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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am 29 years old, diganosed with Hashimoto's this year. My endocrinologist ruled out Addison's Disease and Cushing's Disease through ACTH testing but I have a feeling I may have artificially raised my cortisol after drinking coffee.

Would drinking coffee cause my cortisol levels to rise?

Symptoms I have are:

- Weight loss despite eating well (as well as I have done in the past)

- Heavy periods

- Hair on my face and body

- Hair loss from my head and legs

- Heavy periods

- Constipation 10-20 minutes after food

- Dark circles around eyes (endocrinologist called it hyperpigmentation)

- Hyperpigmentation on back and legs

- Joint pain

- Headaches, nausea and dizziness upon waking

- Dizziness/tinnitus and blood rushes after standing from sitting

- Low body temperatures, ranging from 34.9 degrees Celsius to 36.5 degrees Celsius

- Fatigue

- Pain in muscles, more noticeable just before it rains (?)

Any advice on the above would be great. smile

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    I have a thyroid problem as well - like Hashimoto's I'm Hypo after a treatment for Hyper.  Many years later I was diagnosed with malfuncitoning of the adrenal glands.  A few things I learned not to take:  caffeine, alcohol and additional sugar products. And now also gluten free. 

    Symptoms related with addrenal gland malfunction:

    Joint pain, fatigue, strange dizziness, and unexplanable headaches on one side of my head just above my right ear.  Could no longer drive a car, sit in a boat because of the movement whereby it felt as if my head was 'left behind'.  Also resulting in having difficulties reading anything, because I had difficulties focussing.  After an hour or so of sitting still this would subside. 

    The adrenal glands are helped with a small amount of medication and both my thyroid and adrenal glands seem to be in balance with each other now.  I have a good part of my life back.  Too bad it took so long to find out.  

    I have no concrete advise other than to go and see a doctor who understands that thyroid and adrenal glands need to be in balance with each other.  And go from there.  


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      Thanks for your reply.

      The last time I saw my endocrinologist was the end of May. She told me to eliminate gluten and then reintroduce it but when I reintroduced it my antibodies almost quadrupled and I don't understand why they would rise when I thought I had taken all the bad stuff out.

      I don't drink alcohol, not that I never have, just something I don't get any pleasure from. smile

      Caffeine: I drink black tea with dairy free milk but only up to 3 cups a day and not past 8:30pm. Coffee I used to drink one a week but I don't drink any at all.

      My endocrinologist has not gotten in touch with me since I saw her in May and I have left her emails and messages with her secretary which she does not return. I am tempted to request a referral to a different endocrinologist because of the way this is carrying on.

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      Jay, I have difficulties with a doctor who doesn't return your calls.  Indeed, find another one.  

      Caffeine (that includes black tea and chocolate)  is irritating my thyroid and adrenal glands both.  Alcohol, even one sip, gets me almost instandly.

      Hope you find another doctor.  Eventually, my help came via a nature path.  Milder methods.    

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      Thanks for your reply.

      I have seen my treatment nurse today for my new patient registration. She has weighed me and my weight is now 45.9kg and my waist is 61cm. I calculated my BMI (height 5'3") and I am underweight with a BMI of 17.9 (I think normal range is 18.5 and upwards for my height)

      I will see my new GP on Wednesday to talk about the problems I have had with my weight despite the lifestyle changes I have made and I think they may want to recheck my thyroid function since I am on a repeat prescription.

      I hope to see a dietician through my local hospital. If not I might try the naturopathic route.

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      Wishing you well.  Hope thyroid and adrenals will find a balance.  It makes for a better life. My experience.
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    Hi I have been reading entries in this discussion after looking up sypmtoms of feelings of very low mood and joint aches when the weather is dull or wet. I don't know if this is connected, but when I found the diagram showing the adrenal glands attached to the kidneys, it made me wonder as I only have one kidney, and had the other one removed shortly before my 5th birthday, I am now nearly 59, and wndering why when the weather is good, I can get on and do things at double speed, and when the weather is wet or dull, I seem to have little motivation for anything, even things I know I should be enjoying. I also feel as if my joints ache more, particularly knees, back & hips. Having said all of this, my doctor retired about 4 years ago, and the new, much younger doctor has asked that I have yearly checks for urine, fasting bloods, and blood pressure as there was a history of high blood pressure on my mother's side, and heart attacks on my father's. I would have thought any problems would have showed up, or would this have to be done as another blood test, depending on what they are looking for in the blood?

    I realise this might sound a bit petty if you're really suffering with a more serious disease, but can't really work out why, year by year, my symptoms seem to be worsening..or is it just hormone related?

     Thanks all, Kathy


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