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Codeine and Paracetamol (Co-codamol)

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  • Latchy 3

    Coming off codeine

    i decided to go cold turkey on Monday after running out of cocodomol 30/500 and ibuprofen and codeine. The withdrawal symptoms have been terrible. Headaches, anxiety and panic attacks, stomach cramps, night sweats, being sick. To name but a few of them. I have been on cocodomol 30/500 since I was

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  • nikki6895 2

    Codeine addiction (Nurofen Plus)

    Hey, so I'm addicted to codeine, I usually take 32 Nurofen Plus tabs every day at midday (in 1 go). This has been going on for a year but I started doing codeine in June 2011 after I had my wisdom tooth removed. Every day I tell myself this will be the last day I take them but of course this is

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  • Ando611 1

    Co Codamol addiction. What should I do?

    Hi. I've been taking Co Codamol 15/500 for the best part of 9 years now and I cannot seem to stop taking them. I can't function without taking these and now I want to stop taking them as I know it can't be doing my insides any good. I never go over 6 in a day and my do for said that it is fine and

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  • thommo1888 1

    No alternative pain relief?

    Hi all, Been a follower of this page for quite a while now. I was taking 8× 30/500 co-codamol for 6 years. I went cold turkey about 6 months ago and haven't touched them since. They were prescribed for permanent nerve damage in my knee after a nasty fall. I am learning now, that they

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  • roger38214 2

    A need to finally quit co-codamol

    Hi everyone A few years ago I was taking 6 x 30mg co-codamol tablets per day. Why? stupidity, utter stupidity. I liked the buzz and spent a fortune buying them from dodgy web sites. What a prat eh? Anyway, I realised it had to stop, tried cold turkey and thats when I realised that I was in the sh*

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  • EVE87388 2

    Co-codamol addiction

    I have been taking co-codamol 30/500 for about 4 years now following an accident and for ongoing back pain.  I have never told anyone, ever! I get them on repeat prescription every two weeks, I would take about 5 per day.  I wish I'd never ever been prescribed them, but I needed them at the time of

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  • Guest M

    cocodamol addiction

    i am 27 and since the age of 18 i have been taking them 30/500.i get them from my doctor every 2 weeks i dont have any i cant get out of bed in the morning and i cant go out,im so moody and hate socialising,when ive got them im a totally different person im the happiest ever,im the life

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  • stuart25644 1

    Codine addiction please help

    Hi there I've been taking co codamol now for about 6 years on some days I can take as meny as 32 I wake up in a morning and the first thing I do is take 5 30 500 if I have any prescription ones if not it's paramol and I'll take 10 of those then I'll go to work all day and not take any untill I get

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  • jane75220 6
  • dave1010 1


    Following a Hip Replacement was dosed with so much Codiene that I ended up in agony in A&E with a blocked bowel ​I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has experienced similar problems as I understand it is quite ​Dave/OAP

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  • Guest M

    Bad Reaction to Co-codamol

    I don't take regular pain killers but since a bad reaction I had to co-codamol I have avoided them since. I can't find anything on the web about allergies, and I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. I'd taken the odd co-codamol from being about 12, and only really took probably

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  • debs6955 2

    co codamol addiction an withdrawals

    ive been taking co codamols 30/500 for over 5 years the last three years taking 2 four times a day , my doc told me to take them regularly as im alergic to asprin and anti infamatories , i have two town and buldging discs in my lower back , anyway i have suffered terible tummy problems weight gain

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  • AMK88 2

    Unexpected withdrawals, please help need some advice

    Hi all I have been using codeine for the last 2 years which started out innocently enough being prescribed by my GP for an injury. However slowly but surely I became more and more dependent on the drug and without really even realising it I am now taking huge doses each day, mainly before bed and

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  • andrew75524 2

    I'm scared!

    I have been taking 30/500 cocodamol for about 4 years, in some cases nearly 20 a day to get the original feeling it gave me, I am now taking 8/500 however still taking nearly 20, I am so scared I want to get off of them, I don't know how, I have noticed that my urine is cloudy now and I am sure

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  • lb1079 2

    Codeine cold turkey help

    Hi all I've been taking codeine based products for 3 years now starting 8 a day now upto 15 a day maybe more. No one knows about my addiction. I did go to the doctors a year ago who put me on a taper plan it worked to start then I went back to square one so now it's time to cold turkey. I have constipation,...

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  • kiltchick 2

    Need help - cocodamol addiction

    Hi all, I have joined to ask for help. I know what I am doing is dangerous and harmful, please dont judge me. I have been taking a lot of cocodamol, nurofen plus and tramadol for maybe 3/4 years now. I take about 10 of each a day. I don't even know where to start coming off them. 😓

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  • winifred40254 2

    Withdrawal from 30/500 Co-Codamol

    Hi I'm new here , age 74. I was on the above for over 20 years ( yes I know ! ) Had my head in the sand as it was helping depression .Took 4 over 24 hours. I've got completely off them over 6/8 weeks now but still suffering from stomach cramps and diarrhoea  . As I was on this for so long , my

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  • sean66685 2

    Coming of Co-Codamal 30/500 day four

    Hi everyone, I have been taking the highest dose of co-codomal for quite a few years now but I changed anti-depressants a while back and I believe that the codeine was interacting with the the anti-depressants so I stopped the codeine straight and I am on day four and my head feels all over the place,...

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  • susan89127 3

    MST ?? Ive had a shock.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this group although I was a follower of the knee replacement group. I suppose this is a natural progression for some, considering the pain involved. Brief history, I had knee problems and started on co codamol 30/500 in2014. Had a knee replacement which didn't work . In all

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  • lynda11469 2

    Co codamol

    ive spent the past four days in hell after stopping co codamol, is there anyone out there in the same boat or can give me some information or support please?   

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  • gemma 25807 2

    Cocodamol withdrawal

    Hi. I am 56 hours into cocodamol cold turkey. Ive been taking these devil pills for 6 months now. I need off them. I'm a mom of 2 little angels, they don't need nor deserve to see their mom like this. I slipped up about 2 hours ago, took 3 8/500 as got a killer headache. Was taking 3-4 30/500 every

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  • Heartbroken 1

    Please read before starting these meds

    Please do not take these kpac meds, I have just lost my beautiful Son to these. He was prescribed them less than a year ago for back pain, during the last few month's I seen my Son descend into a living nightmare from the side effects of these killers, which led to him eventually taking his own

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  • Brahmabull16 2

    Cocodamol addiction

    Hello guys, I did see a thread about Co codamol discussion but it wouldn't let me reply. I have never spoken to anybody about this so this feels refreshing. I have a bit of a cocodamol addiction. I take the 30/500mg tablets, but I have never been prescribed them. It's a bit naughty, but my dad

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  • ellenbe 3

    Real time recording of codeine in Australia

    Hi, I'm a long time codeine addict, and due to real time recording of codeine have been refused sale of codeine. I understand the reason that the Pharmacy Guild have put it in place, but is that where it ends? Just refuse selling it to people? I feel like they have not thought things through in

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  • joey5898 2

    codeine versus co-codamol

    I was taking 1 30mg codeine phosphate at bedtime for back pain, doc said too addictive so has prescribed co-codamol 30mg/500mg instead, I'm to take 2 of these each night. Surely this must be worse as I'm now taking 60mg of codeine phosphate. Is it me? Doesn't seem to make sense.

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  • mar59164 2


    Hi All Just joined .Ive o/a and fibro and this past 2 weeks despite physio severe 'sciatica' GP knows Im very pill phobic but has given me these to take .I am already a 'dependant 'on diazepam  and a bit worried .She said if I wanted to start with 1 codipar and 1 paracetemol which I may do .Sent

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  • MrsTrev 1

    Zapain vs Co-Dydramol

    Hi Guy's! i was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. i feel like im going a bit mad here, 4 weeks ago i tore the cartalidge in my knee and i have been taking Zapain for it. The last few days that hasn't been very effective so my doc has now given me co-dydramol? I always thought this wasn'

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  • claire46247 2

    Today is the day

    So I've finally had enough, I've been taking co-codamol for almost 10 years now. In what ever form I can get hold of, over the counter or on prescription. I'm so sick of this addiction ruling my life, having to go all around the area to different pharmacies and worrying when I don't have many pills

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  • teresa40698 2

    Solpadine Withdrawal

    Hi all I'm now three months (90days) off Solpadine ,boy that time has gone fast .Best thing I've done,now I have taking a few but can take them and not having any prombels thank god .Very happy to be off them .

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  • joyce03801 1
  • Calsop1985 2

    Codeine addiction 600mg Codeine question

    Hi all, Basically I have been addicted to Codeine now for 10 years or more and just can't seem to beat it I have tried and failed many many times. I usually take between 90mg - 120mg Codeine up to 4 times a day but, as an addict you always need to up the dose eventually. Today I have taken 150mg

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  • yvonne379 3

    I think I'm addicted and I'm scared to quit

    I have no idea what to do or how to help myself. I wake up and go to sleep with debilitating feelings of anxiety and by the middle of the day my mood drops and I feel low. Co-codamol solves this but I also get the feeling it's causing this. I've been abusing the painkiller daily just to control my

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  • karen92752 2

    Withdrawal from co codamol

    I  have been taking co codamol for 20 yrs, i have been going cold turkey from nov 2016 i am still having sweats aches anxiety crying  and irritability has anyone ever taken this long to detox? and has anyone any suggetions to help me?  i have had a very bad weekend  karen.

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  • Guest M

    My boyfriend takes 30/500 co codimol and he takes 20-30 ...

    My boyfriend takes 30/500 co codimol and he takes 20-30 a day, you may think this is a lot but that is because my boyfriend has been addicted to them for the past 6 years after being given these tablets following his he wakes in the morning he has bad cramps and my bed is soaking

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  • laura48798 5

    Kalms & Co codamol????

    Hi, Just joined this discussion. I take Kalms herbal tablets for my anxiety, but very often at the end of the day I'm left with a headache is it safe to take a couple of co codamol tablets before I go to sleep?? I don't know what the mix of these 2 tablets could be??? Any help would be great !

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