Adult Cytomegalovirus/CMV Mono?

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Anyone here have CMV Mono as an adult? Was diagnosed and trying to figure this all out. If you have a current CMV or have had CMV as an adult, can you tell me  your experience please? Than you. 

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    Hi there

    I might have had CMV.. it showed up as a “past infection” but I got tested about 3-4 months after initial onset of symptoms. 

    I was mildly fatigued and always had a sore throat and ear fullness / mild flu feeling for first two months (may have been the onset or may have been totally unrelated.. not sure.. all I know is I’m usually sick only once a year for a few days with a cold or flu but I was constantly sick!) 

    Then I had AWFUL, can’t move, can’t process tv or follow conversations, can’t muster the strength to call my friend for one minute fatigue. the fatigue was just like my body was too weak and tired to do anything except lay down. I had bad chills, no appetite, everything smelled very strong and my taste was like a dogs.. didn’t want to eat or smell anything. I had strange unexplained anxiety which would be like sheer terror waking me up every morning at 5:30 but that only lasted a few days.

    I had breathlessness, where going to the washroom would leave me gasping for air. I had back pains, joint pains, muscle pains, headaches, sore throat, ear aches, gum pains, chest pains, flank pains, and some abdominal pains near rib cage. Night sweats too.. on and off. Sometimes drenching. 

    What was your experience like? Would love to hear so I can see if this really was CMV. Whatever it was... it sure seemed like mono caused by some virus. It was the worst 6 months that I’ve been through but it’s getting better slowly, month by month. But yikes.. so many times I was convinced I was dying.. in and out of urgent care so many times.. 

    Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy

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      I've had this for 11 months now and just recently got tested.

      it was my own initiative and entirely out of pocket. my doctor has been chalking this to anxiety.

      So many symptoms. what a horrible year.

      I'm not sure if I ever recover.

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    Hi Jen,

    It was EBV Ihad when I had mono, I know CMV is a similar virus and another type that causes mono. With EBV (was 25 when I got it), taking vitamins and herbs helped me, it did take me a number of months to recover but I did get over it with time - hang in there and just take things a day at a time is all you can do when dealing with this, remember you will get through it though and get better.


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    Hi Jen,

    my blood test also showed past glandular fever infection... That was November 2016, I count being sick from Jan17 as that was when I was really ill and bed bound.

    so, 1yr and 3 months now. I mad e a big leap forward at 1 year. And I am living a pretty normal life now. I do get a bit exhausted which I need to rest and have to take things easy but things are improving slowly all the time, just takes ages!! 

    Its a very frustratingly slow virus to get over and just can't believe how long it takes. I think the depressive low moods and crying were the worst for me. Just would cry for no reason. Breathlessness and fatigue like I've never experienced.

    rememeber though. That you will recover. I kept a diary and I look back and I can see how awful,I was, probably easier to look back than forward!!!


    Take good care of yourself, this will go.

    caroline xx

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      Hi Caroline. Im interested to know how your energy returned. What I mean is did your energy levels and stamina just all of a sudden pick up, or was it a very gradual thing? Reason for me asking is that Im about to hit the 12 month mark, and still suffering from decent fatigue and poor stamina although all my other symptoms seem to have gone. Im able to work a full day but still cannot seem to be able to do any kind of exercise, not even take the dog for a short walk. Thank you and hope you are doing well. 
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      Hi Sweebee,

      i am now at about 21 months. As I said at about the year mark, I felt so much better. I haven't been paid working, but I walk the dog, do house chores etc.

      i still haven't gone back to excercise classes or do anything really rigorous, I'm still trying to maintain a steady constant. Right now, I still get those times when I feel fatigued and exhausted, it's not that bad, no where near but I know it hasn't completely gone yet.

      i think for me, it's just a gradual thing....I did stuff then I rested, I just keep doing that and now my rest times is much less.

      the only times recently that I have felt tired and horrid for about three days was when I went swimming(I suppose I was in the pool over an hour) it took about two days for the exhaustion to kick in, so right now, I live a normal life without that extra of doing rigorous excercise.....hopefully that will come in the near coming months.

      an endocrinologist said to me at the year mark that I would recover fully in another 6-12 months, so don't panic if you're not where you want to be at the one year mark. Can't rush this!!😂

      Keep going!!

      xxx Caroline xx

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      Hi 40with,

      i feel alot better after reading this. I am 13.5 mos in. Only got a diagnosis 2 weeks ago though. Test shows past ebv and cmv infections. I am patiently waiting for the day when I will be symptom free.

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      Hi ravi,

      14 months on I still experience fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, lack of concentration, lower back pain, achy joints, blurred vision and floaters.

      The difference now is that these symptoms are not all day every day. They come and go.

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      Sorry to hear that you are still facing problem.I am in same phase .Even I don't know what is going with by body doctors have no answer .I had vision distortion problem specially when I was looking blue led light boards and green too.But now it become normal .main symptoms with me are white tongue,sore throat,bloating stomach ,lower abdomen bloating and gum issues .

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      Hi Ravi,

      Oh goodness so sorry to hear things have been so hard for you. Really empathising having went through such a hard time with mono many years ago.

      I do really hope and pray things settle down and improve soon Ravi. The first year for me was very hard too but want to reassure you that the second year was one of recovery and although it took a bit of time to get back to 100%, it did come and there is hope with this awful virus. I do believe you're going to get better and that this can and will be a year of recovery Ravi, praying for that breakthrough from God.

      Thinking about you Ravi and hang in there - remember vitamins and herbs can really help - things that helped me in recovery included a good strong multi-vitamin per day, a B complex tablet per day (great for nervous system and energy levels), immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng and echinacea, and higher doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day).

      Take care and remember you ARE going to get through this and get well again.


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      Sorry to hear you have been experiencing some challenges too ravi. It is very frustrating, isn't it?

      As Craig said, the 2nd year is one of recovery and we need to believe that. As much as I have some horrible days at times, when I look back at the state I was in last year this a year, 10 mos and 6 months ago - I can see I have come a long way. 10 months ago i thought my life was over and I would be stuck in that terrible phase.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery ravi.

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      Thanks .your words are precious for gives me Ray of life.people heard the word depression but I am dealing with it .But it is not easy when you have burden on your shoulders .I am going to become psycho because of sore throat and white tongue.Anyone one of you have white tongue and sore throat...I crossed all other symptoms chills ,vision distortion ,lack of appetite and fatigue..Now I have sore throat,white tongue and stomach .

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      I do have the odd sore throat now and then. Sometimes I wake up in the night and it is abit sore and then it disappears in the morning.

      I am not sure I understand the white tongue you have? Do you mean a white coating on the tongue? If so, I do have a coating on mine but I thought this was normal?

      One another annoying symptom I get from time to time is motion sickness when in a bus or passenger in a car. I was on a bus for a little over an hour on friday and this was like torture.

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      Yes white coated on the tongue I tested for thrush or candidiasis but it was not thrush .Doctor told me that you had acid reflux due to that taste buds are swollen at the back of the tongue and white tongue is because of these swollen taste buds.

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      ohok. What does the doc suggest you do about it?

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      Acid reflux medicine and allergy medicine but didn't give me relief

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      sorry to hear ravi. is it bothering you or is it just the look of it u don't like?

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      Hi Ravi,

      There definitely is hope really want you to know that - and that in no way are you going crazy over a sore throat and white tongue - this virus makes you feel so unwell and is so frightening to deal with, and when it goes on so long it's so hard and depression is something that I had during the virus and affects so many people going through this illness - please know you're not alone Ravi.

      Most importantly Ravi please know that you are going to get better, that this thing doesn't last forever and there is full recovery there even after a year and longer for many people with this - it took me a while for sure to get fully over this but you will get there and as Kay says just hold on. Praying for you Ravi for things to settle and for God to intervene with His healing hand in your situation - I truly believe that He is going to do that and you will be well again and get through this. Thinking of you.


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      Hi Craig,

      Well said. Seems we are in the same boat.

      I was in the same feeling has 2 years ago. After having millet foods and herbals for stomach improvement.. i am much better.


      Like i said before, just be on diet. Add Raw Garlic, Turmeric, Clove, Raw black pepper & Dry ginger on your food appropriately. This will help your stomach to cure better.

      First year is the tough year to pass, after you will have improvement a lot.

      Hope this helps.

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      Hi Ash,

      That is great to hear you are feeling much better, and I know you must have experienced the lows and the pain and the longevity of this thing too during your recovery - it really does take its toll but I do hope you are feeling liberated like I did when recovery was happening, was just so grateful not to be in that place anymore thanks to God's healing.

      Definitely sounds like some good advice with the herbs and things - and thanks again for the kind words!


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      Ash, Craig, do you recommend taking tumeric capsules as a supplement? I was thinking about it the other day. I do use tumeric powder in my cooking from time to time but the small amount I am using and not really everyday (depending on the dish). I doubt will make any difference.

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      cant hurt kay.. im taking tumerica capsules daily

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      Thanks Ant. I will buy some tomorrow when I go shopping as I am running low on some supplements.

      If there is anything else that you are taking that you find beneficial and want to recommend it, pls advise.

      Hopefully in time we all will look back and laugh on these testing times we are going through..

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      vitamins, tumeric caps, Garlic caps, olive leaf, rhodiola, coq10, im also taking chinese herbs given by my accupuncturist. with my diet im using alot of coconut oil, apple cider vineger, manuka honey, i have 1 miso soup per day (good for gut health), eating as many greens as possible and illiminated ALL sugar and proccessed foods and dairy,

      so only fresh food. for carbs is porridge, quinoa, brown rice. no rice/pasta, only wholegrain bread but limited. im trying to limit my fruit intake aswell, as alots of fruit means lots of sugar that the virus can feed off. and lots of water. thats everything im doing

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      Hi Kay,

      Yes I often take turmeric capsules, have done for many years and at the very least I don't think it can do any harm (remember I'm no expert though!). It is always recommended as a powerful anti-inflammatory and very safe generally to use - I would certainly recommend giving it a go.

      Other things maybe to try / think about if not already done so are herbs that are particularly noted as anti-viral. Oregano is one and I've found taking those tablets for maybe a period of a few weeks can be a great help and give your immune system a boost. Also something I'm trying right now to help with my prostate issue is baking soda, 1/2 tea spoon full of baking soda dissolved in water twice a day on an empty stomach - the reason it's anti-viral is it's so alkaline and good at killing off bacteria and viruses I think. They say it's something just to do for short periods though maybe a week or two at a time to avoid any side effects or anything.


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      Sounds like some really good advice Ant, garlic, coq10, apple cider vinegar and turmeric are all things I've tried too and have been trying either recently or at the moment too.

      One thing I haven't tried that I was thinking about was Olive Leaf, was wondering how you found that? Hoping things are stable and settled for you at the moment Ant and seeing some improvement, still believing you are going to make a full recovery and hang in there.


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      Thanks ant. I will go to both revital and holland and barrett today and stock up on a few things. They are both within 5 mins walk from my office. The omega 3 fish oil i am taking has Coq10 in it. I will look out for the others you mentioned. I have heard good things about rhodiola but never tried it. I use to take holy basil which is another adaptogen herb but I didn't notice any difference.

      I also use to take chinese herbs that my acupunturist had recommended but unfortunately I felt worst whilst taking them. Maybe I was just going though a bad phase and it had nothing to do with the herbs.

      I have not tried eliminating dairy in entity but i think I should. I have tried to eliminate gluten sometimes but it does not always work. I do feel alot better when I don't have it do.

      Thanks very much for your tips. I will take them all onboard. Strangely I had increased my fruit intake since this illness. I will analyse that as well.

      How are you feeling overall?

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      Thanks very much Craig. Are you taking the oregano in tablet form or the fresh herb?

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