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Hello All

Has anyone had experience with c-section adhesions? I'm experiencing mainly frequent urination & bladder pressure. I am going through a process of elimination just now - it's not a UTI or cysts/fibroids. All 'lady bits' healthy & normal. I have a Gastro app end of this week to discuss exploring bowels etc (I already have colitis) Somebody mentioned possible adhesions from my c-section 4 years ago, so I thought I would pick the brains of you guys... Any thoughts and replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance x

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    Hi carla,

    i'm sorry about the trouble that you are having. I have had adhesions in the past not caused by surgery.

    But when I asked about adhesions after my 8 year old had an appendectomy I was told that the method they now use lessens the chances of developing them.  But in your case it's been 4 years so it could be possible, but I hope not. Good luck.....

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      Hi Penny

      Thanks for your reply! I'm sure I will get answers and a solution soon... Oh the joys of being a woman! 

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    Wow, adhesions from a C...never heard of it, but boy that is really interesting. I would love too know if you find out anything about that.

    I just found out that the CSection I had 28 years ago coukd be responsible for my daughters terrible GERD, so I guess ya just never know.

    Good luck.

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      Hi Mamaqueue

      The body is a weird and wonderful thing and anything is possible! Adhesions can appear with any type of surgery or trauma to that area, even years later I have now learned! I'm just hoping I get answers and a solution soon! I hope your daughter is managing and coping okay with the GERD! How could your c section contribute to that!? Thanks for replying 

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      Google it for the best explanation. Theres lots about it on the web, and it is a fairly recent finding. Traveling through the birth canal and/or the placenta somehow contibutes to children having better digestion. How bout that! I would've pulled up a link for you but I was afraid the web monitors might edit that out.

      Take care and good luck.

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      thanks, interesting, you wouldnt expect a baby battling there way out normally would make a difference, Also the mum passes their immune system on to baby, t cells, whilst we produce b cells throughout life. Maybe some women who have sections have other probs also, l did, threatened misscarry, difficult pregnancies, think my mum did also, so perhaps that interferes with passing on good immunity, Complicated, but we battle on, good luck to all. 
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    hi, l had my first son by emergency section 35yr ago, big cut,s in those day,s, hip to hip, l8 stitches which l got infection with, was given anti b,s and heat treatment daily for adhesions, more to do with the infection 

    Five years later l had my 2nd son by planned csection, smaller cut with staples, still got infection but internal, anti bs given, following that one l got bladder probs, frequency, also pain with it, after a long time and a lot of tests, gyny, hormonal, l was also referred to gyny first, also seen gasroenterologist, you,d think a urologist would be most obvious, but seems not, and l know gyny probs can cause bladder ones, anyway l finally saw urologist who did scope and diagnosed intersticial cystitus, with it bacteria doesnt show up in urine samples,  Some women do get it following surgery, but not all, for many it starts spontaneiously, no known reason, maybe allergy, maybe auto immune.  l think bladder probs are caused by quite a few different problems, so not neccessarily i.c., but if you want to know more about i.c and check if any other symptoms match, they have a site, c.o.b, cystitus and overactive bladder, lots of info and advice. Hope you get diagnosis soon. 

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      Hi Lynne

      Thank you very much for your reply - very informative and interesting. Funny thing - I have considered interstitial cystitis. Long story short... My symptoms started about 3 months ago, suddenly and quite severe at the onset - very frequent urination, bladder pressure/discomfort and then bloating. Treated for a UTI - no joy and urine all clear. Went to see a private gynae for a transvaginal scan - all healthy and normal, so no fibroids/cysts or prolapse. However she did say my bowel was very 'active' and suggested there could have been a change in my ulcerative colitis which would cause inflammation and possibly cause pressure on my bladder. It does not feel like a colitis flare though. I may be wrong. Regular ultrasound confirmed lady bits all fine. However she said I was holding half a pint in my bladder after voiding which is a lot more than normal. GP wants me to see a gastro next - app this Sat morning. If not bowel related, I will ask to see a urologist. I'm now thinking IC or adhesions if not bowel. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 8 years ago and generally manage it well naturally! 2 lots of full bloods and urine all normal/healthy. Inflammatory markers all okay. I did come across COB website which I found very helpful. There is also a book on I.C I found and am about to order - The Better Bladder Book by Wendy Cohen. You can find it on Amazon. How are you now? How are you doing with your interstitial cystitis and what were/are your symptons? Have you had it long? I also get a heavy/weighty sensation in the lower abdomen and I can feel it more when stomach muscles in use. I hope you are doing well... Thanks agsin 

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    hi carla. l started with probs after lst sons birth csection sterilisation, woke up with catheter, not usual for cs, hate catheters, started with bacterial cystitus, untreated for 3 days, then ic symptoms, for me, low back ache, soreness and heat in urethra passage, lower tum, which did swell up hard, for most with ic intercourse aggrevates as with lifting heavy objects. My adesions with first cs 5yr earlier, but its also not unknown for surgeions to make mistakes, nick the bladder or damage nerves, but not all with ic have had ops, and l was allergic with rhinitus penicillin, odd bout skin probs, all before ops, most with ic have other allergy immune conditions, so it seems some havent the greatest immune systems and get several probs, think we produce too many mast cells. My ic did settle 90 opercent after scope and prescribed meds, cimetidine amitrip, l, argine, supplaments, Research also showed an anti b daily prevented flare ups, but now think maybe recently diagnosed gastritus might have been due to anti bs, stopped them last few weeks and gastritus settled, doing well, great, but still feel knacked, my bladder not empyting properly either, so having urology scan to see reason. l dont know if there,s a shortage of urologists or more with bladder probs, but gps seem reluctant to refer to them, but not so much gastroenterologists gyneacologists, if l,d known it was urology years ago l,d have paid for urologist consultation. Maybe gastroenterologist will find cause for you, if not urologist should be able to. You wonder at it all, l used to be a really healthy fit young person, big child bearing hips, haha, mistaken, much started with childbirth for me, good job l love them.  Anyway hope you get cause soon, l think u.colitus more than enough, but good your able to manage it well. Take care. 

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