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I have been chronically I'll for 9 to 10 years. Everything blew up after I was burning the candles at both ends, work, college, nights out, stimulants and sport. I've always had migraines which led to other aches and pains. I used to lots of sport when I was younger but doing exercise now makes me crash and become Ill along with a migraines. I have chronic pain down one side of my body, never on both sides at once.. Burning on the right side and pressure pain on the left side. This is constant and then I get migraines on top. I worry and get stressed. I lost my job so have little money. I had a child and things got worse due to lack of sleep. I recently read about adrenal fatigue but I'm scared to ask the doctor about it as I always get fobbed off from past experience.

Symptoms I have include the above, my pain is worse when tired, stimulants make me exhausted and increase pain, dizziness where everything goes black, can't quench thirst, always have a dry mouth, pain and tenderness round lower ribs and back, history of cystitis, protein in urine but nothing grown on culture, I have also noticed a patch of discoloured skin by my ribs on the front which I noticed whilst pregnant so thought it was that but it's still there. I have PMS where everything is exacerbated. Anxiety and low blood pressure. Foggy head.

The Neurologist has sent a letter asking Gp to refer me to rheumatology so will be seeing the gp about that next week.

Could I have an adrenal problem? What do I ask the doctor to test? I've had this so long, im only 31, I just want answers. I'd do am adrenal test online but I can't afford. I've been trying supplements and can barely afford them.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you.

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    Hi, I think the tests for the adrenals are Cortisol blood test, and 24 hr urine tests. I had these tests done a month ago and have a follow up appointment 2 weeks time for the results.

    Hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms soon.


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    Hi sheenbean, Did they tell you why you need to see a rheumatologist? Could it be that they are thinking about other immune problems?  I would request a copy of your hospital and GP tests to get a better picture for yourself, also sometimes they don't report to you all the results. It may help to send the hospital a stamped self adressed envelpoe for your copies. Also in the meantime if you can stretch a few pounds I would recomend a herb liquid for relief of anxiety symptoms,  hypericum St John's Wort works for a lot of people.

    I don't know what you mean by stimulants but it is a good idea to reduce caffeine.

    GP's don't usually order adrenal tests so you may need to request a referral to an endocrinologist. Unfortunately you are more likely to be fobbed off if you are not working. Suprisingly doctors can be brutally judgmental.

    Good luck.

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    Hi, Thanks for your replies.

    When I say stimulants I mean anything stimulating so yes caffeine but I don't have any if that now, sugar concerns me and just spending time with people or going places causes me too much stimulation and then I suffer for it. I don't think I will get fobbed off for not working, I got fobbed off whilst working and then lost my job because of Ill health. I've been to pain clinic and Neurologists along with lots of complementary therapists and tried lots of things. I will ask about an endocrinologist. I am concerned about this discoloured patch of skin, I've heard that can be caused by adrenal problems, anybody had this? Also I'm not sure I'd be able to take st John works due to my medication.


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    Oh and the reason for the rheumatologist is because I've had this chronic pain so long and I don't have a diagnosis. I will probably just be dumped in the fibromyalgia category. However she asked if I had had my thyroids checked but I can't remember if I have or not.
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    Hi Sheenbean.  Dont ever feel uncomfortable about asking the doctor or consultant about anything that you have concerns about.  Thats what they're there for.  They know that sometimes someone can be a real conundrum as they just dont display all of the physical symptoms of some illnesses.

    I had increasing blood pressure levels and it was only my cardiologist that had the sense to finally seek further tests i.e. urine tests that we discovered my cortisol levels were sky high and I had Cushings Syndrome.I had no physical signs of Cushings Syndrome at all, no wide neck, no weight gain, no humped shoulders etc. and I'd clearly had this condition for years and my gp just kept upping the bp meds.  The cushing syndrome was brought on by a tumour in my left adrenal gland.  Both were successfully removed in May but brought my cortisol levels crashing down so had to be managed on steroids (which I'm still taking) but have unfortunately exposed a rheumatoid arthritis problem through the body.  I am now under an endocrinologist and a rheumatologist who have put me on such a cocktail of drugs but boy am I pleased!  I was in so much joint pain etc but I now have my life back.  It doesnt help that I am also perimenopausal but thats almost paled into insignificance with everything else going on!!!

    Please, please ask all the questions you want to of these people.  Dont feel embarrassed or that you are knocking on the same door all the time.  Life is hard enough at times without being in constant pain and discomfort.  Its amazing how all of this can affect your mental state in such a short space of time too.  It certainly did for me.  I went from being a bubbly, on the go person almost overnight to moving like a 90 year old and having to work out what I could and couldnt do during the day.....soooo frustrating!  Good luck and remind the medical bods that you want to be living your life!!!! 

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      Hi, thank you for your response, I've arranged my appointment and I will go and ask everything I feel I need to. Going to write all my concerns down and hope she takes it seriously. I've never seen this doctor before so I hope she's nice and helpful!!
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