Acid Reflux with Dizziness

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Hello All, 

I am currently 36 and suffering from acidity from lot of years. However after reducing some weight I got over it. I also had some mild autoimmunity

Now from past 1 month or so, I underwent a stressful phase both in professional and personal life and somehow, my acidity problem is back with bang. 

This the first time, I noticed that I am also getting breathing issue with acidity and from past 5-6 days I am getting fatigue and dizziness. Dizziness is getting me scared. 

I have done EKG, Echo (all normal), Dr advised me antacids. This dizziness is present all the time with some fluctuations in frequencies. 

Any advise here will really help. Thanks

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    All I can tell you is that all those symptoms do appear to be from reflux and anxiety.  As you probably know they go hand and hand together.  Antacids will only help with symptoms but it is an option ;-(( .  I suggest you start by starting a reflux diet, or at least a healthy diet and target your stress. 
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    Hi Titath, over the past 3 years i'v been through similar symptoms, had all the tests going, xrays, scans, echo cardiogram, PPI'S, inhalers, and nazel sprays, i'v stopped taking everything!!!!  Depending on your age, I'm 67, never had problems before, the only link between you, me and most other people is Stress! Anxiety, the truth behind acid reflux is misleading, it's not possible to produce to much acid, it's that the body is failing to drain acid away? And also as we age we produce less acid, so the food sits in the stomach and fermentation takes place, same result, indigestion, heart burn, wind, I'm going down the more natural route, diet, digestive enzymes, Apple cider vinegar, Aloe Very.

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      Thanks for your reply Frederick.

      You know, I think I am getting close to my exact diagnosis.

      I reside in India and luckily managed to get in hold of a Doctor (Neuro) who is one of the best in India.

      Here is what he said.

      My dizziness could be linked with 3 things

      1. Anxiety

      2. Vitamin B 12 deficiency

      3. Some ear problem

      Now today I am just through with my blood test which clearly indicates I am damn low on Vitamin B12 ( could be because of antacid abuse from past many years).

      I am meeting him again tomorrow with my blood results and hopefully he will be able to fix my dizziness and weakness issue.

      I will keep everyone posted.

      Also with my experience I can say, one should never ever go for PPIs for reflux. They are silent killers and are key cause of anxiety.

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      Titath!!!! You have just solved a major question for me!!!!!! I'm a life long term veteran of anxiety due to childhood abuse 60 years now! Over the last three years since coming back to my beloved mountains in Wales to retire, I was put on PPI'S, at one point  the hospital raised the dose to 80mg a day!!!!  I was told by a pharmacy that quote that dose will KILL YOU! My anxiety disorder has worsened over the 3 years to suicidal level, over the last 2 weeks it's been BETTER? Coinciding with me stopping taking PPI'S. Many thanks.

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      I couldn't agree with you more Frederick.

      I have tested it on so many occasions that PPIs silently accelerate anxiety.

      I really regret that it took me years to understand this.

      I was once on 80 mg a day and with in 3 days my anxiety went roof top with chest pain (almost like heart attack). I had to do EKG, stress echo test ( all were normal).

      Now a days I Max go up to H2 blockers..

      There is a second generation H2 medicine (lafaxid 10 ) very popular in India now.

      Search for it in Google, very potent alternative of damn PPIs.

      I am taking it now, it's doing the task for me without any side effects.

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    I assume you do the following: Have your bedhead tipped up a 15cm (6"wink, take ppi's?, don't eat just before going to bed and above all avoid alcohol.

    If you are doing that and still getting upper esophagus reflux then Sleep Apnea is likely. In isolation SA causes mainly daytime tiredness, but for people with reflux it also assists pumping the reflux material up into the throat/mouth/sinus areas. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally had my camping trailer tilted the wrong way which made my feet higher than my head.  The reflux material ran into my mouth/ears via sinuses etc.  When I woke I had izziness and occasional vertigo, vomiting etc for two days and I am still not 100%.  The reflux material is not just acid, it contains many compounds including enzymes that will try to digest you.  Acid is only required if your main diet  is roots and leaves eg. A Koala 

    Your hearing fluctuations and dizziness could also be from eg. wax in your ear.

    The problem for you is this: Doctors spend many days learning how to deliver a baby but few ever do it.  Sleep Apnea only gets a mention and yet 25% of the population are affected by it to a degree. Doctors have a hard time relating SA to reflux issues. 80% of people with SA do not know they have it. I have never woken gasping for air.

    If I were you I would consider losing some weight again.  Esophagus cancer is 31 times more likely for people who are obese than for a normal weight person. I notice my SA also greatly improves when I do. Also Ask your doc for a Sleep Study if you have daytime tiredness which is more fatigue than simple tiredness.

    A quick but not conclusive check you could do is use you mobile phone to record you sleeping. If you hear a repeating pattern of some seconds (eg. 10) of noisy breathing and then silence for 10 - 80 seconds then the noisy breathing again for a few seconds etc. If you note this you have SA.  If the pattern repeats more than 30 times in a hour then you have severe SA.

    You need to reduce stress without alcohol.  I suspect that apple coder vinegar taken just before the evening meal has a benefit to me. Put a couple of cap fulls of vinegar in a wine glass an fill with water. It removes the urge to drink alcohol.


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      Thanks John for your reply.

      Sleep Apnea could be one of the trigger.

      In my case, it's seems to be vitamin B12 deficiency (today had my blood work done).

      I am all set now for Vitamin B12 shots and hopefully that should take care of dizziness and weakness part.

      I must recommend B12 test to everyone who suffered from reflex related issue from past few years.

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      You sound very educated John, I also like to know about medical conditions, I find GP's don't like you knowing to much? I'v worked in care,nursing settings, now retired for 30years, and are use to medical conditions, and know uses, for's and against medicine! I'm 67, fit, sports all my life, eating well, healthily, vegetarian, drink only lager!!!!  Yes to much, but I'm a cancer survived patient! But lately boy oh boy, throat clearing, nose running, so called acid reflux ( BS) diet is the key, lifestyle, I'm a lifetime veteran of anxiety due to childhood abuse!!  After 60 years I saw my first physiatrist, world renowned German professor last week, nothing we can do for you he said? Been going on to long!I feel for young people who suffer these symptoms, we never did in all my years of growing up here in UK and I lived and worked in Europe! Modern day life style is to blame? And all that is on offer are PILLS! 

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