c Davie c gavjones77

      Hi Gav thanks for the info.

      Weight bearing after 2 weeks. That's great. Wish I was given that option. 8 weeks in a cast non weight bearing wasn't the most fun I have ever had in my life. but when I eventually got the boot they plaster tech says they have had a few instances of people taking the boot off so everyone gets a cast now where I live. I must look like one of they people that doesn't listen.

      Great to hear about the physio. givies us a wee insight to what is coming to us over the next few weeks. Are you back driving yet? I need to drive for work and was trying to get an idea of time out of boot to driving a manual.

      Both you and Jonathan sound a bit further down the road to recovery so any pointers are great.


    • neil64709 neil64709 Davie c

      Hi All,

      Good luck with the recovery.  I'm off my crutches tommorow, and into boot. Not one to wish my life away but I am sure happy the intial 2 weeks are over.

      Can't wait to start the physio and active recovery period. I'm pretty lucky that I work for myself, so will have plenty of time to focus on rehab. Want to spend at least 1 hour a day in the water areobics pool at the gym.

      Making it my goal to be in the best shape of my life (in the last 10 years) in 5 months time.  Would be cusrious to know exactly what physio excercises you are doing ?

      All the best, good luck with it

    • gavjones77 gavjones77 Davie c

      Hi DavieC

      I was told at my first physio that it would be 10 days just to gently build the strength in the ankle and through the leg. I also need to be back at work and driving is a massive part of my job. I am looking at Monday as my return to work....fingers crossed!

      As I said, next physio session on Friday where I imagine there will be an increase in activities and determine I'm ok to drive.

      The first session was great where they tested ROM and strength and they were positive with that so I guess it depends on each individuals recovery. I would certainly write down some questions of what you should/shouldn't be doing as I was bombarding him with questions. It just gives you insight into the recovery recovery without the boot! As we both agree though, listen to your body.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • bobbers9 bobbers9 Davie c

      Thanks davie

      Had my 5th and final wedge out yesterday eve, i will see how it

      goes today .my right leg weight besring progress being impeded

      by the limitations calf muscle tear in my left leg .

      Best wishes

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Hey Davie, looking forward to the big day tomorrow?!

      I can't wait to get this boot off, but I'm also feeling pretty scared. Right now I can hobble around in my boot, but once it's off I'm frightened that my little leg won't be able to bear my weight and I'll be back on two crutches again.

      Would appreciate feedback on what to expect from those who've already been through this stage. Thanks

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      Hey don't worry JW. Yeah can't wait to get this off my leg.

      So the hospital sent my referral for physio and they couldn't understand the docs writing so booked me an appointment for Friday gone although I shouldn't have been seen till my boots off.

      Seen the physio who was really good. Gave me basic stretching exercises to do to further stretch the Achilles beyond 90° and basic strength exercises for next 2 weeks. At 12 week point I have to go back for new exercises. At that point he said I can go swimming( being careful getting in and out of pool) and on an exercise bike.

      Main thing I got from him was he says as a physio these are great injuries as they always heal really well and he never sees any problems other than people who don't follow the guidelines. He also said 3 to 6 weeks for driving. But the main thing was the psychological bit to get over as the physical thing should not be an issue.

      Hope this info is of use to people as I know these were things I was trying to find out.

      All the best for tomorrow JW

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Thanks, Davie, that all sounds reassuring. Great that you've got a plan in place. The whole injury is as much a mental battle as it is physical, isn't it.

    • neil64709 neil64709 JW11

      Hi all,

      Had my surgery for achilles done on May 14th.

      Soft cast off last week on 31st, and into boot

      My stitches in for another week.

      Stitches are metal staples.

      Also had 1st physio session, which was very light stretching.

      The physio is downstairs from the orthopaedic office,

      and across road from surgery. Convenient.

      5 different static exercises to be done 3 times a day.

      After week of this my ROM is much better.

      I have zero pain and no discomfort, with no swelling.

      Have been doing two additional things.

      A lot of massage, of the calf and ankle.

      Using a Philips infraphil lamp,

      to improve circulation in the affected area.

      Have been partial weight bearing, in the boot with crutches.

      Looking forward to more aggressive physio next week.

      Still taking 1000mg glucosamine a day and 2000mg of vitamin C every day

      Good luck with the recovery process.

      Just remember that every day you are getting stronger and the recovery better

    • JW11 JW11 neil64709

      Afternoon all,

      Thanks Neil, that's all good to hear. Hope you continue to move forward with your recovery.

      I'm just back from the hospital and all's fine, my Achilles is back in tact as it should be and is strong enough for me to put my weight on and start to carefully walk on (with crutches for now while my calf strengthens and to balance me).

      Feels VERY odd having a shoe back on my foot! I've got an insert to raise my heel to help take the full pressure off my Achilles. I've got to have physio (thankfully the request will go in locally, as the hospital is a 2+ hour round trip), but it's likely to be a couple of weeks before I get an appointment, so I'll just have to wait.

      The consultant has told me strictly no passive stretching, as she's known of a couple of incidences where patiens have re-ruptured, so I'm probably not going to go to the private sports physio guy I was thinking of.

      Hope you've had a positive outcome today, Davie?

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      Hey JW good to hear you are on the mend.

      All good with me. Says it's healed really well and they don't need to see me again unless I have any issues. Just Crack on with physio and all should be good.

      Left my crutches at the hospital and walked out. Felt very strange and had to go slow. Never got a wedge either as he says I don't need it as he felt my tendon had all ready stretched past 90°. Was a bit surprised but they are the experts I suppose.

      I didnt tell him I had all ready started my stretches!

      It's been a long 10 weeks but feels great to be back on my feet.

      I have a lot of fluid round my ankle. Did others have this? Doctor says it will go whenbi start walking again.

      Jw if you want me to post a link for a YouTube video of the basic stretches I was given then I can. Totally understand you may just wish to wait to see the physio.

    • Rob9700 Rob9700 Davie c

      Hello, Davie.

      Yes, I had fluid around ankle for quite a while--swelling. Had to wear some different shoes. But with ice as needed, Physio, and regular exercise, I don't have the ankle swelling any more, and I am back in my "pre-injury-surgery" shoes. Sometimes ankle stiffens up a bit.

      Glad you are all doing well!



    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Great news Davie. Blimey, you were brave walking out without your crutches - braver than me! I've just tried a walk down the hallway without putting my crutches down, so that's my limit for now, but I'll work on it! 

      I've not got any fluid around my ankle, but the consultant said to half expect it once I'm up and about more, and to elevate it as I need to (which I tend to do when I'm sitting anyway). 

      It'll be interesting to see the video, even if I don't actually do any of it until I see my physio. Thanks.


    • neil64709 neil64709 Davie c

      Hi Davie,

      If you can, get in the pool. On my same leg (left) I tore my posterior cruciate ligament in the knee ( about 20 years ago). Had the ligament replacement. Once in a while I get some swelling, but a session in the aerobics pool (45 minutes) of floating and kicking once a week will zap the  swelling quickly.

    • jonathan28999 jonathan28999 neil64709

      Wow!! That is most definitely not intact haha!

      I saw pictures of David Hayes after he did his and it was very similar to this.

      Sorry been quiet recently. It's great catching up on everyone's progress.

      I went back for my 6 week check up today. I was concerned about attending this as I had had a little fall on the stairs last week where my leg just gave way under me. Thankfully though, they seemed very pleased with my progress. I asked about why I am still limping when I walk, but apparently I can expect this until about the 5 to 6 month point when calf strength should have returned more. I am now trying to do toe raises on the edge of the stairs to stretch it out a little more.

      Davie, I would definitely get to the swimming baths, this has helped me a lot.

    • Davie c Davie c Rob9700

      Thanks Rob good to know.

      JW I will get a link posted up for you soon. Well done on starting to use the crutches less. you definitely feel weird with out them as if they are a comforter. But once you get rid you will feel loads better. Just take your time and do what you feel comfortable with.

      Thanks Neil, Jonathan my plan is to start swimming in 2 weeks. That will be my 12 week point. Although my physio warned me about getting in and out the pool. His friend who is a GP 're ruptured diving into the pool! He said he wouldn't listen and just done his own thing.

      Nice picture Neil. No doubt there. Also reminded me of the David Haye picture.

    • Davie c Davie c JW11

      This video for the first 1 min 30 secs is the stretch I am doing. Really basic. Do it twice a day 3 times for 30 seconds each time.

      Also do the same stretch with knee bent as it streches the second muscle in your calf. Hope this helps.

      Moderator comment: I have removed the link(s) directing to site(s) unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

    • JW11 JW11 Davie c

      Davie, thanks, but the moderator has removed the link. Feel free to send it to me in a private message.

      Good to hear from you Jonathan. Toe raises are really good progress! Slow and steady wins the race.

    • neil64709 neil64709 Davie c

      I was expecting a lot more pain after surgery,

      but it's been minimal for me. No swelling or bruising.

      Really nice to see some life in my calf muscle,

      but it's only 3 weeks after surgery.

      're the swimming, I don't think you have to go crazy in the pool.

      Some kicking and light movement is good enough, the rest will follow.

  • sandy29182 sandy29182 jonathan28999

    Hello all, I am just over 10 weeks post injury.  My air cast has been off since May 20th. I walk with a limp, have swelling and heel pain. Also pain around my ankle.  My PT has given me a stretching exercise to do every two hours. I stand in front of a wall with the toe of my injured foot against the wall and my other foot is placed slightly behind for balance.  I am supposed to then bend my knee forward until it touches the wall. It is excruciatingly painful. Bend, touch, release. Repeat. 10 times.  By the 3rd time I can touch the wall with my knee, but it is not pleasant.  I try this with my uninjured foot and no problems.  PT advises to step back from the wall once I can do these touches. Step back one inch and do it again. And so on. My ankle is so sore and painful to the touch, but I can definitely feel that I am stretching my tendon from the heel to the calf.  Has anyone else tried this sort of exercise? I am just wondering how I am faring in comparison to others. 

    • Davie c Davie c sandy29182

      Hi Sandy

      I am also 10 weeks. Limp and fluid/swelling round the ankle. Not really any pain any more just really stiff feeling.

      Your pain sounds like it might be the physio pushing you a bit to hard. My physio said my exercises should be uncomfortable but not painful. Doing more and causing pain will heal in the same time as doing less and not getting to painful. That's my physio opinion anyway and I'm sure they all have their own ideas.

      If you are struggling maybe go back to non weight bearing stretches. That's where I am at the moment. All the stretches have the same goal to slowly stretch back the Achilles tendon. So as long as it is stretching a bit each day it will get back to where it needs to be. As I'm sure all will agree it's s time consuming process and we all want the recovery to be as quick as possible. Put maybe don't try and push to hard.

      Hope the pain eases soon.

    • JW11 JW11 sandy29182

      Sorry to hear all of that Sandy. I'm with Davie in thinking that it soulds like your physio is pushing you too hard. Pulling, aching, and some soreness is to be expected, but real pain is definitely an indication that it's too much. I know we all have to put our trust in the professions, but we also have to listen to our bodies.

    • sandy29182 sandy29182 JW11

      Thanks Davie C and JW11. I am seeing my PT today and will review my progress.  It is just so frustrating, mentally as well as physically. And there is no one around going thru the same thing to bounce things off. I worry most that I am not doing the exercises as much as I should. Thanks again for the feedback.  Makes a difference.

    • JW11 JW11 sandy29182

      It's good that we can all chat about it here and get each other's feedback. Do keep us posted once you've seen your PT. 

      Having read others' progress, and from doing research, I'm concerned that I haven't been doing enough stretching and ROM exercises (I've not really done any apart from simply moving my ankle up and down and wiggling my toes) but on the other hand I've done exactly as I've been told. I can only hope that my first physio appointment isn't delayed too long, then I can find out more.


    • neil64709 neil64709 JW11

      After 2 weeks I had my 1st PT session. 5 excercises while lying

      down with straight leg, maybe supported by pillow. The range of motion is very important in the recovery, as it will help you walk properly later on.

      1) Point  toes down and then lift them up 

      2) Do a windscreeen wiper action with your foot

      3) Circles with your foot (both directions). Just stay within a comfortable range of motion

      4) Push injured foot against good one for a count of 15seconds 

      5) Had elastic stretch band, and with it wrapped around injured leg, hold a static resistance.

      Finish off with a light foot massage if possible.


      I was driving after 2.5 weeks (nobody to help me, except my dad and his driving is traumatic for both of us razzeek. He's 87 !). Left leg and manual vechile (very soft clutch), but in my aircast it all feels fine.

      Hoping for some additional strength building excercises at PT tommorow.


    • JW11 JW11 neil64709

      Thanks, Neil, that's really helpful.

      The first two I've started doing gently the last week or so, but sitting up. I'll definitely add in 3 and maybe 4, but I've been told no passive stretches, so the elastic band is a no-go for now. It's hard to know - without a professional on hand - how far to push it, so I'll be careful, but at least I'll feel as though I'm doing something to help start the recovery.

      No driving for me until I feel confident, but luckily I have my husband and parents on hand as taxi drivers. (Aww, your dad, bless!) 

      The other thing I'm slightly concerned about is that my leg and ankle are feeling rather cold, so I'm having to keep rubbing it to try and get the circulation going. I hope it's just a temporary thing.

    • neil64709 neil64709 JW11

      Just back from physio today. For me it's 3 weeks post operation. Stitches out, and leg feels fine. Added a rubber band stretch with toes down. Band around upper part of foot and toes. Pull ends with hands. Also two weird ankle stretches, that feel kind of strange. Can't really describe them.

      Was also on exercise bike at physio. Boot off, with heel on peddle, no resistance. Can do as much of that as I want, and it felt great.

      Re you cold musle and foot. One thing I find brilliant for relaxing the muscles (and warming them up) is my infrared Lamp. 15 minutes on each side of the ankle (boot off), and 10 minutes on the achilles,  feels pleasantly warm, and gets the blood flowing through the trauma area. It's very realxing as well.

      Physio said I can get in aerobics pool after next weeks physio. No kicking, but he said I would be able to walk in waist high water.

    • JW11 JW11 neil64709

      Glad all's well after your physio, Neil. I was still in a cast at three weeks, so it's amazing that you're making such a swift recovery, though appreciate you had surgery and I didn't. 

      The infrared lamp sounds like it could be of real use to me (and probably my hubby too, who has sciatica!) I think you said it's a Phillips one, but which one is it? I've found the InfraPhil HP3616 150 W on Amazon that's got very good reviews. Thanks.

    • neil64709 neil64709 JW11


      I have an old philips infraphil. The bulb has blown a few times. Has a white infrasatin bulb, 250w 240V made in Hungary.  It is very similar to the HP3616 .For muscle aches and pains I don't think there is anything better. It dilates the veins and helps the blood flow through the affected area.    For 39 quid I don't think you can go wrong.


    • sandy29182 sandy29182 JW11

      Well, I described my pain to my PT when I was stretching my calf by putting foot - toe to wall and bend at knee.  She listened very carefully and asked some questions as to where pain was and my description. Well, the upshot is the pain she feels is stretching pain, and that since I seem to be starting from the beginning each time I do this exercise, that I should not slow down, but in fact speed up.  She advised me to repeat this exercise hourly if possible.  I am not quite doing that as other activities also keep me busy. However, following her advice the best I can and I do have lesser pain and it is slightly easier to do.  I have several exercises now, using the rubber band for tension. Pointing toes, flexing heel, and twisting foot about, as neil64709 describes.  I do massage foot after each toe-wall-knee exercise. It helps.

      I did have some feeling of cold in my foot early on. Not now.  I think it is normal and should subside. If it doesnt, I would mention it to your PT.

      I also walk a bit daily, but PT advised that if walking led me to limping more, than to take a break. Better to walk a bit without limp, then to walk more or faster and limp, as limping is not good for the muscle memory that I am trying to develop. I see her point and find that I am now sitting more when I am tired.


    • neil64709 neil64709 JW11

      Hi JW ,

      I know you can't undo your past 8 weeks 're surgery / non surgery.

      But I would say to a person who has just suffered an achilles rupture ,

      that the surgical approach seems more satisfactory.The non

      surgical seems to be endless non weight bearing initially.

      It's really interesting to see the different recovery times

      for the achilles rupture. The biggest change for me was

      getting out of non weight bearing cast into boot after 2 weeks.

      Mentally it feels really good, and you feel more proactive in

      your recovery.

      Did you purchase the lamp ? If so I really hope it speeds your recovery and eases your discomfort.

      All the best,


    • JW11 JW11 neil64709

      There's a lot of recent research that disagrees about surgery and suggests that the conservative route is better... but it does seem to be quite an ongoing debate, and is one that differs from country to country and doctor to doctor, so all we can each do is follow the route given to us. 

      I'm going to see a private physio this afternoon (the same one I saw when I paritally ruptured my other Achilles about 10 years ago). The hopsital said that it could be 2-3 weeks before I get an appointment on the NHS, so I want to be pro-active and start making some progress instead of sitting around waiting and not knowing what I should and shouldn't do.

      I've ordered the lamp and it's arriving today, so hopefully that'll help - thanks for the advice on that.

    • sandy29182 sandy29182 neil64709

      There is no public pool close by as I live in a village. They do have public access to hot springs pool, as the village is a resort with hot springs.  However, that is costly for me at $10 per day.  However, my sister lives just down the street and she has a swim/spa. Not accessible at this point as they have dug up their back yard to install a patio and spa is currently surrounded by dirt and sand.  But soon, I hope, I will be visiting her daily. I agree that the exercises sound intense compared to most others on this blog, so I am using what common sense I have left to judge what I am capable of.

    • gopal1959 gopal1959 sandy29182

      Hello, My heart does really go out to you all folks, as I myself had been through a full achilles rupture and a surgery now exactly about 9 months ago 16th Sep. The rupture occurred while playing tennis. Just last month (8 months post surgery) I resumed my tennis game last month and played for about a week when my brother came over. I would say my healing and recovery had been fantastic (on hindsight).

      The routine since Surgery:

      - 3 weeks Cast ( during this time I would do regular meditations ..about 3 to 4 times a day) and lot of Ice packs. No weight bearing.

      - 3 to 6 weeks ..Cast removed and Boot on..  still No weight bearing..

      - 7th week .. weight bearing and started driving. Started Physio.. The Physio started aggressive and showed much improvements into 2nd week.. All the while Ice packs would continue.

      The Physio gave me a target to do heel raise, which I slowly started into the 4th month slowly and now in 8th month I can do a complete heel raise. I still do stretches 3 times daily (20 mins each) toe raise/heel raise on stairs, heel walk and toe walks, and stretch the achilles tendon.

      Caution.. early on do it carefully but consistently.. the stretches has to shed the scar tissues...

      At end of 9th month (this 16th June) I still feel a little unease, but continuing the stretches makes it better. I play table tennis daily and looking forward to regular tennis games.

      Do not lose hope folks, it is going to be hard work, but you will come close to normal surely.

    • kristymichelle kristymichelle Davie c

      Hi Davie. I'm around 6 weeks post op from a complete rupture. I have also experienced the shooters from the heel down the outer edge of foot to the last 2 toes. However, what's got me most concerned is the bruising. I'm in the boot and when I walk very far, I not only swell substantially, I bruise. My heel is a deep purple and bruising gets worse every time I walk very far. Do you think this bruising is normal? I was 2 weeks in a hard cast post op and now around 4 weeks in air boot.

    • sandy29182 sandy29182 kristymichelle

      Hi Kristy. I don't think the bruising is good, especially as you say it gets worse every time you walk far. Maybe you are doing too much? are you in heel wedges? I did not have surgery, so I was only in a boot, not a cast at all. However, my brusing began to fade after about 5 weeks and now 12 weeks post injury I do not have any reoccurance of bruising. Are you in physio? If so, I would discuss it with your PT. If not, then with your Dr. You could be someone who just bruises easily, but should check it out to be sure.


    • Davie c Davie c kristymichelle

      Hi Kirsty.

      I was non surgical and when I got my cast off at 8 weeks I still had bruising around the bottom of my foot. Went in a boot for 2 weeks and I was full weight bearing but don't feel it use to bruise up anymore but certainly did swell.

      I would say bruising is normal at this stage but maybe get it checked out as you would think the bruiser should be getting better not worse. I ain't a doc but I'm pretty sure it's just your bodies way of healing.

      Hope it settles down soon.

    • neil64709 neil64709 kristymichelle

      Hello Kristy,

      I am 5 weeks post op, 2 weeks in soft cast and last 3 weeks in boot. My rupture was also complete, about 2 inches above my heel. I am walking in house without boot, but I have no sweling, brusing or pain.

      To me brusing would be ok'ish, but swelling is the body protecting the area/joint from injury so something is not right there.

    • sandy29182 sandy29182 kristymichelle

      Ouch. I hope your heel is somewhat better. If not, I would probably insist on seeing Dr. and getting some heel wedges to relieve the pain and brusing. I have a fair amount of heel pain, but no bruising any more, since about week 5 or so.  I am at week 14+ post injury (no surgery).  Good luck and rest, in lying position and raise the leg above the heart, as much as you can. That should help some.

    • sandy29182 sandy29182

      Hello all, It has been awhile since anyone has posted their progress. I am hoping all is going well. My progress was going slow, but forward. Managed to do small heel lifts for a few moments.  But recently have been experiencing tendon pain and stiffness in both legs. Not sure where that came from. But find it pretty debilitating.  With PT, I have two things that are being emphasized. One, is doing calf raise, lift good foot and hold stance for 45 seconds (I do hang on to my kitchen counter). Then lower, rest 2 minutes and repeat. Total of 5 times. Repeat entire sequence 2 times per day.  I find it painful in the tendon area, but do feel that is where my progress in lifting on to toes on injured foot is coming from. Having said that, continued tendon pain means that several times I don't repeat the exercise later in the day.  My PT advises this is a specific protocol and that I need to do it. So still struggling with it.  The second PT is with her co-worker who does IMS. I have had two sessions with him. It is not comfortable, but so far no pain from this. And I think it has helped stimulate the muscle that is attached to my middle toes. The numbness I used to feel has dissipated quite a bit.

      During this time, I have not done a lot of walking, but last week I took a 1.5 mile walk that took about 45 minutes. Now to my reckoning, that is not overly fast. And although I was feeling it in my tendon by the time I finished, I otherwise felt great. The next day is when I started to feel pain in both tendons and that pain has been consistently there since then. I find it very painful to go down stairs on either foot. I did not go for any more walks until two days ago. Went for 2 1.0 mile walks. Yesterday went for two .5 mile walks. The first time, I found that walking seemed to help loosen up my calves and then tendon pain on my good foot eased up to negligible. The pain in injured foot went down to a 1-2/10. Yesterday was shorter walks, but did not feel good and was in 5/10 pain in both tendons by the end.

      Anyone else having any similar setbacks? Any suggestions?  I am still stretching - stair calf raises and lunge stretches. Have not completed the 45 second protocol in two days, but plan to try again shortly today. Yesterday I soaked in hot tub for 30 minutes and that seemed to help for a short time.


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