Addicted to Co-codamol and need to stop cold turkey-possible?

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I have been taking these horrible pills for maybe 15 years 30/500 from the GP. Yesterday my GP has said she will not prescribe me any more and i have to go to our local drug and alcohol centre. 

Due to my agorophobia and anxiety I cant handle that. My husband attends that centre for his own issues and when i told him what the GP said he was quite frightened for me. 

I want to stop these pills but am really really scared of the withdrawal symptoms and how long these could go on for.

I know i need help but i cant face attending this drug centre.

Can anyone who has been through a similar experience tell me more about the withdrawal symptoms if i go cold turkey or if i should buy the lower dosage from the pharmacy and try tapering off (with the help of my husband controlling these tablets)?

I am just so scared.... sorry to ramble x

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    if you buy lower dosage from pharmcy is 12.8mg/500mg, you will still go in to cold turkey. it is a big drop from 30mg to 12.8mg. i was on much higher does than you, but i never went to doctors, why, they will discontinue the medication. So what i decieded to do is the following. How much of 30/500mg you take? then work from there.  At the moment im helping a frend which she was taking little more than me.

    Yes I took co-codomal 30/500mg but I was heavily addicted to them and relapsed 3 times. I was badly injured and doctors gave me 30/500mg I took 2 4 times a day nothing was happening so I took 3 4 times a day and instead of helping the pain I was so relaxed then 3 4 times a day did not work I then started to take 4 3 times a day again it made me feel good, when that stopped working I took 5, 2 times a day, when that stopped I took 6 in morning 5 at lunch and 5 at night trying to get that first feeling. At times I felt sick I was 20 stones in weight I am down to 11 stones.  I was badly constipated till my bawls gave in at I had burning diarrhea. So I decided to stop now from 480mg codeine 8000mg of paracetamol a day from nothing. I had really bad stomach cramps, diarrhea every 5-15 minutes with cramps, blood coming out of my bawls. I was like this for good 2 weeks then I was fine. 3 months gone, I did my back in hospital gave me them tablets again I to 2, from that 2 it gave me a little relaxing feel good feeling. My brain focused on take 4 to get a better feeling which I did and guess what a little tingle before I know it I was back on same does 480/8000mg. 2-3 years went by so I decided to come off them but this time reduce. What I was taking is 6 in morning 5 at lunch 5 at evening - so I decided to take 6 in morning and 6 at night which -4. Then I reduced to 6 at night only which I started to feel bad etc. 1 week after reduce to 5 a night, week later 4 a night, week later 3 a night but in between these weeks I fell so ill. At that time I was off them for 6 months until I lost a close person top not feel stress I turned to co-codamol again I ended up back 480/8000mg…  from 1990 – 2015 I’ve been on these but not at 480/8000mg its was in the last 6 years where I went heavy on them.

    Feb 2014 – 480mg/8000mg -   Day 1-3 (5x30/500mg = 3 times a day for 3 days) – Day 4-6 (4x30/500mg = 3 times a days for 3 days) – Day 7-9 (3x30/500mg = 3 times a day for 3 days) – Day 10-12 (2x30 = 3 times a day for 3 days) Day 13-15 (2x 12.8/500mg = 3 times a day for 3 days) – Day 16-18 (2x500mg paracetamol 3 times a day for 5 days ) in this process I was ill or with any stomach craps or diarrhea.

    It is 28 May 2015 over 15 months I haven’t touched them, last week playing football I got injured doctors gave me anitiflamatry & co-codomal 30/500mg. I put the co-codomal in the bin not even once it cross my mind to take them. 

    People out there DO NOT TAKE CODINE MEDICATION avoid them if possible, Do not take more than the dosage required by your doctor, if they don’t work stop taking them ASAP see your doctor again.

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    Thanks for responding. The last couple of days i have only been having about 2 30/500 and 8 of the lower dosage. These are the lowest dose of 8/500 which doesnt seem to be doing anything to help.

    I am having a few stomach pains and feel very agitated but i dont know if that is psychological. 

    If i attend the local drug centre do you know what happens there? 


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      Nothing happens there at drug center they will ask you to go to your doctors, which then doctors will stop giving you 30/500mg, they will not give you anything, what you are doing is taking high does then lower dosage which will not work. Why don’t you try 2 30/500mg which is normal dosage  then take 1 30/500mg. you said you take 8 of the lower dosage is that 12.8/500?
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    Hi stressed76

    Only just seen your post so sorry for late reply, I hope my experience can help.    I was taking humungous quantities of 30/500 co-co last year and eventually ended up in A&E for the paracetamol antidote, miraculously I hadn't damged my liver or kidney's.  Anyway, to answer your question, I went total cold turkey, it lasted four weeks, shivers and aches, diarrhea, flu like, headaches, sleep problems, etc.  I felt terrible, however, after a couple of weeks I began to get better days, then eventually they joined up so that now I am totally codeine free and feel brilliant.  It IS worth it, I wouldn't recomend tapering with OTC co-co, it just prolongues the agony.  I hope you are OK now or at least along the journey.

    God Bless


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