Aching upper abdominal pain, bloating and extreme fatigue!!!

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Hello! I am a 19 year old female and I feel like I am falling apart. I was diagnosed with celiac about a year ago and have been completely off of gluten. I have also developed allergies to dairy, eggs and soy. However, I feel as though I am not feeling better at all. Basically the main symptoms that have been bothering me for over 2 years are overwhelming fatigue all of the time. Especially after meals and in the afternoon. My head always feels foggy and I can't concentrate on things and lately my memory has gotten bad which is scary. I have an awful pain in my upper abdomen that radiates up my back. This can be very intense but dull and it hasn't stopped hurting in 4 days now. I am severely bloated, constipated and my tummy just feels inflamed and angry. Some other strange symptoms are I am thirsty all of the time and I get headaches in the from of my head that feel like dehydration but I drink a lot everyday. I get awful back pain during my period. I also have had a strange, dull texture to my fingernails for 7 years now. Earlier this year during another flare up they thought it could be a kidney infection. I was feeling really awful and had a fever and chills. The antibiotics seemed to help but one of my main symptoms at that time was the upper abdominal pain. I am very healthy when it comes to eating so it is very frustrating that I feel so sick all of the time. I am also slightly anemic but taking the iron prescribed to me makes me feel incredibly constipated and sick. Please let me know if you have any idea what this might be!! I am desperate as it is really impacting my quality of life sad Thank you!

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    Though I am not diagnosed with Ceoliac Disease, I can empathize with you on that being I am unable to eat Gluten or anything dairy due to IBS.  I have learnt that what you need is Fruit in your diet which will help in relieving the fatigue, and when it comes to dairy intolerance, Soya Milk, Rice Milk or Lactose Free Milk can help you for the dairy problems. What you will also find during this time you will have to find what you can tolerate and adjust your diet until you find the appropriate balance where you are no longer in any pain.
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    Have you been tested for thyroid problems because of how you described your nails and the continuous tiredness. Also, have you been tested for diabetes, I say this because of your excessive thirst. Also, have you been tested for Helicobacter Pylori or H.Pylori which is a bacteria that lives in your stomach and duodenum and can cause severe pain, bloating can make you feel generally unwell. So it can be a number of things that are causing your problems.  Go back to GP and ask for these tests..Test for thyroid and diabetes involves a blood test. H.Pylori is usually done via a stool sample... Best wishes....

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    HI I had all these issues too! It was hell, I had every test under the sun at the doctor so she decided to blame it on anxiety and stress so wanted to put me on anti depressants, when I knew that that was not the issue. I was complaining to a med student one day and they had me try the fodmap diet! It basically eliminates any food that is even mildly hard to digest. Through it I have learnt that little things like garlic make me bloated, I can't even eat apples. I know if I eat an apple in the morning I will be bloated for the day, and have ongoing fatigue the next! This diet has changed my life I can not recommend it enough. Before going on it I just got so so so bloated after every meal, I was buying new clothes to hide the fact that after lunch I miraculously looked pregnant, I was also constantly fatigued, I went from taking 5 gym classes a week to none. 

    There is a monash university fodmap app that you can get on your phone, it tells you what you can and can't eat and serving sizes, I think it was $10, try this for a week! It honestly change my life! 

    I recommend fodmap above everything else, but I also learnt that I was vitamin B deficient, yet this didn't come up in any original tests, as my body was receiving plenty of B vitamins. But because of my bad digestion my body had stopped converting the b vitamins, into B12. So I now take a B12 supplement every day as well, this wont help with the bloating but will improve the fatigue. A B vitamin will not work though, you need to get the converted B12. 

    I hope this helps! I can not encourage you enough to try this! I suffered from all your wifes symptoms for over a year, and it is hell as no doctors can offer any answers or help. 

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    Just wondering if you got anywhere with this? I am in exactly the same postion a year into being diagnosed coeliac...would love to hear how u got on!!
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    Hi hun,

    I see you posted this 3 years ago and am wondering if you ever got the help you needed?

    I have had very similar symptoms for nearly my whole life and it wasn't until 2 years ago that I went to ER with severe abdominal cramping that radiated to the back, and was admitted to the hospital with Pancreatitis. The pain and fullness radiating to the back is what makes me think you could be dealing with the same thing.

    There are many things that could trigger Pancreatitis. For me, I discovered that it was a combo of caffeine, stress, and poor diet. If you're a caffeine drinker, try switching to decaf for a week and see if you notice any difference.

    With Pancreatitis, if its chronic, unfortunately there's not much you can do to completely get rid of it and in the hospital all they do is starve you, rehydrate you, and give you painkillers until it's gone. The best thing you can do is figure out what you're triggers are (if it is pancreas related) and avoid them. It's helped me for the past 2 years after switching to decaf. It still comes back every now and then but hasn't been as bad as needing to go to the hospital.

    I hope you figure it out and get the help you need. I know how much it sucks to live with those symptoms and be paying for doctors to guess incorrectly at what your disease is.

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    Sounds very much like Candida yeast overgrowth in your gut. I had it bad. You might try a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor. Regular doctors dont deal with yeast.

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