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Testicular Pain and Disorders

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  • jacob83159 1

    I've had a bacterial epididymis infection for nearly 2 months

    I went to the doctor and he presumably miss-diagnosed it as viral epididymitis. I had also had a UTI but was unaware it was relevant at the time and he made no mention of it so I never told him (stupid me). This all happened about 2 months ago. The doctor told me it would heal naturally and if it didn't...

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  • IceJJFish 1

    Worst Testicle pain of my life!

    Well here's my story. One day in the summer time about 4 years ago this was. I thought I was sick my pelvis area started hurting. Then next thing you know about 10 minutes later I could hardly walk then I had to puke every 5 minutes. I thought I had food posion cause it kind of felt like that last time...

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  • bazza1 2

    Left Testical pain. Lower Stomach pain and side.

    Hi All. I am very pleased to have found this site to see other people are having simular symptoms as myself. Also I will add that whilst I fell very down its very clear that there are many on here that are in a worse place than myself. about 4 months ago a dull pain developed in my left testical on the...

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  • rory06390 1

    Varicocele pain and surgery

    Hey, I am 20 years old and i am currently on the waiting list to have surgery on my varicocele, I have been having pain in botth left and right testicle, switching from left to right (never at the same time) and this comes and goes throught the day, some days are worse than others, and this has been...

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  •  24154 2

    epididymitis coming. Back

    I had epididymitis due to gram positive I got treated not tested infection was gone but now im having pain in my testis and having burning sensation in my penis ...what could b the reason

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  • ldld 1

    Testicular problem, swelling, discomfort

    Hi there, I felt slight discomfort caused by bit swelling testicle, seems they were bigger then before, right testicle was touching or pushing against right leg.That was I found they are bit bigger.I have done slef chcek, no lumps found.I was checked by GP, he confirmed same thing, no lumps found.I was...

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  • patient03740 1
  • adam 99026 1

    Varicocele causing burning and dull ache in groin and quadriceps.

    Hi, I was diagnosed with a varicocele in my left testical, along with a small cyst around 2-3 years ago. The pain was minimal and very rare, therefore I ignored it. Fast forward a couple of years and at some point this year the pain has worsened, I went back to my gp, and have be referred to see a specialist...

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  • aravindh 06519 2

    testicular pain

    this pain started yesterday noon. when i put down my left leg or give pressure to my left leg,my left testis hurts(mildly).but after some hours i discovered that it also mildly hurts when i cough or sneeze.i checked myself for any lumps but i couldnt find one.there is no blood in urine or any discomfort...

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  • YorkiesWorld 2

    Are my hormone levels linked to my testicle issues?

    Hi everyone, I've been having evergrowing concerns that my right testicle has been getting smaller ever since an episode of epididymitis caused atrophy in the left side. I get occasional pain down there, and the scrotum feels a lot lighter than it used to be for some reason and things just feel smaller...

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  • michael 60452 3

    Small Lump on Testicle, had ultrasounds

    I posted a few months back re a small lump on the back of my testicle. Started out the size of a grain of sand, now about the size of a grain of rice. Admittedly it is difficult to feel, unless I am in the shower or the scrotal skin is relaxed, and then it becomes quite obvious. So I went and saw a...

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  • nicolas61464 1

    Pain in my left testicle

    Hello. I'm 20, Male I've been getting periodic pain in my left testicle. Sometimes it gets a little swollen, red-ish and I feel like the testicle is split in two. It's not extreme but I feel it, while walking or just laying in the couch. The pain stays for like 5 mins-60 mins, then all's good again....

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  • slim52775 2
  • uzimaki 2

    After varicocele surgery (question)

    Hi my names daylan im 17 and , I had the surgery for a variceocele on Monday todays Tuesday, so about 5 days ago. I had three cuts made one on my belly button and two on each side of me (for each testiacle). Anyways, I was wondering if it was safe to masterbait. Ive tried looking up answers, but I get...

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  • Ltk1992 1

    Pain in left testicle, lower back left side and down left leg.

    Hi all. Had some pain in my left testicle for a few months now. It's a weird achy pain at the back of the testicle that is also in the left side of my lower abdomen, on left side of my lower back then all the way down my left leg. The testicle feels a little bit tender to touch and is slightly smaller...

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  • andrew10939 1
  • No body 1

    Testicular pain/discomfort

    Hi I have recently got this pain or discomfort I can't really tell but It started when I was sitting down I rubbed my penis and I pushed down a little hard then I felt 2 sharp pains one once I pushed down and another when I stood up because of the first sharp pain then nothing I sat back down nothing...

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  • anolekie93206 1

    Should my testicles always be vertical?

    I read somewhere about bell clappers deformity where it appears that the testicles are horizontal. When I come out of a hot shower, or when my testicles are saggy they usually appear to be horizontal. Maybe not completely horizontal but a little bit. I have had 2 ultrasounds on my testicles for cysts,...

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  • YorkiesWorld 2

    Unexplained Testicular Atrophy at 23?

    Hi guys,  My question is quite the difficult one but I'm hoping someone can help me and shed some light on what can cause this, whether its normal, and what I can do about it.  To start with, I'm a 23-year-old male, standing around 5 feet and 3 inches tall, and I am slightly overweight - weighing about...

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  • john75639 4

    Orchiopexy --testicle fixation- sewn to scrotum

    In my 20's, 30' s and 40's, I had a problem in which my testes/testicles would move from my scrotum into my inguinal.canal constantly. It didnt matter what the weather was or if I was in a hot tub. They would either stay down in my scrotum or into the canal. If they stayed too long in my inguinal canal,...

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  • john75639 4

    Testicle implants for testicle disorders in xxy men

    Some individuals who want information on testicle inplants.should look under sex chromosome aneuplodies. Mainly because some xxy men who have atrophied testes or testicles prefer to have implants, to replace their small testes. But having them replaced, you should have hormone replacement therapy with...

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  • Scotland83930 2


    I have had varicocele first diagnosed over ten years ago.(Male 56 now ) It has recently become really uncomfortable especially when i do regular self check ups for lumps ect.Vein in particular very visible and enlarged.Doc sent me for a ultra sound and they checked scrotum and kidneys all seemed ok.My...

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  • jon68050 1

    Intermittent Testicular pain

    Hello, wondering if anyone here can help me narrow down my issue or have had something similar happen to them. I am 18, and a fairly active guy. I have had intermittent testicular pain starting about 4 years ago if I remember correctly. When I say intermittent, I usually have this pain once or twice...

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  • TheCobraDrax 1

    Masturbated first time since Orchiectomy and Orchiopexy!

    Hello so i'm new to this site. And on March 30th 2017 i had surgery to remove the right testicle due to Mis-Diagnosis *Doctors thought: Epididymitis, REAL CAUSE WAS: TORSION. yes i've made a claim on it..... I Had the pain for two weeks *YES TWO WEEKS I WAS IN PAIN. THE SURGEON SAID I WAS LUCKY TO BE...

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  • james34617 2
  • pcambo86 2

    Pain in left testicle and leg

    Had pain since beginning of December in left testicle and left leg. First instance it lasted about 4 days and went after taking some ibrofuen. Then it came back 2 weeks later and hasn't went since. Been doc's good few times first he gave me anitbiotecs and said it was epididymitis but got all clear on...

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  • karim02666 2

    Left testicule shrinked ,random pain and black dots

    I've got a pain in my left testicule after that the pain did go but my testicule shrinked now  the right one is bigger twice than left. I get randomly pain in my left testicule and sometimes I feel heat in them. there is also black dots apperead in sectrum I don't know why. My sperm also changed to yellowish...

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  • jckilgannon 1

    Varicocele leads to depression/ED?

    Back when I was in 9th grade football (about 8 years ago) guys in the locker room thought it was funny to go around and hit you right in the testicles from behind. One day someone hit me so hard I fell to the ground and sat there a while. The following year during our physical a doctor said I had a varicocele...

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  • Selfimprovement 2

    Stomach pain and Varicocele - No one can figure it out!

    Hi fellas, This is going to be a long post as I want to bring up my experiences that can not only help someone help me, but it can potentially help others who are in the same boat and stumble upon this thread. If you don't like long reads, you can jump to the questions in the end. I used to suffer...

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  • uzimaki 2

    After varicocele surgery (question) please help

    Okay, so about two days ago I had my surgery, I had three cuts down on my stomach to cut off the varicoccele veins in both testicales. My question is, is smoking that bad after surgery, I basically smoked cannabis right away and still am to this day so can coughing ruin the tiny clamp things in my testicales?...

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  • JamesMay1 2

    How long does it take for testicular Cancer to develope?

    I had an ultrasound done on my balls because I was experiencing discomfort and pain in my left testicle, and the testicle was slightly harder than the right. It found cysts in the upper epididymis but nothing else. Now, 5 monthes later, the pain has gotten worse and I feel a lump on the bottem of my...

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  • umakant 09024 1
  • john46345 1

    Ongoing testicle pain, different diagnoses from doctors

    I have been experiencing pain in my testicles for years now, I saw someone about it when it first started back when I was about 16 because I was concerned about testicular cancer. after an ultrasound it was determined that I had a cyst that may have been agitated. Jump 13 years later with intermittent...

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  • john80670 4

    What's going on with my testicles

    All my life had some pains now and then and 5 years ago had scan said i had cysts any way today had another scan because they have been to tender to touch for a few months and again they found nothing ? but they are tender and sometimes feel wet as if i am putting them in cold water ? anyone else have...

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  • adam87017 2

    Persistent left testicular pain since last 5 months

    History of torsion (right) in 2003-orchidectomy Weak urine flow since 2007 Ultrasound- Mild grade 1 varicocele (left. Mild thickening of left spermatic cord and vas deferens. Rest normal Non specific prostatitis in TRUS Pelvic MRI normal- with coarse irregular outline around left testicle Mild discomfort...

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