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Achilles' tendon surgery and recovery time

I ruptured my Achilles' tendon complete rupture on 11th October surgery on 17th been told 4 weeks in plaster visit after 2 weeks I assume to look at repair and re plaster? Then 4 weeks with boot and wedges when can I drive I have been signed off work 4 weeks want to go back asap as sick pay isn't much 

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  • Bendine2 Bendine2 Mand43pink

    Hey all, my name is Ryan and I'm 31yo male. I ruptured my achillies on 10/5/17 and had surgery to repair it on 10/12/17. My surgeon said the repair went "perfectly". A few days after surgery I had pain (as expected) but then it began to feel great. I saw my surgeon 1 week post-op and he said that my swelling had gone down 100% (which I guess is rare only 1 week post-op) and that the incision site looked great, no swelling no infections, ect. Now I'm at 2 weeks post-op and out of the blue the last few nights have been experiencing excruciating pain, mostly and intense burning, but also intense heal pain. Last night the pain got so severe that I didn't sleep once the entire night. It's weird to me that I had almost no pain for 10 days and now the pain has all-the-sudden come on. I have been extremely cautious not to put any weight on my foot at all. Since my surgery I've only left the house a couple times, mostly to go to the doctor for follow-up. Where is this pain coming from out of the blue? Are the nerves regenerating? Is the tendon starting to "fuse" back together which is putting pressure on my heal? Thanks!!

    • stephanie32146 stephanie32146 Bendine2


      Our surgery and injury time frames are almost the same. I ruptured mine on Oct 3, 2017 playing softball, the burst of speed while running to second. I had my surgery done on Oct 13, in splint for 2 weeks, then in boot until Dec 1, hopefully. I went thru the same thing but that has subsided, hopefully yours have as well. I also used to get the feeling little pops in my leg in the beginning, that is gone also. I did want to ask you if your are removing wedges and weight bearing and how it feels? I have been getting pain on the side and under my foot. My incision sight is a little sore. Im in pt right now and cannot curl my toes, they move a little. I have some muscles atrophy. My foot is numb all the time it feels like Ive been in the wrong position.Im just trying to see what your pain and rehab is at this stage as well.

    • sherry08047 sherry08047 stephanie32146

      I went back to dr. On November 10th I only have two more weeks of no weight-bearing, then will start pt and will start out on 2 crutches for 1 wk some wt. Then 1 crutch and walker.

      I too have some numbness in parts of my foot. And around incision I have some uncomfort. Mine also has nerve pain-twitching along sides of foot. I'm nervous about pt and starting to put wt. On after 6 wks. Also I 'm in boot too.

    • Mand43pink Mand43pink stephanie32146

      Hi Stephanie

      I was put in a boot week 2 after surgery full weight bearing as much as I could manage the boot is very secure and so there is no movement around the heel at all this is on for 6 weeks after 4 weeks I remove a wedge on a weekly basis. The burning has subsided now. I use crutches for support. No physio therapy yet so I assume when I go for my appointment 22nd Dec I will start physio then. My pain is not too bad but my foot aches if I try to put weight on it too much. Still elevating when sitting

      Good luck with yours

  • margaret 81513 margaret 81513 Mand43pink

    Hi there. I am 6 months post op. Ruptured my Achilles tendon 3.5yrs ago was put straight into a plaster cast no op. It knitted back loose my foot felt it was dragging behind the other one when I was able to walk on it. I eventually 3.5 yrs later saw a surgeon who cut it and made it shorter and did an fhl transfer. After the op my Achilles tendon felt like a tight elastic band. I did a lot of stretching my foot lifting my toes up as tight as I could. Also you need to be standing on tiptoes with both feet and strengthening the calf muscles and various other exercises which you will get at physio. You should be in a plaster castor cam boot non weight bearing for up to about 6-8 weeks. When put into a boot it will be lowered bit by bit until foot is back in the right position then you will be put in a walking boot with some slight weight bearing on it until they say you can fully weight bear. It is a very slow process up to about 18 months to fully recover.



  • sherry08047 sherry08047 Mand43pink

    I had surgery Oct. 12 first two weeks in splint no weight bearing. Then stitches out and in boot still no weight bearing. Pain not bad now at first it was when nerve block wore off. It was mainly the nerves that bother me. I too am hoping to go back to work soon. Was told 3 months recovery. I am using a knee scooter to get around. My worst problem has been anxiety and depression, not being able to do things and needing help. Hope next appt. Dr. will give me better news and something to look forward to. Good luck with your recovery.

    • Mand43pink Mand43pink sherry08047

      Hi sherry

      I had my boot after 2 weeks full weight bearing gradually as I felt ok to do with crutches for support, pain is bearable worse at night. I am totally with you on the depression it's awful having to rely on others all the time and not being able to drive is the worst thing for me being stuck on my own all day its really hard to motivate yourself isn't i

      Hope you had good news from your doctor good luck and take carev

  • stephanie32146 stephanie32146 Mand43pink

    I am in a similar situation, ruptured on Oct 3 surgery on Oct 13. I am in a boot until Dec 1st hopefully, removing a wedge a week. Now when I talked to pt even after the boot I still may not be able to drive safely because of the strength in my foot. I think it just depends, I have read where some people where driving by week 3 without a boot. It seems as thought they rushed the process of stretching there tendon back out, almost all protocols I have read takes at least 4 weeks for your foot to be flat in boot and walking in your regular shoe. I would talk to my md about when i will be out of the cast, because most likely you will have to thru pt before you can safely drive. I am likely be out of the office for 3 mos, but my job allows me to work from home thankfully. Good luck with getting back out there soon.

  • aaron05671 aaron05671 Mand43pink

    Hi. I just wish to share my experience with all. I am 47 year old male.I did a total rupture on my Achilles tendon. Surgery took place the following day. I was put in a cast with four heel raisers and given a set of crutches. Was released from hospital the following day after surgery. I was prescribed blood thinning tablets and pain killers.

    I did experience some pain day one on arriving home. I would rate the pain on a scale of two. I felt I did not need the pain killers so I did not take them.

    Week 1. I did exactly what the doctors told me to do. I found best comfort Resting up on my bed both lying down and sitting up was comfortable as opposed to trying to relax on the couch. Reading books was great. I kept the cast on 24 hr's a day. Sleeping with the cast was a little bit uncomfortable. Also ventured up and down the stairs only when I had someone there to assist me if needed. Doing physiotherapy while lying on the bed.

    Week 2. Exactly as I did in week 1. Still little or no pain. Only the odd sting up my leg, that lasted for all of about 2 seconds. Began to take a shower now. Placed a wooden stool in the shower. Placed a black refuse bag over the cast. My wife assisted me. Stitches now removed and replaced with paper stitches as a precaution. Also 2 heel raisers removed from cast. Venturing outside and doing short walks three times a day with cast and crutches.

    Week 3. Another heel raiser removed from cast.

    Week 4. Cast removed. Final heel raiser removed. Doctors well happy that I had experienced no pain and that I had full movement with toes and good movement of the foot.

    Week 5. Now walking with one crutch. Slight swelling of the leg and foot. I relax the foot on the bed or when sitting on the couch I raise the leg.

    Week 6. I am now walking with no crutches. I am walking slowly but with some difficulty. As advised by the doctors when walking I am to wear  boots and long socks as opposed to wearing shoes. Able to take a bath now. I am experiencing tightening of the wound when walking, this is the old skin meeting the new skin and is also part of the internal and external healing process.

    I was told I may be able to return to work in two or three weeks times. I will update all again on a week to week basis. I hope this is helpful to all.

  • sharon25452 sharon25452 Mand43pink

    I snapped my Achilles in two! It Hs been repaired 6 weeks ago. I can start putting some weight on it while in the boot. I tried and it hurts terribly!  Heel hurts and it hurts when I put pressure on my toes.  Any suggestions?

    • aaron05671 aaron05671 sharon25452


      So sorry to hear of your injury. Firstly do exactly what you are told to do by the your doctor. Every person has a different healing time and pain barrier. Don't over do things. Take your time. Think positive. I found lying on the bed resting was great for me for a few hours each day and then having rested up I went for a little walk, again not over doing it. Back to bed for a few hours, read a book / newspaper and back out again for a little walk. Don't rush things, you know your own pain barrier. Try take your mind off the pain. Another thing I did when the stitches were removed was to bathe my injured foot in a large basin filled with warm water and Epsom salts. Making sure the water covered the scar. I would do this for a hour and go out again for a little walk. Also try rubbing a skin cream around the heel area.Set a goal / target. If you can walk two steps today then try three steps tomorrow and so on. If the pain is really bad you might be best to go to your doctor. Please feel free to put your post up here and let me know how you get on. I wish you well. I will post my progress to date later. remember " Mind over matter"  !!!!

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