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10 years ago I had some shoulder pain - it was very sudden and very painful. My doctor prescribed diazepam for a week.  Once these had ran out and the pain wasn’t so severe my mother-in-law gave me 1 x 30/500cc.  It took the pain away totally but more than that, it made me feel floaty and happy.  I loved the feeling. So I went to my doctor, said I was still in pain and that my mother-in-law had given me a tablet that really helped and could he prescribe them for me?  He prescribed me 100 tablets for a month supply.  Just like that.

I was working full time and after a few months the doctor upped it to 200 per month so I didn’t have to keep visiting the surgery.  Then it went on repeat.

I started taking the normal dose. 2 tabs at a time 4 times a day.  I became tolerant to the buzz so took more each time.  But I knew I’d run out before the next prescription so started taking them only twice a day - morning and early evening.  I now take 4  x 30/500  plus 2 x otc solpadeine max soluble (12/500) twice a day.  Equivalent of 12 paracetamol a day. 

I take them when I get up in the morning and then again about 5pm.   I don’t know why I do it? I know it’s bad for my liver and kidneys. I can’t stop. 

I read of people taking 60 tablets a day and think oh well I’m small fry compared to that.  But then I get really scared and try and stop but always give in.   

I’m a 50 year old woman - thes tablets have made me constantly constipated and give me bad mood swings and for what? I’m probably destroying my kidneys and liver for an hour or so of feeling happy and floaty!

I need to get off them.

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    I hear what you are saying and as hard as it it you must stop and start weaning yourself down from them! Another women on here nearly OD on 10 30/500 and had to have her stomach pumped! luck she will be ok. Paracetamol is highly toxic in large to the liver and large amount and lethal at 5000/6000mg!! You are doing 4000mg daily its way to high! Codeine is a nasty drug to get off but you are playing with fire with what you are taking! A women in the uk died from 12 her liver shut down and was pronounced dead on the way to hospital, pls stop taking them! At least wean down on 12.8mg/ ibuprofen or nurofen plus. Its still not good as Ibuprofen is bad for the heart. If you can see a specialist in drug addiction, the will offer treatments like Suboxone which stops the withdrawals and blocks the high you get from opioids.

    Try weaning down as i said but not on 30/500 you cannot take them anymore! And see how you go! good luck keep us informed


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      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.  I definitely need shock tactics to make me stop.  I know the dangers and have never gone any further than 6 at a time.   But I still get complacent and think I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’m ok so it must be ok to carry on.  I know I’m kidding myself. 

      I do get the occasional pain in my midriff.  And although I rarely drink alcohol,  if we do have a party and I have a drink I always feel awful for a few days after.  

      I know I need to stop.  I don’t want to introduce different tablets so will try and just reduce what I’m taking.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

      Thanks again.

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    Sorry about the spelling its late here and i'm so tired! keep us updated ok!

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    Hi Olivia, 

    You really need to start cutting down on the amount you are taking the high that u get isn’t worth the crash at the end. The last thing you want is to cause your self liver and kidney failure. Not to mention stomach ulcers. Constantly being constipated can cause ulcers in the bowel and I can tell u from first hand it’s not fun I had one burst and it nearly killed me I was very lucky to make it through the surgery and out the other side. Granted once I recovered I did go back on them but thankfully now I have given it away and got myself clean off the stuff. If you can’t go cold turkey, make a tapper plan and stick to it! Your body will thank you in the end. We have all either been through the withdrawal process or are going through it, think of it as a couple of weeks out of your life that u will thank yourself for in a months time!! 

    Keep us posted and please do this for your own healths sake. 

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      Thank you for your reply.  I know it’s not worth it - the high I get doesn’t even last that long now and I know I can’t risk upping the dose to get it.  It’s so stupid.  Pointless.

      I took the usual amount this morning and have just taken one off this evening.   I’m going to try and go down by one every few days.

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      Sorry for no reply - I wrote one but it must not have sent!  Thank you for your reply - I am now down from 12 tablets a day (2x6) to 8 (2x4).  I took Nathan’s advice in the end and have added nurofen plus at midday to take the edge off.  I feel like I’m making good progress and haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms as yet. 
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    Hi Neena and Olivia just wanted to say hi, and Neena you're strong will has really been inspirational! It feels great to be off and not having to worry about were the next dose will come from. Olivia how are you doing today Sweety? its going to take time to heal, but once past the worst it's all good from then on. Anyway you have a strong soldier here if you need help or just someone to talk with! Keep at it the war will end.... 

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      Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for thinking of me.  It feels good to know there’s so much help out there.

      I am making a concerted effort to be painkiller free in one month from now. 

      I got scared yesterday when I counted up what I took.  6 in the morning 6 in the evening. I had pains. 

      I know I can crack this - especially when I think I could die.  

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    Wow 6 x 2 im surprised you haven't been sick from that much Paracetamol! But i glad to hear you have made a plan to lower, and pls keep at it! 12 x 30/500 a day is risky!!  So let me know how's things are, but one month might be expecting a lot. See how you go!


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      I know - I got to that level over 10 years - I suppose it could be a lot worse. I can’t understand people who say they take 50 or 60 a day.  I mean I can understand the need for more but not the fact that they aren’t dead. I thought you could OD on the amount I take let alone those numbers.  And that’s why I’ve never stopped -because I think we’ll if they’re not dead then I wouldn’t die.  But thinking like that lulls me into a false sense of security. 

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