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Costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome

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  • Pam069 3
  • kelly1981 2

    Healing Costochondritis and Anxiety

    Hi All, I have been dealing with Costochondritis for nearly 5 months and like all of you, am at my wits end! It came about after I had experienced a very intense 3 month period of extreme anxiety due to lots of little and big stress factors in my life. I had a lot of physical symptoms accompany my

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  • paul21053 2

    Undiagnosed 9 months in.

    so it started 9 months ago with chest pain thought I was having a heart attack went to a and e to be told I wasn't and to see my gp. Long story short chest pain went turned into rib pain mainly left side but some days right as well followed by acid reflux and generally feeling awful. Had endoscopy

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  • sinead 34836 2

    Costochondritis pain and discomfort

    I am a 39 yr old mother of a 5yr old daughter. I live in Newry, northern Ireland. I was diagnosed with costochondritis 2 years ago this month. Like everyone elses case I have read on here I was totally convinced there was something more serious wrong with me and argued with my Doctor for a long

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  • taniak 2
  • ladyanguine 1
  • megan36568 2

    new to forum, diagnosed with costchondritis

    first diagnosed 3 years ago. Suddenly had pain in left side of chest, sharp stabbing pains, hurt to breath and any kind of movement. Had breast cancer (had implants as a result) so instantly thought something had gone wrong with them).Was sent to breast clinic, but mammagams, scans etc, showed all

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  • shelle7belle 2

    Costochondritis pain and discomfort

    Im 31 and was diagnosed with costochondritis about a year ago. Its kinda lasted the whole year, but recently, over the past few months its been really back to my gp twice in the last 2 weeks because was convinced it was something more serious. The main tenderness has been on my left

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  • mark04913 2

    Costochondritis Question

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone can help. For over a year I have been suffering with chest pain in the middle and it seems to be in the same place around my back. Sometimes the pain moves to the left sidebar under my breast. Past few days it has been getting worse and

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  • sarah93128 2
  • Ceesly 1
  • lachastity04089 3

    Is it really Costochondritis

    Can costochondritis cause shortness of breathe and chest pressure. I've had a full cardiac workup and everything came back good. I was diagnosed with chestwall pain/costochondritis. My symptoms are extreme chest pressure and pain in the center of chest, heart fluttering, and pain in the ribs under

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  • EALyons 2

    Costochondritis Treatments

    Hello all, firstly I'd like to say thank you to all of the previous posters and commenters on this forum. I've been dealing with Costochondritis for a year and a half, and as I'm confident you guys know, it's an infuriating condition to have. After all the testing, the doctor visits, the worrying

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  • Ipsydaisy 2

    Chest spasms

    Hello all, I was diagnosed with Costochondritis a few years back and lately the chest spasming is the worst. I also get a very tight chested feeling along with it. I was wondering if anyone knows any remedies for the spasms as they are becoming very bothersome. I asked my doctor about this and he

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  • christine77368 2

    costochondritis and injections

    hi has anyone had the injections that are supposed to give relief to this painful complaint, i am in constant pain and talking to a nurse friend of mine she said the injection are good, so can anyone tell me please is it painful to have and does it work, thanks

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  • laura18022 2

    Costochondritis and smoking

    Hello all, I have recently been diagnosed with costochondritis. It's been exactly a week now. On low dose of neurontin and meloxicam. It has eased some but still painful. Out of work all week.  I am a light smoker, 2 or 3 cigs a day. Trying to completely quite but the stress from the pain is making

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  • tam42237 2


    Does anyone else out there with this condition have rib and breast pain mostly just when taking a deep breath? It also sometimes travels to the collar bone area and back.

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  • jaclyn11122 1


    Hi, I was wondering how you all were diagnosed with tietze's . I have been going to the chiropractor for 8 years and was told that I had a "sprung rib" . last year a new doctor took over and she told me that not only was my right ninth rib out but my right 8th and 10th, and my left 9 th were out as

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  • genre12 2

    Costochondritis or Gerd

    Hi everyone been five months now that i experience this very severe pain in my left back shoulder blade and chest. It feels like being stab and sometimes a sour taste is backing up in my esophagus and feels like bloated stomach. When i tried to straigthen up my upper body and stand for a

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  • bb123 3

    Can Muscle inflammation be not sore to the touch???

    My Doc said I have muscle inflammation in the ribs(right side) but it's not sore to touch. It is bothersome at times when laying on my right side. Last night I slept on left side and back and woke up to soreness in same spot under right ribs. Got up and moved around and now seems better though

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  • julia93063 2

    Your First Day of Costo

    Hello everyone! Was wondering if anyone would like to share when and how your first flare started and what did you feel. I believe mine started when I was doing aerobics, after a loooong time not working out, I felt like lightning electric shock in the chest, going from the shoulders down. The

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  • Guest M

    I have chest/rib cage/breast pain. It hurts to press on...

    I have chest/rib cage/breast pain. It hurts to press on those areas. This has been going on for 8 weeks. Could I have Tietzes Syndrome? I am 53 and also suffer from fibromyalgia. Does anyone out there have these problems? I am a teacher of young children and this is affecting my work. This

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  • julia93063 2

    Costco and workouts

    Hi everyone! I am very worried because every time I try to dance or move my upper buddy I get the dull annoying pain in my chest.. I'm scared to start dancing now cause I get anxiety immediately since my pain is in the left.. Does anyone has had similar experiences? Thank you.

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  • UG1234 2

    Tietze syndrome and physical activity/exercises

    Hi all, I've had a chest and thoracic back pain for just over a year now and after some investigations (ECG, x-ray, blood test and MRI).and I've been told today that it is a tietze syndrome. As I regularly do some workouts at home ( pull-up bar, push up, body weight training etc), I enquired the

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  • col mac 2

    Decisions, decisions decisions. Fibre taking over.

    Right here I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia it all started a few months I had a accident (fall) 3 years ago, i suffered with three herniated discs. Multiple tests, hospital apps, mobility issues, morphine, spinal injections. I'm 38 and my pain dr says I'm too young for a disc

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  • QueenMo 2

    Pain on right side

    I really don't know how long I have had this ailment. I had part of my right lung removed due to lung cancer. That was 3 years ago. Initially the pain could be attributed to the surgery, but as time went on (like 2 years) and I was still experiencing pain. Got the "it takes time" from my medical

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  • julia93063 2

    Costo new symptoms?

    Hi everyone! For the past month (+-) I've had a dull (almost constant) pain in the left side of my chest, above the breast, sometimes tender to the touch. Today I woke up, and have a little cough and it hurts like knives, sharp pain in a small spot above breast (on the left) all area feels tender

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  • sarah77498 2

    What does your Costo pain feel like?

    Hi, wondered if those suffering with Costo could describe for me (as best you can) exactly what your pain feels like and where in the chest are it is situated and/or radiates to? Thanks

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  • shekme10120 2

    Costo/tietzes almost healed, any tips to speed up the process?

    Anyone who's managed to completely rid themselves from costochondritis/ tietzes? (I believe I have tietzes cos of the swelling) I'm about 85% healed thanks to natural remedies but I've been 85% healed for some months. I seemed to get to this point quite quickly (about 3 months) but since

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  • Ipsydaisy 2

    Costochondritis and tiredness

    Does anyone else notice fatigue along with this? I know that pain and inflammation can obviously cause fatigue, but I notice so much tiredness with this condition.

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  • jesika28180 4


    I have this since I was 20 , im now 35, and it would always come and go but now it seems its come back with avengance and i just cant take the pain, to the point my shoulder back hurts and my arm goes numb. Its  a pain on top of my left breast, sometimes the pain feels pressurized, or like a

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  • Kamatsu 2


    Hi all I wonder if all of the above referenced conditions are related.  It seems that fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and costochondritis go together.  I have been treated for CRPS too. The costochondritis and myofascial pain has been unrelenting these past few weeks and I desperately need relief.  

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  • teri91864 2

    Costochondritis frustration

    Hello I am hoping to share and get some insight I have had costo for several years on and off and now become chronic . This week I had a high anxiety issue stuck in elevator and sure enough I got the aturnim pain .. went to triage they did not think it was cardiac but costo as I have recently done

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  • Bunny76 1

    Stinging pain or itching with costochondritis?

    Hello. Happy I've found this forum! I also suffer from costochondritis and have a flare up now with left chest, neck and shoulder pain but this time, pain feels also stinging and also get itching in or around the affected areas. Anybody experienced this before? Thanks.

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  • julia70715 2

    Pain from costochondritis

    I was diagnosed with costochondritis about 6 weeks ago after several visits to a n e thinking I was having an heart attack but all tests came back clear through this I have also been having anxiety and panic attacks due to thinking I was dying I was finally put on tramadol for the pain aswell as

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