Left Testical pain. Lower Stomach pain and side.

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Hi All.

I am very pleased to have found this site to see other people are having simular symptoms as myself. Also I will add that whilst I fell very down its very clear that there are many on here that are in a worse place than myself.

about 4 months ago a dull pain developed in my left testical on the left hand side of it. Doctor gave me cipro thinking Prostatis. it did not work.Uroligist gave me cipro and Doxicycline with Naproxen. they have not worked. back to the Doctor and he has given me a course of doxicycline for another 2 weeks. they are not working. had an Ultrasound and all clear. Had blood tests and urine tests and they are all clear. in now experiancing pains in my stomach and my side. feels like a stich sometimes in the side. this can also spread to the kidney area to. i am taking Gabapentin to. just wondering if anyone has had simular and found a cure. is it an infection? is it a damaged nerve? kind thanks.

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    Also i forgot to mention a couple of things.

    first thing in the morning there is no pain or discomfort. the discomfort gets worse when i become active.

    if its infection then i have had loads of cipro and starting another 2 weeks of Doxicycline. what other anti botics can be used for infection of can i assume that these antibiotics will have got rid of any infection?

    kind thanks

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      I have a very similar condition. I'm fine until I exert myself (ie playing tennis, working out). I get lower abdomen pressure and pain. It burns and my entire groin area hurts and burns and my upper leg/hip area as well. I had a CAT scan and everything looked pretty good, but there was evidence of hardening of the arteries. The doctor suggested getting a vascular exam as he said the lack of blood flow to that area would cause pain. Also, even when I'm not experiencing the pain, I feel pressure in my lower abdomen when I bend over like to put my socks on. I forgot to mention that the pain and pressure is more on the left side.

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    Hi Bazza1,

    My experience is very similar to yours. I suffered some localised pain in my left testicle went to Dr who found an uneven area on the testicle and sent me for an ultrasound. The ultrasound came back clear there was evidence of a minor infection so the Dr suggested antibiotics however by this time the pain I had felt had disappeared so I didn't even get those.

    That being said I am prone to anxiety, nothing official but I do worry a lot. Whilst I was waiting for the ultrasound I googled furiously and came across all the primary and secondary symptoms including back ache and groin ache. Funny enough since then I have experienced all these symptoms! I even went back to the Dr to confirm the scan results for which his advice was based on my symptoms and the scan he was not worried however like everyone else I needed to keep an eye out for changes in my testicles.

    The point is the mind is very powerful, you have done the right thing by going to the Dr however you are obviously worried or else you would not be posting on here. Maybe look at some info on health anxiety, no more panic is a good website and see if that helps.

    I know its probably not the reassurance you want but as long as you are vigilant and checking every month you will be fine.

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      Hi and thanks for your reply.

      I fully agree with you that the mind is a very powerfull thing and if not careful i could conveince myself that i have almost every symptom relating to what i have read and start adding further problems etc.

      My concerns are what is it that i have. the Cancer thing is not on my mind. no lumps and bumps etc.

      My concerns are this is some sort of infection that is not listed or screened for under normal circumstances. all my screenings have come back clear including Aids test too.

      what im looking for is what kind of infections are not screened for that could lead to the symptoms i have?

      kind thanks for your reply.

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      Hi just I was just wondering since I am experiencing the same exact symptoms (and concerns) as you that if in the last 3 years you found any answers or relief?I know it's been a couple years and I feel this is a shot in the dark, but if you have any advice or knowledge from your experience since then I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you and I hope for good news for both of our sakes

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      I'm on gabapentin, seems to help most of the time. I am now trying to judge if I am bruising myself when wear certain pants?

      Good luck.

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      Hello to all only now found this chat regarding this recently as i have been ok health wise let me take you back to 9 years ago a sudden pain came on in my testicle and left kidney possibly the worst pain i have ever suffered doctors done all the tests they could possibly do and still no help this pain would come and go with weeks free from pain and laying in a hot bath 5 times a night to help the pain till they discovered a narrowing in the tube between my kidney and bladder keyhole surgery and i was fine but my right kidney now only working 23% my right is doing the rest but a week ago now the same pain in my left kidney and im possibly the lowest i have felt. hospital told me 3 months for the scan even with the history i have 😕 so here we go again the start of a few more years suffering

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      I'd ask for an ultrasound and maybe ask to see a urologist. Painkillers may help. I'm still having pains. Been 2.5 months now. 

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      Urologist felt and said nothing was wrong. He wouldn't do an ultrasound because he said "there was no need"... I'm pretty sure there's nothing out of the ordinary down there but the abdominal and testicle pain is confusing

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      Same here. Off to see my uro in a week or so. Constant pain in my left testicle. Tried Cipro twice recently and didn't help at all. Could be a nerve thing. Checkout 'Gary Crowley testicle pain' on You Tube. I can't say it's helped me a lot - maybe a little - but he might be onto something.

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    Hi, did you post this question previously? It is very similar to one that I responded to the other day.

    I replied that I had gone through something very similar. The first antibiotic Cipro cleared up my prostatitis but I still had the testicle pain. My GP then diagnosed Epididymitis and gave me a different type of antibiotic that cleared it up.

    Now a few months later it seems to be back

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      hi derek76.

      this is the first time i have posted this. only joined the site tonight.

      what other antibiotic was prescribed?


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      The other person asked that as well! I'm sorry but I cannot remember.

      He said that it needed a stronger different type of antbiotic as Cipro would not help Epididymitis.

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      Antibiotics used are legion for epidiymis but the main 3 issued are Cipro, Co-Aomoxyclav and Doxycyclin.

      As with all antibiotics it can be hit and miss with regards what works for one may not work for another

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      Hi PVP-ouch.

      Been on Cipro and still undertaking a two week course of Doxicyclin.

      The uroligist gave me a one week course of Doxicyclin with a two week course of Cipro but that did not work. Returned to the doctor and he said have another two weeks of Doxicyclin and see how it goes.

      Im still awaiting my follow uo appointment with the uroligist in July. (Why they give you a two week course and a follow up appointment in 8 weeks is beyound me)

      I have noticed the pain in the left Testicle is slightly there but feels it has been masked untill that wave that sends a shudder through your side , stomach and reaching the kidney area starts. I have noticed that I am experiancing more pain now in the kidney and stomach area but I do not have a Kidney stone.

      I know this is an infection as it started a day after unpretected sex. wish i knew what is was...........regards

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      Do you know who it was? She/He needs treatment to avoid it being passed on.

      Rather srange but all posters sem to have such pain in the left testicle. 

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      hi. Sorry post sent to moderator because of the use of urine in slang.

      yes she has been fully tested at GUM and all clear as i have been.

      I have had many blood tests and urine and all clear,if the doctors cant find whats wrong with me what hope have they with someboby that has no symptoms etc.

      yes always the left testical seems to be the case.

      if i ever get this sorted i will post a full accout of it.


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      The first time I heard of Epididymitis was a person who had a vasectomy and later had testicle pain that went on for years without diagnosis. It can evidently be difficult to diagnose.
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      Hi Bazza1

      I know it has been a while since you posted this ...but i have identical symtoms (the only difference is that my dull pain starts on my right testicle and migrates to thelower right abdomen and sometimes the lower back (kidney area) .I have seen Urologist,Gastro doctor,regular doctor,infection doctor and nobody can find what is wrong  with me .

      My pain comes in waves and seem to be worse in the evening and better in the morning (resting makes it better.) I have a feeling it is an infection as well.

      I have been battling this for 3 months now .....still no answer to what it is.

      Have you ever found out what was in your case?

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      I’ve been having this pain for 2 and half years . Penis also turtles on days with lots of pain. Pretty much everyday. Bending over, sitting or exerting myself makes it worse. Ejaculating seems to give minor relief . I feel a lot of pain in the left epidemidis or what ever it’s called. 
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      Hey bro, I've noticed a lot of people seem to feel better when they wake up and it slowly gets worse throughout the day. I'm sure it must be the same thing. Have you worked it out yet? I saw this was posted 8 months ago, would really like to know what it is, thanks!

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