Chronic Groin Pain

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I am really pleased to find this discussion group as I sometimes feel that I am fighting a loosing battle. I have had severe groin pain for abour 10 months and no matter who I consult, GP to specialist or anyone in between there doesnt seem to be a tried and tested treatment for these symptoms. Despite all test, including STD's or  PSA's everything appears normal. The pain some days is excrutiating to the point that just sitting becomes a nightmare. Pain killers offer slight repreive but  I really dont want this to be the only solution...any advice would be welcomes..

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    ever had a vasectomy?
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      No PVP-ouch..never had any groin issues or operations that could have caused this condition..and so little is know about the cause and treatment..
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    Hi Johnny6600,

    Don't know if this will help but could you ask for a physiotherapy referral from your GP perhaps?  It may be referred pain your experiencing.  If it's not mechanical, perhaps it's nerve pain which can be helped with meds that relax the nerves.  Hope you get sorted with the pain.

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      Thanks yabba at this stage I am about ready to try anything that will provide me with pain relief..


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    I'm going through simular experience - STD's, Ultra-sound, antibiotics. I have now been referred to Urologist at the hospital.

    I've never had vasectomy.

    I also find booking docotors appointment humilating, the recpetions 'smirking' voice.

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      It starts working on your mental condition as well..The broad based diagnosis is Prostatitis but that is as good as" how long is a piece of string" ..I too have never had a vasectomy or any other groin issues. The journey from Dr to Dr also becomes exhausting because there doesnt seem to be much understanding of the cause or treatment of this condition and we are left to our own devices. I have spent countless hours pouring over medical journals and still cant find what I am looking for. Urologists seem to dismiss this condition as "not life threatening" and will go through the sequence of a prostate exam urine test prostatic massage and anti biotics..none of which provides long lasting relief...I wonder how many of us are going through this..


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    Where exactly in the groin...?

    Does the pain include the penis or testicle?

    Is it juts on one side?

    Roughly what age are you?

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      Hi PainDoc. I am 57. The pain varies from a mild tingling on the scrotum to intense pain on the penis. The pain begins just below the head of the penis and the pain feels as if there is a hose clamp attached to the shaft of the penis. It tends to be worse at night. ..sometimes even preventing me from falling asleep
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      I have been in pain for 3 months. Doctor says I'm fine but no causes.

      When it first started, I peed out something hard and white with red on it.

      Since, my right testicle hurt then the other and there is more and more blood in my sperm (hemataspermia)

      It's very bad pain to just a soreness.

      Sometimes I believe that ejaculation relieves the pain a little but then there is the blood.

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    Is the pain limited to the end third (or so) of the penis or the whole length of it?

    Do you also get pins and needles in the penis?

    Do you actually have pain actually in the groin - the crease where you leg joins the body?

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      Mostly just the end third. There is a permanent burning sensation in the crease where the leg joins the body..and that is constant. It has been like this for months.

      I have been to a GP, Physician and Urologist. The general comment is that whilst the diagnosis is easy the treatment can be fairly difficult.

      This truly causes a huge amount of anxiety.


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      The pins and needles sensation comes and goes at irregular intervals. i have tried to vary my diet, cutting back on sugar and coffee as well as trying a warm bath. Sometimes it does offer a bit of relief but I have not had a pain free day since this began.


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    So he said the diagnosis was easy did he...?  

    So what was is diagnosis?  Surely not just "Prostatitis"...!

    Is one side of the penis affected slightly more than the other?

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      There was a whole process of elimination before the diagnosis was made. I had a prostatic massage, urine test, scan and ultra sound none of which showed any signs of infection or hernia. I have also had about three courses of anti-biotics, none of which really helped. One of the theories put forward was that the initial pain was caused by an infection is the prostate as the exam was pretty painful and the prostate was sensitive and swollen. The anti-biotics cleared the infection but the pain pathway had already been established which is now difficult to break. I wouldnt say that the pain is slightly worse on one side more circular in intensity..almost as if a hose clamp has been tightened around the shaft..I have the feeling that lack of a substantial finding in all of the test results in the Prostatitis diagnosis and as the pain has been going on for so many months Chronic is added to the diagnosis.

      Have you any theories on this condition?

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    It is importna to rememnber that the sensory nerve suply to the end 1/3rd of the penis is different to the nerve supply to the root of the penis.

    The diffrence could be important - especilally if the pain is on one side only.

    Is the pain worse sitting?

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      thanks for taking the time to answer my queries..It is much appreciated.

      The pain doesnt seem to get worse and most of the time it is only the top 1/3 that seems to be painful... and a lot of discomfort in the scrotum area...I read a comment posted by someone suffering with the same symptoms who described the pain as if his pubic hair was made of steel wool which is quite apt.

      I am on the verge of trying anti-depressants in an attempt to relax the pelvic muscles. Have you heard of this as a treatment method?

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