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Ok so I wasn't having a panic attack it came from my heart palpitation and it was causing tightness in the stomach then tightness in the heart area. I've had it for 20 minutes and I've been suffering from extreme anxiety disorder but tbh this one was caused by having the heart palpitations first and then overthinking of it without an anxiety attack and now my chest is not calming down and it feels super tight and I keep thinking I'm gonna die and if this doesn't go down I need to call 911. Please help it felt different and wasn't triggered by my anxiety attacks. I reading something about my anxiety attacks and and I found a way to stop fearing them but this happens? Why do I just keep experiencing the worst consequences? If I die right niw due to a heart attack I wouldn't care bevause my depression makes me not care so I'm wondering has this happened to anyone? It was heart palpitation I think. But t scared me because it wasn't caused by an anxiety attack. So then after I got it I started having anxiety. For some reason I didn't feel it coming thought it was a weird racing pulse then it just become too unbearable and now it's tightened my chest muscles and my whole stomach muslcles. I feel like I'm slowly going crazy to be quite honest. I'm trying to relax and belive that it's just anxiety BUT it came out of nowhere without the trigger of anxiety so I can't really stop it or relax it. Gosh I just keep getting worse. I feel my heart still racing and I'm hot. Idk should I call an ambulance? I feel too terrible and not knowing where it came from scares me and I can't control it. Is this an adrenaline rush?

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    Hey there

    I had the same a few weeks back & got taken to hospital, they thought i had an irregular heart beat, But the feeling i had was crazy, Literally thought i was gonna die.

    I have had alot of these attacks & had a really bad 1 last year where i ended up in hospital, The cardiologist were involved etc had all tests even an echo (scan on heart) but all came back really good & healthy. So they doagnosed me with bad anxiety & panic sttacks. So i just went along with it & took the medication the gave me. But I was still having these attacks & I am not a person who suffers aniery I thought as I never ever have had it prior to that & I am a persons person & always on the tip top of life, So i thought this was all weird for me. So every time i was gonna dr they would send me on coarses even to the point where i was seeing a Pshycologist, But i I did have PTSD which they helped with massively so I then thought i be fine now but I still kepet having these attacks. Luckily for me I work in the operating departement & have really close working realtionships with the consultants from all different speacialities so i do tend to speak to them alot about how I feel. So when I explained this too 1 of the Anaesthetists he urged me to speak to 1 of the endocrine surgeons as i tild him I was having these surges of adrenaline, shacking, sweaty etc. So when I told the endocrinologist he was not happy with my symptoms so told me to do a 24hr urine sample. So it took about 3/4 wks for it to come back so when it did i was speaking to him & asked if he would check my results to see if they were back, They had come back & he was not happy & told me with my tests coming back this high i was likely to have a tumour on my adrenal gland called Phaeocromocytoma. So he booked me in for a CT & to see another endocrinologist & for further tests. My CT was reported on last week but they could not really see much but are now sending me for an MRI & I have done another urine test which will take another 3weeks to come back.

    I was having palpitations, shakey, headache (not offen), sweats, trembling.

    If your ever in doubt about your heart get to the Hospital. Id rather go & find out theres nothing wrong than just sit there & something happen. & go to your Dr & ask for ither tests.

    I am from UK in Wales. Where are you?

    Hope to hear from you soon

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      I today's im actually going to my doctor to check my thyroids. I have a feeling I'm suffering with thyroid problems. My anxiety has been exaggerating every symptom. The thing about what I'm going through is when I am worried about something and I think about it. It doesn't go through the rationalizing process it goes through just believing it right on the spot. All the stress and panic attacks I've been have caused this. I also suffer from extreme derealization now. I have body tremors, cold flashes, hot flashes, constant worrying over nothing. If I calm myself down it can only be for a couple minutes and then the worry process comes back. It's just a Brian pattern and not sure if my chemicals have lost touch with this rationalizing receptors but I don't think much logically about my fears anymore. My thoughts are constantly filled with fear of my anxiety and depression. Worrying about the same thing over and over again. I haven't had one different thought. I haven't experienced joy in a long time. The only joy I get is by feeling numb and not feeling my anxiety. It's hard when my anxiety is constantly there is it so stressful. My brain is trying so hard to cope with this stress and worry but my anxiety has become a Brain pattern in my mind. It's not easy to break this pattern but I know I can. I don't know if I should try medication and therapy. I'm scared I'll fall deeper in two worry with medication but I guess doing it with therapy goes hand in hand. Sorry for the long post but yeah. I think a lot ignore my problem is that I can't eat anymore or get enough rest anymore. I'm scared of sleeping in daytime because I feel like I'm losing daytime and that I should be doing something in the daytime because I'm afraid that I'll be in my room all day with my thoughts. I can't even sleep at night my anxiety is off the charts at night. I can't eat anymore I've lost hunger completely I guess because of the overproducture of adrenaline. If I feel a bit cold I get cold flashes that cause extreme tremors and it scares me. If I feel hot I feel like I'm soaking wet with sweat and that I'm very uncomfortable so basically with all of this my whole perception of reality is warped. I feel differ tyl and reca differently. I'm constantly battling with myself. As I wrote this today I felt very very scared. Writing the post that I thought I was getting a heart attack. It was hard to believe that it was anxiety and I truly don't know if it just is anxiety but after pacing around for hours with this pain and racing heartbeat I've come to the conclusion that it is anxiety. I'm hypersensitive to a lot of pain. I'm always aware of my pulse and heartbeat and any pain. Right now I still feel the chest tightness right under my left boob but I'm assuming that's the muscle tension for anxiety. Wish I could believe myself that I'm okay. I'm just in so much mental and physical pain. I feel like this pain won't stop I can't just relax for one hour without the anxiety or depression.

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      Hi there,

      Thankyou for the information I hope you are better now and without symptoms. Im from Greece 45 years old and have been having strange symptoms the past 3 months. I never had anxiety and suddenly i would wake up at night with heart palpitations that felt like vibrations. The vibrations would start under my breast and go up to my head...i have them waking me every night...i also feel an earthquake feeling in my body. Heart and blood work are ok. They say its anxiety but i dont think so.

      Could you please tell me what exactly was tested with the 24urine test? I want go to a lab myself and ask for it, what should i ask for? Doctors here arent helping... wishing you good health and happiness!! Bye from athens


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      Dear Vicky see my post below but I had the same Ans the reason why it was also mainly in bed as thSt the wiring in my bedroom was leaking voltage and so my body was being slowly electrocuted. We couldn't fix the wiring as it was very expensive to re wire a whole house but I switch off the electricity of the bedroom at the main switch outside before I go to bed. Instantly (!!) it helped. Now I have deteriorated over the years and my mobile phone causes the same. Test your self by not having a phone on for a few hours and wifi off. And then when you get back on the phone again for a few minutes browsing or calling, you might notice adrenaline comes back... 

      Google: electric hyper sensitive.

      It's the fastest growing disability in the world.... 

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    Dear all

    I have had the same for 8 years and discovered I'm electro hyper sensitive.

    Basically the radiation of electrical waves, radio waves and magnetic fields effect my nerve system and cause different things like those adrenal rushes, heart palpitations, insomnia etc. 

    I had an expert in my house to check all radiation and he advised to do the following:

    1. Switch the main switch off the electricity odbthe bedrooms when sleeping so there is no current in the walls, no mobile phone or laptop or any other electronics next to your bed or close by.

    2. Earth your self outside on bare feet for five or ten min before bed.

    4. Try p phone on airport mode and only on when u want to use it. 

    And a few more things and it total worked. 

    The main reason for my adrenaline rush Snds palpitations is the phone radiation....yes...really ally true and so unhandy. 

    Try it out your self. Be in an environment ehrrr you switch wifi off and phone off for s few hours and you will see it goes away and then switch on your phone and download something and you might see that adrenaline comes back...

    The expert told me that my bedroom wiring eye leaking current and measured something like 4 volt (should be 0.5v of current in my bedroom walls where my head is ans so I was slowly being electrocuted, meaning damaging nerve system.

    The more exposure the more the symptoms. So you can limit the symptoms by limiting phone (airport mode by default - hardest thing ever!, and when working on laptop use battery only, not electricity cord and switch off wifi until you need to send emails etc. 

    Google electro hyper sensitive and it might be what you all have. The post was a year ago so you might know by now but if not...try above. 

    It took me six years to discover and now for two years I live dort of an adapted life and it helps. Unfortunaly slowly it is getting worse to the point I have to switch the fridge off when I'm in the kitchen more then ten min etc...

    Good luck. Hope this helps 


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