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Adrenal Disorders

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  • MadameAphrodite 2

    Unknown disorder, likely adrenal - need help

    I am 21 years old. My nightmare all started in February. I got a bout of what I thought was the flu. Horrible back and joint pain, shaking chills, excessive sweats at the same time, fatigue and muscle weakness, fever that would rise to 101 and then fluctuate up and down, diarrhea, no appetite, and a...

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  • tracey56798 1

    Addisons Disease

    Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Addisons Disease after being really sick for about 6 months, but sick before that for a few years.  I have started my new medications and finally I am able to eat and the vomiting has stopped and my skin already is starting to lose the dark tan look.  ...

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  • jonese98459 2

    Sleep problems such

    Does anyone else have sleep problems with meniears disease I wake up every hour it is exhausting. Mbalance is worse when I do this. One night I slept and my balance was much better

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  • Justhormonal 2


    Do these seem like Addison's-related episodes? Every once in a while (1-2 times a month) I have these days where I wake up feeling nauseous, and it stays most of the day, but I try to eat normally - I NEED to eat because I feel woozy, dizzy, lightheaded, and just generally uncomfortable (and cranky)....

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  • shivakumar52592 1

    I'm diagnosed with Addison's disease last week.

    Hi all, I'm a naval officer n last few months started to develop black pigmentation on my knuckles elbows and had slight light headedness. Consulted a endocrinologist n he advised few blood tests. The results were really shocking as my acth was 1064 and 8am cortisol was 6.35.Together with I had...

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  • Jeff212 1

    Short Synacthen Test Results

    Hi all, I hope someone will be able to advise me. I have just received my results for my Short Synacthen Test. The specialist tells me everything is normal but I am still experiencing a lot of issues like; Dizziness, Fatique, Lack of concentration and extreme headaches. My friend who is a GP told me...

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  • Canader 2

    Elbow, armpits and knuckles change color inside the day

    I have it for at least 12 years. These parts change color from normal to brownish/black and then go back to normal. This happens throughout the day many times especially when I do exercise or have stress at work. Everytime I have some sort of stress ( even light stress) I look at my knuckles change...

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  • linda 18277 1

    Adrenal Insufficiency and Alcohol

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me or even share their own experience. I used to tolerate alcohol quite well and could enjoy a night out with only a mild hangover if anything! I was diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency about 2 years ago and have been on hydrocortisone...

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  • Vodrey21 1

    Hi there

    Had my urine tests back yday it was a 24hr 1, I work in the operating departement myself & very lucky to have a close realtionship with alot of surgeons & different specialities. When i explained my symptoms to the Endocrine consultant, He was not very happy with what i was saying so hence why...

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  • livinmancrawlin 2

    Adrenal related?

    Symptoms: Very sore flanks near kidneys and adrenals. Heavy constant low back pain. Have lived with intense social isolation and behavioral stress with rare friendly relaxation since high school. No friends, no acquaintances, no lovers, no parental involvement. Religious repression of personality. Just...

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  • jane17946 1

    Completely confused needing advice

    So, I've been on steroids on and off for over a year due to autoimmune arthritis. Had a steroid injection a few weeks ago then went to see my consultant this week for a routine appt. I'd lost half stone in 4 weeks, I've been feeling incredibly tired, forgetful, emotional and nauseous. Consultant...

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  • kenzii92818 3

    Primary Addisons 8 years

    Has anyone with Primary Addisons came off Fludrocortisone completely without problems. I have been told  to come off them and I  am only on a quarter of a tablet. Now??

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  • sarah4336 1

    Confused by Results

    I had an 8AM cort stim test done recently, and my results were as follows: 1st Cortisol: 10.9 2nd Cortisol: 17.2 ACTH: 15 Aldosterone: 47 ng/dl The doctor said she would've liked to see my second cortisol hit at least 18, but she wasn't concerned about it (I am comfortable with that assessment)....

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  • john32020 1

    Pheochromocytoma Symptoms - But It's Not - What Is It?

    Writing on behalf of my wife who has been expereincing dibilitating headache pain that started on the right side of her brain and now is focused on the left side. She has had CT scans, MRI, Octreoscan (nuclear), X-rays, urine  and blood tests which have indicated nothing wrong. Recent lumbar...

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  • taro93814 3

    Extreme fatigue, weakness, exhausted and don't know why

    I am suffering from extreme fatigue and exhaustion and every test is coming back negative. Except for vitamin d deficiency. Vitamin d is just a missing part to my symptoms. I am worried that it's my adrenals and maybe thyroid. I finally got my doctor to refer me to an endo. Still waiting for approval...

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  • melissa11970 2

    High cortisol? Only 18, EXTEEMELY SCARED

    Hi all, sorry for long story but here goes. I've had an incredibly rough few years - aunt committed suicide, mother and father separated, mother and uncle extremely depressed and bi polar and I constantly worry about making sure everyone's okay. I recently went to my doctor about small stretch...

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  • jen06195 2

    MD won't treat secondary adrenal insufficiency

    I have type 1 diabetes of 46 years. I have been recently diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency and also have low insulin like growth factor. They refuse to scan of my pituitary and refuse treatment with a steroid for the adrenal insufficiency. What am I to do? By the way my doctor told me to...

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  • Guest M


    I was diagnosed with addissons when I was twenty nine I am now forty five, I had all the pre signs as shown in symptons of this subject, I had a brilliant doctor and consultant who made me well again after three days of steroid treatment. I gained weight and find that a battle, I also have discolouration...

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  • beeboop 2
  • StrivingOn 2

    High Cortisol with Mental/Psycholoical Fatigue

    Can someone help me with any advice on my combination of symptoms (primarily fatigue with high cortisol) as I can’t find my combination with various internet searches and my brain is foggy on how best to approach my GP? I’m a man in my late 50s who has always kept himself fit and relatively slim. Main...

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  • leckroj 1

    Autoimmune urticaria (hives)--more HC needed?

    I have Addison's Disease, hypothyroidism and vitelligo. I  was recently diagnosed with autoimmune hives. A burst of prednisone + high=dose antihistamine (Zyrtec generic) took care of them. The hives resolved, but two weeks after I discontinued all meds (except my 20 mg. of hydrocortisol (HC)...

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  • tismesue 2

    Addison's disease psychological symptoms

    Hi, after 13 years of being unwell and always declining, much faster in the last 3 years I seem to finally have an answer. I have a short synacthen test tomorrow for Addison's but I have many classic symptoms including darkening of skin, so I think it is highly likely to be positive. I really hope...

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  • Chris6543 1
  • brenda88659 1

    Possible Pheochromocytoma - Please help with any advice

    Hello all,  I am writing from Canada as there are no sites in my country dedicated to this condition.  I have been suffereing acutely with the symptoms of a Pheo for almost a year, my first attack was 4 years ago.  The attacks have slowly become more frequent and more dibilitating.  The...

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  • adesa11340 2

    ACTH Stimulation test results

    Greetings everybody,  I had a ACTH stimulation test last week and these are the results: cortisol basal 106 ng/ml cortisol_30'    190 cortisol_60'     228 The endo thinks that AI is ruled out in light of these results, which makes me happy. The baseline seems a little...

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  • Justhormonal 2

    3 "borderline" cortisol stim tests, am I ok?

    Last December my OBGYN ordered a bunch of hormone tests due to some strange female cycles. Several of them were lower than normal, so she sent me to the Endocrinologist, who wanted to do a cortisol stimulation test, I think because of the very low DHEA result (31.1 mcg/dL; normal range is  57.3-279.2)....

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  • fara35640 2

    lumps in the body

    I keep getting a lump on the right side of my ribs, feels like a bony mass and really hurtss. Has anybody else experienced this? I read on the internet that this could be related to Addisons.

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  • StrivingOn 2

    My cortisol results

    Please can someone give me their views on my results in simple easy-to-take-in terms (I'm really struggling with brain fog and just can't take in the long reads that I can find on the internet). I had a Cortisol test done as I'm looking to see if adrenal issues could be the source of my...

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  • daisy1 1

    Phaeochromocytoma difficult to get a diagnosis

    I have been suffering a headache every day for the last 12 months, the specialists have blamed it on everything from thyroid trouble to cluster headaches, eye strain & migraines. All of which have proved totally wrong. I am positive that at first my GP & the \"experts\"...

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  • jameshartley 1

    Low Energy Levels, Unable to Figure Out Why

    Hi, I've been to a doctor's recently about this issue. It used to be quite worse, and I often required at least 12 hours sleep to feel well (I am in my mid 20s). Most days I am only out of bed around 2-3pm. However, these days I find it difficult to get out of bed most days. I also find it difficult...

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  • kristinathomas 2

    Phaeochromocytoma Specialist

    Hi everyone. I have been very ill for almost 2 years and doctors have struggled to diagnose me correctly. I have been getting gradually worse and worse. Finally after an MRI scan it turns out I have a tumour in my adrenal gland and it has a self contained hemorrhage which shows that it is still...

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  • crustyduh 2

    Horrible symptoms no diagnosis yet, can you help?

    I'm a 47 year old female. Health conscious vegan, not overweight, non smoker & until recently, drinking well less than the weekly limit. (due to ill health have given up all caffeine - including tea & alcohol). I apologise for the length of this posting, but I am desperate to get some support...

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  • Castle805420 2

    Can Addison's Disease symptoms come and go?

    Just to make this short because I don't feel the greatest right now I'd like to get the opinion of someone diagnosed with Addison's on this. Is it possible for the symptoms to come and go or are they just there permanently until you start getting treatment? Any help with this would be much...

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  • fara35640 2

    Addison's and hairloss from the scalp

    Before I was diagnosed with Addison's I noticed I started to lose a lot of hair from my head. I have lost 60% of what I used to have.  I now wear a scarf as I don't like wigs. it's not coming back even though I am on the Hydrocortisone tablets.  I was only diagnosed back in September...

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  • Needhelp asap 6

    Does this sound like Addison's disease?

    Hey, so for the past 3 days I've had extreme fatigue. It started 3 days ago when I was coming back from uni and I suddenly felt my legs really heavy and I felt overwhelmed with fatigue. I was eating pretty much fine, I ate fine that day too. (quite a lot). 2 days ago, I went out for a walk where...

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