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hi its my first post on this group and have been ill for 14 months been on omperozole 40mg and gaviscon liquid with meals . But i have had a really sore throat had two endoscopys and been diagnosed with pharyngitis each time.I am awaiting a barium swallow in two weeks time its worse in the mornings and nothing seems to help.My stomach is bloated all the time look like i am pregnant .Have cramps a lot in stomach with the medication any advice would be greatly appreciated, making my life a misery i am 53.

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    Hello Michelle,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I have had gastritis for three years and have learned by trial and error to ease the stomach and oesophageal issues that it causes me. The same medicine as you, under its lasoprazole name, made my throat and mouth intolerably dry - a known side-effect of it that affects some people - so I weaned off it. This is not necessarily what would be good for you, as you might be even worse without it. The choice is yours. But you should look into seeing if your cramps and so on might be side-effects of it, and see what your doctor says about changing the medicine.

    Laryngeal pharyngeal reflux (LPR) can cause your throat trouble. How I deal with my gastritis, the reflux of which used to burn and pain my oesophagus and chest, might be of use to you in some way, though you may have already explored the matter deeply and tried things yourself. The main points are these:

    Several medium meals per day (I have seven, one every two hours or bit longer), rather than fewer bigger ones, so that you don't overfill and stretch your stomach. Be sat upright for and after meals, not bent or slouching, so you don't squash your tum and press its contents upwards.

    We're all different and you might find some foods are ok or bad with you compared to other people, so it's a matter of experimentation and patience, but fried foods, high-fat foods, high-salt foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol and chocolate can all impact on stomach and reflux troubles. Spicy and hot foods can also aggravate the trouble for some people. Minty foods relax the lower eosophageal muscle too, so they are bad. I even use a fruity toothpaste.

    Stress and excercise that affect the stomach are also to be avoided. Be as calm and stress-free as you can.

    Having your last meal a few hours before bed can prevent or lessen reflux at night, but you may find, as I did, that waiting to be too empty causes hunger discomfort and keeps you awake. Because of this I lie-down raised a bit on three pillows (on my right is best for me) about an hour and a half to two hours after last meal, and this is much better. Your throat being worse in the morning could be because you are refluxing worse at night, so being more raised up could be best.

    Another thing which has helped me greatly, is to not burp after about ten or so minutes after eating, as this can bring acid up and cause burn damage that then has to heal.

    Best wishes.

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      would honey be ok to heal the throat as my pharynx is red and inflamed all the time i also had swollen lymphoid tissue when I had the camera still awaiting barium swallow any comments on that thanks
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    I was diagnosed with LPR about 2 months ago. I am not saying that what worked for me will do the same for u.

    But I personally opt to not take any ppi's

    I was for a few taking raditine I believe it's called at night before bed. I stopped.

    I did change my diet took out foods that could cause acid . Pretty lived in brown rice chicken n veggies for a month. I also started taking aloe Vera (the actual plant not juice) 3 times a day. That will heal ur throat/mouth . The juices don't work . I also started chewing gum after each meal. Lots of water and chamomile tea. I also started taking a probiotics. Stated taking omega 3 with vitamin d . I would say that probiotic and aloe Vera were my life savers.

    I can now cheat here n there and enjoy a yummy meal if my choice .

    The probiotic might help with ur stomach feeling bloated. The sloe Vera with def heal ur throat.

    Hope it helps

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    Sorry I opt out of taking ppi's .

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      ??? The ginger?

      Or not taking ppi's ?

      Acid reflux is complex and the ppi's just subress but it doesn't cure it. And I personally did some research on ppi's and the risk factors after using them so long or becoming dependent on them was not worth it for me. 4 days after I stop taking ranitidine my throat felt better.

      Now this is just me.

      Probiotics and aloe Vera helped me feel normal again.

      My symptoms were

      Burning irritated throat

      White coated tongue along with burning tongue feeling.

      Ear aches

      And some hoarness in my voice.

      If you are able to get to a Mexican super market you can but aloe Vera plants . I cut 3 pieces eat one in the morning afternoon and evening. Aloe Vera is a healing plant. The juice don't work as well.

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      I didnt have any problems still i started the ppi,s thats when the throat problems started really painful throat was put on morphine at one point is it not dangerous to stop are they addictive in any way will get some aloe vera i know its very beneficial for burns which is precicely what my throat feels like thankyou.


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    Sorry forgot to tell u that ginger helps with bloating. And. Helps settle ur stomach too .

    I will drink ginger before or after lunch.

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      Hi Michelle,

      Manuka honey is talked about as being useful in these stomach-related issues, though I haven't experience of that. You can read about it online. It has taken me a long time adding new foods to my diet due to the bad effects some can have on me, and I am still doing that. Your mention of the honey appeals as another thing to try, even just as a new flavoursome treat.

      There are also suggestions online about foods you might eat, like whoiewheat bread, which I have without problems, pulses, rice, various beans (not kidney beans), bananas, eggs, chicken and so on. I haven't risked my favourite mackerel fish yet, as the fattier foods do hit me hard, including butter, which I can only have very little of. Even chicken can give me some bother. I am also having Fortisip drinks as my weight is still rather low. Step by step you have to go.

      Your barium meal test might add some more light to your problems, but if you haven't so far been doing any or all of the things I have found helpful, then you might find they help you too to some degree in time. I hope so, for I know you are suffering bad.

      Have a read of other sufferers posts on the site to see what else you might learn and find helpful, and post any other questions that come to you.

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    Hi I found ppi s caused me more problems than enough personally (bloating ect) so I stopped ! 

    I avoid chocolate hot curries , pre pack tv dinners .

    i take alternative treatments 

    1 milk thistle extract mixt in water 15-20 drops per small glass 

    2 pine nut oil caps x2  per day 

    cut down on milk 

    I use soya milk on cereal but milk in tea

    everyone's different find by trail and error your food that trigger reflux  and cut them out completely  at first until you recover in you gut you may not need to give up all your favourite food introduce 1 at a time back on a less scale than before ( I stopped chocolate completely for 3 weeks  now I can eat it once a day ) if I want  ...try new stuff I use wheat grass and spinulina powder ( seaweed) mix with melon pineapple juice down and freeze into smoothies  .

    almonds nuts help 

    chewing gum helps 

     I'm 53 have Barretts but I am ppi free but if I slip my diet I suffer badly but not anything like being on ppis .

    hope you find your triggers and adjust your diet / life to acid free one 

    regards Trev.



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