Aching joints!

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Morning everyone,

There is so much about FMS I don't understand. It is supposed to be a 'muscle' thing....but my knees and hips ache so much, all the time especially bad at night. Have just had another x-ray which shows only very mild, early onset arthritis. What is causing all this pain, it's driving me nuts?

By the by I get plenty of muscle pain as well (classic upper back/neck/shoulders). Sheesh it is so frustrating that I just can't think what to do for the best.

Any ideas folk? Many thanks.

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    Hi Sarah, well FMS is more a muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia thing!! All of these are affected by Fibromylgia and thus causes the pain and stiffness that goes along with Fibro, so can affect your knees and hips but also ankles, feet, elbows, wrists and hands. The pain can be pretty grinding and unrelenting, I have been put on Nurontin (gabapentin) which has helped, with the deep pain, also amytriptaline, but it really is trial and error with meds, what works for one won't work for another, but hopefully you'll find something that does work for you!

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      Good morning fellow 'hobbler'. Thanks so much for your reply. It's funny isn't it, I do know all this stuff but somehow it gets put to the back of my brain 'unfiled'. I guess I am still in a bit of denial about how bad Fibro can be. I am still looking for answers and just keep thinking that after the next GP appointment/blood test/x-ray, all will be revealed and I will have a plan. (I am an optimist if nothing else!). Anyway...I'm trying a keto diet at the moment to see if that helps (amitriptiline just gives me nightmares and I haven't been offered anything else).

      So thanks again and will keep hobbling on.....

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    Hello- i think the worse thing about Fibro is that there is no definitive test to diagnosis this condition and because the pain is so random it is even more confusing. I have flare ups which particularly affects my shoulders, arms and back. I also have knee, ankle and neck pain.

    I started taking Tumeric 3 months ago and have recently started noticing improvement in the stiffness in my hands and other joints. I don't like generally to make any recommendations but I do think the Tumeric has made an unexpected improvement.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Sarah, it seems the big problem with Fibro is that there is no test, there is no actual cause and no one really understands what it actually is. I notice you said you're trying a keto diet and I wanted to say "well done" as the general thinking seems to be that, whatever has started your (or anyone's) Fibro off, it's probably going to be what you actually put into your body that will make the difference to how it goes. People are beginning to suspect Fibro and CFS/ME, along with many other chronic problems, seem to be to do with mitochondrial dysfunction (our mitochondria are what create the energy in each cell - our minscule powerhouses). Various things we 'collect' as we go about our lives can either cause or add to dysfunction including toxins from the environment and many pharmaceutical drugs, lifestyle habits and known or unknown genetic deficiencies from birth. We have plenty of spare capacity in our mitochondria but once our accumulated problems (or "insults" reach a certain level we start to notice problems such as aches and pains, lack of stamina etc. The various manifestations are given various names (e.g. Fibro, CFS, ME).

    Many 'alternative' doctors have written about the link between diet and mitochondrial dysfunction (easy to find more info about this) although the mainstream medical ethos is to treat it with lots of painkillers and "brainkillers" - various pharmaceuticals. If you look on other discussions in this FIbro section I believe you will come across keto diet many times, also suggestions for more natural supplements.

    Just out of interest, do you have any idea of any medication you took in the year before you first noticed your symptoms? Did you perhaps have some kind of trauma, accident or infection that needed antibiotics perhaps or other treatment? Sometimes this is the kind of thing that kickstarts Fibro symptoms, so finding a beginning might help you to realise there could be an end.

    By the way, I love the fact you're optimistic! Stay that way, find out what you can about nutrition and diet and hopefully you will gradually start to beat this thing.

    P.S. I'd reach for turmeric over gabapentin any day; at least you can just stop taking turmeric whereas it's not so easy to stop the gaba (or it's near-relative pregabalin).

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      Good morning Miriam,

      Thanks so much for your reply - there is plenty to think about there. Couple of things, I probably can't give the names or websites, but I have recently been looking at some medical doctors who are now endorsing the paleo/keto lifestyle as it can have such a beneficial effect on people with FMS/ME/CFS. It is still early days for me, but I am really trying to give my body some good fats to work on rather than sugar. Have to say even after a few weeks I think I am on the right track (had a much better sleep last night, which is a massive thing for me).

      Also just to say, I had a very serious car accident 13 years ago and I think that was the start of my decline in health, I certainly haven't been quite the same person since.

      Will have another go at turmeric, haven't had much luck in the past, perhaps I haven't given it long enough (thanks for your info on that Joan).

      Finally - another new thing, apparently I have Raynaud's syndrome now to add to the list which is classic Fibro. Meh!!!

      Thanks again for your support it is very much appreciated.

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      Hi Sarah,

      I searched for Fibro + Raynaud's and found this:

      "It is estimated that between 30% and 50% of people with fibromyalgia symptoms experience Raynaud's phenomenon too. Raynaud's disease often exacerbates the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia, so sufferers should consult their health care practitioner for treatment advice."

      So I guess you're not alone! There were loads of other hits so you might be able to find out more.

      As for treatment advice, good luck with that. It seems to range from dressing with layers to prevent fingers/toes from going white to blood pressure type pills.

      A friend of mine suffered terribly from it until she had her menopause and then it just stopped - meanwhile her daughter suffers from it...I have no idea what that's all about!

      I think no one is ever quite the same after a serious car accident as not only any injury or stress inflicted on the body but also just the sheer shock and trauma are severely debilitating.

      Good luck with the diet, sounds like it is helping already.

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