ADHD Meds Causing Testicular Retraction? How do I relax them again?

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Hi guys,

I hope someone is able to help me with this…

I am currently taking Atomoxetine – a medication used to treat ADHD in adults. I take 40mg once daily in the morning and it really helps me to concentrate better and function the way I need to etc…

One of the main issues I have is the effect it has on my penis and testicles. For some reason when taking these meds my testicles retract right up into my body, as does my penis – with the only way to return it to normal being to bathe in a hot bath for 20 minutes at a time, and even then things still don’t fully calm down and just retract again after a while…

Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but me and my partner are trying to start a family, and I’ve been worried lately that the meds are causing my low sperm count, and also caused them to reduce in size over the last several months.

As you can imagine this is very frustrating. I cannot stop taking the medication because it helps me function properly, and without it I simply cannot cope. I have also tried alternative medications to see if they work as well as Atomoxetine, but unfortunately they don’t because I have adverse effects or side effects to them.

As I understand it – it is the job of the Cremaster muscle to control the way the penis and testicles retract, and so obviously this means either the meds are messing with my Hypothalamus in my brain and causing my brain to think my testicles are cold, or they are aggravating my Cremaster muscle and making it constantly contract – lifting the testicles up.

The retraction lasts all through the day, and only really relaxes towards the evening, and so I hope that during the night my testicle should be relatively “normal” again, however I really need to find a “sperm friendly” way of relaxing the Cremaster muscle to see if this is what is causing the constant retraction….

Are there any known medications or methods to use that will relax the Cremaster muscle safely? I don’t really want to keep having to take long hot baths which obviously are more likely to kill sperm faster and cause more fertility issues?

I’ve so far seen three Urologists, had three testicular ultrasounds, had testosterone levels checked, had my prostate checked, had blood and urine tests as well as a hormone panel which I had done just today so hopefully that will show if anything is going haywire with my hormones etc…

I’m so confused and annoyed – I really want to get to the bottom of this! Any ideas?

In case it helps, I’m 22 years of age, standing 5.3 feet tall and weighing approximately 12.5 stones which is around 175 pounds (79 Kilos)


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    There is one way--surgery. In the US, it is called orchiopexy (testes fixation). Your testes are tied to the bottom of your scrotum by surgery.

    In 1993, when I was 42, I had that done because my testes were constantly entering my inguinal canal but being a xxy male and having smaller testes than normal it was very painful to always try to push down my testes every day. I would press down on my pubic hair constantly throughout the day.

    I have read if they are in the inguinal canal it can cause fertility problems.

    However, the surgery, in my case, the doctor split my scrotum in half and sewed my testes to the bottom of my scrotum, then sewed my scrotum together. You would have to ask the doctor how they would do the surgery. When I had it done, I read the doctor would make a hole then tie the testes into the scrotum, but in my case that didn't happen Maybe, now, with new technology, doctors have discovered new surgery techniques. Some gay men use device that grabs the testes (cock ring) to hold the testes in place, but I don't know if that would work for you. Good luck in looking for a solution to your problem

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    I am having a similar problem, not so much with retracting but with excrutiating pain in my groin.  So far I have not found any information relating to this side effect and like you the medication otherwise is working great,  I don't know if to continue taking strattera as I don't know if this will lead to another condition or it will get better as I get used to the medication.  Any luck with your issue?

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      When my testicles were in my iguinal canal, it felt like my testes were being crushed inside that area. Everyday, it happened. Although I tried to push them down everyday, they always seemed to go up especially if I got an erection.

      I have never been on the drugs you take for your symptoms. So I can't image to have normal sized testicles and having horrible pain in your groin. Mine are very small, puberty sized testicles.I am 65 years old but after having them tied down I don't get the crushing pain anymore. When I had the surgery in 1993 at 42 yeas old., I don't know if there is a method now to correct your problem. If there is, please put that information on this website, so others can be heled for this horrible problem.

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    I have just started treating a patient with the same issue. Botox has been claimed to be of benefit and logically could help with both the dartos muscle in the skin of the scrotum or the cremaster which is deeper and elevates the testicles themselves. Our first treatment (with total 100U) has not made much difference symptomatically - but they look a little lower. We are looking at doing some more next week. Also anti adrenergic medications like Prazosin used for high blood pressure have been postulated to help.

    For more go to


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    Hi everyone I have been going through the same testicle retractation problem for 4 years now they always go up high and sometime so I have to go inside my body too same thing gets more fast very relaxed but then that doesn't last long and it's from my Android XR should have been taken which I need to focus and do well at the same time I don't like penis shrinkage and testicle retraction and pain so I have been waiting long time to try to find out what can be done where I can take my medicine and prevent all these horrible side effects at the same time because talk about catch 22 what is the person supposed to do I wish somebody would have the answer because it is very depressing to have to live like this I've been doing it for years and it really gets to me sometimes! have I totally understand what you guys are going through hopefully a doctor somebody will write on here one day what we need to do! and also I had a brother younger brother when he was little was testicle origin and they did the same thing where they said his testicles to bottom of the scrotum but even that's different than what's going on here with medication something with the medicine vitamins are making or testicles retract and penis shrinkage which I understand muscles are tightening in the scotum and what flavors restricted to the penis but I want to know what is the proper way to prevent this from doing any of this stuff anymore cuz everything that I've read or told to try it never is 100% fixed it's like the hot bath it'll work for you know half an hour then it goes right back up and they start to get cold again I tried taking blood pressure pills all that stuff nothing seems to work well so as you can tell I'm very frustrated with you I've been trying for years to find an answer just seems like there isn't but yet I need my medicine so what does a person do?

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      if u. have you dr prescribe you a very very light Benzo that doesn't counter affect your Adhd RX that relaxes the blood vessels allowing blood to follow easily. Remember the reason it is happening, is your body is using the blood normally reserved for the area to your brain. just like hypothermia your body takes blood away from non life essential body parts, arms, legs, penis for ex. Try to get your Dr to do that for you I've been doing this for over 10 years now and you may have a week of trail n error but you find that magic mixture of your amphetamine and the benzo. it is hard to get your dr to understand unless you're dr is male and takes rx for this. don't give up it is so worth it when you find it!

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    Dang i have been dealing with this outside for damn near a decade now and there's nothing you can't take, besides a benzo, to alleviate the discomfort the only thing to do is to get the blood flowing back to the area so do squats lunges rotate your testicles in your hand like they're a pair of those Chinese relaxation balls if you have a partner wife girlfriend the second their hand foot arm any part of their body touches the blood rushes back. So the best thing I've found is to keep your boys warm WEAR BOXERS. If all else fails between the hot bath, massage by you or someone, this is word but it works. get lube "Naked" moisturizing is best. just rub it all in down there and just keep the blood flowing.

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