Acid reflux irritation in throat. What to do?

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Does anyone get irritation in the throat due to acid reflux? I find myself having to cough or clear my throat a lot. I also feel a mild tightness in my chest. What should I do? I've been drinking antacids almost everyday to try and control it. I get temporary relief but then it comes back. I recently came off my PPI (omeprazole) after taking it for a long time. Could this be a withdrawal symptom? I am soooo scared of getting cancer of the oesophagus. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Er no..

    Its quite common...Just google "Acid reflux post nasal drip". 

    With reflux, fluids from stomach returns back via oesophagus and could go to ur nose creating lots of mucus which post nasal drip into your throat, and the acid can also go to your respiratory system and hence bronchitis and cough. Remember throat, nose, esophagus etc is all near each other. 

    I am also experiencing the same thing..Really suggest you to see a Gastroenterologist. You first need to know

    i) Is ur acid reflux because of loose sphincter?

    ii) Might you be overweight (like me)?

    iii) Maybe you might low or high acid stomach content etc etc etc

    iv) might be your diet (coffee?chilli? etc)

    Then the gastroentologist might suggest the suitable PPI and duration of treatment..

    Some people like my friend have to take PPI everyday for life..Another friend took for 6 months..etc etc 

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      Thank you very much. I was on omeprazole for 2-3 months. Recently finished my course and the bloating started back. I was wondering if it's a withdrawal symptom or if the omeprazole made my stomach acid low so I can't digest properly. I feel full after a few bites and feel like my chest is contracting. What did your gastroenterologist say about your case?

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    I have the same trouble with acid reflux as you without chest tightness.  I would just keep taking the antacids and go back on the PPI. If you came off it quickly, you might have got acid rebound.  I wouldn’t worry at all about your reflux; worry can trigger it. Severe stress and anxiety caused mine.  I have had reflux for years and do not worry about it.   I simply manage it with Gaviscon and milk and avoid spicy and very fatty foods.

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      Thanks Pippa. Does it ever go away completely with the right treatment and lifestyle changes? This month marks a full year since my troubles started happening. Actually it used to happen in 2014 but did not last long and went away on its own. I had 3 years of remission and then it started back August 2017 and has lasted until now. I guess I've been kind of stressed wondering why it has lasted so long. July was a particularly bad month for me with multiple attacks. I wake up feeling fine and am mostly fine during the day, except right now I'm a bit bloated after lunch. Symptoms get bad at night. Last night I was bloated after just a small bowl of cereal. I was very gassy and was burping a lot. When I burped I was tasting food that I ate hours ago like if it was still on my stomach. My stomach was distended (enlarged) too. I was wondering if it's the fact that I came off the PPI suddenly or maybe the PPI made my stomach acid low so now I can't digest properly. I also think that I eat breakfast too late and gas builds up overnight. I'm just not an early eater. I don't have an appetite early in the morning. The anxiety makes it worse. Wondering if I have to live the rest of my life like this. I'm only 29 years old. I have a lot more living to do, hopefully... and I want it to be happy living. 

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      My reflux comes in bouts of different duration.  It’s better than it used to be but has never fully gone away.  I simply control it with antacid products and leave it at that without worrying about it.   I was told that my lower oesophageal sphincter opens when it shouldn’t and lets the acid out.  I have learned to live with my IBS and reflux and accept that my stomach and colon are sensitive.  I am a very anxious person but I have accepted that this is the way I am and that my stomach has suffered as a result.  I am living a perfectly normal and full life despite it.  If you simply take antacids to control your reflux and don’t let it worry you,  it is also possible for you to live normally.
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      I'm slowly learning to not be obsessive about it. Flare ups will happen but can be easily controlled with meds. Once my tests don't reveal anything alarming, I'm going to move on with life and try to be as strong minded as I can. 

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      Since your meds work, take that as a a good sign.   Try to move on with your life now.  Try to rekax sooner rather than later.
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    Hi, please check on hiatal hernia and how to fix it. Your acid reflux could be because you have it. There are great exercises and breathing techniques to fix it on Youtube. 
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      Hi. Thanks. I just read a little on hiatal hernia. I think I have to do a chest x-ray to confirm right?
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      Hi, yes, either x-ray or endoscopy.

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