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I am thinking about having acupuncture and/or deep tissue massage for my Costo pain . I've had manual deep tissue massage before but the acupuncturist thought that an NHS approved piece of kit that oscillates to give the same effect as a deep tissue massage, called a Physiopod, might be better for the delicate rib region as there is vitrually no manual pressure involved and the treatment is painless. It's also meant to be good for fibromyalgia Has anyone tried either acupuncture or Physiopod with any success? Any comments would be really welcome. Thanks.

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    This isn't an answer to your question but I have had some success in mitigating my Costo pain and it involves manipulating your back. I first found a video on youtube of a physio explaining what the major cause of Costo is and it involves stiff back rib joints putting pressure on the front rib joints that connect to the sternum. In the video he is obviously trying to advertise his backpod product but I took no interest in it as it is expensive and there are exercises you can find online to do at home. I do a couple of stretches and manipulation which improve the pain tremendously - although it isn't an instant fix just like any injury. So the first exercise that I started doing was one that twists the back and you can get a good crack out of the back that will alleviate a lot of the pain almost instantly - it just allows the back rib joints to move more freely taking the pressure off the front rib joints watch from 1:35, the first exercise you see is the one). I also use a foam roller on the upper back and will sometimes use something spongy but firm (i.e. collection of rolled up socks) and roll it up and down my spine - this will also loosen up the back joints, another video that I used was, goes through some more exercises to help with the pain. From what I heard if you stick to the exercises for a while the pain will eventually go away and so far my pain is significantly reduced. Used to give me severe anxiety but now I feel more normal but I still have a bit to go before I feel completely better. But like I said try some exercises and see how it works. But I hope someone gets back to you about information for the acupuncture and massage. 

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      Firstly I'd like to say how grateful I am for your reply and for taking time to try to help. It's much appreciated. It's so reassuring to hear from fellow sufferers as I feel that they are the only people who truly understand this awful condition. I have had Costo for 18 months, but despite trying EVERYTHING that I've read about to help, such as daily stretching exercises ( I fully agree that stretching does help ), walking for at least 30 mins every day and eating a careful diet, lingering, nagging pain is still there, though like your pain, mine has definitely lessened. I've had all the usual tests, scans, xrays (a full MOT!) and every result, thankfully, has been fine ... on paper I'm 100% healthy!It seems that here in the UK, Costochondritis can be diagnosed but the treatments from doctors are mainly NSAIDs (tried but not greatly effective), antidepressants for pain relief purposes or steroid injections, which I'm reluctant to try. I've been told I will eventually get better by my GP, but he can't give any timescale. So I feel like my life is on hold because pain prevents me from doing so many things I used to enjoy, and also the thought of creating even more pain by doing certain activities makes me ultra cautious.

      Most of the information I've gained has been mainly picked up from YouTube. I did buy the bpod product from the NZ guy you spoke about. It really did lessen the pain when I was at my worst. He has two YouTube videos which I feel are THE explanation for Costo. I can actually feel the pain in my left rib/sternum joint swinging round to my back left shoulder rib/spine joint. I looked at both videos at 1.35 but I can't see the back exercises that you have described. I wonder if I've got the right videos. I'd like to give the exercises a try if I can find them. I see that some of your comment has been stopped by the website moderator so maybe you gave more detail that I can't see.

      This morning I was inspired by a Dr on YouTube with the initials A.M. (I hope this doesn't get moderated out) - motivational ... simple strategies to cure anxiety and other videos.

      I'm taking the plunge tomorrow and going ahead with acupuncture. It worked for me 15 years ago when I had lower back problems, so I'm hoping it'll do the same again. Nothing to lose I suppose except £££! I feel like I can't just sit back and do nothing.

      Once again, thanks very much for your help.

      Best regards CC.

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      Sorry didn't realise that the links I pasted into my post wouldn't be allowed, if you like I can private message you the link for the specific stretch - it really did help with my pain, you get a really satisfying crack from you upper back rib joints. Also for acupuncture sake I have never had it but I have heard that it does help a lot of unexplained pain so I hope that is the case for your Costo, but like I said if you would like the link I can send it over to you.

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    I've tried acupuncture and deep tissue, thy both are extremely painful during and after but about a day or 2 later it's much better. But I found that the absolute most effective treatment for me was having my back clicked back into place 2-3 times a week. 

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