What are others time frames regarding wedges removed and walking with boot cast.

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Just wondering at what point other people took the first wedge out of their air cast boot. I'm the non surgery route and was 2 weeks cast and now into 2-3rd week of walking cast and walking no crutches. The leg length difference is difficult (even with the 'Evenup foot enhancer' [wink]  plus I feel like I've concquered this stage but doc's instructions were to take it out after 3 weeks. Don't want to wait another week if I don't have to! Any other experiences are appreciated!

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    Hi sharlene,

    I took my 1st wedge out after the 1st week in the air boot, if your walking without crutches I'd be tempted to take a wedge out and see how you are, if it hurts put it back in.

    I had 3 wedges to start with and one came out every week till none.

    9th day now without boot, did my longest walk yesterday around 1 mile, just been on my bike on turbo trainer and done 4 mile about an hour ago, everytime I do my exercises or walking I put ice on, I'm still stiff and it swells up slightly but ice takes it down.

    I can go upstairs normal ish but going down I can't, lead with bad foot and one step at a time.

    My goal for the end of the week is to drive, mine was left foot (clutch) keep going into car and pressing the clutch and it feels ok but just a bit week. I have physio on Friday so looking forward to how he feels how I'm doing, I expect to much to be honest but that's just me. Good luck with your recovery.

    Dave 😆

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      Thanks for all the info Dave! I am inclined to just try taking one out and see how it feels (with crutches). From my understading, the whole point of non-surgery is to allow your body to repair itself with rehab starting as early as possible. I see the physio next week for hopefully lots more exercises (just doing ROMs now).

      Your progession sounds fabulous! Did you start biking with the good leg only at some point? If so, what did you do with the injured leg - rest it on a table?! I agree ice is the key for this injury - use it lots. I a jealous of that walking - at what week are you from the injury date? Sounds like you will definitely be driving by the weekend! Congrats! 

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      Hi sharlene,

      I ruptured my achilles tendon on Fri 9th June, so just over 7 weeks, I just got on the bike and peddled with both legs but no resistance on the gears, felt fine to be honest, only stopped because I didn't want to overdo it, it sounds like a very fine line between doing enough and doing more damage, obviously my main concern is a re rupture, I was non surgical but my rupture was only 8mm.

      I'm self employed and don't get paid if I'm not working but it's an injury that cannot be rushed, what I have read about it every individual case is different.

      Looking forward to Friday to see the physio😆

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      Agree, it's that 'fine line' that's the big concern always! Sounds like you are being careful but moving directly forward. Hope to be at your point by around 7 weeks too! Still a long way off to being 'normal' though!

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    I was non surgical as well. In aircast with 4 wedges for 8 weeks. At week 3, removed first wedge, under supervision of PT.  Waited, felt no discomfort, so 1 week later took out 2nd, then 3rd a week after that. When I took out the last wedge after another week, I did feel discomfort in my heel, so put wedge back for a few days.  One week later, out of cast and on my own.  I did continue to feel pain (1 to 3/10 level) in heel, so advised to buy gel heels for shoes, which I did. Which helped.  However, 18 weeks on and I still have heel pain.  The more I walk, the worse the pain. I understand that some people never have pain and others do.  The advice I was given by both Dr. and physiotherapist is "Let pain be your guide". And I do.

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      Also, have patience. That is the other big lesson I have had to learn.  
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      Hey Sandy, were you in a regular cast at all prior to the air cast? I was in a regular cast for 2 weeks, now the air cast on for 2 weeks so a total of 4 weeks since injury. See the doc in 4 weeks so I'm thinking the cast comes off slowly then but don't know yet. It just seems like maybe I should step it up right now since I've been walking around with no crutches and 3 wedges for about a week now. Don't want to risk a set back though so it's somewhat of a conundrum! Like you said below, a lot of patience is required with this injury.

      I hope your pain lessens more quickly. Are you icing as much as possible? I find that is (and has always been with other sports injuries) a huge help.

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      My rupture was Sunday March 26th. My scan was Tuesday the 28th and I was fitted (with the wrong boot!!) that day.  Two weeks later was fitted with the correct boot. Previous boot was too short and ended midway up my calf. I ended up with a lot of calf pain and bruising around entire calf. After fitted with new boot, next week (week 3) first wedge...

      If you are taking a wedge out, just monitor your pain level. The Achilles needs time to reattach. You don't want to be putting pressure the injury. I think that in the first few weeks that waiting until your doctor advises to remove, you are not harming your outcome or necessarily extending your recovery period.

      Believe it or not, I haven't iced my injury once.  I will try that today and see how it goes over the next few days. 

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      The Carex Ice Bag from Walmart is well worth buying for icing injuries (ATRs included). You can position it easily and it doesn't get wet/condensate! Cost $15 in Canada. 

      Yeah my husband agrees with you regarding obeying the doctor's orders!

      Thanks so for your input!


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    Hey sharlene at 3 weeks I was boot with 3 wedges this was July 10.

    July 27 take 1 wedge out

    Aug 7 take next wedge out

    Aug 14 take final wedge out

    Did you get wedge removal protocol? If so what is it?

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      Hi Ty, yeah sounds similar to my treatment plan.

      Regular cast on July 5,

      Changed to air cast with 3 wedges July 19

      Walking without crutches July 26 

      Proposed plan to take 1st wedge out August 9

      Then I think 1 wedge out each week after

      Were/are you walking without crutches? I'm debating taking out the 1st wedge this week instead of waiting until next week. Would also make walking easier as the leg difference wouldn't be as significant.


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      my notes are very basic... do you wear the boot still with no wedges in or not i'm confused i'm taking my last wedge out and wasn't sure

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