Acid reflux getting worse

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Hi everyone

Last year I was diagnosed with disfunctional dyspepsia and the year before that I was told I had IBS although tablets I was given for the IBS didn't really improve much so I stopped taking them. The problem is this, my acid reflux and gut problems are getting worse and are affecting my psychologically.

Originally for the acid I was prescribed 30mg of Lansoprozole once a day and although it did improve my symptoms I didn't feel 100%. I had an endoscopy and the doctor said everything looked normal (his suggestion was to ignore the symptoms!?!?) and so I remained on the Lansoprozole and after a few months they lowered my dosage to 15mg a day, to take another if I felt I needed to. So I try to keep to 15mg a day but this doesn't really work.

Today I didn't take one first thing like I usually do as I stayed away last night and this afternoon I've felt terrible. My insides from the stomach down just burn its like they're on fire!

I'm stuck as to what to do now. I'm only 22 and feel like my life is just being ruined by this stupid 'disease'. I can't eat the foods I like, drinking alcohol is a no go and now even non-suspect foods set me off. I'm fed up of feeling ill constantly and now get in such a flap about it all. Sometimes I panic and my throat just seems to close up.

Is it worth going back to the doctor? I just get the impression they'd rather just throw some drugs in your face rather than get to the bottom of things. But feeling ill is getting me down and I'm turning into a hypochondriac!

Does anyone know what to suggest or also have these symptoms? Sorry for the essay! Thanks for any help

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    seems like similar to me with that awful burning, am on rabeprazole 20mg, thatmebeverine was nt doing me any good so asked to go on rabeprazole which gave better relief. dont think gps etc know what treatment to advice. just got over a severe burning spell, now bearable. Case of put up with it and hope it settles. pleased i am in the older age group and not young like you. It really is jolly awful at times and never really goes away. feel for you and what you are putting up with. be prepared gp might try and get you to take antidepressant as that is what is advised if cannot think of anything else, or perhaps gaviscon bottle might help. as for me am just doing my best,. let me know if you get help via gp.
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    I'm nearly 30 and suffer with IBS and reflux/ nausea symptoms and also given 'diagnosis' of functional dyspepsia, which has helped resurface depression too.. I take 30mg lansoprazole a day, gaviscon advance when needed and up to 3x 10mg domperidone a day to combat the nausea. A lot of my symptoms were made worse last year due to having a thymoma but thats been removed over a year ago, but its taken a long time to settle. Now its more anxiety I think?

    I've all but given up trying to work out what flares it up. Hot drinks definitely don't help though or chocolate. Or basically anything I really enjoy! Chorizo and similar oily things are a big no. And tomatoes. I am currently trying to cut dairy and seems to made a marginal difference to the reflux but has improved the nausea tenfold - hardly had any to the point am not taking the domperidone some days.

    Really sympathise as it makes you feel like a complete hypochondriac and like the doctors are not listening. My new dr is only giving me short supplies of my meds and have to go back every few weeks for check-ups. Had 2 ogd's and a flexi sig, plus ct scans to rule out anything else. Sometimes I think its all in my head!

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    Eventually saw different gastro doctor, he said it was acid....then advised to take rabeprazole twice per day for three monthsthen reduce same to see me in 7 months. (just said acid no other info)Surgery not had info so unable to do as requested as wont do it until letter arrives from gp. Never mind about my discomfort.Perhaps if they had a few months of this condition they might be more understanding. By Tuesday it will be 3 weeks without increased medication due to delay in report from hospital. They just dont understand. Thank goodness I am in the older age group as it seems to be a lingering condition. Please keep me informed as to how you are.What does ogd,s mean.Not very good with laptop so hope I dont loose track of you.
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    Should have said reply from hospital.
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    OGD stands for Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy, Gastroscopy or Endoscopy for short, it's the old camera down the throat wink
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    Thanks. Had endoscopy in 2007,wasnt told why, hospital just said for me to go, didnt get results at all. then actually had to pay as gp surgery said ask hosp., hosp., said ask gp. Gave results to new surgery , then 11mths after test was told I was coeliac. What a carry on. Surgery am at now recently said I can have any results in future. Never had another endoscopy. Better retire, can lie in till 9am.
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    It's about time you had another Endoscopy osborne, I must have had about 12 since 2007 neutral
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    New gastro dr at hosp said no need for tests (think he was main one) After over a year of hell and no help at first even though pacing lounge in extreme discomfort, I made best of it in company, and failed colonoscopy. july 4th 2011. I dared to ask to go on rabeprazole, I decided to take over and take a chance as other mebeverine no help. Chemist said dont take, as had reaction, gp said TAKE. it was awfull. At one stage gp said I was OK apparently I LOOKED OK (brilliant) seems looks are more important than condition. what a laugh. Later told another gp at surgery I had never said I was OK. (not that it made any difference) Luckily I see that there doesnt seem to be an answer to this condition, and I am copeing pretty well up to how bad I was. I fully understand the discomfort some are putting up with. Some years ago my mum died of bad bowel cancer (in family mainly men) SO NOW gps etc., rekon I think I may have it. DAFT that means if mum had diabetic condition I would worry in case I had it. STUPID. I let the drs & gp do the worrying I just want some help with condition. Pity they knew about mum as it gives them an excuse to say i am worried.. Shame kdr tending to think its in her head, she mustnt as others have this burning problem etc., House, how come you requiredso many tests, did they diagnose anything.
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    Of course you should have another Endoscopy, I think it's ridiculous that you haven't had one for so long rolleyes Yeah every time I have a Endoscopy there's something there, Peptic Ulcer, Gastritis, Duodenitis and or Erosions, pretty much the lot really neutral Hows your diet, healthy freshly made or processed mass produced, be honest ??? And your weight, losing / gaining ??? smile
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    Last year at the age of 28 i became ill with some kind of stomach bug. I was sick for 4 months with nausea, pains in my lower abdomen and severe burning in my stomach amongst other symptoms. I spent time in hospital as i was very ill and lost a lot of weight but all the drs put it down to was severe ibs. They loaded me with tablets which i stopped taking the min i got home. I didnt have ibs as i discovered myself through trial and error. I was actually intolerent to a lot of different kinds of food. You need to go on a diet excluding sugar wheat yeast and dairy for a couple of weeks then reintroduce one kind of food at a time and leave it for a good few days to monitor your symptoms. I was better within a matter of weeks and as i stick to my own diet now, i have never looked back. Please try this as i really believe it will help u. I had nobody to help me except myself and the internet and surprisingly enough i never had to give up work like the docs advised. Good luck x
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    House, over a year ago mentioned another endoscopy but was ignored (not as confident then) so suffered a lot silently.Lost over stone weight pre colon failed test, even though eating ok, couldnt understan why. doctors didnt notice, even hosp. they didnt weigh me., or notice clothes hanging on me. By September i had been on Rabeprazole a few weeks and started to gain weight, now about just under 9 stone. normal. Its 3 weeks now since hosp doctor advised increase tablets, but no t prescribed by gp as yet. Tell you their not bothered really, did ring and enquired. I shouldnt have to pester them surely. If instructions arrive shouldnt gp contact me re increase medication. Case of cannot do right for doing wrong, i cannot win.
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    Nikkih 123, As am diagnosed coeliac for over 4 years, have prescribed bread. Lately have cut down on bread and dairy have little sugar. Good varied food all home prepared, nothing special plain cooking old fashond way. no gravy or sauce. plenty meats, vegs, fruits, all varied. am coping now on rabeprazole but would like to get back to normal. not really sure if increase in tabs is good idea, as dont like taking meds as sometimes can do more harm than good. but suppose better give try if and when gp agrees. Giving soya milk a try at moment.
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    I've got serious misgivings about how you are being treated, jeesh it's flipping awful neglectful treatment rolleyes I get weighed every time I go to the Hospital, it seems to be their favorite indicator for how well (or not) you are really doing smile

    As for your diet, it sounds pretty good, keep on the plain home cooking, if anything drop the red meat completely, try and reduce the fat as well smile Reflux can be Bile rather than Acid and fat can give you terrible reflux with choking and coughing (at night) if you have just a little too much wink Buy yourself some A-Z Vitamins and Minerals to keep yourself topped up smile

    Lamb is my worst nightmare, something about it's fat, dunno, it's vile cheesygrin

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    Thanks for all the replies everyone.

    nikkih123: that sounds like a good idea and I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm off the the docs today so will see what he has to say and I may consider cutting things out of my diet. It's strange for me as bouts of feeling ill are so unpredictable. Also nothing showed up in my endoscopy according to the doc that did it so I think sometimes they just think I'm making it up.

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    House. I now have medical copied records. Lots of blood tests but i have never had results. Several things i should have been told of. One was low pottasium etc, another was to discuss thyroid with me t4 12.2 tsh 1.49 it was never discussed, abnomal urine tests where i didnt collect presc., reason why is because not informed of same. The info goes to surgery but nothing appears to be done about it, like the gatro hospital advise, seems as if gp can choose if he follows hospital advise.. Im too old to be quibbleing with the medical folk and Ive no one to back me up, so try and do my best. Appointments not kept apparently calls never answered (I have answer machine for messages) by me. I havent a leg to stand on, its down in print on med., records Not much use seeing gp etc., as very keen to offer antidepressants. Hospital appontment was waste of time as gp seems to have ingnored advice, even gastro offered so called tablets to help me cope. ( I refused same) he wasnt pleased. exspect thats in his letter to gp. Its a laugh really good thing I can cope without thier so called helpfull tablets. From now on will make sure to get copy of blood tests now i know its possible, pity am not aware what is in letters to gp.

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