Right Testicle Pain, Leg and Foot

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Hi, I have had right testicle pain for 10 years (since 2008) the problem started with just a dull ache in the right testicle that would come and go through the day, especially at work when I would stand for long periods.

But now the dull ache has changed to an unbearable pain which is constant, this depends on what clothing I wear. Wearing Jeans, Trousers or Chinos makes the pain worse, and sitting, bending or walking also triggers the pain. I cant sit for long periods and I cant stand for long periods without being in excruciating pain, my quality of life has reduced to the point I dont/cant do anything.

I have been to my GP many times about the problem, I've had several Ultrsound scans only to find some small Varicocele's and small Cysts, they said they were too small to cause any pain. I was sent to a Urologist back in 2013, they said they could remove part or all of the epididymis, but said the procedure may not solve the problem, they said it could make the pain worst. They recommended pain management and to use Amitriptyline, I found this didn't work, so I've been living with this pain ever since.  

I've just recently seen another Urologist who seems more helpful, he has agreed to remove the epididymis as a last resort. He wants me to try Pelvic Floor exercises for 6 months, if this doesn't help he may try a nerve block injection.

The problem is... I cant wait another 6 months, I've had this pain over 10 years and I'm becoming tied, its really wearing me down to the point of being depressed. I am in excruciating agony all day, everyday.

The only time I am free from pain is when I am asleep, I always go to bed with the pain, but when I wake up in the morning the pain has gone (which is bliss). But as soon as I get dressed and go to sit down, or even bend or do any exercise, the pain starts within minutes, and will last the rest of the day.

I was considering telling the urologist that I cannot wait another 6 months, that I need this operation to remove the epididymiss now, and hope it works.

Has anyone here ever had their right epididymiss tube removed with success of revealing the pain in testicle, leg/ and foot?

Thank you in advance for any advice giving. 


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    Man your condition sounds like mine..Any stomach pains?
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      Yes sometimes, normally to the right of my belly button.

      Do you get the leg and foot pain?

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    I've been suffering exactly the way you describe. I'm in agony right now, just before bed and will wake up with a brief period of being pain free. I have had epididimytis for decades, but the usual course of antibiotics has never led to a cure. As a printer I work on my feet and it has become almost beyond endurance. My GP and orthopedist say there is nothing wrong that they can diagnose. Did you get the surgery and did it help?


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      Hi, No surgery as yet, but I'm back at the Urologist next week for a discussion about what they can offer me, if anything.

      My condition is getting worst, I used to be able to wear some clothing that would bring me some relief, certain jeans and trousers I had that didn't trigger the pain. But now all clothing I wear is making the pain worst, its getting to the point I can no longer go out, I will be housebound before long.

      How about you, have you had any success?

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    Holy s*^t.

    I thought I was the only one.

    I've had a similar journey and identical symptoms and progression.

    started as a vague/dull ache years ago, soon became a sharp unbearable - i look like im in childbirth - kind of pain. doctors told me they thought it was intermittent torsion and did three operations on my balls to stitch them in place and stop them moving about and cutting off blood supply. that didnt fix the issue, and now my balls really DO feel like they twist a lot; then i get stomach pain, cant go to the toilet, vomit a lot, cant eat, cant sleep; not until it feels like blood goes back through to my balls; only then do all my symptoms subside.

    i also have developed pains in my buttocks; sitting down feels like im sitting on a swollen vein in my bum cheek muscle, same vessel or nerve feels like it connects to my genitals and also runs down my legs. my limited knowledge of biology tells me that its either the posterial scrotal veins/artery OR the pudenal nerve causing my issues.

    i have also developed pains in my feet, and sometimes when the pain in my genitals is bad; i appear to have no blood flow in the foot on the associated side. i have seen a vascular surgeon and had scans (ABPI+doppler of hallux) which confirm the lack of blood supply to my big toes. the scan said the findings suggest arterial disease.

    doctors have no answers. theyve called it chronic pain, delusional, imaginary, neurological and psychsomatic -- you name it, theyve tried claiming it. so far i think they are all wrong.

    i wonder- did you get any relief or answers in the end? did you have the operation?

    If youre reading this with similar symptoms to mine and OP, here are a few things which inhave found to help over the years:

    1. relax! sounds counter intuitive, and its impossible to relax when you have ball pain, but, if you can take painkillers or distract yourself, your balls seem to have a crazy ability to move on their own and do whatever needs to be done to put themselves in the most comfortable position-- but to allow them to do that you have to be relaxed so that the muscle isnt tensed, and your balls can move freely.
    2. hot baths; keeping warm
    3. lying on your front, with either pillows to support and raise your body - so you can keep from lying on your genitals and putting pressure on them. a travel pillow people use around their necks works wonders. put your little mates inside and lie on your front and enjoy the comfort
    4. kneeling on a pillow, for some reason sometimes provides me relief
    5. stretch your toes! in fact, stretch everything, but, focus on your feet and toes. muscle tension and imbalances in your feet translate to tension in your legs which fee further up to your pelvis. plus living with genital pain means we learn to walk funny to cater for the painful pendulum between our legs; which in turn contributes to postural pain and gait imbalances, ultimately tiring out all the nerves and small muscles in your feet, so then your bigger muscles tense and stiffen up to compensate for the instability. if i bend my toes upwards, and then curl them under my foot and put gentle pressure on them, not only does it improve circulation but it seems to improve my genital pain too.
    6. dont give up on yourself and experiment to find what works and what doesnt work. its taken me YEARS to get to a point where i know exactly how to make the pain go away.

    i am 100% convinced that problems like ours arise from circulatory and/or lymphatic disorders. i have no proof of that besides a hunch, and first-hand experience of the symptoms for many years. i know that the only thing that seems to change my pain - is my circulation and blood flow.

    im happy and sad to see im not the only one with these symptoms, but, if what ive typed above saves any other man half of the psychological trauma ive been through myself - then ive done my bit.

    if you see this - please let me know how you got on.

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      Hello BenUK91

      I have been suffering with an issue almost identical to yours for the last 4 years now. I am from the UK and have been having so many issues with trying different treatments and getting the doctors to understand what sort of pain I get day to day.

      I have had 2 surgery's first was an apparent embolization back in 2018 where they made a 4 inch incision in my groin. this surgery made the pain so much worse and I still get large amounts of swelling in my testical and chronic pain in the testical, aswell as my groin, left bum cheek, left thigh, left calf and sometimes my left foot. the pain is defiantly nerve related as it feels like a dull burning that can be very intense almost like an electric shock. my left leg is very weak because of this.

      I had a testicular fixation surgery last year as the urologist was convinced it was testicular torsion so he did this surgery to stop them twisting. this had no effect on stopping the pain or helping anything so I got fobbed off to the pain unit.

      I have recently just had 8 steroid injections, 2 in my groin, 2 in my spermatic cord and 4 in my lower back but these have had no effect and had intensified the pain if anything.

      my job requires me to do PT through the week and before these injections I could last on runs for a few miles and then have light pain after with intense pain once I was in bed that night.

      now it seems to painful to even try and run or do any physical activity.

      I wanted them to take my left testical off to stop the pain 2 years ago but now it's moved onto chronic nerve pain in my groin and leg so I don't think getting rid of the testical would even help the issue.

      I feel like if I keep going back to the doctors telling them nothing is working they are just going to say its a mental pain and it's not real as my varacacile is small and "shouldn't be painful" as I've been told alot of time before.

      have you had any procedures that have helped with the pain at all or has everything failed for you too?

      have you any advise on what to do next or what to suggest to my doctor as I am stuck for answers. I really hoped these injections would work so this has really crushed my spirit. it sounds like you know as much as I do about how painful this issue can be.

      thanks for sharing. glad someone with this issue has put up some good information upūüĎć

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    so sad ... we all met , but without any solution. im suffering with same condition... it's killing me everyday. We have to find out the reason ..... hopefully, i will be back soon with good news!!

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    Hi West

    just came came across your post while searching Dr Google.

    I have had a similar pain on and off now for a few years but over the last year it is getting ridiculous.

    i suffer with a pain in my right foot arch that goes to my right knee then to my right testicle and hip into my back. the pain on my right side is a dull constant pain but my testicle is like someone is punching it.

    i went and saw my GP who said i had probability twisted it and then untwisted itself thought okay sort of makes sense but the pain continued went and saw another GP who said i might have a varicose vein, if it is a varicose vein they wouldn't do anything about it. i then went to another GP ended up having an ultrasound done and nothing has come up.

    so any i still have the pain "But" i am long term suffering from a knee injury to my left knee. well i saved up some cash and went to Bisham Abbey sports clinic where they treat athletes. so i am there chatting to the physio and tell them about this the lady seemed interested. so she goes off and came back with her work colleague who was an ex strongman. i go through the story i stand up on a some special scales and do some bending and lifting. he stood there chin in hand then told me to sit on the bench then proceed to tape my feet up then pulled the insoles out of my shoes and gave me some orthopaedic shoe inserts. told me not to wear trainers but proper decent walking shoes and use arch supports of a certain type.

    i am now a year in the pain has nit gone but I can tell you it makes a hell off a difference. if i wear normal shoes the pain becomes worse if i sit the pain comes back but standing and walking now with the inserts make a big difference.

    But when that pain in the right testicle hits i just want to cry.

    i hope this helps and if you guys ever find the cause please let me know.

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    My symptoms started about 5 years ago. At my lowest point I had testicular pain and lower back pain where I couldn't do basic tasks; such as walking for more than 5 minutes or standing from the toilet sit without having a high level of pain. The pain on my right testicle was permanent, even when sleeping, and exacerbated by any physical activity. I also experienced some sort of numbness on my groin, including my penis. This brought deep mental and emotional distress in my life. I saw two primary care physicians, three urologists, sports hernia surgeon, spine surgeon, chiropractors, pelvic floor specialist, and so on. I received a nerve block on the spermatic cord and was prescribed gabapentin; neither helped. I was not able to get a diagnosis and after extensive research I started suspecting my hip. I went to a ortho surgeon and he diagnosed a hip labral tear due to FAI. I got my surgery last week. He showed my the pictures; the labrum was shredded to pieces and disconnected from the articular joint. I got a femoral osteotomy, labral reconstruction, and chondroplasty. My back pain is gone and the pain on the testicle has reduced to about 10% and improving each day. I'm doing physical therapy and I'm expected to recover 100%.

    I hope that my experience can help you guys. And if it doesn't, hang in there and don't give up. Do your research, look for answers. Keep up the fight and good luck.

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    Hi there,

    I have read through this thread and i have similar symptoms to the ones you have described.

    About a month ago i started to get a dull ache in my left testicle which was more uncomfortable than painful, however the pain got worse as time went on. I have had pain like this in the past that subsided, so I didnt think much of it.

    More recently i began to experience some pain in my groin area, even spreading down the inside of my leg though what felt like veins / arteries etc. The pain / sensation from my testicles was linked to my leg without a doubt, experiencing pain and discomfort at the same time as each other. It almost felt like the veins / artery in that area was swollen and under a lot of pressure and was pulsating aggressively. The pain and discomfort appeared to get worse when i was sat down or wearing tight / restrictive pants.

    I went to A&E when it got really bad as i couldn't get a doctors appointment, they gave me Doxycycline to treat bacterial infections and they gave me an intramuscular jab to relieve pain in my testicle.

    I finished my 2 week course of antibiotics yesterday, however the sensations in my leg are more prominent as before and has now spread down to the top and underneath of my foot (again feels like in the veins). The pain in my testicle has almost completely subsided, however I can still feel the sensation in my testicle, but without the pain.

    I called my GP who recommended that I go back to A&E to explain that my treatment was unsuccessful. I am now in A&E and have just had a blood test and i'm due to see a doctor in an hours time.

    I honestly thought this was an STI but the antibiotics would have cleared the infection if this was the case. I am now very concerned about the prospect of infertility as I am only 23 and would be devestated if I can't have children. I find it unsettling that the doctors that I speak to aren't sure what the problem is and have just given me antibiotics in the hope that it's an STI. I believe I need a specialist examination before the condition worsens, i'm unbelievably anxious about the long term implications of this, especially when untreated for a prolonged period of time.

    i underatand that I haven't had some of the additional symptoms that you have expereiended, but the condition sounds very similar in terms of symptoms. Any advice / help / updates would be greatly appreciated to put my mind at ease, I hope we can all find a permanent solution to this issue as it seems to be a difficult one to diagnose / treat.

    Love you guys x

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    Have you tried massaging your testicle, pain killers can only do so much. If the pain goes away with sleep, then it could be a muscle issue.

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    Hi guys, i am so glad i came across this.

    I have the same issue. My right testicle has ached for years, leg ache and buttock!

    I recently saw a urologist, he said my testicles felt normal. I had my ultrasound today.....so worried about the results though. Can anybody pin point the pain area on their testicle?



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      I have a similar problem, not to say that it is the same, the pain is dull, you can feel it even in the buttocks without knowing exactly where it comes from. In addition to that, when there is a slight blow, the epidymis gives great discomfort and becomes hard, it feels like throbbing with pain. I've been suffering from this problem for 6 years, I still check my testicles with fear of suffering from cancer

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      Have you heard anything back?? i have the exact same issue going on. leg pain and testical and groin pain and lowe back.

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      hello....i'm suffering this problem please can u suggest solve this problem ūüôŹ

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      so how r u now? if u recover from this so please suggest me how u recover from this?

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