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  • jonathan28999 3

    Achilles rupture - some pain during healing

    I had a complete ruptured Achilles during a game of football. Hospital put me in a cast for 4 weeks then a boot. After 1 week in boot, hospital removed a wedge. They did this without examining he Achilles at all. I am meant to remove a second wedge myself tomorrow. However, I have been having some pain...

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  • victor06877 1

    Achilles Rupture - No Surgery

    Hello Everyone,  I ruptured my achilles tendon playing basketball about 3 weeks ago. I went to the doctor got an MRI done and was told that it was a complete rupture and needed surgery ASAP. After doing some research and getting a second opinion I was told that it would heal without surgery. I was placed...

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  • Mark A 2

    When will I get strength in calf back?

    I ruptured my Achilles 10 weeks ago.Non surgery.Was in cast for 7 weeks. Been in boot for 4,another 2 weeks out of boot and 2nd physio.Ive been fully weight bearing for 3-4 weeks.Walking about house in shoes.I can stand on bad foot itself.The problem is it seems that it's not gaining any strength,it...

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  • jennifer48297 2

    5 weeks post op

    Hi, I am 5 weeks today post op from Achilles release and 2 metatarsal osteomty as well as a Morton nueroma removed. Wore a splint for 2 weeks then a castr for 2 weeks. Cast was removed last wed and I was put in a boot with weight baring as tolerated. I did great for 2 days mind you it was tender but...

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  • Scottie13 2
  • kristymichelle 2

    Achilles Tendon Rupture 5 days post op

    Hi. I ruptured my Achilles' tendon a couple weeks ago and had surgery to repair 5 days ago. Surgeon found my tendon to be pretty damaged once inside. I'm in a half cast and go back for follow up in 9 days for the boot of all goes well. My concern is that I'm having spasms in my injured leg. I'm not sure...

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  • ty62017 2

    Achillies tendon tear

    Hello im 39 completely tore my achillies tendon and I had surgery yesterday. Wondering how did anyone manage their pain. Did you put ice on back of knee? I woke up this morning in alot of pain. Was you on complete bed rest for 2 weeks?

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  • james00723 3

    post surgery ruptured achilles tendon

    Thought i would start a new discussion. Tore my right achilles nearly 3 weeks ago now. Had the operation about 10 days after rupture. I am in my late twenties and it came as a bit of a shock if im honest. I go to the gym regularly and exercise with weights frequently. Anyway, had the op and im in no...

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  • Buffy61 3

    How long off work?

    i am an ICU nurse and had left insertional tendinitis a few years back. Healed up when I took time out to travel and wasn't working full time. A few months ago my right Achilles started getting sore. Had USS and it showed I have bilateral archilles tendinitis. Was seeing a physio and having treatment...

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  • lellyz 2

    Achilles Pain

    I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my left achilles for a few months. Been to a physio and he diagnosed it as Achilles Tendonitis but after a number of treatments nothing has really changed. If I wear heels or keep my toe ponted the pain reduces but it is then much worse when I walk again. Sometimes...

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  • KMidd 2

    Swimming during Achilles rupture recovery

    I'm waiting to hear back from my physical therapist...I was curious if anyone used any pool workouts or swimming as part of their Achilles rupture recovery. I want to know what kind of workouts/exercises did you do. I'm 10 weeks post injury and am just starting to transition out of the boot.

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  • LawDogg 2

    Heel Pain - Walking Boot

    Hello All- Tore my achilles about 6 weeks ago (March 27), and had surgery about 4.5 weeks ago. Was in a splint for a week, and then a cast for 3 weeks. Last Thursday I had my cast taken off and I was put in a walking boot. I have actualy experienced more pain in my heel and the outside of my foot on...

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  • cindy74895 2

    Still in pain after Achilles surgery

    I had Achilles reconstruction surgery back on December 20, 2016. I'm still in pain almost 5 months later. I'll give a little history. I started having heel pain in January 2016. Doctor told me I had tendonitis. I started with physical therapy and it unfortunately did not help. I wore a boot for 6 weeks...

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  • michael55071 2
  • michael55071 2

    Tips to help the healing process for ruptured achillies

    Just gone past 6 weeks now since i ruptured my achilles and i've been reading on the internet what people have tried in order to aid the healing process. Just wanted to know if people have tried these as Im worried i could potentially try something and re-rupture the tendon? From what i read I gathered...

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  • dee525 2

    Back to work after Insertional achilles surgery

    Wondering if anyone went back to work at 3 weeks after insertion achilles surgery?? My Achilles completely torn off the heal bone. Had to have tendon transfer and some type of staples for lengthiness. In cast for 6 weeks then I will be in boot for 6 as well. I went back to work at 3 weeks but swelling...

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  • michelle977 2

    Achilles Tendon and calf problems

    hi.  Ive had achilles tendonitis on and off.  this is the 2nd time and is currently for 2 years on.  partly got it sorted with orthotics as over pronating.  but a month ago i had a weird feeling in my ankle.  I was sat still and it felt like a sharp pain and like a elastic band stretching then going...

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  • Ash91127 2

    Achilles tendon rupture ATR

    Hi. I tore Achilles on may 14. Had surgery on may 19. I will be 2 weeks in this cast and this Friday I will get stitches out and then another cast for 6 weeks. After that I go in to a boot, not sure for how long. Can anyone advise if it is OK to go in to a swimming pool when in the boot? Is it OK to...

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  • mandy1956 2

    Week 1 of my Achilles rupture

    I feel so  useless, having to rely on  someone else to do practically do everything for me. I have had my plaster cast on now for one week, but am not getting on well at all with the crutches, not sure I can take another seven weeks like this !!!!

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  • lindyjane 1

    Leg pain while sleeping

    Hi all - I am in a moon boot for vertical tears in my Achilles' tendon. I find I can cope with the discomfort during the day but wearing it while sleeping (which I have been instructed to do, I wear it 24/7) is causing me great pain. I am ok until I have be n sleeping around 3 hours, and then I wake...

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  • bobbers9 2

    Update ,complete Achilles tendon rupture

    Update .. After completly rupturing my achillies tendon on april 5th .( my fault ) pushing a car and and hobbling around on zimmer with a knee length medical boot 24/7 5 wedges ever since .with months of healling and rehabilitation ahead of me On thursday with my leg still only partial weight bearing...

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  • neil64709 3

    Achilles Rupture from start to finish

    Hi All, Ruptured my Achilles playing tennis on March 7th. Otherwise I am in pretty good shape and am 53 years old. I do question my sanity from time to time....  Was hoping it was a partial tear, but I showed no sign of recovery after 3 days. Off to the ankle specialist, who did'nt even need an xray...

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  • donnadb037 2

    9 months post ATR still can't get up on toes

    I had an Achilles' tendon repair in August. It's been 9 Months and I still cannot bear weight AT ALL on my toes! My PT never worked on this, just stretching and ROM exercises. Can anyone post ATR give me some advice or exercises to help me achieve this goal?? It's still very weak and painful daily!...

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  • nigel44110 2

    Planta fascia

    I am 58 was born with telapese which is a club foot I had a tendon release age 7 and this assisted into adult hood . Over the years I have had severe pain in the middle of my foot and it feels like I want to cut the fascia to release the pain as it's so tight. Over the last 10 years I've had injections...

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  • gavjones77 2


    So my 6 week check up seemed very routine. I have had the aircast on for 7 weeks. I have no wedges and have been full weight bearing from week 2. I have had very little pain or issues throughout and now set a date for next week to start physio. I am keen to get back to work asap and the physio should...

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  • michael 90637 1

    achillies tendon

    hello everyone name is mike i have a partially torn achillies tendon and am truely concearn i tore it back in dec 21 and have been going through therapy since now the 2nd mri shows no change and now i have to go in for surgery what should i know ahead of time and what about this ultra sound surgery i...

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  • jo80118 1
  • denise130366 2

    When did you try to stand on your tip toes?

    I had my right AT fully replaced 12 weeks ago and have been doing OK as far as I know. Last night I decided to try and stand on my tip toes and it was a flop. The pain was bad but manageable but today my ankle is swollen and a tad tender. I've had utterly rubbish support from my surgeon. The last time...

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  • david97308 2

    Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment - Postcode Lottery?

    Hi All, First time poster here. I wanted to find out a little more about various NHS trusts treatment of Achilles Tendon Rupture (ATR).  I'm especially interested as I get the feeling the treatment on offer to me is not optimal and I wonder if I'm the victim of being under the wrong trust.  One that...

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  • Voxic 2

    Rapid onset tendonitis?

    Hi all, I've had this occur previously, several months back, in that I had pain develop in my thumbs, which then spread rapidly into all fingers and lasted weeks / months. The pain in the fingers stopped but it remained slightly in the thumbs. Once again this has appeared, first in the thumbs then...

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  • LawDogg 2

    Achilles Rupture for the Second Time

    Hello All- New to the site. I came across in my search for some comfort while in recovery. About Me I'm 42 years old and a fairly active individual. On March 27 (roughly 2 1/2 weeks ago) I ruptured my left achilles while playing in my regular pickup basketball league. This is the second time I've...

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  • sunflower35 2

    9mths post op for full repture not good

    Hi All, Just wondering is there anyone with the same experience of me. I'm so fed up with this injury I reptured my left achillies on July 28th 2016 and had surgery the following day. Surgeon described my tendon like shredded spaghetti. was in a cast for 4weeks with angle change every second week...

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  • matthew 91848 2

    Painless lump on tendon

    Hi all So it been 8 months since the full rupture of my Achilles tendon. I'm now totally mobile, able to do pretty everything I could before my accident. Over the last few weeks ive notice a small hard lump on the inside of my leg about 6 inches above the ankle. Totally painless. Has anybody else had...

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  • stephanieM32 2

    Getting depressed from Achillies/Plantar tendon surgery

    Mid September I ruptured my achilles/plantar tendons. It only went 2 days unchecked before I couldn't stand the pain anymore. They tried casts and splints until mid November when they decided surgery would be the best option and I thought it would have been too. Weeks after surgery, two freak accidents...

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  • leroy231 2

    Achilles rehab advice

    Hi all, ruptured my Achilles just before xmas. Had surgery, was in plaster for 8weeks then boot for 6weeks. Have been out of boot for almost a week and finding my ankle is very sore. Been stretching my Achilles with very little pain but all the pain is on the inside of my ankle. Having a lot of trouble...

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