Codine Withdrawl My story so far.

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Hi' been taking Co-codamol now for many years, suffice to say over 8 years. Although not a large dose between 2 and 3 pills 30/500 a day. Apart from an obvious addiction I am sure they helped with my sleep. have long standing insomnia problems and have found the co-codamol helped wonders with my sleep.

For my first attempt I thought I would go cold turkey, what a mess, suffered so badly and had to start taking again. Not only that but on a much higher dose.

Anyway started weaning about 10 days ago cutting 1/4 pill a week more or less. From a withdrawal point of view not too bad but god help me, almost immediately started with insomnia. Found that I suffered from agitation, restless joint syndrome and generally every time I try to sleep even if there were no symptoms immediately on laying down they start. last week or so been sleeping between 3 and 5 hours a day, last night NONE. Found myself going to bed numerous times, was so agitated had to get up after 10 minutes or so each time.

So the plan is as it stands today, suffer through the symptoms sleeping as much as I can when I can and see myself right off the drug. Thereafter access and address the outcome as it happens. Let me assure you, no sleeping for nights on end is MUCH harder than it seems!

Watch this space.

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    I gave up a 15 years long heavy codeine addiction completely (by weaning like yourself, over a period of 8 weeks) in Feb '18. It's given me my life back; the best thing I ever did. I did get really bad restless leg syndrome and insomnia and anxiety but they all passed gradually, but completely. Now I sleep really soundly and get up early, refreshed and full of energy. I took magnesium supplement tablets which helped with the restless legs. You're doing the right thing, don't give up. But beware, there will be times when you get a yearning for codeine's 'soft embrace' when you're stressed or you have a headache or you just feel you deserve a little relaxation. Whatever you do, don't even take a single tablet of codeine or any other sort of opoid or you'll probably find yourself quickly back to square one and it'll be all the harder to give up second time around. Stick with it, it will pass. You deserve a dope free life. Good luck!

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    Hi OK after about 10 days and massive insomnia I am now down to a small dose broken into 1/4 pill 3 times a day. The biggest problem is the insomnia primarily caused by the restless leg syndrome and anxiety. Over the last week have had to stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning before even the slightest chance of sleep. Damn it is soul destroying to be rattling round the house in the dark then seeing the windows start to lighten at 03h00 or so! I begin to wonder if I can die from lack of sleep, tiredness and exhaustion, but as you see I am still here. The positive thing is I think I have reached a point of no return, actually better than that, beginning to think I may win this battle. Boy do I want my life back! Watch this space!

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    Wow! Man am I suffering: After 10 odd years of co-codamol here I am after 2 odd weeks of weaning down to almost nothing (had 1/8 x 30/500 pill last night and although very few headaches the agitation last night was unbearable! Although I get agitation / restless joint syndrome almost 24/7 it seems to peak between 01h00 and 05h00 early mornings driving me mad. OK at least I know what is causing this but still as the wee hours roll in I dread being around! I have tried magnesium as someone suggested but seems like water off a ducks back! Think of me while you sleep soundly these next few nights! Watch this space!

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    02h30, no not asleep, not even in bed, cannot sleep. Sleeping roughly 4 hours a night. last night only went to bed to sleep at 05h00, slept for 4 hours. Problem is restless joint syndrome , agitation then let me put the next thing this way, careful how you fart! Weaned down to 1/4 3 times a day then chopped it altogether two days ago. To be honest, going off my head right now. The only thing keeping me sane is that at least I know what is causing it! Try watching TV, listening to music sitting in the dark, nothing works. Stuff those Dr's that gave me this s**t in the first place and now script 90 pills a month without question! Watch this space!

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    Message to anyone trying to stop co-codamol. Does not matter what dose you are on, make a record, spread it out over the waking hours and start reducing at first about 10 % a week. I used 1/8 incriminates to wean because it was easy too c the pills. One pill = 4 x 1/4's 1/4 = 2/8 so work out how to reduce. Towards the end of physical weaning you will experience all sorts of symptoms like agitation, restless joint syndrome, insomnia, diarrhea etc.

    Try and do it faster at your own peril. So say you have one pill in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening, start by having 7/8 (3 x 1/4 and one 1/2 1/4) 3 times a day. Anyway weaning can take 2 - 10 weeks depending on the original dose.

    Now my 3rd day since my very last does, after midnight, agitation restless joint syndrome is so bad I am wondering if I will survive this. lack of sleep, frankly exhaustion --

    I'll be damned if I will give in, so now I must wait for the flipping light to arrive at 03h30 before I can try and go to bed! Watch this space.

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    5th Day of pain and suffering. In simple terms, insomnia, diarrhea, agitation, restless joint syndrome....

    Anyway although very tired bordering on exhaustion only able to sleep after 04h00 each night I WILL NOT STOP NOW

    5th day since my last small dose! It has to stop sooner or later, and I will be there!

    These cravings almost seem to me like my body is saying - Come on, just take a small dose and I will let all this pain stop!

    Well my reply is, stu-ff you!

    Watch this space!

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    After 6 days/nights of virtually no sleep, massive agitation bouts and restless joint syndrome in desperation I went to see the GP. Fortunately she understood what was going through and prescribed Gabapentin Wockhardt tablets often used too treat epilepsy to suppress the agitation and restlessness feelings and almost immediately I could sleep normally.

    Having said that it is now about 2 whole weeks since my last small dose of codeine and I am still suffering withdrawal symptoms and need to continue with the pills above,

    Having said that I am proud of myself for stopping the drug after being addicted for about 10 years!

    Someone give me a three cheers!

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    It is now about 2 weeks since my last small dose and I am over the worst withdrawal wise. Having said that I am still suffering major agitation / restless joint syndrome which keeps me awake at times. However the Gabapentin Wockhardt pills the Dr gave me help and let me sleep a reasonable time each night. What a journey....Chat again soon.

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