Stomach pain and Varicocele - No one can figure it out!

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Hi fellas,

This is going to be a long post as I want to bring up my experiences that can not only help someone help me, but it can potentially help others who are in the same boat and stumble upon this thread.

If you don't like long reads, you can jump to the questions in the end.

I used to suffer from severe pain due to a large Varicocele in my left side. I noticed it usually became worse when sitting a lot. As I work at the computer, I started standing and laying down instead, which eased the variocele and pain somewhat, but never really healed it. And who wants to avoid sitting for the rest of your life anyway?

I did ton of research on the topic and tried everything I could find. I found lots of interesting posts online about how imbalance in the pelvic floor and stomach spasm could lead to varicocele. After trying out yoga and certain stretches for months without results, I ended up throwing in the towel and went with varicocelectomy surgery.

A few months after surgery, I felt better and I could sit again without any pain and with little to no discomfort. I started going back to the gym and daily routines, although I avoided sitting as much as possible. The only time I could feel the varicocele come back a little and cause pain was when I had sex (fast and hard thrusting) or when squeezing/holding the penis during masturbation (how is this even possible?).

One day at the gym, I did crunches/situps to the sides and the next day, my varicocele was almost as bad as prior to operation. Right now my pain is really bad in the side of the stomach near the hip and same altitude as the belly button. It hurts sitting again, but it's worse in the stomach than in the scrotum. I did have an ultrasound to rule out kidney cancer etc, and the doctors now just seem to shrug off my problem. I haven't heard about this anywhere, so perhaps someone can shed some light in here.

I am otherwise young and perfectly healthy and I eat only lean meat, lots of vegetables and some fruits.

Questions I would love to have answered by a professional/experienced patient:

1. Can a varicocele happen due to constant spasm/contractions in pelvic/abdomen?

2. How can squeezing the penis shaft result in a painful varicocele? The veins are not directly connected are they?

3. Any alternative treatment options other than embolization? In case it's spasm-related, no surgery would really help right?

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    I am not a doctor but your symptoms reminded me of something I read. I've heard varicole veins in the scrotum can be caused by "increases reflux from compressions of the renal vein( between the superior and mesenteruc artery and aorta). This is sometime called the nut cracker or aorta-left renal vein entrapment syndrom".  So my theory is maybe you have pain in your abdomen and a varicole because on this "nut cracker" syndrom. My advice is to go to the doctor as soon as you read this and have them specificly test you for this. IF I happen to be correct please let me know because your case and the fact that not doctors have helped you is intriguing to me.

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      Hi Gabe,

      I forgot my login and was never able to read your message.

      After reading your suggestion, I can promise that I will have this checked out and post an update as soon as possible.

      Thank you!

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    Hello mate,

    I know it has been years since you have posted this and i am not sure if you will read my comment but no harm trying.. i have an exact similar situation to your now have done the varicoceles surgery pain was gone for a month or so and then hit me back mainly in the abdomen or groin that i cannot even wear my belt any more while sitting beside some discomfort back in the scrotum.. have you managed to figure out what was causing your issue and have you managed to fix it and get rid of the pain? thank you so much

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    I thought I'd post on this because I have something perhaps similar

    Since Jan-21 I've had this dull ache in my testicles and my lower abdomen, but mostly the ache is in my abdomen rather than my testicles. It gets worse after activity. The pain is worst sitting, OK lying down but still there and the best position (most pain free) is standing.

    I have a varicocele above my left and right testicle. I saw a urologist who seemed to think the issue was my varicocele so I am booked in to have a subinguinal microscopic varicocelectomy in 2 weeks time.

    I really have nothing to lose, as there doesn't seem any better diagnosis so I'm going for it but I am a bit skeptical as all the varicocele symptoms I read about don't really mention abdominal pain.

    I'm also looking to find out if varicoceles can be a source of abdominal discomfort. I really hope this operational sorts it out because this discomfort is really affecting my ability to lead a normal life.



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      Recently i have been also diagnosed with varicocele grade 3 but i dont have scrotum pain rather i have pain in my lower left abdomen and it is severe. Tried many pain killers and even urologist recommended few but no relief.

      i thought maybe i have kidney cancer but my USG is good, now i dont understand what to do, surgery or embolization.

      Overall research says microscopic surgery is good and high efficacy. but its also said varicocele comes back after surgery.

      i dont know what to do, i recently had gall bladder surgery as well as heart surgery. i am scared

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    any update on these guys?! im having very similar issues.. diagnosed with varicocelle both sides. aches in my testicles and lower abdomen. annoying life!

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    Hi - just posting an update as jamie38971 requested.

    I had an subinguinal microscopic varicocelectomy during which the surgeon removed 3 veins on the left side. I had a orchiopexy at the same time. After the surgery I was referred to a phyiso for pelvic floor therapy. I wouldn't say I am totally out of the woods, but I am well on the way to total recovery.

    I would say imran89789 if you have pain due to an infrastructure issue (i.e. values in veins being broken) then painkillers is not really an answer as its treating a symptom and not the cause. Whether surgery or embolisation is a better route will depend on personal factors (I was being cut open anyway for the orchiopexy so surgery made more sense given the surgeon was already in there), however, I'd say doing something is better than doing nothing. I don't like the idea of having something put inside me which must permanently remain there, so was put off by the idea of embolisation. Having loads of operations sucks though. I wish you all the best, let me know what progress if any has occurred since your last post?

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    I had been looking for these answers so much. I have been experiencing left abdominal pain, like the others here. I have a grade 3 varicocele on the left side. I was really worries since the last few days thinking if it was some kind of tumour. Now i feel better knowing i am not alone. If anybody got a reason about the abdominal pain, please let me know. Thank you!

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    i have been recently diagnosed with varicocele and when i walk i have abdominal pain i have been to A&E and i have been referred to a urologist i have spoken to a private specialist who suggest you need to wear scrotal support and pain killers which will sort it out if you have alot of pain and you have infertility issue then you might need it to get be get operated i am bit concern after reading all of your comments that varicocele regenerate once the operation is done and you have to start the procedure from scratch

    i have been taking alot of pain killers but they are in vain the pain doesnt get resloved with pain killer

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