Achilles Tendon Rupture first week

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Recently tore my Achilles and thought I'd join to ask for advice and share experiences via the forum.

Only recently done this 5 days ago playing football. Was put in a boot with wedges , then couple days later went in for scan which revealed the rupture. Phone call next day to go to speak to surgeon to discuss options. I've chosen non surgical I'm mid 30s and understand now I can't run around like a 19 year old anymore.

So have a cast, as I was receiving the cast the nurse gave me some tinzaparin or innohep as it's called elsewhere. Quite alarming to be honest as I've never been given blood thinning medicine and one were I have to inject myself.

All this combined with sitting in the house has got me really down. I also wasnt sat down and told what else I can take with this including ibuprofen etc so I haven't taken any painkillers. Still have some swelling to the foot and I only notice it when I go to toilet or get up and feel the blood go down to my foot and it stings.

Well theres my story if anybody could give me some peace of mind or advice going forward I'd appreciate it. I know I've got a long journey but I'll get there.


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    Hi Kenny

    Blood thinning injections in purely given to prevent clots in your calf muscle as your calf can't contract and relax in the boot. They are important so please take them. Clots are not uncommon and can be extremely dangerous. I am an ex-registered nurse in orthopeadics plus other areas and I've seen many deep vein clots (this is what the injections will prevent).. I've also had many surgeries including an achillies tendon contracture release. I've been on the injections many times over the last 7.5 years since the tramua that caused my injuries. I was on the injections for 4 months post my achilles surgery. You can inject into the lower part of your abdomen below your umbilical (the fatty part), or the top area of your thigh. Make you avoid visible veins. They should have educated you on this and got you to inject in front of them. They should also tell you roughly how long you'll be in the boot and on the injections.

    As for pain relief, ice, elevate etc are very important. Ring your dr and ask. Depending on your pain levels, you may need a prescription for a while. Ibuprofen and the injections are not usually recommended together but please check. You should not have so much pain that you can't mobilise regularly. Do have crutches or something? You should ask if you don't. Too much weight bearing can prolong the healing but too little mobilising isn't good either. Did they say if you can full weight bear or partial weight bear?

    As for healing, please get regular check ups. If it won't heal, walking can be very difficult. Tendons have less blood supply that other soft tissue so unfortunately, it will take a few months at least.

    Is it a full rupture or bad tear?

    Keep us posted. Being worried and down is perfectly normal. Try to do things you enjoy... hobbies?


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      Hi Melissa I replied but I missed a few points you made. Yeah it's a full tear, I'm not weight bearing so using crutches which help me get around. I'm going to docs today so will ask a out pain relief.

      With sitting in the house, boredom and googling things its put me in some worry and I should snap out of that mindset. As for hobbies I've just been playing PS4 and watching judge Judy hahah

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    Hi Kenny,

    I ruptured mine achilles playing football 12 months ago but opted for the op which I had last May I'm 58. The surgeons view was that if I wanted to play other sports like golf then it was the best option. I'm told non intervention will heal but takes much longer. I'm 10 months in and only now am I completely pain free. Surgeon did say 9-12 months to get back to where I was before the op.

    I also had to self inject to prevent DVT due to non movement for 2 weeks then aspirin for the next 6 weeks (low dose). Keep wiggling your toes to try and get some movement. I did take ibuprofen and interpersed with paracetamol for the pain but you need to double check with your doctor as it may depend on other factors.

    Patience is the key here and don't rush it otherwise you'll do more harm than good.


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      Thanks Andrew,

      Glad to hear you are better and still sharing experiences. I think these are really helpful for people in the future who do this sort of injury to themselves. As for injections I've got 28 days worth but that may change when I see the surgeon. It freaked me out as I've been googling and watching videos and not much mention of jabs I panicked thinking why have I been giving these? Glad to hear it's common among this type of injury.

      Are you still playing football? Are we talking football or soccer? unsure if you are from the UK?

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      Hi Kenny,

      Yeah football as in soccer. I felt two rips - calf muscle then achilles. Leg swelled then went black and blue. First Dr said it was a torn calf but although it healed somewhat I was still limping. went to a consultant and straight away he said achilles and the gap was over an inch and recommended surgery sooner rather than later. Best choice I made.

      Reading older records I discovered I partially torn it back in 1996 and it healed with scar tissue so it was always potentially going to go again.

      The point about the op being that the ends are sown together and the internal stitches take months to fully dissolve. This gives the achilles more time to join together better bearing in mind the poor blood supply. With a non surgical repair you are reliant on the accurate positioning of the foot for a longer period of time hoping it isn't knocked or disturbed.

      I also used a CBD balm on and around the area to help with pain relief and swelling which seemed to help, especially the ligaments around the ankle instep which gave me the most pain. Pleased to say I seem to be OK now.

      It is a long road and can be quite boring not getting around. I discovered the radio again and reading which was great way to relax ones mind. Being a lover of blues music also helped...

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    Good luck Kenny! I tore mine 13months ago

    I had no idea what happened. I attributed my pain to a sprain when I twisted my ankle. 5 months and treatment for heel bursitis (wrong), my new ortho diagnosed a tendon tear which had calcified. More P.T. then a PRP injection to help fish the damage going on inside my tendon. Back for PT and trying to build calf. Was in a boot for 4 months, which atrophied my calf. 4th Ortho next week. May need entire tendon opened. There are tiny fibers that have disintegrate. So, another 6 to 9 months of everything I already did. Geez. I'm not a very good patient. I'm happy for you. Just ride it out and all will be well.

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      Wow Susan sounds like you've been through a bad time. They misdiagnosed a ruptured tendon? That is disgraceful

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    Hi ,

    thanks very much for replying and the comments were very helpful. Yes it's a full tear.

    As for the injections the nurse showed me and made sure I was comfortable doing it. I had no issue with the needle it was just alarming why I had to do it.

    The staff including the Surgeon down to the porters are brilliant.

    Yeah the only sort of pain I get is if I've had my foot elevated and I put my foot down to do something. The blood goes down and my heel area especially near the bottom stings. It passes and my toes feel a bit swollen. Once elevated again apart from being uncomfortable sitting all the time the pain goes away.

    I have an appointment with my doctor today and will ask about medication with my jabs as a couple of ibuprofen would be nice to take edge off. I know going off a bit I really fancied a beer yesterday evening but didn't want to chance it.

    Also I've got appointment on Tuesday at Fracture clinic with surgeon. I think they may be adjusting my foot again with new cast. Everything seems to he going quickly treatment wise which I'm glad about.

    The only real complaint I have is when I first done this injury and attended the hospital. There was no real help, I hobbled across a car park to get in, then when my wife went to get a chair their was none available. I told them what I think I've done and I waited in a waiting room for two hours with my foot down. Wasnt until a nurse came to see me and I was hopping around they gave me the chair. Looking back I think a first response to helping it will help it recover that bit quicker. Other than that everything has been great at the hospital.

    Thanks very much for replying.

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      This is my foot post last surgery which was achillies z lengthening surgery. I have severe sciatic nervr damage so I was rating the pain 20/10, vomiting, diahorrea, block infusion, PC morphine and endone. It was hell.

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      I have dystonia of my left leg due to severe sciatic nerve damage so it does these crazy positions (this is the cause of my achillies contracture and all the damage in there). The dystonia has spread up my spinal cord to my brain, so the episodes now effect my entire body including eyes, eye balls, tongue, throat, ability to swallow, breathe (diaphragm, rib muscles), wrists, back, neck etc etc. It is now also badly effecting my right ankle which is the "good one". I am awake during these episodes (I wish I wasn't). I have to be in a moon boot indefinitely since the achillies surgery in November 2018, as the dystonia has been not treated adequately and causes these crazy positions and excruciating pain without the boot. (I'd had a shower in the above picture and my leg when into dystonia before I could get the boot back on). The lump is a large bone spur. It has cracks, huge bone spur, torn ligaments and tendons, abnormal fluid, a fracture, osteoporosis and so on. My left ankle needs a full reconstruction but I can't have that done until the dystonia is treated. I try to stand on it as per drs suggestion and end up in blubbering tears. I told him and he just sighed and said, "don't do it. I can't help you now." He was terribly upset at my condition (mentally and physically) when I was in ICU post achillies surgery.. I still have terrible nightmares. I remember begging my mum to let me die... I have ALOT of pain in the past but I couldn't handle this. Mum told me I was very out of it which is probably good.

      It ACHES 24/7. I have spent years begging for it to be cut off. I've had 5 surgeries I still have problem after problem. Sorry for the rant but I am soooo tired of it. The German Shepherd Dog in the pic is my service dog as I am semi-bed/frame/wheelchair bound. He stays with during all episodes and licks me when I get confused etc. My best option is probably going to be severing the left sciatic nerve from my spinal cord.

      Thanks for listening. I'm going back into hospital soon under a new dr to start the entire process regarding the brain dystonic episodes again and my poor ankle/foot.

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      sound like you've had such a hard time, hopefully you get the treatment you deserve. BTW cute pup

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      Unfortunately no. Those pics were taken last week. It's not very good. It aches 24/7. Needs more surgery but as I said, they can't operate until the sciatic nerve is severed.

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      hello everyone,

      i had a Achilles tendon surgery to repair my ruptured tendon left foot. Its been 7 weeks and I get tightness by my ankles and tingling and burning in evening hours. Anyone experience similar symptoms ?


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