Acne - hormonal acne in adult women and its cures?

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I’m a 35 year old Indian woman, and suffer from acne that keeps coming back.

Here’s my history. I had mild to moderate acne in my teens, but into my twenties it got worse. I went to dermatologists who put me on antibiotics and creams and it turned into a vicious cycle. I got frustrated and tried Isotretinoin. I knew the rules, got my checks didn’t get pregers, and it was fine it worked. LOW dose isotretionoin. But not even a year later it was back – it was hit and try method for years later, sometimes my skin was tolerable and sometimes bad. I got married, it was a bad marriage. The added stress and sudden unexplained weight gain did not help. I tried diane – that resulted in no improvement but more weight gain. Isotretinoin take two – it worked again – I followed the rules and no side effects. The marriage broke eventually. The stress didn’t help and the weight was high. Isotretinoin take 3 – low low dose worked magically. No side effects I felt great. The weight also just dropped without that stress in the marriage.

Now its (the acne) back again – and here’s my story. I’m attractive, I want to find love and be a mother. As the years went I didn’t focus on my body clock. Now I do not want take isotretinoin just for clear skin I don’t want to lose my chance on becoming a mother one day….because I’m on a vanity project!!!!. At the same time the acne needs to go. So here’s what I plan to do. Do the candida cleanse for three days. Apples and enema really ……I have eaten badly recently so I’m willing to give my all. I tried googling reviews etc and my head just got boggled but one thing that did pop out was that what I do get is hormonal acne. I have severe PMS and my acne almost always has been on the chin and jawline. I need serious reviews on estroblock – bottom line I cant google acne cures its mind boggling – I want to take this out from the root. Someone please help.PLEASE PLEASE help.

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    It sounds as though you have a gut dysbiosis (imbalance in your gut microflora) and hormone imbalances. The gut is the core of the bodily systems, and so an imbalance in the gut can lead to hormone imbalance. Gut dysbiosis can also cause acne, as the absoprtion of vitamins and minerals that are important for skin may be reduced. Additionally, an imbalance in the gut can compromise detoxification in the body. Detoxification is very important in order to break down toxins. If the detox system is compromised, and doesn't function the way it should if on top form, the liver may push the toxins back into the blood stream again because it doesn't have capacity to hold it. The body still want the toxins out however - which often results in the toxins coming out as psoriasis, eczema or in your case: acne. If I were you I would:

    1. balance your gut microflora. Try greek yogurt, increased fibre through fruit, veg and quinoa, increase water intake, reduce sugar intake and intake of processed foods, eat clean and complete sources of protein (turkey, chicken, eggs, fish) Useful supplements: probiotics and glutamine. 

    2. Do a detox - by detox I don't mean eat less. I mean eat foods with detoxifying properties like lemon, avocado, oats, greens, artichokes, beetroot etc... 

    3. get your hormones tested, adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones. If there is an imbalance, seek dietary advice to restore balance (but first: restore gut microflora )

    4. Fish oil (esp. omega 3) is very good for skin !

    Hope this helps. There is alot more to it of course, but do some research on these points I gave you and see if it suits you!

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    Dermalmd acne serum is one of the best acne systems I've found that works on my specific adult acne. The spot treatment is especially helpful and clears up pimples faster than anything else I've ever used. It does tend to dry out your skin if used often, so use a good moisturizer 1-2 times a day to prevent any flaking.

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    Hi,  I understand about hormone acne..  This is what helped me. I started drinking spinich smothies everyday, taking fermenated cod liver butter oil and drinking skin detox tea by yogi..  My skin is clear now..  I get the occassional pimple but NOTHING like before..  My son is now doing this as his face is really broken out.
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      I also have him trying a face soap with tea tree in it..  So we'll see if it helps.  It's such a pain..I know

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      wash for the face should be mild, and the aim is to restore the skin's pH, acne washes are a joke and will not help clear acne! look for washes that have about pH of 5.5. scrubs will aggrevate the skin and spread acne, those are useless too. 

      don't squeeze/pop any spots - it will make healing longer than it needs to be and may leave scars.

      any spots which are hot to the touch and feel sore should be iced.

      also cosider using clay masks applied directly on spots (not all over the face - target just the spots & leave on for 20mins) this draws out any impurities deep in the skin to it's surface.

      once the gunk is on the surface (will usually need about a day after a clay mask application) you will notice white heads - you now will want to dry the spots (not pop them!) - thats where topical gels that have retinoids/acids come in. apply only to the spots, not all over the face.

      aseptic creams help with healing of spots once it's dry. 

      if a spot burst then use surgical spirit only on the spot which had opened, be gentle with the face and don't squeeze/pop any spots.

      if the spots are sore - ice them

      if the spots are angry and cannot be ignored - i mean very itchy, sore, radiating heat - use a VERY thin layer of hydrocortisone 1% cream (over-the-counter) just on the spots - in very very thin layer - don't use it near the mouth, it will de-pigment the lips!

      if you can't stop yourself from touching/scratching your face at night - use cling film. it will keep your fingers from having direct contact with your face, and stops any products you placed on your skin overnight from rubbing all over your pillow/clothes/hair. 

      if in doubt, see your GP. 

      happy acne treatments everyone smile

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