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hi ive suffered from acid reflux for a few years now maybe as many as 5.its gradually got worse and its a nightmare sometimes im sick in the night which is tasteless acid which burns my throat and i cant speak properly for 2 or 3 days. this is quite rare now but i get the heart burn every day and also hiccups all the time. over the last 3 months ive made big changes in my life cut out almost all fatty food cut back of caffeine drink plenty of water and have 2 or 3 fruit a day mostly banana as ive heard these are good for heart burn. ive lost 1 stone exactly but the problems aint getting any better. i take aloe vera juice 2 times a day which dont seem to be doing much either. has anyone got any other suggestions which might work i would greatly appreciate it.

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    no risk no reward.......omeprazole doesnt work for me 

    and it has cost me lots of $$ thats not to say omeprazole doesnt work for anybody...i am willing to give digestaqure a try.......

    you left out the reports of success with digestaqure....


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      That's where us Brits are one up we don't pay for meds lanzoprazole worked for me but since the op I don't need them any more and I'm symptom free
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      Maybe I'm lucky I ca see my nominated doc on the day pretty much all the time and when my reflux got really bad coupled with a hiatus hernia I had a few tests and was offered LINX now I'm symptom and meds free
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      hi bruiser be careful if your going to give that site a go personaly i wouldnt bucause ive never heard of them and so have no idea what im taking.
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      i do but there is still a co-pay

      i dont care about the cost, i care

      about getting better......and the approach

      that speaks to the whole body and

      the immune system is a lot more of an intelligent

      approach than drugs that surpress symptoms

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      i am sorry love, but you got that 1/2 right

      national insurance is funded by tax dollars

      the govt has no income other than tax dollars

      derived from its citizens......

      so, the correct answer would be taxes

      politics aside i am just looking to resolve

      my gastro issues......i am probably going

      to end up with naturopathic medicine

      as it is the only think i have tried that has worked...

      do you have hiatal?

      do you have pressure/discomfort in your chest?


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      LINK is a new procedure(surgery) for reflux, rather than explain on here google LINX PROCEDURE and it will explain, basically I've had a magnetic titanium band fitted over my oesophagus which acts as a valve. Since having it done no more pain discomfort bloating coughing being sick.   Nothing.   It's amazing
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      And this is the uk where national insurance is different than the us and IS used to help fund the nhs
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      thanks love, i did google.....v interesting........i will ask my dr...

      not to belabor the point....but if you do not pay for health care.....

      and national health care doesnt charge for anything.......

      where could they get any money other than taxes $$

      do you or anybody in UK pay premiums to national health care?

      is it all free for everybody?

      if it is free for all, it can only come from one dollars....

      where else could it come from?

      the govt operates only from tax revenues....

      the govt has no source of income other than taxes...

      thank you for the info on linx!!

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      in the USA we pay premiums for healthcare, for instance

      my wife and i pay 1500.00 per month......thats 18,000

      per year(thats after tax $$ more like 25,000.00 a year)

      but people that cant afford it get subsidized and they have to pay

      something based on their income......

      but in the end the govt picks up the tab for any shortfall......

      and it pays those shortfalls to the insurance companies

      with tax $$ as the govt has no money of their own

      other than what it collects from individual and corporate taxes

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      but our tax rate is about 30% and UK's tax rate

      is probably around 50%

      thats why i was saying that its free

      but you are paying for it in the form of higher taxes

      which in the end creates disincentive for

      productivity ........hence the lethargic

      european economy........

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      Sorry but you are making this up bruiser. Taxes in the UK are made up of VAT (a tax on goods and services which everyone pays), national insurance and income tax. Only top earners pay 45% income tax currently and the majority pay 20%.

      We dont have bankruptcies in this country due to crippling healthcare bills, and everyone can get healthcare regardless of circumstances. Heaven save us from a healthcare system such as yours. And ours costs us around 9% of GDP, which is just over half of what yours costs. And you still have 40 million people in the US with no access to healthcare.

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      Yeah, but he can come here as a visitor and access our services free in  an emergency.

      We would have to sell our souls to pay for treatment there.

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      Well that saved me typing for ten minutes, exactly what I was going to, our economy is doing well  the best in Europe at present and certainly better than the current state of play in the u.s. Who were nearly bankrupt but for a vote in congress recently 

      I was in the us in march and my mother had a heart attack within 3 days, the treatment was faultless but it would scare you if I told you about the insurance etc.  Maybe keep that for another day but I'll just give you one example. When we went for a follow up appt a week after her discharge we went to the hosp and went to book in to see the doctor, the first thing we were asked after confirming names etc was " cani have your credit card please". ....... And that was just one example . I'll tell you a different occasion when I post next.      Anyway bruiser if ypu read this acid tree is right and they are FACTS. Your healthcare is a 2 or even 3 tier system, here EVERYONE gets the same treatment regardless of affordability or class

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      Any problems with the insurance company?

      They often try to wriggle out quoting pre existing conditions.

      When my BP meds went up from two  to three a day they added £75 to my annual insurace policy. Very often the questions on the policy are rather vague regarding  pre-existing conditions.


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